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1 Jiminycricketfan007

Why the heck is she doing here? She was a bad artist, and is pretty much old news, now.

I bet a troll added this.

Who put her on here? Even though she is old news and a dead horse, I hope she's changed for the better...

Lets make her number 1 - Getovait

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2 AbyssWolf

Also known as Ahruon, the Butler Wolf of Pixels. He makes fantastic pixel-fanart of various games. I especially like his Super Smash Bros. work. It would be cool if he ends up working in the game industry in some way.

Glad to see he is #1 now. His work is incredible.

3 Aozee

Check out his drawings of Anna and elsa from frozen. They're hot

4 BlackBy

Is a really talented Star Fox fanartist (mostly Krystal) and actually draws them very accurately, too. Awesome gallery.

5 BatCrAcKeRs

Sonic artist who draws and colors like a professional. Too bad that this account isn't that active as much anymore.

6 Coonfoot
7 Chopfe

His gallery is good and has got a surreal look to it. Makes fun of Pooh's Adventures and the worst animated movies ever. "Rareware is better off with Microsoft U MAD BRO" is one of his best pictures.

8 cresentsephiroth7

Doesn't everyone complain and rant on fandoms? Anyways, this user is pretty chill once you get to know her.

I hate her because she's black

All I see are a ton of cringy crossovers and so many complaining/ranting on fandoms.

She's so cringey and awesome

9 NintendoStarKnight

Great user

10 kitten12376

Her TF2 comic is so fun and interesting to read! - XxGiganmasterxX

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11 mutantninjadragon

Her art is insanely good and she deserves more followers than she already has! - XxGiganmasterxX

12 Nintendrawer

The best Nintendo artist ever. She makes amazing comics.

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13 ChibiLozzy
14 Saiiko

His/her artstyle is cute and they do great Mario pictures. - SailorSedna


15 yuumei

She is the most amazing artist there is.
Not only is she an environmental activist, her artwork is absolutely breath-taking. The amount of watchers she has definitely reflects her talent.

Her drawing skills exceed most people. Also, she cares for our world and often would spread the news via beautiful art. I enjoyed her drawings.

She puts meaning into her pictures. And she likes the environment. Yeah!

She is the best

I love her artwork so much

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16 Aidec-Naberrie

Very good art style, I love some of his pictures like Rain Hawk and his Mario pictures. - SailorSedna

17 TheBourgyMan

His artwork is great. I wish I can draw like him.

18 Apofiss

Check out his artwork, especially that little baby Dory fish from Finding Dory, you'll be amazed - Neonco31

19 Rath-Raholand

Who put him here on this list? He is not a good artist at all and makes the Star Fox characters completely out of character. Wolf is not a bishie, okay.

He is actually one of the worst artists on DeviantArt, not the best. His gallery contains constant yaoi and crossovers of Fox McCloud and Wolf O' Donnell. Seriously man, those two are like rivals/enemies and none of them are gay, okay? Seeing his gallery makes me cringe.

Not a good artist. Take him off this list.

Terrible artist, he drew twerking and a picture of Panther with a huge bulge and genitals. I know this is something to expect on this website, but still, this artist doesn't belong on this list.

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20 Sakimichan

Her art is so wonderful! Everyone should check it out!

I love her artwork! My favorite artworks made by her might be the Zodiac ones! - Vestalis

She deserves to be way higher. I’ve never seen an artist which is so talented.

21 darkskylash

It's me! Thank you for all of the positive feedback. - darkskylash

Skyla Maurntz is a beautiful name that has stuck to me. An obscure deviant who admits to the mistakes and stereotyping of the site and tries to fix them. Yes, she does draw inflation, but she hasn't done it in a while, so her page is relatively clean to view. As someone who knew her from high school (I am one of her IRL friends), maybe it's just bias, but she was a very nice girl both in real life and online.

A user of the who has hardly any attention, but is very friendly. Even though she mostly draws inflation art, she does it really well.

She is so cool!

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22 Dreamilicious

I really love her Gravity Falls (Chloe) art!

23 Joe-Awesome93

I'm sorry but this artist sucks - Neonco31

You're Disgusting

That picture he did with the CMC is child pornography, if this gets exposed to police he will get arrested...

Whoever put this guy on the list was either his mother, father, brother, sister, girlfriend or himself under an anonymous name, same with whoever put Rath-Raholand on here. - Sailor Sedna

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24 Happy-Cat-Graystripe

Even though I don't like Warriors anymore she does do cute drawings of the cats from there, and her human art doesn't look too bad but the proportions need a little work. - SailorSedna

25 StickFreeks‎

Her art style is lovely and she also does really cool hand-made plushies! - SailorSedna

26 IfJustinBieberDies

I'm not a belieber, but I really think it's best not to wish somebody dead, no matter who they are T_T - NintendoFan380

Aw great! WHY DO PEOPLE support JB haters on DeviantArt? JUST... PURELY... ANNOYING! - Neonco31

