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1 Float On

Such an amazing song! Also looking at the comments from Missed the Boat made me listen to the whole album again but I still think Float On and Ocean Breaths Salty are better than Missed the Boat, but that's just my opinion.

I cannot help but bounce along to the rhythm of this every time it comes on. Modest mouse made this song amazingly, Everything feels right when listening to Float On.

One of the best songs I ever heard, seriously. So amazing that there should be a number higher than one to put this into.

2 Trailer Trash

This is one of if not the best song I've ever heard, you should hear it yourself to know what I'm talking about, I'll just say that it has the best lyrics in a Modest Mouse song ever.

Maybe the best lyrical group of all time. But for some reason this song is the most special to me despite its somewhat murky lyrical content.

Their best song in my opinion. Listening to that rhythm, singing and looking at that album picture makes me feel better and takes me to different places

3 Gravity Rides Everything

I can't understand why the hit songs, that are good and all but not great, are at the top and this great song is at the bottom. Well, I guess I can, but I still think its not right!

This song is so truthful.When you look at you're life and think of all of the bad things that are happening, you just think of this song and you will know that everything will fall into place.

This is, personally, my favorite Modest Mouse song. I think it should be higher on the lists. I love the beat, the lyrics, its wonderful.

4 Cowboy Dan

This is a very dark song, it's messed up, and that is why it is amazing.

Repressed violence. Loneliness. Rural prerie. God, if I have tto die, you'll have to die.

Oxygen to breathe

5 Doin' the Cockroach

I know the image TheTopTens gave this song is from a live bootleg album, and same with the sample (I recommend listening to a sample from a music streaming service for the better version) but this song is so good, starts off kind of calm with moments of bombast, then into what sounds like a chorus, but then turns into bombast, which then for the rest of the song is just insanity, and I love it so much.

6 Teeth Like God's Shoeshine

This song embodies all that is Modest Mouse. The manic shouting vocals, the harmonics, the winding guitar riffs, the changes throughout the song..perfection

This is the epitome of what is good about music.

This needs to be higher

7 Dramamine

It was almost impossible for me to choose only one song when it comes to one of my favorite bands. Modest Mouse. Along with Dramamine they got some amazing songs like Doing the cockroach, 3rd planet, satellite skin, Dashboard, The View, The world at large, Bankrupt on selling and The Good times are killing me. Like I said earlier.. IMPOSSIBLE to choose one. I probably would choose another song then Dramamine tomorrow... Amazing band.

This song is so hypnotizing. Whenever I listen to it I just have to stop and really listen. Beautiful song. Love the lyrics. Modest Mouse has best lyrics overall but these are amazing. So hopeless and sad but same time really lovely.

Such a beautiful song, it Helped me through some hard times. And for that I thank it. I wouldl ike for nothing more to see this as 1 on the list...

8 Talking S**t About a Pretty Sunset

This is, in my opinion, the greatest Modest Mouse song. It is so sporadic, and all of it's parts are amazing. Isaac's lyrics are one of his best, and the sweeping string instruments are definitely a highlight.

Kind of reminds me of Edit The Sad Parts...

How is dashboard #1?

9 Truckers Atlas

Long, very long, I think it's Modest Mouses so test song ever recorded (I think it is at least) It's so good, talking about traveling, with the music to the song along the lines of Doing the Cockroach at the bombast part, It's very underrated.

10 3rd Planet

Have been listening to this song over and over and over for the past few weeks. Some of the lyrics are so affecting and relatable in a way unlinked to the actual meaning (which I'm pretty sure is about losing a child). "Remind me of when we used to be three and not two, and that's how the world began, and that's how the world will end" - doesn't matter what the third thing is, if it's the most special thing to you, it is what began your world and will end your world if you lose it.

Catchy, moody, emotional, cold yet hopeful, a mystery that takes a few listens to decypher. Wonderful, intoxicating song.

So relaxing. It's like watching a montage of sunsets with your ears.

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11 Dashboard

This song makes me so happy! Every time I listen I just want to dance. It's such a great song, good lyrics, good instrumental... It's perfect! I would definitely rate this number 1 on my charts.

The lyrics, the drums, the bass, the guitars, the singing, this song rules. Definitely better than Float On so glad it's number 1! Good job everyone! Wonderful song!

When I moved from Dallas I was sad. When my dad played this song it made me happy. I am happy it's one.

12 Ocean Breathes Salty

I like Dashboard too, and Dramamine, and Missed the boat, and 3'rd planet, but this is by far my fave.

I relate to this song, it's a very sorrow song but it's sure is a beautiful one.

13 Paper Thin Walls
14 Dark Center of the Universe

I absolutely love this song! I'm surprised it's not more highly rated among fans.

This one's a masterpiece

15 The Stars Are Projectors

By Far The Greatest Lyrical Achievement In Any Song I Have Ever Heard; Will Stand Corrected If It Comes To That. Match that with gorgeous and thundering music, great interplay between rhythm and the copious bouts of guitar riffs and the ending gives you time to process what you heard. The best song on the best album ever made.

16 Out of Gas

It's such a neat song if I could describe it In one word, it's like the song from the same album: Heart Cooks Brain, just done shorter and better.

17 The World at Large

God this song is so beautiful. "Ice age, heat wave, can't complain" is one of the most beautiful lyrics I've ever heard. It's like any modest mouse song, lyrics that are so touching and yet so subtle. Stories that move you without many words. "I like songs about drifters, books about the same." This song is my love.

Favorite song on album

18 Polar Opposites

If this song isn't in the top three, then this list is a sham!

19 S**T Luck
20 Spitting Venom

I just can't help but cry at times during this song. It's so beautiful, so emotional, and really just a perfect song lyrically, instrumentally, and energetically.

My Top 10 Modest Mouse songs in no particular order: Cowboy Dan, Spitting Venom, Teeth Like God's Shoeshine, Ocean Breathes Salty, Little Motel, Dramamine, King Rat, Parting of the Sensory, Trailer Trash, Doing the Cockroach. It pains me to leave out Talking About a Pretty Sunset, Missed the Boat, The World At Large, The Good Times are Killing Me, 3rd Planet, and so many more.

This song just... I don't know how to explain it, it just really gets me through anything. I listen to this through depressing times, through joy with family or friends, this song always makes me feel good.
I love Modest Mouse so much, they express emotion in a truly amazing way.

Some other favorites:

The View
Lampshades on Fire
Sugar Boats
King Rat
Never Ending Math Equation

And more of course. Keep up the good work Modest Mouse!

21 Bankrupt on Selling

Most powerful song of theirs by far. I get shivers every time I listen to it and I've been listening to them for over 6 years.

Just heard it for the first time today. I instantly fell in love.

One of my favorite songs (Modest Mouse or otherwise) of all time.

22 Autumn Beds
23 The View

Great song, very catchy. I have listened to it over and over again and I think that it definitely deserves a higher place on this list.

24 King Rat

King Rat is epic and I can't believe I was the first to actually add it. The vocals are awesome, the style is different and funky, and it sends an important message.

Definitely my favorite Modest Mouse song, and my second favorite song of all time. So many emotions are displayed in one song.

The song itself and the video directed by Heath Ledger, makes this song, by far, the best one!

25 Broke
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