Top Ten Best ABBA Songs

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1 The Winner Takes It All The Winner Takes It All Cover Art

D I v o r c e
A masterpiece of creativity
The Winner really does take it all

Beautiful lyrics with a good meaning. Also this song is beautiful

Great song with amazing lyrics hypnotic voice and some heart touching music... One of the best songs in the history of music... I love you abba... Thanks for giving us such a Jewl

This is such an emotional and beautiful song. I love it so, so much and it will always mean so much to me.

2 Dancing Queen Dancing Queen Cover Art

Super catchy and uplifting. Best one to dance to with friends.

Did you know, that this song has been Frida Lyngstad's favourite song until from that moment when she heard it? And do you know what? Me too !! :DD

The Queen song Of ABBA

I personally adore every single ABBA song, but I think if I had to pick just one I would choose Dancing Queen. I just feel like this song is a classic and it puts everyone in such a great mood. It is such a cheerful and upbeat song!

3 S.O.S. S.O.S. Cover Art

Not just ABBA's best song, but one of the best songs ever. The perfect pop song with hooks to die for.

Super catchy and an amazing song about love, but is unfortunately ruined by Pierce Brosnan.

This song is my favorite out of ABBA because the harmony is perfect and in the iconic Broadway show and movie Mamma Mia in my opinion in Mamma Mia it was more catchy but ABBA had better singers.

First ABBA song, fell in love with them from then on

4 Mamma Mia Mamma Mia Cover Art

Mamma Mia is one of their best songs! I think it should be higher on the list.

Though the low rankings of Waterloo (#7) and Take a Chance On Me (#4) also bother me, Mamma Mia should at least be in the top three, if not #1.

This song is amazing! Suprised this song isn't in the top 3

I like The Winner Takes It All, but this should be so much higher on the list.

5 Take a Chance on Me Take a Chance on Me Cover Art

My favorite Abba song, the harmonizing in my opinion is the best out of all their hits.

I love almost every abba song

Great song should be number 1

The best abba song, and my other favorite is Angel Eyes.

6 Knowing Me, Knowing You Knowing Me, Knowing You Cover Art

This song is a classic. Spectacular, powerful, and breathtaking, with a heart-stopping pause, just before the chorus is belted out against pulsating background guitars. The vocals of all 4 members, blended to perfection, while Frida's deep mezzo declarations resign us to the fact it's all over.

Knowing me knowing you is not just the best Abba song, IT IS THE BEST SONG OF ALL TIME. You cannot hate this song because it's just a Wonderful master piece that will never die. Saddly, it is not the most popular of their song but it is way better than The winner takes it all and Dancing Queen. Frida's voice is totally awesome and beautiful and the chorus is magnificient. It's the best breakup song ever created. Benny and Bjorn are just genius and the 2 girls are the best singers of all time. Abba Forever

ABBA has a catalog full of contenders, but this one - like SOS and The Name of the Game - captures the essence of what the group did best: They used a power chorus of rich harmonies drenched with melancholy to counter the lonely and somber solo verse.

Super frickin catchy. Best song I’ve ever heard about breakups. My favorite when I first watched the movies and probably still my favorite.

7 Waterloo Waterloo Cover Art

This not in the top ten? It's a crime!

Best song by abba form kenny

All songs in their newist gold disc are incredible.

Catchiest song by far. Probably one of the catchiest love songs I’ve ever heard. I love how it’s history and live together.

8 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) Cover Art

This is the best one. Don't listen to anyone else

14? This better get higher sometime! This song is awesome, just makes you feel good every time you hear it

Love this song. I know all the ABBA songs on the first page but this has to be one of the best

The Best One Ever! I love This Song! Makes me want to dance!

9 Does Your Mother Know Does Your Mother Know Cover Art

I remember hearing this upbeat song as a kid and love it just as much now! My favorite ABBA song!

THIS SONG SHOULD BE FIRST. It is the only ABBA song that demonstrates talent and that is because bjorn is the best band member. He is the only one that knows how to song a good song. I am very dissapointed that this song is eleventh:'(

Another great and energetic song! It's great to dance to!

It just sounds... Amazing

10 Fernando Fernando Cover Art

Yup. I am loving how this song is so close to the top. It is such a classic and such a nice easy listen. This is what makes everyone love ABBA.

His is just amazing and I can't get it out of my head I can't believe this is a top 6 I am in shock I really really really think it deserves to be at least a top5 or 4 please take my opinion into consideration I am begging!

My head is full of good memories and thoughts every time I'm listening to this song. Doubtless, a gold hit!

It is really the best ABBA song. There is really beautiful Frida's vocal. The sound of music and lyrics are so much wonderful. This song is work of art!

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11 Voulez-Vous Voulez-Vous Cover Art

An awesome song! It has a catchy tune, and my brother who hates ABBA LOVES this song! That's pretty good for him because he's not a fan of ABBA.

Cathy and upbeat tune! Should be higher on the list!

Good energy in this song

Still one of the best that moves me even till now

12 Super Trouper Super Trouper Cover Art

The problem with songs like super trouper is that they could easily be best songs for other groups, but it can't compete with ABBA's masterpieces.

This song just is amazing, quite possibly the most touching song ever! SUPER TROOPER BEAMS ARE GONNA BLIND ME!

I love this song! It's the one by ABBA I play the most and never get tired of.

