Top 10 Best South Park Seasons

South Park has been making audiences worldwide chuckle, gasp, and downright guffaw since its debut back in 1997. Over the decades, the show's fearless creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have churned out season after season of animated brilliance. From biting social satire to broad, scatological humor, South Park truly has something for everyone, if you're willing to embrace its uniquely irreverent take on reality.

When we're discussing the best South Park seasons, it can be a bit like comparing apples and oranges, or in this case, comparing Cartman's various get-rich-quick schemes. Every season has its own distinct flavor, its own memorable moments, and its own special place in the South Park legacy. With a show as consistently innovative and boundary-pushing as South Park, every fan has their own personal favorites.

Sure, you could analyze each season based on the number of laugh-out-loud moments, the depth of its social commentary, or even the balance between episodic stories and overarching narratives. But at the end of the day, the best season for you might just come down to which one resonates most with your sense of humor and worldview.
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1 Season 8 Season 8 marked a crucial point in South Park's history, where the show began taking on more socially conscious storylines. It presented a unique blend of pointed commentary and surreal humor, with standout episodes like "Good Times with Weapons" and "AWESOM-O."

Good Times with Weapons, Up the Down Steroid, Passion of the Jew, You Got F'd in the A, AWESOM-O, The Jeffersons, Douche and Turd, and Cartman's Incredible Gift are all arguably top ten episodes. With so many classics, how is this season not number one?

Easily has the most classic episodes. Hilarious episodes, wonderful character moments, everything about this season is top-notch.

Best season. Every episode is a classic except for Up the Down Steroid and Goobacks. Both of which are pretty good.

2 Season 14 Season 14 saw the series push the boundaries of satire and parody, tackling subjects from Facebook to Inception. The two-part episode "200" and "201" are notorious for the controversies they sparked, reflecting the show's fearlessness in taking on sensitive issues.

By far the funniest season. It includes episodes like Scrotie McBoogerballs, You Have 0 Friends, Crippled Summer, Poor and Stupid, It's a Jersey Thing, and the Crème Fraiche finale. Don't forget episodes 201 and 202 which are hard to find but are the best dramatic episodes in the series.

There's a decent trilogy with Coon and Friends and then Medicinal Fried Chicken is my favorite episode ever. It's a great showcase for Randy, Cartman, and Stan plus it's the best example of South Park's brand of commentary. I get that seasons 5-7 had the classic feel, but the show only got funnier from seasons 8-18 when they tried crazier ideas and spoofed current events without being cringy. To me, season 14 is definitely when it peaked.

3 Season 5 Season 5 showcased the balance of humor and socio-political commentary that South Park is known for. It featured unforgettable episodes such as "Scott Tenorman Must Die," and dealt with serious issues in a unique, satirical fashion.

Has my favorite episode out of all so far, Butters' Very Own Episode. Plus, there's Scott Tenorman Must Die. So, enough said. Cripple Fight and It Hits The Fan are also pretty funny.

Many classics, many laughs, many messages. It's what South Park built on, and it led the rest of the series to what it is today.

4 Season 6 Season 6 presented a more narrative-driven approach compared to previous seasons. The show explored the complex character of Butters in more depth, while the unique storyline of "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers" demonstrated the show's creativity.

You have to consider seasons 5, 6, or 7 at the top if you want to talk about funny, sharp, classic episodes. If you've actually seen every season, I don't know how you could not pick one of these three. However, season 6 is without a doubt the most consistent, only tarnished by the "Red Sleigh Down" and "Fun with Veal" episodes which are completely forgettable.

I could list all the episodes, but someone's already done that, so I'll just say it has several of my favorites.

OH COME ON! SEASON 6 IN 15TH PLACE? This season has way more interesting episodes than any of the others, for example:
Free Hat
The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers
A Ladder to Heaven
The Professor Chaos Trilogy
The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer
My Future Self n' Me

How is this not even in the top 5? This season includes some of the best episodes, oh, and Season 17 deserves a spot too.

5 Season 10 Season 10 was a notable period for the series, introducing the world to the "ManBearPig" and presenting an unforgettable critique of Scientology in "Trapped in the Closet." These episodes demonstrated the show's knack for crafting uproarious humor out of contemporary issues.

I don't know why people are hating on this season just because of Chef dying. It was unfortunate he died, but he had to go because his voice actor quit the show. This season has great episodes like Cartoon Wars, Go God Go, and Make Love Not Warcraft. Smug Alert is also noteworthy. People need to reconsider their opinions on this season.

Are you kidding me? Not even on the list. Cartoon Wars, Make Love Not Warcraft. It has Towelie. It needs to be higher on the list.

Warcraft dude. Two episodes sucked, but the others were pretty original for South Park.

6 Season 11 Season 11 solidified the show's reputation for bold and daring satire. The three-part epic "Imaginationland" showcased the show's knack for weaving complex narratives, while "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson" exemplified its fearless approach to tackling societal issues.

Oh my God, where to start with season 11? We got More Crap, Cartman Sucks, The List, and Imaginationland. Easily one of the strongest seasons.

