Top 10 Best Children of Bodom Songs

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1 Everytime I Die

This song sounds much better and has a much more melodic sound to it than most of their songs. That is a good definition of melodic death metal.

By far the best song of Children of Bodom, way better than Angels Don't Kill. It's amazing, the perfection from the combination of the guitar solos and the keyboard. Great job, Alexi.

I absolutely never get bored of this song. The quality of this song and album is amazing, considering they were only 21 years old when they released the album!

2 Needled 24/7

Should be number one. Catchy as hell, amazing solos, and carries so much more energy and power than Every Time I Die. I listen to this song full blast every morning to wake me up on the way to work. Just kidding, I don't have a job. I'm just a stupid kid posting opinions on the internet.

There is no Children of Bodom fan that hasn't heard this song.

It contains the best lyrics, riffs, etc. I don't care if it's the third best song on this list. It should be the first. And the list should start from 2!

Awesome song. Loved it more than any other. Couldn't stop listening to the guitar solo, and I might have listened to the song more than a thousand times!

3 Angels Don't Kill

Everything about this track, from its lyrics to tactically arranged rhythms and melodies, is absolute perfection. The combination of the solo and the rhythm behind it works so well together. This track is absolutely haunting in the best possible way.

With respect for the job that Alexi did with Every Time I Die (that is an amazing song), that song is just nothing compared to this great one. Angels Don't Kill is absolutely the best melodic death metal song ever.

I had never heard something more emotional in my life before I discovered this song. It's perfect from start to finish. It's one of those songs that HAS to exist somehow, and Children of Bodom did it!

4 Are You Dead Yet

I think this is a Children of Bodom masterpiece. Awesome drums, guitars, and voice. This is the best death metal song I have ever heard. Absolutely fantastic!

I just heard it once, and now I'm listening to it all the time. Marvelous song, their best one. There are no words that could describe it. Just perfect.

The main riff of this song is the best piece of guitar work I've ever heard. The solo part, both rhythm and lead, is simply destructive.

5 Downfall

The best melodic black metal song I've ever heard in my whole life. So atmospheric, melodic, haunting, and beautiful. Everything is pure genius, courtesy of Alexi: demonic-shrieked vocals, a total shred duel solo between Alexi and Janne, the guitar lead of Alexander during the choruses, the pitch change at the end, the little bass bridge of Henkka, and the eerie keyboard and lyrics. But the best has to be the piano arpeggios, simple beauty mixed with aggressive drumming and singing. Just pure awesomeness.

6 Kissing the Shadows

The guitar and keyboard duel solo at the end simply makes the song. I've never heard anything like it, and this is my most played song in my iTunes library. Nothing beats it, in my opinion!

This song should be first. Well, Every Time I Die may be good but doesn't deserve first place. This song has better solos and riffs. The guitar duel with the keyboard in the outro is absolutely amazing.

The riff throughout the song is better than most other guitarists' solos, and the trade-off keyboard/guitar work at the end is so awesome it makes me want to eat my own face.

7 In Your Face

Despite the terrible lyrics, this is one of the best songs I have heard, and certainly the best from Children of Bodom.

This song is pure energy, character, and strength. Listening to this song makes me feel like I could do everything.

Really cool song. Completely addictive, and it's unbelievably coordinated!

8 Bed of Razors

The song is amazing in every way that can be described. It must be rated along with Every Time I Die because the solo and the song are very organized, and everything is ultimately perfect in this song. The song's name is enough to describe how good this song is. The solo and the guitars are on top. The lyrics kill. Very great. Words can't describe this song. The words are dying when I try to describe this song.

In my opinion, it's the best song. It deals with a contradicting theory: Love, which is good, and cutting, which is generally seen as bad. But together, it's brilliant. Hands down, the music in the song is fantastic.

9 Hate Me

Beautiful breakdown. Beautiful solo. This song deserves a top 10 spot.

19? Needs to be in the top three. Melodic death metal at its very best.

Hands down the best COB song and the best death metal song ever.

10 If You Want Peace... Prepare for War

Though this track is not on their best album, it is easily one of their best songs! "If You Want Peace... Prepare for War" is one of the tracks that really got me into Bodom! So heavy, so fast, and a very entertaining listen! Right up there with "Every Time I Die!"

Great hard-hitting drums at the beginning, amazing guitar solos, and such an uplifting spirit!

