Best Bangladeshi Drummers

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1 Sheikh Monirul Alam Tipu (Warfaze)

The most diversified, experienced Rock Drummer of Bangladesh. He successfully touched almost all the Genre of Rock music. He is the Best Drummer in the history of Bangladesh.

The most consistent one who an play different genre without any difficulty. He played in many bands. But among them he was a regular drummer of warfaze & winning at the same time & those two bands are totally different in their music genre.

Most prominent rock drummer. Too energetic & holding the band together since long. Good luck.

The greatest and the coolest drummer of all time. Who has given a lot of contributions to the music industry. We are great full to him.

2 Tony Vincent (Black)

The most significant is his drum tuning, no one can tune like him.

Best Drummer & Also Best Drums Teacher

Tony. The Best drummer of Bangladesh

You want to master at Tuning and making beat by your drums? He is the man!

3 Kazi Sajjadul Asheqeen Shaju (Artcell)

Simply the best. A beast of a drummer who is undoubtedly the best not only in Bangladesh but also in the world. Tipu, Rafa are good drummers but they are nowhere near as versatile as Shaju. He mixes variation, skill and speed on an unprecedented level. RESPECT, man.

Shaju is a great drummer.. And his composition level is very high!

IN Bangladesh no can play like Shaju. He is best. Best off all.

The improvisation, the variations, the cleverness! Just love this man with drums!

4 Raef al hasan Rafa (Aurthohin)

His drum works are just way too awesome. Sometimes you will feel like he is smashing you instead of his drums. At the same time he does his voice works perfectly which is incredible.

He is the best... His style is different from others.

Don't know anything I know only one thing that rafa is the best, with his playing technique and different voice.

He is the best... His work is totally amazing with his rebel voice...

5 Romel (Love Runs Blind)

He is the best! Love the magic of his drumming!

Without Romel vai who deserve the the most exiting drum speed

Awesome drummer but overrated for no.5

He is best... No one can be like him

6 Pavel (Chirkutt)

The best drummer of the world. Pavel is wonderful with the drumsticks, He played is easily hard music & one of the greatest drummer in Bangladesh.

Crazy guy! also mature

Love his Drumming

He is the best drummer I ever seen

7 Obayet Mostofa Shorif Pappu (Ovation)

Is it possible that I'm at number Nine in position? Don't blv it :O... There are more better drummer in Bangladesh. They are and were really legendary Drummers... Sucks Voters

His thinking is different from others..


8 Milton Akbor

The best most remembered, talented

He is the best drummer

Late Milton Akbar, was the best drummer in Bangladesh, and led the way to the many newcommers

9 Fanty Ahsan Elahy

Foundation of Bangla classic Rock drumming.

10 Mahbub Rashid (Rockstarta, ex-Miles)

The man who introduced double bass in Bangladesh. One I the best in Asia he should be in top 10

Known as best the best Bangladeshi metal drummer.

Best ever drummer in Bangladesh

M.bhi is the best forever, m.akbar, tipu,funty bhi too.

The Contenders

11 Sk Md Reaz (Mechanix)
12 Pantho Kanai Jewel (ex souls, Nagar Baul)
13 Misbah Chaudhry (Inferno)
14 Al Wasy Rayhan (Incursion)
15 Tasbirul Islam Nibir (Grimorium Verum)

The machine! And one of the youngest extreme metal drummer..

Youngest & extreme talented heavy metal drummer...

Machine that frisks through both feels and speed.

One of the best drummers in Bangladesh

16 Samiul Momith (Bay of Bengal)

He is the one of best drummer in bd. Who can play with powerful feel and motion.

The best drummer of Chittagong, I must say!

I have seen him play its magical

You are great man

17 Syed ZIaur Rahman Turjo (Miles)

Turjo vai is best drummer in Bangladesh he have sweet hands

I don't know where he's not even on first three list. Certainly, one of the finest drummer in Bangladesh.

Turjo vai is best drummer in Bangladesh

Such a crazy guy

18 Nafeez Al Amin (Arbovirus)

Talented Drummer.. Bought new taste to the music scene..

A very natural person with pure sense of rocking imagination!

As a man I him very much

When it comes about performance, no one is any closer to him. A very powerful palying with a tremendous stage act

19 Shahriar Hassan Autul (SIN)

This guy is something else! Saw many drummers out there but his playing style is so cool! Surely one the best drummers I have seen so far at this moment!

One of the best rock drummer man he got groove!

Really good drummer young boy

Grove! One of the best rock drummer

20 Mark Don

I think mark don is a best drummer

He deserve a rank in top ten!

brutal drummer from trainwreck

My favorite

21 Dio Haque (Nemesis)

Hee is the most awesome and energetic drummer ever! Undoubtedly he is the best drummer of Bangladesh! Proud to have a drummer like him in Bangladesh!

Pure talent and Energy

22 Riyadh (ex Love Runs Blind)
23 Mushfique Imran (The Tree, Cry My Name)

Nothing to say about this guy! He is like a beast!

Mushfique bhai, u r the best!

24 Farshed Mahmud (Cryptic Fate)

Should be higher, his drumming beats are fast. pretty much jazz type of drummer, I mean was inspired by

25 Ahmed Akif Rahman (Helter-Skelter/Crusader)

Upcoming one of the best thrash metal drummers in the underground scenario.. He is very underrated and hardly very less number of people knows him. He is from Old-Dhaka... If you wanna watch him play, then here goes his YouTube channel's link then you will get to witness his beast mode drumming with his band Helter-Skelter and his ex band crozz

One of the best upcoming Metal drummers in the underground scenario.. Though he is very underrated but plays like a BEAST and is also a very nice Human being...

Best I have seen so far. Both As a human being and musician

Very balanced drummer. Can play any genre with ease and perfection.

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