The List (episode) is probably the best episode of the season. Stendy is back after that episode! They'll stay in love forever.

This is one of my favorite seasons from South Park. It had a lot of funny and classic episodes, which are worth watching.

7 Season 13 Season 13 continued the series' fine tradition of taking on topical subjects with humor and irreverence. Episodes like "Fishsticks," which humorously skewered celebrity culture, and "Dances with Smurfs," a satire of political punditry, highlight this season.

After not watching the show for a decade or more, I bought a copy of this season only to find that it had somehow managed to remain fresh, relevant, and hilarious!

8 Season 7 Season 7 offered some of the most memorable episodes in the series, like "Casa Bonita" and "Raisins." The show's unique blend of humor, satirical commentary, and character development continued to engage audiences in this season.

Grey Dawn, Cripple Fight, Cancelled, I'm a Little Bit Country, Red Man's Greed, Li'l Crime Stoppers, Christian Rock Hard, and Raisins are all among my favorite episodes. This is a true example of South Park at its best and is very underrated.

It's either 6, 7, or 8 for me. I chose 7 because it's probably the season that I could watch the most. There are no bad episodes.

Only 2 subpar episodes. The rest are hilarious. As others have said, Casa Bonita is the best episode of the season.

9 Season 1 Season 1 introduced audiences to the world of South Park, with its unique humor and unforgettable characters. From the series opener "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe" to the satirical "Starvin' Marvin," it set the tone for what would become a cultural phenomenon.

Includes my all-time favorite episode, Starvin' Marvin. I absolutely think that Season 5's episode Scott Tenorman Must Die is in my top three episodes, but I have to go with Starvin' Marvin for the win!

The early South Park is the best South Park.

Some episodes of this season and the movie were my introduction to this amazing satire.

10 Season 4 Season 4 distinguished itself with episodes like "Trapper Keeper" and "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000," which exemplify South Park's knack for mixing humor with social commentary. This season continued to build the show's reputation as a cultural powerhouse.

This is when the show really found its footing. Trapper Keeper and Something You Can Do With Your Finger are classics. Also, we got 4th Grade. That was great. Timmy 2000 was strong too.

I have this season on DVD just for that ONE EPISODE. Which episode you might ask? Trapper Keeper. I don't know why, but this is absolutely my favorite episode of all time.

Good season, with the exception of Chef Goes Nanners. And yes, guys, Chef Goes Nanners is the worst episode of that season. Cartman doesn't deserve Wendy at all. Stendy is a better pairing than Candy. Candy is not a good or fitting pairing.

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11 Season 9 Season 9 proved the series' creative resilience with fresh and biting satire. The hilarious critique of Family Guy in "Cartoon Wars" and the examination of free speech in "Bloody Mary" demonstrated the show's unflinching approach to social commentary.

Season 9 was one of the best. Episodes like "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina" (one of the sickest ever made), "The Losing Edge," "Ginger Kids," "The Death of Eric Cartman," "Trapped in the Closet," and "Marjorine" were awesome!

Season 9 was another great season, except for Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina, but we don't talk about that.

I always thought this season to be the 2nd best after season 8. Sad to see it this far. Seasons 8, 9, 10, and 13 are just flawless.

12 Season 15 Season 15 offered a unique mix of satire and humor, with episodes such as "HumancentiPad" offering commentary on consumer culture and technology. This season stands out for its clever spin on a range of contemporary issues.

Can we give some credit to Season 15? Ranked 19th? Really? Okay, sure, Funnybot and Royal Pudding were weak, but we got T.M.I., Crack Baby Athletic Association, and You're Getting Old, which were great. Not to mention Broadway Bro Down, Bass to Mouth, 1%, and The Poor Kid, which were all pretty strong.

You're Getting Old and Assburgers are the two best episodes in the entire series.

13 Season 19 Season 19 marked a shift in the series' format, introducing a season-long storyline while continuing to address contemporary topics. The introduction of PC Principal added a new dynamic to the show, while episodes like "Safe Space" addressed relevant societal concerns.

My analysis:

I've been extremely critical of recent South Park seasons. This one is the exception. South Park has always addressed real, current issues, but Season 19 took a much heavier focus on them. As always, it discussed issues that were quite taboo, but this time it felt more genuine, something they hadn't achieved in a while.

This season was also significant for another reason. A season or two before, South Park began using an overarching plot for each season rather than for each episode. Season 19 was, in my opinion, the only season that truly executed this well, with a new conflict in each episode that fit into the larger story.

Final Verdict:

South Park should take notes on this season for how to proceed with Season 21, as Season 20 wasn't much to write home about. Season 19 may not be the best season ever, but it shows that series like South Park can evolve and still remain as fantastic as they always were.

14 Season 12 Season 12 tackled a variety of topics, from internet fame in "Canada on Strike" to the 2008 presidential election in "About Last Night." The season demonstrated the show's ability to blend current events with its unique brand of humor.

Absolutely the best season, although they are all very good save the first couple.