I remember really liking it when I was younger. I can still hear some parts of it in my head.

13 The Name of the Game The Name of the Game Cover Art

I've heard this song a hundred times, but it's 2016 and today it came thru on Spotify, and I was in just the right place to hear it as though it were the first time... it hooked me in and knocked me out. I played it several times in a row, trying to get all that's going on in here. I don't know technical music, but the word "counterpoint" has got to describe some of this. It's like it's structured several layers thick, all playing off each other vertically, but also totally different melodies colliding sideways... it's a funhouse ride! Reminds me of the harmonic depth of the Beach Boys, coupled with the Beatles' tendency to abruptly shift songs 90 degrees but make it sound absolutely logical and just plain fascinating. I'm sure that "Dancing Queen" and "Knowing Me, Knowing You" will remain my definitive ABBA songs, but "The Name of the Game" is going into my playlist of "Sonic Masterworks".

This song is obviously one of their best songs. The name of the game is so original and the voice of Anni-Frid and Agnetha are perfectly mixing together. The solo part of Agnetha is also fantastic. definitely one of their best's along with Knowing me knowing you, Chiquitita and Fernando.

This is so much better than 14. Technically complex and beautiful arrangements led by killer bass riff pinched by fugees and frida and agnetha just stunning vocals and harmonies. Abba best pop band ever but serious craft, skill and musicianship and awesome vocal talent makes songs like this such enduring masterpieces

On paper such a complicated piece with its unconventional arrangement and different bridge sections, the two girls interchanging and with their own solo parts. But it's all put together brilliantly.

14 Chiquitita Chiquitita Cover Art

"The music is so melodious. And so hopeful. I can almost see myself running across a meadow, with my arms stretched out, singing Chiquitita! "

I think this is the original classic. wonderful song. Remind me about my father because he always song to me

This one should be in the top 5. The incredible technical blend of the background vocals in terms of rhythm and melody is in my opinion unmatched compared to today's music.

Oh.. God this song can make you cry laughing so badly you can't imagine..I personally feel this song cannot be compared to others...!

15 Lay All Your Love on Me Lay All Your Love on Me Cover Art

This edges out Super Trouper for my personal favorite. Hard to believe they aren't in the top 10 at least.

Awesome song! I LOVE it!

I really like this song but it's quite underrated from the others. Still, a very good song!

I find it such a good song it's clearly my favorite

16 Money, Money, Money Money, Money, Money Cover Art

Money, money must be funny in the rich man's world. What a rhyme I must say, good job ABBA!

The voice is so different and captivating... Surely deserves top 5...

"Money, money must be funny in the rich man's world" what a rhyme I must say, good job ABBA!

I'll never forget this song

17 One of Us One of Us Cover Art

Such a catchy song but also so emotional. Deserves higher on this list.

This song is achingly beautiful. Once again, Agnetha does a wonderful job of playing the broken hearted with her beautiful, plaintive voice.

My favorite song from ABBA, I love the sadness on Agnetha's voice.

This song deserves I'm top 5... One of us is amazing... One of the best song ever...

18 Eagle Eagle Cover Art

ABBA is one of the greatest pop groups that ever was and I love the song " Eagle " but to call this song psychedelic is ridiculous. This is not a song written on LSD or another hallucinogenic drug. It's a beautiful pop song with " normal " lyrics. Fly away doesn't mean to get high and was certainly not intended to listen when you're high on drugs.

Super psychedelic! So beautiful, it makes you feel as if you are actually out there in the wilderness, soaring above the pine trees!

Brilliant song - not so well known but surely their best

The Best Abba song for me.

19 I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do

This song was not that popular but it is the song that make them famous after Waterloo. This song just make you happy

The song is "not that popular" but "make them famous"? How does that work?

Just a fun song with GREAT harmonies.

I love this song!

So happy and cheerful! One of my favourites!

20 The Visitors The Visitors Cover Art

This song is in my top 5 of all of ABBA songs. It is definitely best experienced in a club. It's dark and meant to be danced to. It's a song about paranoia coming true.

The music is pretty scary but good song!

Great song and music love this song so much!

Stunning! It takes you by surprise.

21 Angel Eyes Angel Eyes Cover Art

Partially to be contrarian, but also because this has always been in my top 5 ABBA songs and it pained me to see it so low..

A lovely song it should be a world singles

It's a great song! The lyrics tells you a lot and I love the singing!

Classic abba song, so glad it was in mamma mia 2

22 Thank You for the Music Thank You for the Music Cover Art

This is mistake why this is so low down when this song starts you have to join in karaoke style

Why is it so low? This is an original song without romance or something similar

How is this not in the top ten? I love the lyrics and the song seems very special.

How this is not in the top 10!. Wonderful song

23 I'm a Marionette I'm a Marionette Cover Art


24 Under Attack Under Attack Cover Art

My all time favourite abba song of all time. chorus is so amazing it is pop perfection!

Best song ever.

Best song ever

25 Summer Night City Summer Night City Cover Art

This song doesn't get the attention it deserves.

One of my top five ABBA song.

By far the most underrated song, please do listen carefully and vote! There is everything in this piece. There are not less than four themes in the same song, main one doesn't have break which gives impression of a continuous rhythm than can't get out of the head.
Arrangements are perfect, as often with abba, but not overloaded.
Song is erotic and driving.

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