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1 Levels Levels

Best club song for sure! So catchy!
The first time I heard it I didn't stop playing it for 2 weeks!

This was the first avicii song I ever heard and first one that was my favorite - trains45

It's got that special thing like no other song!
Best ever composition, could play it a any party!
The first time I heard this song couldn't help myself but listen to it over and over again!

One of the greatest songs in edm, and one of the best in Uplifting Progressive House genre.

2 Wake Me Up

Its a unique approach from Avicii, a new style from him that I believe is very effective and shows a completely new perspective on this style of music. The featuring artist, Aloe Blacc is a highly talented vocalist which is just one other addition to make this song as awesome as it is.

Something really different. Feels good after listening to it! Great song, should be on top.

Great song! Should be in the top ten list.. Thank you Avicii for being the artist who I always look forward to.. Hope for more

Just the best among the greatest of Avicii

3 The Nights The Nights

Amazing lyrics and unforgettable tune

Amazing lyrics with an upbeat tune! The replay button broke because I listened to this on replay for so long!

Funny though 74 what? This song doesn't have votes simply because many of you have not heard it. But it is superb and should be in top 10!

oh so good

4 Hey Brother

Country and house mixed together results in pure awesomeness!

Should be way up the list!

I don't know why, but my family HATES this song. I can't understand. This song is amazing!

Also, RIP Avicii. He killed himself last year.

This song doesn't have votes simply because many people haven't heard it. But it is a great song and shouldn't be thus far down the list!

5 Silhouettes

I personally think Levels and Fade Into Darkness are both great songs but Silhouettes is simply AMAZING. I mean, the vocals and the oh so great build up into a perfect melody of joy.

Seriously? Silhouettes 11th on the list?
I mean, This song gets me into the "Trance State Of Mind" Better Than Any other song :D
And, as far as I Remember, the Music Video Also gives a good message to the People

I CANNOT emphasise on how beautiful this song is. You know how people say for some songs, "I can listen to it on repeat forever" but eventually the vibe dies down? THIS song proves otherwise. I can ACTUALLY listen to it forever. No, really. How many songs do you know can do that? This deserves to be #1! It gives me life! It fits well with any emotion in my opinion.

Best song from Avicii hands down, still after many years, it just doesn't become any boring. Masterpiece

6 I Could Be the One

Best Avicii song yet! Been raping that replay button all day and plan to party to it all night! Hashtag such a tune

Just love this track - awesome

Just love this song should be number 1


7 You Make Me

Piano + Avicii + Vocals = Pure Awesomeness

Pure nostalgia

I love the video and music is awesome ( :

What!.. Come on it's the best songs of his career and its at no. "11" this is not fare man

8 Waiting for Love

I nearly cried listening to this song for the first time. - Synchronocity

Really this is new that is why it's so down in the list. But eventually it will be among the top ten or maybe even top five. The lyric video of this song is what makes it even more lovable. The love of the dog for his master is just inspiring and we should learn to never give up no matter how difficult the situation.

Best Song By Far

The new song. The first and the best I have heard. You have not heard it so you don't know it. And the lyric video is more than awesome. I cried the first time I watched it and still get goosebumps when I watch it.

9 X You

I think why this song is in such a poor place on this list is because not many people know of it. Many have heard it but don't know who made it or the songs name. This song is amazing! As of being a total Avicii fan and a fan of EDM in general, I'd say this is Avicii's best song with Fade Into Darkness as second and then Levels as a close third.

Amazing tune and deserves to be at number one

X for xtremely good song... Avicii one of his fine works..

I found this song when I first started listening to EDM. It's not as well known as tracks such as hey brother and levels, but so much better. This track has an amazing buildup that no other Avicii song has. It has a tune that instantly makes you happy, and doesn't get monotonous or annoyingly repetitive like levels and hey brother. I listen to it whenever I'm down, and it never gets old. The fact that it doesn't make the top ten over hey brother and levels is disappointing because of the uniqueness of the song, how it was made, and just how truly great it is. Hopefully it moves up soon.

