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1 Levels

Best club song for sure! So catchy!
The first time I heard it I didn't stop playing it for 2 weeks!

It's got that special thing like no other song!
Best ever composition, could play it a any party!
The first time I heard this song couldn't help myself but listen to it over and over again!

Levels Is One Of The That Epic Song That Will Be Alive For Coming Era's. This Is One Of The Best Work Of Avicii. Avicii Rocks Simply Rocks. - jagmeetbrar

Best song of avicii so far

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2 Wake Me Up

Its a unique approach from Avicii, a new style from him that I believe is very effective and shows a completely new perspective on this style of music. The featuring artist, Aloe Blacc is a highly talented vocalist which is just one other addition to make this song as awesome as it is.

Something really different. Feels good after listening to it! Great song, should be on top.

Great song! Should be in the top ten list.. Thank you Avicii for being the artist who I always look forward to.. Hope for more

Best song everywhere heard

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3 I Could Be the One

Best Avicii song yet! Been raping that replay button all day and plan to party to it all night! Hashtag such a tune

Just love this track - awesome


Best song! Never will get old!

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4 Hey Brother

Country and house mixed together results in pure awesomeness!

Should be way up the list!

This song doesn't have votes simply because many people haven't heard it. But it is a great song and shouldn't be thus far down the list!

Awesome song by Avicii... This should be be way up the list.

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5 Silhouettes

I personally think Levels and Fade Into Darkness are both great songs but Silhouettes is simply AMAZING. I mean, the vocals and the oh so great build up into a perfect melody of joy.

Seriously? Silhouettes 11th on the list?
I mean, This song gets me into the "Trance State Of Mind" Better Than Any other song :D
And, as far as I Remember, the Music Video Also gives a good message to the People

I honestly believe this is aviciis best track! Great music, powerful lyrics perfectly composed. Sends shivers through my body! L

This song has been underrated since 2013 - Kid_ethinederland

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6 The Nights

Funny though 74 what? This song doesn't have votes simply because many of you have not heard it. But it is superb and should be in top 10!

My father told me this is the best of him..

"So live a life you will remember" it's the message of the song and it brings out the positive side of life with the lyrics. Trying to party but the words in it strikes you with "you only live once so make the best out of it"

He said one day you leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember;
My father told me when I was just a child, these are the nights that never die.…

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7 You Make Me

Piano + Avicii + Vocals = Pure Awesomeness

I love the video and music is awesome ( :

What!.. Come on it's the best songs of his career and its at no. "11" this is not fare man

I love this one...

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8 X You

I think why this song is in such a poor place on this list is because not many people know of it. Many have heard it but don't know who made it or the songs name. This song is amazing! As of being a total Avicii fan and a fan of EDM in general, I'd say this is Avicii's best song with Fade Into Darkness as second and then Levels as a close third.

Amazing tune and deserves to be at number one

X for xtremely good song... Avicii one of his fine works..

The best! simply superb!

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9 Waiting for Love

Really this is new that is why it's so down in the list. But eventually it will be among the top ten or maybe even top five. The lyric video of this song is what makes it even more lovable. The love of the dog for his master is just inspiring and we should learn to never give up no matter how difficult the situation.

The new song. The first and the best I have heard. You have not heard it so you don't know it. And the lyric video is more than awesome. I cried the first time I watched it and still get goosebumps when I watch it.

My favourite song ever, purely because of the music and the lyrics and everything. I can really relate to the lyrics because my two best friends died: my dog and my hamster. It never gets old.

A very interesting song. The lyrics are kind of depressing, but the tune is kind of fun and makes you want to dance.

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10 Seek Bromance

Great vocals, awesome beat and the way this song moves is amazing. This DESERVES the number 1 spot!

I am in love with this song! Been spamming the replay button for this one! The vocals are incredible and the beat just makes you want to move. #avicii forever!

This song has always been amazing, only last I week I realised that this was avicii, ii didn't know that tim berg was his real name haha

The original was incredible, the vocal edit's just mesmerizing.

Truly deserves the first place.

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11 The Days

It's THIS song that makes me now listen to Avicii

The best lyrics - this should be in the top ten

I listen to this song all the time and it makes me remember all the good times I have had.

This and Lay me down is his best songs

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12 Superlove

This is a nice song

13 Fade Into Darkness

Definitely one of my favorites. Play it more than once a day. Kinda in love with this song!

The Best!
I don't give a damn wt others gotta say!. This song simply rules!

I whish avicii himself stared in the video for this track, instead of that singer. He would have looked so cute with that girl.

Avicii + Andreas Moe = Best Music

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14 Addicted to You

I'm addicted to this song. The lyrics are so beautiful, usually after listening to a song nonstop for a week I get burned out and stop listening to it for months. But this one, I've been listening to for a whole month now. - AsianBlood

Just give it time. Its gonna get into the top tens.

My all time favorite

This is honestly my favourite song EVER, and I spend most of my time listening to music. It's so relatable and the instrumental is o.o

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15 Sunshine

The drops in this song are so fantastic, it just makes you want to jump and scream. I think the breaks in this song makes the audience anxiuos to hear what going to happen next. Then its just blows your mind, this is a really good song, it should be under levels.

Nice Avicii :X the best dj of de music house!

Great track with Guetta... Full of trance...

Best track ever... Vote guys it should be in TOP 5...

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16 Last Dance

Obviously not his best creation, but still it deserves to be in this place because it is good. !

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17 Three Million

Avicii shows different forms of music and this is it...

Nice song. But the thing that makes it different is its singing. Negin is a very good singer

18 Lay Me Down

Song brought to life with the help of a legendary Nile Rogers and some impeccable vocals from Adam Lambert. The best song on TRUE!

His best song! Love it. It may be a remix, the rhythm reminds me something but whatever, the song is excellent!

This awesome song is with adam lambert's killin vocals


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19 Nicktim

This is a very rocking song! This should be on top 10

Best one from avicii!

20 Can't Catch Me


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