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201 Queen Elizab***h - Cupcakke
202 Flying Saucer Attack - Flying Saucer Attack
203 Emarosa - Emarosa
204 Chain Gang of Love - The Raveonettes
205 A Hard Day's Night - The Beatles

Quite an unmemorable album but really enjoyable!

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206 Pink Flag - Wire

A Masterpiece, so well ahead of its time and highly influential for punk/post-punk.

207 Storm of the Light's Bane - Dissection
208 Tumbleweed Connection - Elton John

Axl Rose called this a masterpiece, a work of art. Elton has always attempted to continue writing the best quality songs he could and succeeded at times and this one was all before he found his was to pop stardom. - frankmartin

Tumbleweed Connection is one of the best Elton John albums ever with a ton of great songs.

Wow iconic. If it's here it means you haven't listened to it.

True, nobody at TTT has listened to it, they are too busy listening to pop drivel.

209 21 - Adele

There has only ever been few albums that have made even the slightest impression on me, and even fewer that I liked every single song in the album. And, in my honest opinion, Adele's 21 surpasses all.

First, her voice. I don't know what people have against her, or what they think of her, but her voice is incredible. She brings good music back into the modern century- much better than this rapping stuff, anyways. Her voice is like the soul of you, vibrating every moment, and rushes through your body like a tsunami.

Her beat is perfect (Note: Just listen to Rumor Has It) and is almost as vibrating as her awesome voice. Her lyrics actually make you feel as if she felt that pain (she did) unlike those emotionless liars in music biz these days.

Her lyrics are catchy, hit you at the right note, and match up. What's important about "matching up"? Glad you asked. You actually have to rhyme and make the song match the title and emotion you're displaying- I know, shocker! ...more

The lyrics on this album...oh my god, they are so well written. Look at the lyrics, production, and instrumentation of both "Set Fire to the Rain" and "Rolling in the Deep". "Someone Like You" is also a nice and pretty ballad, and "Rumour Has It" is catchy and badass. Adele is awesome. - DCfnaf

I like her music her lyrics makes a lot of sense if you just listen to the words.

See menowin

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210 Bad - Michael Jackson

It is AMONG one of the worlds best selling albums, selling OVER 30 Million copies - SmoothCriminal

It has my #1 song of all time in it, SMOOTH CRIMINAL - SmoothCriminal

Great album with songs like bad, speed demon, another part of me, man in the mirror, dirty Diana, smooth criminal, leave me alone and more

All the MJ fans put all their attention into raving about Thriller they forgot MJ had released an equally or more musically satisfying record as a follow up. Bad gets overlooked because Thriller was hyped up for so long. - frankmartin

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211 Origin of Symmetry - Muse

This album deserves to be higher, I have heard this album too many times and I still don't get enough, it's very good. (even though Absolution is my favorite Muse album =P)

Easily the most creative, progressive and well structured album of all time. Each song tackles serious and occasionally taboo issues (megalomania) with a sense of imagination. It also helps that this is probably the fan favourite album and also had the best critical reception of all their albums. Apart from that one critic that gave it one star. Well done mate!

So good I downloaded it on itunes and still went out and bought the CD, just in case my computer wiped it or something

How is this not in the top 20s at least? amazing album. sounds like its from another planet it's so good.

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212 Stars Dance - Selena Gomez

I think Selena can prove herself again with this album. I love the songs specially Come And Get It and its video. Please vote it. Love you Selena Gomez. Nabeel

Oh yes it is the best album of all time... The songs are great. I love Slow Down, Come And Get It, Undercover, Save The Day... Actually I love all the songs. The album just shines and the cover art is just perfect and the best cover art I've ever seen and it really matches with the name. The name is perfect. There are 15 shiningly produced songs and all of them are perfect. It sold 97000 copies in the first week and debuted at number 1... It gave Selena her first top ten single and another top 40 hit... The singles are with multi-platinum certification. It really is her best album to date... -Nabeel

Ok, this album is great! But Revival should be taking this place.

213 Moving Pictures - Rush

This album is a masterpiece, every track blows. Rush at its best.

Perfection-my favorite album of all time.


214 Reasonable Doubt - Jay-Z

Easily one of the best rap albums EVER made and it was his first which is even more amazing. Absolutely flawless flow, production and just everything. Love every song on it, listen to it if you like rap

Definitely one of the essential hip hop albums of all time. Easily Jay's best record, that cemented his place as one of the greatest. A flawless masterpiece from top to bottom filled with classics. - robertoantonioortuso

You gotta give jigga some props for this classic

215 The Slim Shady LP - Eminem

Best album by best artist.. Eminem shows his real emotions and struggles when he was still young and poor and divorced. The new Eminem is fake.

Bad Meets Evil probably in my opinion one of the best songs ever made. What is this list with SL LP 624th that's just ridicules. I admit that this LP is short but with lyrical content its probably better than anything else on this list.

This is what we call epic masterpiece. - AlphaQ

This Album is one spot behind Encore, >:(

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216 The Massacre - 50 Cent

One of the best 5O cent albums. Matter of fact on of the best in rap history. Hit single Candy Shop is considered the second best song in the 2000's behind Eminem's hit single Lose Yourself. Candy Shop isn't the only great song on The Massacre. Songs like : Candy Shop, Just A Lil Bit, Disco Inferno, Piggy Bank and Definitely Hate It Or Love It make the album a success

Candy shop and 21 questions best songs ever

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217 Artpop - Lady Gaga

One of the best albums actually not just an album its a legend

218 Darkness On the Edge of Town - Bruce Springsteen
219 Bonded by Blood - Exodus
220 Clockwork Angels - Rush
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