RRF: My Concerns On Certain Anime Being Made Into Live Action

I was browsing on my twitter and came across an article talking about certain anime being made into Live Action. The certain anime that they did mention kind of twisted my stomach and gave me a bad feeling. People seem to like my thoughts on the Netflix Death Note movie so I thought I would do another one for these upcoming movies.
Mob Psycho 100- Made by the same person who created One Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100 has a lot of the same visual elements as that anime. Except whereas One Punch Man made fun of shounen anime tropes Mob Psycho 100 made fun of school anime in general. Episode 2 is proof of that. But now Netflix is planning on making a live action movie of Mob Psycho 100. Yeah, I'm not very interested in that. The story would probably meander all over the place if they wanted to do Mob Psycho 100. Yes it's only twelve episodes but it's full of interesting side characters and story lines that make it so unique. Mob has psychic powers and wants to impress the girl he likes Tsubomi. If they did make this into live action, it would probably only focus on that element and change everything else. Which isn't something I would want to see considering the type of show this is and my favorite anime from 2016.
Naruto- News of a Naruto live action movie have been surfacing for a few years. I originally heard that Lionsgate would be interested in making this movie. It could either be adapted well like the Hunger Games movies did or flop like the Divergent Series. The man directing it would be Michael Gracey, someone who's only directed one musical biography. And normally I would love it if the original author does work on the story but with how Kishimoto has been handling Boruto, it seems like this movie is a quick cash grab. Many Naruto fans I've talked to want the series to end just as much as me and Boruto seemed to be the final nail in the coffin for this desire. Originally, Naruto: The Last was supposed to be the last movie. But it didn't end sadly. The original Naruto has 200 episodes and its sequel has 500 episodes. Not to mention the 11 movies the series released. Fans would get upset because more than likely they would leave out characters. And who would Naruto's main foe be? Sasuke? If that were the case, they would have to build up their friendship and then build up their rivalry. Then build Naruto's backstory, introduce Sakura, introduce Kakashi, talk about the Nine-Tails, maybe add in Jiraiya and oh this is already hurting my head. Next.
Bleach- Seriously? Another shounen series being adapted into a movie? Bleach has 16 seasons of material to work with! How on earth are you going to fit that all into a single live action movie? And have you've seen the designs of the characters in that show? Or the weapons for that matter? They would all look silly if they tried to adapt that in real life. It's one thing to cosplay it for fun but to make a serious movie about it would be very challenging. The Soul Society Arc wouldn't be as developed as a team unless you did a Marvel Cinematic Universe style with it. The villains wouldn't get their development either and would be incredibly generic. I assume the movie would focus on Aizen and his group Arrancar. Which was the best storyline in Bleach for most viewers. Great another cluttered mess of a shounen series. And I have even less faith in the director making this movie. His name is Shinsuke Sato. He's created many poorly received projects. He tried to adapt Death Note into live action as well with Death Note: Light Up The World, which didn't receive positive results. And keep in mind, Death Note only has 37 episodes. How is he going to adapt 16 seasons of an anime when he didn't do well with one season?
Akira- One of my favorite anime movies being adapted into live action. The original 1988 Akira being adapted into live action doesn't really surprise me. The graphic scenes in Akira would be hard to work with and would need a good budget to get done right. No cheap CGI but real practical effects. My biggest problems with this being adapted is that it's been through "Production Hell". Usually a good sign of this would be if multiple directors attached itself onto the movie. Which it has with Justin Lin, George Miller, David, F. Sandberg, Jordan Peele and Espionsa. Justin Line and George Miller did back down but we still have three directors trying to make one movie. This is already a bad sign if drafts of the script are written, thrown together or cut out. Especially since five directors have tried to make this movie. While it's not clear if we will get an Akira movie, it is clear that they're trying.
Attack on Titan- And no I'm not talking about the Japanese version. I'm talking about the one Warner Bros was trying to push out. They're interested in getting David Heyman to work with them on the movie. He helped work on the Harry Potter movies and Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them. It's not yet known if author will work with them or not but if he does I would still be concerned. On one hand, I've always appreciated it when authors have the say in what happens and can turn out some really good movies. But with Hajime Isayama, he was involved with both Japanese Attack on Titan movies and liked both movies. He thought the movies were "Full of highlights" and even begged for fans to watch those movies. Yes, he had to beg for the fans and went off on Facebook to people who gave negative reviews about the movie. That kind of attitude just kind of stings and makes you question the intelligence of the author. I think a live action Attack on Titan movie is unnecessary. We already had two really poor ones and the manga still isn't even completed. Focus on finishing the anime series pretty please.
Sword Art Online- Not a movie but a television series. This has much more potential than a movie but Skydance Media is in charge. And oh boy we're already off to a bad start. Other than the Mission Impossible movies they haven't really done much else that was worth positive feedback. Geostorm was a critical fail, the newest Jack Reacher Movie was a huge disappointment and Terminator Genisys wasn't quite what people wanted from the Terminator franchise. Even the pretty good movie Life didn't do well at the box office. With only making $30 million dollars against a $50 million dollar budget. This company doesn't have many successes under their belts and would probably have to team up with another studio like Columbia Pictures (someone they work with often) in order to get things done. But even with their help, Sword Art Online would be hard to adapt. First you would need to establish the world of SAO, the bosses, Kirito, Asuna, Yui and Kirito's numerous companions (ex: Lisbeth, Silica, Agil, Klein, etc.) I hope they just adapt the Aincrad arc first into one season and wouldn't rush it in. Maybe even add in elements from the original light novel which I found much better than the anime.
Am I saying that all anime that are made into live action are bad? No. Blade of the Immortal came out this year and was really good. March Comes in Like A Lion was also really good. I share these concerns because I care about the source material. When you don't care about the source material, you get stuff like The Percy Jackson Movies, Cat In The Hat, Endless Love etc. Hopefully I made some sort of point with this post. I know I missed a few like Cowboy Bebop which has been in Production Hell for seven years but I think I'be made my peace.


Seriously though, why are all these shounen anime being made into live action movies? Haven't they've seen Dragon Ball Evolution? Live action shounen movies don't end well! - HoneyClover

THANK YOU FOR THIS POST OF A GIFT FROM HEAVEN. I've actually wanted to make a post like this for a long time about why all these live-action anime adaptations should stop and just don't work, but this one right here takes all the words right out of my mouth. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Also, you left out that some of the writers from the upcoming live-action Tomb Raiders are actually working on the live-action SAO. Man I didn't think the live-action could get any worse than with Skydance Media working on the project. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Thanks for adding that in MSBS! I genuinely didn't know that. And now that I do, I'm even more worried. - RoseRedFlower

SAO is getting a live-action T.V. sho- *vomits* - TwilightKitsune