Top 10 Best Cattle Breeds

This list discusses the best breeds of cattle. This includes all breeds (British, Exotic, and American).
The Top Ten
1 Angus

Angus are the best! Very good with calving and their meat. I have an angus to show this year she's amazing!

Best beef out there. I really like a angus herford cross. Have been raising these for years and have always had great daily gains and carcass yields.

My pet cow black jack

Anus is the best!

2 Charolais
3 Red Hereford

Gentle and patience with their calves.

Quiet, calm, easy to work with.

4 Simmental

These cattle have just about everything. They can be used for labor, meat, dairy, and have a high rate of twins which is a plus

Love the breed. Good to have. Will invest in it one day.

I have two to show and they are awesome.

5 Beefmaster

These are the perfect breed for those who depend on cattle to make a living. They are very adaptable to any adverse conditions and have proven themselves to be a hardy breed.

6 Scotch Highland

These cows are fence breakers! I have had several different breeds these are the only breed so far I will never have again!

7 Brangus

A close running mate with the Angus. This cow is half Angus and half Brahman and is a very popular breed in the United States

8 Gelbvieh

Gelbvieh genetics have extra meat, extra milk and great weaning weights.
They also have a quiet nature. Gelbvieh are a cattleman's dream breed.

This German cow is a farmers gold mine. These cows have superior fertility and achieve sexual maturaty at a young age. They can breed very fast and make a farmer a lot of money

9 Holstein

Most popular dairy breed, They also hang good on the meat hook for the steers. A higher percentage of your "beef" is dairy.

How the 4 year bull wait

10 Braunvieh
The Contenders
11 Red Poll

Best beef you'll ever eat.

12 Wagyu
13 Belted Galloway

Beautiful cattle, good mothers, very protective of there young

Mini or normal

14 Maine-Anjou
15 Hereford
16 Belgian Blue

Love the gentleness

17 Devon

South Devon cattle are gentle, great Moms, easy birthing and delicious meat cattle.

18 Sussex
19 Black Baldy

Best with Galloway/Hereford cross rather than Angus/Hereford. Better milking extra gentle.

20 ShortHorns

Shorthorns are known for their colorful coats and many other great things

My favourite breed

21 Piedmontese
22 American Brahman
23 Blond d'Aquataine
24 Texas Longhorn

Texas Longhorn are great! Where else can you find great hide and horns. Plus, the nostalgic, wild, and Texas feeling when you see one.

My friend has Longhorns

25 Simbra
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