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121 Brand New Eyes - Paramore

I love this album so much. I realize it's not a legendary album or a very famous/mainstream one either so it will probably never get to the top but it is definitely one the best albums I've ever heard. All the songs were unique but the album was organized very well, it's really relatable, it was really emotional too but it wasn't whiney at the slightest and lyrically wow it's just perfect. I just want to inject this album into my bloodstream

This. Is by FAR the most underrated album ever. Paramore's never really been mainstream or successful, but there's honestly so much unrecognized glory in this album. I can't vote for it, since I honestly consider Rumours more deserving of the spot, but I highly encourage people to do so.

This may not be the best album in the world... But it's worth listening to

122 Aja - Steely Dan

Music is at the very moment you listen after the music ends it evokes only a personnel thought no one else except liberals pretend to care long live boy bare

The classiest album to ever be made. The type of music businessmen listen to while smoking a cigarette, drinking wine and socialising in a dark room whilst playing poker.

Steely Dan's lyricism shows well throughout the album, adding touches of irony all over the place. The album excels as jazz fusion, even as refined as it is. This album may not have the emotions of a jazz album, but it is damn elegant. - Evafag

123 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - Iron Maiden

My favorite Maiden album from the 80's, it is their most consistently good work in my opinion, every song on it is worth listening to. Especially The Evil That Men Do and Infinite Dreams.

This whole album is just a damn journey to a place far away! Very underrated!

I love lots of MAIDENS songs but most of all The evil that men do

Masterpiece of an album.

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124 Agaetis Byrjun - Sigur Ros V 1 Comment
125 Queen II - Queen

Perhaps the most underrated album of all time, and my favorite. In Queen's early days, the played with genre like no artist before or since. With signs of Metal, Art, Prog, Ballads, et cetera, along with it's majestic, fantastical lyrics, Queen crafted a masterpiece like no other. - Evan64aw

Father to Son, White Queen, Ogre Battle, The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke, The March of the Black Queen, Seven Seas of Rhye, need I say more?

All fifteen studio albums are worth checking out. - frankmartin


126 Operation: Doomsday - MF Doom
127 Evanescence - Evanescence

It's a personal favorite of mine. I'm surprised it's on #85. However, you chose amazing albums for this list, the TOP 10 is amazing, you did a really good job, it's hard to choose which album is really the best.

128 Imagine - John Lennon

Generally, most known for the title-track, but it contains some other brilliant songs, like the McCartney-attacking 'How do you sleep? ' and 'Gimme some truth', 'Oh Yoko', one of the most beautiful love songs ever, the original 'Jealous Guy' and the lyrically excellent 'Crippled Inside'. Best Lennon-album!

John's best album love every track this album should be right near the top absolutely brilliant John's voice really great on all the tracks

Imagine is the only great song on this album

Should be way up higher

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129 Amnesiac - Radiohead
130 Aenima - Tool

I understand why this album is so low; it's not a classic, it's not by a popular band, yadayada whatever. My point is, if tool was a mainstream band, this album would 100% be in the top five. This album is flawless! A mix of serious and humorous tones make this the not only the best tool album, but one of the best albums ever recorded. Listen to that drumming!

Sorry, but this is way out of the league of any of the other albums in the top ten. They should create a special category for Tool.

Almost flawless. Third Eye, H., Push it, Aenima, Eulogy are all perfect tracks. Impeccable vocals and drumming. And AWESOME riffs.

Should be in top 5

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131 Dreamboat Annie - Heart

So happy to see this on a "best" list! One of my all-time favorites!

Absolute classic and a gem of an original album.

Love this band. Real rock pioneers.

Great songs and singing!

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132 S&M - Metallica

Metallica are an inspiration to all musical aspects, S&M blows your mind as it sets the scene for those who enjoy Metallica, and for those orchestral fans, utterly amazing album with two amazing extra track... -human and No Leaf Clover

Let's think here for a second... What's the second highest selling album of all time behind Thriller? Back in black. I want to know where that is on here.

Yeah! Its number 1 to me. This is why Metallica is such a great band... There studio albums and live recordings are equally good.
One, Sad but true, master of puppets, enter sandman and of course nothing else matters are few great songs in this album.

I thought Enter Sandman was already good until I hear the version on this album.

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133 Blizzard of Ozz - Ozzy Osbourne

Should be top 10, every song is a gem

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134 Weezer - Weezer

There are some fantastic albums on this list, and I would agree with the top 11 for the most part. Abbey road, the dark side of the moon (especially), thriller, and OK Computer are fantastic albums in their own right. The blue album is also fantastic however, #187 is borderline blasphemy. #1, no. #10? probably not. But dear god, it's better than Selena Gomez. I like to think that an album can be judged by the number of singles it has. while 1 or 2 is pretty good, the 4 off of this album at least put it higher than #100.

A perfect balance between accessible pop hooks and brilliant instrumentation. An absolute classic.

Why is this so low? Weezer is the best

I don't know much about Weezer but I do know Ric Ocasek produced some music for Weezer so they have at least one record that sounds cool. - frankmartin

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135 Hot Fuss - The Killers

Good - smkanf

Mr. Brightside
Somebody Told Me
All These Things That I’ve Done
Smile Like You Mean It
Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine

come on! This album is pure gold! - MTDiorio19

136 Graduation - Kanye West

Amazing album from the greatest modern artist. Needs to be at least top 20.

Top 5 album of all time don't @ me

137 Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) - Wu-Tang Clan

21 on my top 100 albums list it is the 2nd greatest hip-hop album I have ever heard.Know way should "breakout" by Miley Circus be ahead of this - ChrisHenry

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138 All Things Must Pass - George Harrison

Amazing. George shares so much of himself. Many top songs. The most Beatle solo album. Probably as these were written during the Beatles. Releasing these masterpieces allowed George to feel lighter and start afresh.

Listen to it. Then decide an apropriate ranking - Billyv

139 Sounding The Seventh Trumpet - Avenged Sevenfold
140 Led Zeppelin III - Led Zeppelin

This album may not be their best selling album, but it is certainly their best album by far! It marked a milestone for the band, being their most acoustic and bluesy album, it holds my 1st and fifth favorite songs, which are since I've been loving you and tangerine, this album is much like bb king, Stevie Ray Vaughan and An acoustic version of all dave matthews band made an album. I am not happy with the first choice, although it is a good album it is not the best, although one of the best selling albums. Let the underdog win, how popular doesn't mean how good, how is there no zeppelin?

This is ranked below nickelback? Whislt not led zeps best album, the fact that it's this low is a travesty

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