Top 10 Bad Girls From the Bad Girls Club

This reality show which started back in 2006 has produced some of the biggest Reality TV personalities ever. Listed below are the most known Bad Girls. Some are loved others hated but all hold their own in their own right.
The Top Ten
1 Tanisha Thomas

Funny and has came a very long way since banging pots and pans on season one .

She is the ultimate bad girl so get her some new damn juice

The aptly named Godmother of all Bad Girls.

Most legendary bad girl ever!

2 Mehgan James

Omg beautiful woman with spicy attitude .Love that she is continuing on with reality TV.

Definitely about that life! Rima, Julie and Fallon all got beat down by her.

Mehgan is a queen she wasn't afraid to fight anyone she ain't weak
she will beat anyone

I beat fallen I beat rima at the same damn time

3 Natalie Nunn

She was all talk but real funny she could kind of fight she beat up Rock

Can't stand her but she is doing very well dor herself .

Funny to watch. Convinced herself she is an A lister.

She was the big talker but didn't do nun

4 Raquel "Rocky" Santiago

She held her own she was real even though she got beat up by Natalie she didn't care if they jumped her and that she was still fighting

Stood up to girls that jumped, stayed true to herself the whole time, didn't care if she had no one, and was the under dog who became top dog.

Love her & the way she carries herself. Independent & always held her own.

I liked her the best, she kept it real, and she was strong

5 Camilla Poindexter Camilla Poindexter is an American reality television personality and model. She is mostly known for her appearance on season eight of Oxygen's Bad Girls Club.

She is definitely NOT THE ONE, and she taught everyone not to mess with her

Camilla didn't take any mess period! Her hands matched her mouth!

Camilla should be at least in the top ten.

Camilla better than meghan

6 Christina Salgado

Christina was fighting everybody she ain't care and that's what I liked about her and she told by Blondie to get out of her room

The baddest girl on her season. She has hands, she's sweet, and she cracked Rima's face

That's my girl though she came on that reunion bossed up!

Love her! She didn't give a damn and would box

7 Florina Kaya

The baddest bad girl in BGC history. She is such a badass, a sweetheart, and will totally kick your ass if you cross her.

Florina was the ultimate bad ass. Many girls would not even dare choose a fight with her.

Flo was the baddest girl ever! Even Natalie was scared of her!

"This house has the devil in it cause Flo don't do this back home! "

8 Kristen Kelly

Underrated as hell, but one of the funniest bad girls ever, Backs down to no one.

Looks weak, but tough as hell, unless you throw bleach on her.

She kept it real

The star of bgc5

9 Sarah Oliver

She held her own against all the jump-a-hoes on her season and overall is a decent fighter, and she's really funny too.

That definitely wasn't her real hair but she held her against rocky jade and gigi.

She is adorable and the only one I like on her seaon

Best of them all

10 Jelaminah Lanier

Held her own always

"Imma slide yo ass."

A real bad ass

She truly dat bitcch

The Contenders
11 Amber Meade

Amber M. is too cute and has the best sense of humor/personality the bad girls club has ever seen! Plus she's a BAD girl, what more could you ask for?

For Amber M I think she's very smart and funny all the time I wanna be friends with her istead of Flo she has a great personality and humor too I don't care about other girls be around her besides she's very very beautiful inside and out,

Underrated legend of BGC.

12 Charmaine Warren

The bitch ran the house.

Queen of BGC6. Best House Runner in BGC History.

Char was a baad bitch!

ran her season, had everyone shook.

13 Judi Jai

She is such a sweetheart. We follow each other on twitter and she has definitely changed for the better!

She was one of the funniest bad girls

She was the best should be in top 5

She really made season seven

14 Danni Victor

I just love Danni I loved her and her sister when they got jumped she was like can I get my Chipotle I'm pretty hungry she's Patty and I love it

Dani-"she's just mad she can't fit in an extra small with those fake ass implants. "
Gabi-"Don't touch my sister! "

Yes I love her she all about her business

One of my favorites

15 Lauren Spears

"I don't take instructions, I give orders. "

16 Nastasia Townsend

Nastassja was my girl she's real she beat up Shelly multiple times and she don't play those games don't put nothing in her contacts like she said she's going to call her dad to get bail money

"Don't make me wang your little ass some where. "

That ass whooping she gave the white girl is top in BGC history.

She is the baddest bad girl of all time and she can beat all them bitches on every season

17 Stephanie Rivera

This girl is a disgrace, don't even know why she's here. She started on shanage for no reason, shanage got jumped and Steph had the nerve in her interview to say I won the fight. She thinks taking your socks off means you wanna fight. She's a hypocrite she says I'm not really I can be really phony I know I'm not real, but I am real. What the hell sense does that make?.

She is the most beautiful bgc gal

18 Lea Lorraine

"If you're gonna talk about it, be about it! "

Did what she wanted and kept it real (U HOES R CLOCK OUT

19 Suha Ibrahim

Suha and her sister Hanan aren't afraid of anyone. They always kept it real and kept beating bitch's asses.

20 Nikki Galladay

Nikki is cool and fun to be around I think she's the best girl in bad girls club at this point,

Nikki is the best bro ;) yeah! Buddy - fist pumps -
She was and will always be a boss even though she's number 8

21 Jazmyn Wallace

She ran the house along with her sister

22 Pricilla Mennella

Don't talk about her child

She beat Judi up

23 Tiara Hodge

Tiara is the realest bad girl, not Paula. She told everyone how she felt and actually gave Judi a chance

A true turn up queen and she was funny ass hell "I dance like a white girl"

She is the best because she keeps it real.

"She is the most funny Bad Girl in BGC history in my opinion.

24 Ty Colliers

The only bad girl who actually threw hands instead of ripping someone's hair out

Fight like a boxer

SHE CAN FIGHT ! She is so underrated .

25 Jamie Wallace

I just loved who she is ~ Destiny 🖤

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