We Love Justin Bieber Haters

27 Rivka Nikola

Definitely my favorite! Her Led Zeppelin cartoons are hilarious! I'm going to recite one, it may not be absolutely right, but just listen!
"Robert Plant: So, it's 3:00 am... Shouldn't Jimmy be home by now? I mean, we have a gig in the morning..
John Bonham: He went with Richard, right? I'm sure he's fine.
Robert Plant: I know... But I dunno Bonzo. Remember the LAST time he went drinking with Richard?
John Bonham: Look, Jimmy is a big boy, Percy. I'm sure he can take care of himself. It's HIS birthday, let the man celebrate.
John Bonham:!
Robert Plant:!
Jimmy Page: *Puts his arms around their shoulders* Ohh... My friends, my brothers, my comrades! Tonight... I had a REVOLUTION! I'm a new man! I hold the secret to LIFE ITSELF! I've grown wings, and flown over the ocean! I've ...more - MontyPython

28 DJ88

I do disagree with her on The Lion King though.

Does not belong on this list.

Hating an artist and claiming they're a bad/one of the worst artists because they draw characters you hate is childish.

Not one of the best artists. Sorry.

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29 Cryptid_Creations

Her artwork is very creative and awesome

LOVE the daily paints! Vote her please!

30 blueharuka

One of the very few people on the Internet who don't like The Lion King (according to one of her stamps on her old account) and is a very talented artist, and Pokemon fan artist, too. You may not agree with her views a hundred percent but some do and at least you can admire her artwork.

31 TheWalrusclown

Art is decent, but the whole body swap thing is...strange... - SailorSedna

I don't mind his body swap art since that's pretty normal. At least he's not drawing fat girls or people in diapers. - kcianciulli

32 Janediamond31
33 mrlorgin
34 Chris-chan Chris-chan Christian Weston Chandler (Who is now known as Christine Weston Chandler), best known as Chris-chan, is an Autistic man who is the creator of the infamous webcomic Sonichu. He was discovered by trolls in 2007, which lead to him retaliating. In 2011, he came out as a tomgirl and started cross-dressing; more.

What...Hey Chris-chan, did you discover this website and put yourself on here to make yourself look good? LOL

He probably put himself here - Kjellalbintomas

35 chibi-jen-hen

She is very talented and amazing. - ACKREIK

36 Edgewing
37 raymundlee

His DC Superheroes art like with Wonder Woman riding that horse and his Batman one are purely amazing, they could fit in museums easily. - SailorSedna

38 xandermartin98

Over the years, I've learned that xandermartin98 is in fact a genius.

39 LDEJRuff

He has good art/animations on his gallery. - SailorSedna

40 Loopy-Lupe

Great artstyle here. - SailorSedna

41 Bleedman

Great art style, and he does an excellent job drawing both cute, charming, and creepy, scary pictures (his newest deviation gave me the creeps, in a good way). - SailorSedna

42 DemiseMAN

I like his style. They remind me of Jhonen Vasquez's work.

43 LiyuConberma

I agree. One of the very few sane Sonic fans on the planet.

Makes ACTUALLY Great Sonic Comics And Has A Great Art Style
She's A Rare Sonic Fan That's Actually Good

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44 KashimusPrime

The only downside is that some of her favorites include awful crossover pictures of The Lion King or The Lion Guard with other series, including the infamous Fuli VS Sonic the Hedgehog picture that I really dislike. Fuli is an awful character and Sonic can't be shipped with her. Sonic deserves better. Also, Kash thinks that the movie's characters act and behave just like the real animals (i.e. lions, hyenas) they're supposed to be when they don't. Disney got sued for making the whole Crocuta Crocuta species as evil villains, especially knowing that the hyena is never portrayed positively and often been portrayed negatively in many myths and media before The Lion King was released, yet The Lion King made it worse. Would not be such a big deal if a rival pride of lions were the secondary antagonists instead. Honestly, TLK is not a documentary and I wish she could realize that better. No offense to her whatsoever, as she is entitled to her own personal beliefs. This was just constructive ...more

As much as I don't like the TLK franchise, it's finally nice to see someone who actually has a brain. Kash actually manages to follow the site's rules/policy and calls out other TLK on their BS (she has an awesome Tumblr blog called Laughable Lion King Art that shows this), teaches other people how to draw and not steal/trace/other peoples' work, which I still wish many other people could understand that. Oh, and she's a good artist, too.

Yeah, I really wish other artists would accept her constructive criticism for once. She's not trying to be a troll, she's only trying to help...

45 Porcelain-Requiem

Good art gallery and her journals put a smile on my face.

46 AmandaDaHamster

She is a very talented artist.

47 LadyGT

Her art looks like it came out from an actual anime. Now, if only she would make a spiritual successor to Sonic X... Well, anyway, her art and animations are that good.

Great artist.

48 Ipku
49 Colorstrike

Love Her SoarinDash (AKA-Rainbow Dash X Soarin) Drawings - JPK

50 ManicMagician

He's Making this awesome crossover comic. Plus, He should work on his grammar. - kcianciulli

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