Top 10 Best PewDiePie Videos on YouTube

When it comes to charismatic Let's Players with an undeniable knack for comedy, few can compete with the king of YouTube himself, PewDiePie. With an impressive catalog spanning over a decade, sifting through the plethora of videos he's produced can seem like a daunting task.

As you dive into the world of PewDiePie, or Felix Kjellberg as he's known off-screen, you'll find yourself drawn into a variety of entertaining segments. From his nerve-wracking horror gameplays, where he's made us clutch our sides in laughter with his exaggerated reactions, to his more thought-provoking vlogs, there's a PewDiePie video for every mood.

But, what makes a video the best? Is it the high-pitched screams and playful banter while playing Amnesia or Happy Wheels? Or, is it the more recent, insightful commentary on memes or YouTube culture that grabs your attention? Perhaps you enjoy the depth and emotional connection found in his playthroughs of narrative-heavy games like The Walking Dead. Or maybe, you're a fan of his hilarious, unpredictable montages, encapsulating the funniest moments from a range of videos.

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1 Slender's Woods

This video brought me to watching Pewdiepie. One year, I was looking for Slenderman videos to watch and came across this one. I forget which episode it was, but it was one when he was heading into the mine. So, after a few minutes of watching it, I clicked out of it saying I was never going to watch this YouTuber. After a few months or a year, I came across "Teens React: Slenderman", so I watched that, and they brought up the video of Pewdiepie playing the same episode I watched the few months or year earlier. And I was like, "Oh, that's the guy that I watched before!" and I started to watch his videos ever since.

2 Lucius
3 Pizza Delivery 2
4 Slenderman the 8 Pages
5 Happy Wheels Part 1

Laugh out loud, I don't care! My friend said she hated PewDiePie and thought he was stupid. I showed her this video. She was cracking up. I've never had a YouTube star make me laugh that much.

It's awesome... Great... And it looks sick. Oh my god... Good... Fantastic... Can you all vote for Happy Wheels? When I play that game, it makes me want to play again.

He's just so upbeat and funny. He changes your mood if you feel down and is randomly funny. Been watching him for 2 and a half years now... One of my favorite YouTubers.

6 The Last of Us Gameplay

Best, best, best! Love it when Poods does a series! And this was the most exciting one yet. His commentary was hilarious and the way he connected with Ellie was emotional yet beautiful. Watching him play this was my summer 2013. God, the nostalgia!

Good game, go and watch it!

It has jump scares in it and he will make you laugh!

If you like zombies, you'll like this video. I have watched all of the videos. Hope you enjoy The Last of Us.

I cried on the first video. It's so sad when Joel was almost going to die. But he lived! Praise the Lord!

7 Pizza Delivery
8 The Walking Dead Episodes

The Walking Dead played by PewDiePie is one of the best gameplays on YouTube. Everything from the humor of Felix to the sad parts of the game. You get emotionally connected to the game and can sympathize and relate to Felix when he shares how he is feeling. I would give this gameplay beyond the range in which you vote from. It surpassed my expectations and I think anyone watching would feel the same.

9 To the Moon

This is one of the few games that Pewdiepie played that were really meaningful and beautiful. It made me cry several times. It was the best thing he ever played.

I cried so hard at this game. Totally recommend it if you want some feels.

I wish Pewdiepie would play more games like this. Especially since a sequel's coming out soon.

10 Jabba the Hutt

10/10 Pewdiepie song, would listen again. It's in my top 5 best Pewdiepie songs.

You're the most beautiful dog.
They call you Jabba the Hutt.
They call you Jabba the Hutt.
For a reason.

The Contenders
11 The Forest

That's why I want him to keep doing the Forest gameplays, especially in the 2020 era of YouTube or the 2021 era of YouTube.

12 Most Frustrating Game Every!!!
13 Outlast

This was what made me subscribe to Pewdiepie.

14 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

That's my favorite gameplay of PewDiePie, because he made me die of laughter with how he screams like a little girl and says bad words.

Why is this not number #1? It's the best gameplay ever! With all the custom stories and don't forget Mr. Chair, Piggeh, Stephano, Bro, Teleporting naked guys and much more! Best gameplay ever!

I like it when he plays Amnesia because his screams are so funny.

15 Bitch Lasagna

This video has a catchy and good song!

16 Five Nights at Freddy's
17 Goat Simulator

I can't help but crack up every single time I watch these! Honestly, I was broken inside when he stopped the series. Bring it back, Pewds.

18 Pewdiepie Reacts To: Elders React To: Pewdiepie
19 Uncharted 4

The game itself is fantastic. Pewds was very funny. It felt like watching a movie. Totally enjoyable.

20 Skate 3 Playlist

I've watched them over 4 times each, and it still cracks me up to the extent of tears and my stomach hurting.

Skate 3 can be one of the funniest games in history if played in the completely wrong way (exactly the way Pewds plays it), and thanks to that, I fall off my chair every time something glitchy happens to Pewds!

Best video ever. I cried every time.

21 A New Horror Adventure!

There will be more of these coming soon, bros!

This is really something good.

22 Fridays with Pewdiepie
23 My New Car

This should have been in the top 5! It's way too funny!

24 Funny Gaming Montage!

My sister showed me one of the montages and I was hooked, that was about 3 years ago and I've watched almost every single video since then.

It's so funny! They include Amnesia, Happy Wheels, Fridays With PewDiePie, Bloody Trapland, Can Your Pet, and many more! Chuckle!

25 Amnesia
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