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1 Infected Mushroom Infected Mushroom is an Israeli musical duo formed in Haifa in 1996 by producers Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani. They are best known for pioneering the genre of psychedelic trance, but also for combining this with experimental bass music, as well as rock and Middle Eastern influences. The album "Converting... read more

I've been listening to Infected Mushroom for some time now. It has amazing replay value and is great for working out. You have terror-injecting songs like Dracul and mind-wrenching visual arts created by songs like The Gathering or Cities of the Future. Now, with their new album Army of Mushrooms, all you need is 45 seconds of any song to make Infected Mushroom your new favorite Psychedelic Trance artist of all time.

Heavyweight gets to your DNA. Now Is Gold and Savant on Mushrooms turn you on. With French, you feel the real drama, and when you listen to The Messenger, wow, it's like God himself sent this music to Earth! This band is the best, and I'm not even mentioning The Blue Swan 5 and other magnificent tracks from the album Converting Vegetarians 2.

2 Astrix

If you love trance, you just can't resist him. His tracks not only give us power, but I must say, the divine power of energy. You just can't stop jumping. I must say he is a killer artist - a very highly intelligent music producer. Only your choice and taste matter.

If you want to listen to real psychedelic music, just listen to Poison, Scientific Reality, and Sex Style.

If you are high or something, just listen to any Astrix song. I bet you will have a good trip.

3 Kuba

Horrifyingly talented artist. If you're ever looking for the more zen psychedelic feeling, his tracks will take you on that sort of journey.

4 Air Nan

Lol, no comments. Well, they're 6th, which in my humble opinion means a lot of people like them. I know why. The rest need to listen to them and then judge.

5 Ananda Shake

One of the best creators of powerful full-on trance tracks. Listen to Disco Dancer and Magic World.

Should be much higher. They have a fantastic, original, energetic sound.

6 Hallucinogen

A true pioneer. Back in the late '90s, this guy was no doubt number one. These kids doing the voting clearly have no sense of history or perspective.

Get a grip, guys. #61? He should be at least top ten, one of the pioneers of the sound!

Nobody can reach him. He is the only one!

7 Astral Projection

Dancing Galaxy is my favorite trance song ever.

8 Krusseldorf
9 Shpongle

Such a wide variety of sounds from around the world really is an immersive experience. Many songs very accurately capture the feeling of a psychedelic trip.

DMT - for me, no words will really do this justice, not even close, to be honest. I've had an entire life and genuine love for so many types of music, and this simply stands alone... no peers in sight. Thank you.

Shpongle has various instruments in their music, and it's really magical if you're into psybient music. They are not very dark, and at the same time, the music is simply spectacular.

10 1200 Micrograms

Awesome tracks. This is a joint.

Even Full Moon Madness, it begins as a whisper, has got some good beats.

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11 Azax Syndrom

Just listen to tracks like "The Better Man," "Flawless Victory (Bliss Remix)," "Live or Die," and "The Truth." A work of art!

12 Ajja

He knows how to create the most pleasant and meaningful frequencies while making you dance like it's your last dance ever! He has the most distinctive style, and while keeping it, he always discovers new territories in music.

I have heard him live, and the experience is amazing! One of the best psychedelic artists, I must say.

You just have to hear the guy. Mind-blowing.

13 Theobroma
14 Krama
15 Skazi
16 Vibe Tribe

Amazing! He terminated me while dancing to his tracks live! He's truly a gifted psychedelic artist with extreme vibes and fantastic beats. Vibe Tribe will own you when you listen to him live!

Wonderful trance. What beats? Wow. Magnificent. This type of trance generally rocks the j-bars in America. Lovely. Melodrama and Spun are my favorite tracks.

Albert Balbert (Live Mix) never ever leaves the playlist. The melodies in Vibe Tribe tracks are the definition of psychedelic.

17 Progenitor
18 Ovnimoon

He should be the one forever. His style is unique.

Just mind-blowing! A total cleansing ceremony!

Very dynamic, deep, layered, and textured music.

19 Ace Ventura

Best progressive psychedelic artist.

20 Sesto Sento

If you know Vini Vici, then you know Sesto Sento. What's better is just that: Sesto Sento is better. Truly magical music, a perfect match of melody and full-on with a dash of cheese.

21 Crazy Astronaut
22 Shiva Chandra

How can they not be in the top ten? Come on...

23 Talamasca

Great artist! Try "Day Dreaming" for something softer and "Psychedelic" for the hard stuff. It makes me scared!

Talamasca sets will pump you up. Great live act too. Talamasca is definitely top 10.

24 Bizzare Contact
25 cosmo

Hi-tech psychedelic music! Superb!

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