15 Season 2 Season 2 built upon the foundation of the first season, developing more nuanced storylines. Memorable moments include the introduction of Chef's parents in "The Succubus" and the shocking twist in "Chef Aid," both encapsulating the show's unique brand of humor.

I don't know about you guys, but this season was just pretty hilarious to me with the old Eric Cartman and the stupid things the characters did that made no sense. It was just a great laugh for me.

This is my favorite of the first four seasons! Gnomes, Clubhouses (ROY), Spookyfish, Conjoined Fetus Lady, Chickenpox, Chickenlover... so many classics!

The first 4 seasons are why I started to like South Park. They talked about general stuff and old Cartman was amazing, then it was meh.

16 Season 3 Season 3 solidified South Park's place in pop culture, offering a blend of biting satire and absurd comedy. Episodes like "Chinpokomon" highlighted the show's ability to humorously reflect on contemporary fads and trends.

Season 3 is quite charming. It's offbeat with episodes like Cat Orgy, Jakovasaurs, Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub, The Red Badge of Gayness, Hooked on Monkey Fonics, Chinpokomon, and Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery. I just have a personal liking for this season, but one could argue that seasons 5, 6, 7, 10, 19, 20, and 2 are really good too.

For me personally, here is my ranking of the seasons I'm well acquainted with: 3>5>20>2>6>10>7>19>15>1>9>4>11>18>14>12>16>17>13

Cartman is hilarious in this season and should definitely be rated higher!

I think season 3 is underrated and better than season 2 in my eyes.

17 Season 17 Season 17 continued to tackle hot-button issues with its signature irreverence. Standout episodes include "Black Friday," a biting commentary on consumerism, and "The Hobbit," a critique of unrealistic beauty standards.

This season is also an underrated season. We all know about the Black Friday trilogy, but I thought Goth Kids 3, Taming Strange, and The Hobbit were amazing.

Best season yet with almost every episode being funny. I loved the Game of Thrones console war trilogy.

18 Season 18 Season 18 marked a shift towards interconnected storylines, with notable episodes like "Freemium Isn't Free" and "Cock Magic." This season showcased the series' evolution in narrative depth while maintaining its satirical edge.

Pretty underrated season. I thought that Gluten Free Ebola and Freemium Isn't Free were really funny, and The Cissy is one of the best episodes of the last 5 seasons.

This season has stronger plots than other seasons, and the episodes are back to back!

This season had some hilarious episodes and really should be higher on the list. I love Grounded Vindaloop, The Cissy, The Drone Episodes, and Freemium Isn't Free. So funny.

19 Season 16 Season 16 presented a diverse array of subject matter, including critiques of reality TV in "Raising the Bar" and explorations of fan culture in "A Nightmare on Face Time." This season continued the show's tradition of tackling current issues with humor and wit.
20 Season 20 Season 20 followed a serialized format, introducing an overarching narrative that spanned the entire season. Focusing on topics like internet trolling and the 2016 presidential election, this season represented a unique storytelling experiment for the series.

I don't get the hate behind this season. Yes, it started to decline after Oh, Jeez, but it also had Skankhunt, which is an extremely powerful and poignant episode.

The first half was great. But after the surprise election of Trump, the planned storyline got all muddled.

Honestly, I think the way Gerald acted this whole season was meant to describe most of the fandom.

21 Season 22 Season 22 took a poignant look at contemporary society, with episodes like "Time to Get Cereal" and "Bike Parade" providing an entertaining blend of humor and commentary. Its engagement with environmental issues demonstrated South Park's continued relevance.

Time to Get Cereal was the greatest episode they ever did. The only episode I didn't really like was Buddha Box, but that was mostly because I felt the PC Babies running amok didn't really add anything, just rehashed an earlier joke for 11 minutes. However, I really want to like the episode because it showcases peak Cartman with a box over his head for phone time.

22 Season 21 Season 21 delivered a unique blend of humor and social critique. Standout episodes like "Franchise Prequel" and "Hummels & Heroin" tackled topics from franchise fatigue to the opioid crisis, continuing the show's tradition of timely satire.
23 Season 23 Season 23 saw South Park dive further into serialized storytelling with the Tegridy Farms subplot, while the "Band in China" episode provided a sharp commentary on Hollywood's relationship with China, highlighting the series' commitment to pushing boundaries.

An extremely underrated season that has some of the funniest scenes in all of South Park. This season features classic episodes like Mexican Joker, Band in China, Let Them Eat Goo, and Basic Cable.

Tegridy Farms is an amazing plot line. All storylines come together in the 6th episode. The other four standalone episodes are pretty weak.

24 Season 24 Season 24 was significantly impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a reduced number of episodes, each one a longer special. The "Pandemic Special" and "South ParQ Vaccination Special" offered timely commentary on the global situation, underlining the series' adaptability.
25 Season 25 Season 25 returned to more traditional South Park storytelling, while continuing to explore the fallout of the pandemic and other timely issues. The nuanced handling of complex themes exemplified the series' enduring ability to weave comedy and commentary.
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