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1 Apofiss

Check out his artwork, especially that little baby Dory fish from Finding Dory, you'll be amazed - Neonco31

2 Ipku

Should be higher! A deviant who made "Furry Situation" and "Buggy Situation" comic - ChatNoirFan18

3 frostedpuffs
4 Chloeinka

Can anyone stop bully her? Even she ships herself with Chat Noir, she is not really bad. Her photo manipulation (aka edited screenshots) are awesome. Her arts aren't really bad. - ChatNoirFan18

5 Gamnamu
6 Nintendrawer

The best Nintendo artist ever. She makes amazing comics.

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7 Saiiko

His/her artstyle is cute and they do great Mario pictures. - SailorSedna


8 TheBourgyMan

His artwork is great. I wish I can draw like him.

9 Aidec-Naberrie

Very good art style, I love some of his pictures like Rain Hawk and his Mario pictures. - SailorSedna

10 yuumei

She is the most amazing artist there is.
Not only is she an environmental activist, her artwork is absolutely breath-taking. The amount of watchers she has definitely reflects her talent.

Her drawing skills exceed most people. Also, she cares for our world and often would spread the news via beautiful art. I enjoyed her drawings.

She puts meaning into her pictures. And she likes the environment. Yeah!

The Newcomers

? kitten12376

Her TF2 comic is so fun and interesting to read! - XxGiganmasterxX

? mutantninjadragon

Her art is insanely good and she deserves more followers than she already has! - XxGiganmasterxX

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11 darkskylash

It's me! Thank you for all of the positive feedback. - darkskylash

Skyla Maurntz is a beautiful name that has stuck to me. An obscure deviant who admits to the mistakes and stereotyping of the site and tries to fix them. Yes, she does draw inflation, but she hasn't done it in a while, so her page is relatively clean to view. As someone who knew her from high school (I am one of her IRL friends), maybe it's just bias, but she was a very nice girl both in real life and online.

A user of the who has hardly any attention, but is very friendly. Even though she mostly draws inflation art, she does it really well.

She is so cool!

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12 Rath-Raholand

Who put him here on this list? He is not a good artist at all and makes the Star Fox characters completely out of character. Wolf is not a bishie, okay.

He is actually one of the worst artists on DeviantArt, not the best. His gallery contains constant yaoi and crossovers of Fox McCloud and Wolf O' Donnell. Seriously man, those two are like rivals/enemies and none of them are gay, okay? Seeing his gallery makes me cringe.

Not a good artist. Take him off this list.

Terrible artist, he drew twerking and a picture of Panther with a huge bulge and genitals. I know this is something to expect on this website, but still, this artist doesn't belong on this list.

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13 Dreamilicious

I really love her Gravity Falls (Chloe) art!

14 Happy-Cat-Graystripe

Even though I don't like Warriors anymore she does do cute drawings of the cats from there, and her human art doesn't look too bad but the proportions need a little work. - SailorSedna

15 StickFreeks‎

Her art style is lovely and she also does really cool hand-made plushies! - SailorSedna

16 IfJustinBieberDies

I'm not a belieber, but I really think it's best not to wish somebody dead, no mater who they are T_T - NintendoFan380

Aw great! WHY DO PEOPLE support JB haters on DeviantArt? JUST... PURELY... ANNOYING! - Neonco31

We Love Justin Bieber Haters

17 Rivka Nikola V 1 Comment
18 Sakimichan

Her art is so wonderful! Everyone should check it out!

I love her artwork! My favorite artworks made by her might be the Zodiac ones! - Vestalis

19 Joe-Awesome93

I'm sorry but this artist sucks - Neonco31

You're Disgusting

You're gonna hate me for this, but I'm not effected over fat, inflation, butts, and farts that much, and this guy's artwork is great (please respect my opinion)

Why do people put some of the worst artists on this list? He is not one of the best, he is one of the worst.

Also, pedos are horrible people and deserve to be arrested and put in jail for the rest of their lives.

20 TheWalrusclown

Art is decent, but the whole body swap thing is...strange... - SailorSedna

I don't mind his body swap art since that's pretty normal. At least he's not drawing fat girls or people in diapers. - kcianciulli

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