It goes back and forth between amazing melodic guitar work and crunching chords.

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11 Hate Crew Deathroll

This song is at number 17?

Can't believe it!

This song has so much energy, so much melody, pure energy, a great combination of keyboards, guitar, and drums.

The guitar riff bridge is also played with great enthusiasm.

My very first song by COB!

So much energy in this song. One of their best. It has to be in the top 5 at least.

12 Follow the Reaper

This song's solo says a lot about the band and solidified them as one of my favorites for a long time.

In my opinion, this song should be at the top for them.

This song really should be farther up. It showcases their thrashy, melodic side wonderfully. That solo is amazing, and every time I hear it, it's just as awesome as it was a thousand listens ago.

The only song that compares to any by In Flames. In Flames really has more talent, but this song shows that Children of Bodom at least has some.

13 Lake Bodom

I love this song. Great riff, great vocals, great solos, great lyrics. One of Bodom's best and will be for years.

The greatest riff in metal. Powerful lyrics. I love how the keyboard plays along with the guitars. A masterpiece.

By far the best from Something Wild, if not their best song ever.

14 Silent Night, Bodom Night

One of the best solos I have ever heard. Hats off to Alexi. Come on, folks, vote for it. It deserves to be in the top 3.

Extreme melody and rhythm. Their best song, in my opinion!

It's only 3 minutes, but full of intense melody in both leads and rhythm. Just take 3 minutes of your life to listen to this, and you'll see how many hours you'll spend enjoying the music from Bodom! Children of Bodom rocks! Sorry, metals!

15 Living Dead Beat

Beautiful riffs and keyboard playing along with amazing lead. Altogether, this song is magical.

Best intro ever, especially with a thunderstorm hitting the concert right after it. Since I experienced that, this is by far the best COB track for me.

This song has the most beautiful intro in the entire world of melodic metal!

16 Bodom Beach Terror

Man! This song should be on the shortlist of top 10. Good drum intro, good vocals, and an insane guitar solo courtesy of the greatest metal guitarist of all time, Alexi Laiho himself. This song is brutal!

The guitar and the part where he says "Bodom Beach Terror!" give me a high every time I hear it. And the chorus that follows, wow. Should be way higher on the list, if not first!

Spectacular drum intro and good solo, but the best part is by far the chorus. This is certainly my favorite COB song, and it is the best COB song for parties.

17 Trashed, Lost, and Strungout

Fantastic song! I don't see why it's not in the top 10. I don't like any songs in the top 10 other than Are You Dead Yet?. One of the best metal songs I've ever heard. And where is Was It Worth It? That's also one of my favorites.

1. Trashed, Lost and Strungout
2. Blooddrunk
3. Was It Worth It?
4. If You Want Peace... Prepare for War
5. Are You Dead Yet?

The song that got me into Children of Bodom!

18 The Nail

This song, as well as the whole album "Something Wild," completely rocks.

The musicianship in this song is incredible.

19 Black Widow

How is this not in the top ten? This song is very playful and has a touch of Mozart/Bach in it, too. Relatively short, though unbelievably rich in harmony and structure. Easily one of my all-time favorite Children of Bodom songs!

Agreed. This amazing song needs more love.

20 Sixpounder

The power, the riffs, the solos. Should be at least in the top 10 without a doubt. It just comes and crushes you, leaving you with nothing left in you except awe.

Some songs are born to be played loudly - really loudly!

This and Angels Don't Kill are perfection. The solo gets me every time.

21 Morrigan

Single from 'I Worship Chaos' to be released on October 2nd. Brilliant song.

22 Children of Decadence

Awesome playing and screaming. It should be at least in the top five because it deserves Alexi's efforts to be on top.

I found a totally oversampled MIDI techno remix of this track. The melody lines are horrendously addictive. How is this not in the top 10? It's incredible.

Hey, how come this song is at 16? It should be ranked 1st! This is the greatest metal song I have ever heard in my entire life.

23 Transference

Awesome solos. I love this song.

24 Children of Bodom

My favorite. Unique elegance. Love this song. Best riff, and the solos are unique. Maybe not their best solos, but the song in all its complexity is something rare.

Great song. Nothing more to say about it. The guitar riffs are awesome, plus Alexi's vocals are outstanding.

25 Hexed
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