Awful Animation #15) "Horrid Henry and the Day of the Dinosaur" (Horrid Henry)

Puga Britain apologises for this. For you Muricans shaking your head wondering what the hell I'm reviewing, Horrid Henry is a book series by Fransesca Simons that was bad, but popular. Popular enough to get a TV series. The series was popular enough to get a movie. As bad as the books and movie were, they're like classic Simpsons compared to the show. Why? Let's find out. The episode starts with Henry roaring into the mirror - stop. How old is Henry? 8-9 is my guess, but he acts 3. He is pretending he's a dinosaur. His brother, Perfect Peter, comes in and complains that Henry didn't put the cap back on the toothpaste. Henry calls Peter a wormy worm smelly road nappy poopy face. Our protagonist people. We're supposed to root for Henry. Peter then complains that Henry has only brushed his teeth for 45 seconds despite Peter coming in 15 seconds ago and then says that "Happy Hippo brushes his teeth three times a day". Henry complains that Peter talks about Happy Hippo all the time for a solid minute 'cos this is filler! The camera zooms in on Henry's uvula (it's a running gag) while he screams and the title card is revealed. Three. MINUTES. IN. You're only starting the episode now? It's like they're admitting to their use of filler.

Mum comes in at night to try to cheer him up. Henry ignores her and goes to sleep. The next morning he wakes up and he's a dinosaur. He talks to his hamster,Fang, and WHAT THE HELL? Dinosaurs? Did anything in the last 5 minutes suggest dinosaurs other than a close up if teeth making noise? Why is he a dinosaur all of a sudden? Does this make any sense at all? What region if their asses did the writers pull this out of? Who are the writers? It doesn't say who in the credits. Henry goes down the stairs and pours the cereal box into his mouth, and his parents don't notice that he's a dinosaur. Seriously. Does his mom even kiss him before he goes to school? Mum fails at being a mom. Everyone fails at being a three dimensional character. Henry is a whiny, uninteresting a****** (half his dialog is just random grunts), Peter is whiny, uninteresting a****** (half his dialog is just "Oooooh!" and "weeeee!") his parents are bitchy, uninteresting, deluded a******s who need a book on how to parent for dummies and everyone else are stereotypes and repetitive!

At school, Henry scares everyone and Henry has no friends. Blah blah blah, he gets home, parents still don't notice he's a dinosaur. He talks to Fang, animation is reused and then suddenly he hears an old lady calling outside. He goes downstairs and sees the old lady is at the left at the house. How did he hear her? Henry's bedroom is on the right side of the house, so he couldn't of seen it through his bedroom window. Deus ex Machina, me thinks. Henry rescues her possum (deal with it) from a tree and he becomes happy, and this he becomes Henry again. Oh, so the dinosaur was a metaphor to show Henry was grumpy! Haha, no. First of all, Henry is grumpy in every episode. Why is he only a dinosaur in this one? Second, that moral has been done to death and isn't even good. So we're supposed to be happy every moment of every day? If I had Henry's parents I'd be grumpy too. Lastly, the target audience is too young to understand what's going on. Britain apologises again. You can watch any episode if this on YouTube, not that you should.
Annoyance 10/10 Awful Audio 0/10 Boringness 0/10 Confusion 6/10 Disturbance 0/10 Envious Ending 8/10 Flanderization 5/10 Gaping Plot Holes 5/10 Ludacris Liw-Budget 5/10 Mauling Morals 7/10


Oh well, it was my childhood show. - visitor

That explains why you act like how you are now. - Puga

Who was this? - RalphBob

I'm guessing sevenlizards - purpleyoshi98

I liked the book but hated this, my childhood was ruined... (Well, the first 5 years of it) - DapperPickle

Ha, I used to love this show. But I lost my respect for it when the movie came out in 2011. Anyway, well said. - IronSabbathPriest

I thought you were reviewing the equivalent to an Irish Dora... - Turkeyasylum

I hated the movie, the books were ok, but never saw the show - simpsondude

The show played when I visited India. I can't stand the kids' voice! - ProPanda

The books were likable, but the show is garbage. Espescially Peter. - TwilightKitsune

(wake me up inside)
(wake me up inside)
SAVE ME - Puga

Horrid Henry is schizophrenic, duh - IronSabbathPriest

I think that Henry has the ability to turn into a different creature (like a dinosaur, you just said) every time he is enraged. - visitor