Top Ten Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

The Top Ten Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

1 Terminator 2: Judgment Day

A person who grew up in a home without a phone, without a fridge and no toilet, when he was the governor, he never accepted the salary of 175,000$ and donated to various charities. Called by the Guinness book of world records "the most perfectly developed man in the history of world ". I salute you! - Ananya

While the first Terminator was a great movie, Terminator 2 improved on it in every way, It had CGI that was ahead of it's time, Great acting from Schwarzenegger, Edward Furlong (John Connor), Linda Hamilton, Robert Patrick (T-1000), great plot, great soundtrack (You can't go wrong with Guns N' Roses), and some of the most memorable qoutes in movie history (I need your clothes, your boots, and you motorcycle, Come with Me if you want to live, and the obligatory Hasta la vista, baby! ) It had great action sequences too

Amazing and funny and in my opinion it's better than the first terminator but I still love the first one

Just finished watching the first one all the way through for the first time. It was one of the greatest movies I've seen but this movie is on another level. - Buneroid

2 Predator

The tension in this movie reaches some remarquable heights. The scenes with the invisible predator are spectacular Schwarzenegger is more human in this movie also, more vulnerable.

Arnold leading a group of bad ass soldiers into the jungle to take on all comers, including an alien predator has gotta be the best pure all out machismo action flick! Arnold and his team could take out any other action team from the movies, including The Expendables guys led by Stallone!

My all time favourite action movie, film and Arnold movie. Could watch this over and over. Great action scenes and a great cast for commandos. Pure badass. - Mo123456

Greatest science fiction action movie ever. Everything is so good and serious about this movie. Such great action sequences and muscle cast.

3 The Terminator

How the heck is this not number 1 this is the movie that helped make him a successful actor I mean seriously people - ronaldregan

Not many people prefer this over Terminator 2. But I do. Amazing atmosphere and action, and of course amazing acting by Arnold, Michael Biehn and Linda Hamilton.

Terminator is the best movie ever

The terminator should be number 1

4 Commando

I love the movie, but man is the acting terrible! Also, it has one of the biggest movie mistakes of all time during the Porsche accident scene.

He put the tougness into this movie - roblist

It's a toss up with tru lies but this movie is just bad ass. Rolling down the hill in that jeep with no gas! Lol.

He killed more villains here like an arcade video game.

5 Total Recall

Arnold in space three b**bs, mutants, space soldiers, rebels, memory manipulation... best things of every other science fiction movie ever! not to mention the shear awesomeness of the effects for the time and Paul V. directing. Awsome sound effects and story too-keeps you thinking.

Great movie that will mess with your head and get you thinking. Not all mindless action.

Classic Arnold movie. Fun movie and great flow. Could watch over and over.

Love it - iliekpiez

6 True Lies

"Have you ever killed anyone? "
"Yeah but they were all bad. "

Great movie! - Freak_Show1

A great action flick with loads of explosions and a few good quotes from the man himself - roblist

Terrible movie, extremely overrated.

Very hard to pick, but this is my favorite.It was hard to pick against commando.

7 Kindergarten Cop

Hilarious, its the best Arnold movie even better than Terminator 2

He cop must teach a Kindergarten class as his assignment to try and find a drug dealer - roblist

I laugh every time I look at this movie - iliekpiez

Get's worst as I watch it today.

8 The Running Man

This movie should be on the top ten list. I mean, it's got everything you want in an action movie; It's got violence, suspence and much, much more. It's just a non-stop roller coaster ride of awesomeness

Should be much higher!

Really cool

9 End of Days

I am a born again Christian and one of my favorite movie scenes of all time is when Jericho (Arnold's character) is tempted by the devil in his appartment, which climaxes into the devil being thrown out the window.

An Ex-cop who runs an elite security group must stop Satan in search of a new bride - roblist

Must get a higher ranking

10 Conan the Barbarian

A well rooted, creative, believable yet raw portrayal of Robert E. Howards hardest hitting in creations that still echoes in all media of many genres. This has so much depth without using long discussions; instead it is portrayed and leaves you wondering. An classic among classics. One of the few movies that takes full use of Arnold's physical abilities without going overboard.

Just voted for it to be higher. Sure, Terminator, T2, Predator, and Total Recall are fine in the top five. Conan should at least be in the top 10.

All real men know Conan is his best movie.

1.Conan The Barbarian


3.Terminator 2




7.Red Heat

8.Conan the Destroyer

9.Kindergarten Cop

10.Red Sonja

Come on how is this not number one

The Contenders

11 Jingle All the Way

Not just Arnold swartzeneggers best film, possibly the best film ever made

One of my favorite Christmas movies - Ajkloth

12 The Last Action Hero

Here arnold really shows that he can act. Also a very original movie - okkumme

Really underrated Arnold movie. Pretty fun and cleaver.

13 Batman & Robin

He plays Mr. freeze in this Batman movie and he is the villain - roblist

Great role, he really does well. - okkumme

He was such a cool Mr. Freeze. - girlcool

14 Twins
15 Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines

My favorite Terminator movie and action movie.

How the hell it is at number 13...
It is the best Arnold film till date
And best of Terminator series

16 Red Heat
17 Red Sonja

Oh this movie sucked - iliekpiez

18 The Expendables 2
19 Eraser

This one should be a lot higher, it's one of my favorite movies of all time, by any actor!

20 Around the World in 80 Days

The way he acted and made the movie more fantastic. All the action in the movie is awesome...

21 Hercules in New York
22 The Last Stand

A great and entertaining movie. Stylish and filled with quality action. Arnold is terrific as always and the supporting cast fits perfectly. Nice cinematography and good soundtrack also. A favorite!

23 The Expendables

Made one of the greatest appearances as a special guest in any film ever! - roblist

24 Stay Hungry
25 Pumping Iron

He was recognized as a bodybuilder in this documentary and he first appearance on Film - roblist

This Sucks Major Garbage - TheHabsFan

26 Collateral Damage
27 Conan the Destroyer

Big Wilt as Bombatta was awesome. Went Beast Mode!

He seriously did. He went FULL beas mode!

28 Raw Deal

I love that Satisfaction scene

29 Terminator: Genisys
30 The Expendables 3
31 Sabotage
32 Terminator: Dark Fate
33 The 6th Day

About a man who meets a clone of himself and finds out about a Conspiracy about clones taking over the world - roblist

34 Terminator Salvation

What? He isn't in this movie! HE is a CGi replaced head on another mans body!

35 Escape Plan
36 The Simpsons Movie

I know Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't, voice himself but he should Arnold Schwarzenegger - Sausagelover99

37 Junior

This would trigger a controversy. People will be losing their minds.

This piece of crap is unbelievably terrible.


38 The Rundown

Cameo appearance at the beginning.

39 Maggie
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