10 The Days

It's THIS song that makes me now listen to Avicii

The best lyrics - this should be in the top ten

I listen to this song all the time and it makes me remember all the good times I have had.

I love all of Avicii. I even own every Avicii vinyl. I'm not a guy who listened to this song and was like " this is best avicii song." After listening to every song on every CD many, many times, I am still in love with this song more than any other. My second favourite is Waiting for Love.


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11 Addicted to You

The best one

I'd conquer the world with my lesbian girlfriend and this song would be playing as we do it! - DanielleDixon1202

As a real life lesbian, I love this song so much! I am addicted to my girlfriend! - DanielleDixon1202

I'm addicted to this song. The lyrics are so beautiful, usually after listening to a song nonstop for a week I get burned out and stop listening to it for months. But this one, I've been listening to for a whole month now. - AsianBlood

12 Fade Into Darkness

Should be at top 3

Definitely one of my favorites. Play it more than once a day. Kinda in love with this song!

The Best!
I don't give a damn wt others gotta say!. This song simply rules!

I whish avicii himself stared in the video for this track, instead of that singer. He would have looked so cute with that girl.

13 Superlove

This is so underrated here... Deserve top 5... Levels isn't supposed to crown..

This is a nice song

14 Seek Bromance

Great vocals, awesome beat and the way this song moves is amazing. This DESERVES the number 1 spot!

I am in love with this song! Been spamming the replay button for this one! The vocals are incredible and the beat just makes you want to move. #avicii forever!

This song has always been amazing, only last I week I realised that this was avicii, ii didn't know that tim berg was his real name haha

This is the best progressive house song ever. The beat is amazing - it just makes you dance. The vocals are amazing. It's way better than his new music. Totally deserves the number 1 spot.

15 Lay Me Down

So energetic! Really brightens up my day!

Song brought to life with the help of a legendary Nile Rogers and some impeccable vocals from Adam Lambert. The best song on TRUE!

His best song! Love it. It may be a remix, the rhythm reminds me something but whatever, the song is excellent!

This awesome song is with adam lambert's killin vocals

16 Three Million

Avicii shows different forms of music and this is it...

Nice song. But the thing that makes it different is its singing. Negin is a very good singer

17 Lonely Together

One of the best Avicii's new songs... Play your music in the Heaven, RIP

Avicii is/was the most talented DJ of our time

I love this song

Top 3 avicii songs
Rita rocks this one big time...why so low here?

Apparently there are 17 more songs that people think are better - oneshot

18 A Sky Full of Stars

I believe it's the best of avicii and I I'm surprised to see that I see this song on 39th!

Good to the ear... Avicii with coldplay... Love it

Best one in my opinion... The voice of Coldplay and the music created by Avicii! Totally worth listening to *.*

The song that brings my favourite two artists together.

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19 Last Dance

That the best EDM songs he ever made in my opinion. Pure good Electro House music when he was at his best!

Obviously not his best creation, but still it deserves to be in this place because it is good. !

I listened to a sample, and I searched the song, it was AWESOME!

20 Nicktim

This is a very rocking song! This should be on top 10

Best one from avicii!

21 Can't Catch Me


22 Divine Sorrow

Greatest melody I've ever heard

Many people don't know about this sing, but it is amazing, wyclef's voice & avicii's music, just a great collaboration

Best from both sides : music & vocals

23 Broken Arrows

This song is so amazing! I just love the lyrics and everything. Its not one of the most popular songs, but in my opinion its his best song.

Simply amazing!

Awesome song

Best avicii song no doubt, should be in the top 10s

24 Sunshine

The drops in this song are so fantastic, it just makes you want to jump and scream. I think the breaks in this song makes the audience anxiuos to hear what going to happen next. Then its just blows your mind, this is a really good song, it should be under levels.

Nice Avicii :X the best dj of de music house!

Great track with Guetta... Full of trance...

THe best MUSIC... made by the kings of the business - AviCii and David Guetta... Nothing to say.. should be at the TOP

25 Dear Boy

One of tim's best. the lead melody sends me to another world.

Superb song with awesome tones. The next version of "i could be the one"!

I don't know, the chorus is just dreamlike, mesmerizing.

