Top Ten Worst Things About Losing A Pet

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1 The Heartbreak

I used to have a cat back then. But one night, on a Sunday, straight after watching a movie, my sister and I heard yowling coming from outside. Then, my sister opened the window, shone the torch, and burst into tears. Our cat was lying there, his guts sprawled out. The last thing he could choke out was a tiny meow, and he died.

The heartbreak is the worst. The pain... The numbness... The looking around, expecting them to be there. Awful feeling. Pets become much-cherished members of the family. When they're suddenly not there anymore, there is a void, a pet-shaped hole that can't be filled.
So sorry for you, PositronWildhawk, my friend.

My friend's dog ran out of the house the other day and was hit by a car. He and his family were so frazzled, and he had to study for his English exam for the next day. Felt so sorry for him.

2 Getting Used to It

You can't fully get used to it. There's always something missing after this.

3 The Other Pets Getting Used to It

Losing a pet is a heartbreaking moment. It's like losing a child or a sibling. It takes time to feel better again. But PositronWildhawk, you shouldn't feel pessimistic about your pet's death. I'm sure you did the best you could to provide him or her with a good life, and that's what counts after all. Your pet was happily clingy to you and was glad to receive your love and affection. Nothing really can erase these moments. They left something positive in you that even the mystery of death cannot erase. Sometimes you may think that all are doomed to be forgotten forever, but they always come back to you... sometimes in different ways. Hold on to your other furry friends. You need time to feel less heartbroken.

Always sad to watch them wait and look around.
Dear anonymous, I should have said this a month ago, but thanks. That was very uplifting.

4 Subconsciously Expecting Him/Her

Keep thinking my dog's under my bed or out back.

5 Missing a Personality

That is so true. Cats and dogs all have their own distinct personalities, just like people do. When our pet goes, you are missing a member of your own family.

Every living thing has its own personality. When a unique one is out of your life, you know you won't be the same.

6 The Shock

You never expect it. When you get it, it is horrible.

Really sad if a predator (cougar or coyote) ate it!

7 Missing Companionship

When a companion is gone, what do you expect?

8 Feeling Bad for Having Not Known Before

Nobody sees it coming, but sometimes, once it happens, it feels just like it should have been obvious.

9 Seeing the Other Pets Suffer

It's just so bad that you can't explain it to them.

10 Never the Same

A unique companion is gone. It's irreplaceable.

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11 Feeling of Guilt if You Decide to Get a New Pet

This is all the way down at the bottom?

12 Seeing the Old Toys They Used to Play With
13 When You Come Home and There's No Pet Waiting for You
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