Top 10 Best Metal Instrumentals

This is a list of compositions in which musicians try to express their thoughts and feelings of the language of music, not words. These songs are the benchmark of musical excellence for metal guitarists, bassist and drummers.
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1 Orion (Metallica)

A tough choice between this and The Call of Ktulu, but I like this song just a bit more.

Both pieces are absolutely amazing. Incredible work by the great Cliff Burton. May his soul rest in peace.

I would even go so far as to say it's the best song on the entire album if Master of Puppets wasn't on the album.

Cliff Burton is the BEST! This is the best instrumental metal/rock song of all time! No questions asked, no lies told, it's just the best one!

It's hard to put all these beautiful Metallica masterpieces in order. However, I more often choose Orion over others.

2 Voice of the Soul (Death)

Orion is great, but Voice of the Soul is the absolute, untouchable masterpiece. No other instrumental can make anyone cry their eyes out. To Live Is to Die would be second best.

Definitely the best instrumental ever! It brings out emotion in me every time I listen to it. Orion is also legendary, but this one is a masterpiece of a song!

One of the most powerful pieces of music I've ever heard. This song is a masterpiece that will make any metalhead cry.

3 The Call of Ktulu (Metallica)

God tier, better than Orion. The theme is so creepy and mysterious. It tells a whole story. You can feel, as the distortion kicks in, the Ktulu rising out of the sea. With the epic final notes, you can feel him hitting the seabed once again after being defeated by his opponent.

My favorite instrumental of all time. Suicide and Redemption should not be on here, though, when you consider songs like Musical Death and Hypnosis by Testament, Into the Lungs of Hell, Dialectic Chaos, and Absolution by Megadeth, and DEFINITELY Pulling Teeth.

4 Black Star (Yngwie Malmsteen)

Some of the most amazing guitar playing that I have ever heard. Neo-classical guitar at its best. It just sounds dark and evil and simply awesome.

There is real emotion and incredible technicality in this song. The live version is even better.

5 To Live Is to Die (Metallica)

Seriously, listen to this with subwoofers, volume cranked all the way through, and tell me it's not an amazing experience.

Masterpiece with some sad, but badass melodies!

The four Metallica instrumentals are amazing, and Suicide & Redemption is the most underrated.

6 Transylvania (Iron Maiden)

One of Steve Harris' best works. Dave Murray had a fun time writing another legato solo on this track, and Dennis Stratton, my favorite instrumental song from the best band in the world.

Amazing. Steve Harris is on a different level than any other bass player on earth.

7 Stream of Consciousness (Dream Theater)

You can really see the technical prowess of Dream Theater in this song. Just close your eyes and let the song take you over.

This song is a life-changing experience.

It is because of popularity that three Metallica songs are above this. I don't care, but I'll suggest you listen to this. I'm sure you'll love it.

8 Eruption (Van Halen)
9 Musical Death (Testament)
10 Dialogue With the Stars (In Flames)
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11 Suicide & Redemption (Metallica)

All of Death Magnetic is underrated. Fans don't like it, even Metallica seems to forget about it. But hey, they played a few songs from it, so that's a good sign. This one is just a gem, one of the greatest instrumentals I've ever heard.

Very underrated just because it's on Death Magnetic. I would place it at number six. It's a beautiful song!

This, Orion, and The Dance of Eternity are the best. I also love Voice of the Soul, Transylvania, To Live Is to Die, The Call of Ktulu, Stream of Consciousness, and many others.

12 The Dance of Eternity (Dream Theater)

This song changes time signatures more often than Guns N' Roses changes members.

Fun fact: this song has 108 time signature changes!

13 The Ultra-Violence (Death Angel)

They were all teenagers when they recorded this, and their drummer was 14. Not to mention, it's 10 minutes of pure thrash awesomeness.

14 Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) (Metallica)
15 Conquer Or Die (Megadeth)
16 Losfer Words (Big Orra) (Iron Maiden)

The guitars on this track sound like pure ear candy.

17 Red (King Crimson)
18 The Hawthorne Passage (Agalloch)
19 Genghis Khan (Iron Maiden)
20 Dialectic Chaos (Megadeth)
21 Arc-Lite (Coroner)
22 Man Made God (In Flames)
23 Slania (folk medley) (Eluveitie)
24 Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) (Savatage)
25 Odal (Agalloch)
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