So underrated. The chorus gives off so many good vibes. Play this in your car, loud as you can in the summer. It is AMAZING. One of Avicii's best and should be in the top 10 at least.

26 Alcoholic
27 Liar Liar

So funky and upbeat

Excellent vocals and lovely upbeat

28 Pure Grinding

Awesome video and cool song

29 Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

How do I listen this song here

30 Penguin

I don't know this song

Great beat. Fade Into Darkness without vocals. It's amazing!

31 Talk to Myself

I think It's the best song on both the Stories and history of Avicii. Both melody and the lyrics makes me feel so much things every time I listen It!

Hello my name is Maxim and I love this song more than life itself.

I got my friend hooked on Avicii with this song.

32 Street Dancer

Old AVICII style song & it will touch your heart..Vote this

Listen to the Sneaker Fox Remix

Very sweet Dj by AVICII...

33 For a Better Day

This is such an amazing song, and there's such a contrast between the beginning and the chorus. Amazing riffs. I can't understand why this is 31st...

Very simple but sounds pretty cool to me.

Sounds perfect to the ears!

I usually dilike this mainstream house stuff but I have to admit that this song is actually good - Organ

34 Without You

Pure brilliance

Best song ever

Best song ever. It is a tragedy that it’s so low.

Best song by far

35 Bromance

One of their first songs... Should be in the top ten... - sam117

This song takes you to a world of imaginations...Perfect

Wow...great music.n d song s awesome

36 Levels (Reverse)
37 Blessed

Simply the best ever, never someone will defeat this song BLESSED FOREVER

I'm crazy about the song no doubt wow

Greatest song ever created!

This song is the best song ever made by a dj. The beats are unequalled. In 2011 this song became a hit in Holland and he deserved it.

38 Rapture

One of AVICII's best... The singer has a sweet voice...

This is actually nadia al - rapture (avicii remix)

Just listened to it & came here to see at which position this song is..

39 Shame on Me

Best AVICII Song by far. Especially the synth solo. This song deserves more attention.

Very good song like it

40 Hope There's Someone

One of the best underrated songs... Mind blowing

Awesome Melody and Sweet Singer

Yes a really underrated song

This should big 10

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41 Enough Is Enough

The main melody is something made from God himself, don't really like the vocals but other than that it is THE most amazing song.

I hope to god someday they'll make an instrumental for this song...

I've been raping the replay button on this song! Absolutely love it!

Love this song-love avicii altogether really♡♡♡

42 Drowning (Avicii Remix)

This song should definitely be higher on the list! I listen to this religiously and never get bored; an awesome collaboration from Armin Van Buuren & Avicii and in my opinion, incredibly underrated.

Everyone who reads should listen to this song, go download it now quickly and come back and tell me you dislike this song. I guarentee you wont. It is fantastic like every other great song by avicii that isn't popular. Pretty much every popular song by avicii is worst than a lot of his other remixes, silhouettes and seek bromance excluded. But check out his remix of rapture, new new new, the last summer and drowning.

It's an amazing song. It's the kind of song you are listening in the club and can be dancing and crying at the same time. Should definitely be inside the top 10.

How can this be the last on the list! This song is one of Avicii's best mixes. Listen to it, I highly recommend it

43 Always On the Run

HIghly underrated song as it was a bonus track in his album "true". It should be in the top 5.

44 Dancing In My Head (Avicii’s Been Cursed Mix)

How is this not higher?
CLASSIC Avicii, my man

Really great song! Definitely need more votes. The melody's really great!

This song.. Lip syncing in your mirror.. Paradise.

Excellent video and excellent beat...

45 All You Need Is Love

One of my favourite

This is a bonus track in his album "true" listen to it and you'll love it!

46 Indian Levels
47 2013 Is Here

Definitely Avicii's most underrated song!

48 You're Gonna Love Again

Great song. I am always replaying the song!

This should be in number one...

I heard song first time it makes me cry...really love this song incredible melody made by avicii...good work on this song

Amazing song
Should be in the top 10

49 Bom
50 Don't Give Up On Us

Great song I've ever heard

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