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421 Disintegration - The Cure

What? 696? This is one of the best albums in existence needs to be in the top 10 immediately

Even South Park said it was the best album ever! And it is - KingFab

The Cure is just awesome. Kyle was right.

This is the best album ever created

422 St. Anger - Metallica

Hahaaa lol I don't know why this was so funny

423 Daydream - Mariah Carey

this album paved way for pop-hip hop collborations with just the remix of fantasy. it also paved the way for rnb artists like destiny's child etc. - lilvsinhala

This album should be #1. It's one of the most influential albums ever! This was Mariah's career peak. I can listen to this album all the way through without skipping a song. It's a classic! The best feamle album ever! It paved the way for so many music artists!

424 Take Off Your Pants & Jacket - Blink 182
425 Inhuman Rampage - DragonForce

Basically best album in the world. You should defffinitely check it out if you haven't already.

426 Confessions On A Dance Floor - Madonna
427 Wheel of Time - Sandra
428 Rio - Duran Duran

This album is very close to perfection

429 Duran Duran - Duran Duran

Great tunes, probably their bet album

430 Rocket to Russia - The Ramones

Where is their debut-album?

431 The Best Damn Thing - Avril Lavigne V 1 Comment
432 Division Bell - Pink Floyd

How is this so low? It is probably one of the top 50 best albums of all time, - Seventies-Music-Fan

Must be number 1

I have this album...sounds nice and Pink Floydish but not an exciting album - frankmartin


433 Use Your Illusion II - Guns N' Roses

See the comments for Use Your Illusion I...rockin' albums, far and away not given enough credit in "best album" polls.

434 Jedanaest I Petnaest - Stijene
435 Unbroken - Demi Lovato

It is Demi's big comeback after getting out of rehab. Her voice is even better than before, and the album has songs for every mood you're in.

436 The Blackening - Machine Head

This is a blisteringly brilliant metal album I can't believe it isn't on the list yet, you can't go wrong with songs like, halo and beautiful mournings

Absolutely amazing. No filler tracks.

437 Innuendo - Queen

This is the most underrated Queen album there is.

Must be in the first ten albums. Usual highest Queen standard.

Switch this with the live Queen album.


V 1 Comment
438 Toys In the Attic - Aerosmith

It's got the mega hits Walk This Way and Sweet Emotion. There's also Adam's Apple, which is a highly underrated swampy sounding ass-shaker. You See Me Crying is almost Paul McCartney level perfection. Round and Round is a churning display of raw sonic power. No More No More showcases Steven Tyler's vocal talent and a very respectable boogie woogie piano. Big Ten Inch Record is hilarious. Uncle Salty shows off an almost psychedelic side of the band. This album has so many primo tracks. The whole thing is a testament to Aerosmith's immense musical ability.

Best album from arguably America's best rock band. Walk This Way & Sweet Emotion, say no more.

If you want the well known cuts then Toys is the one to have...this should be paired with Rocks, Aerosmith's crowning hard rock achievement. - frankmartin

Should be much, much higher on the list!

439 My Everything - Ariana Grande


this >>

440 Still Life - Opeth
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