Top 10 Best Indian Rappers

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1 Yo Yo Honey Singh Hirdesh Singh, known by this professional name, Yo Yo Honey Singh or Honey Singh, is an Indian music producer, Indi-pop singer and film actor.

He is simply amazing. He has a good sense of music and raps very well. He has sung amazing songs like Brown Rang, Breakup Party, This Party Gettin Hot, etc. His song This Party Gettin Hot topped the chart of most-listened YouTube videos all over the world. Brown Rang too topped the chart of most-listened videos. His song High Heels got the 5th position.

He has charged Rs. 7 million for a song in an upcoming film titled Mastaan, starring Naseeruddin Shah. It is the biggest amount paid to a song artist in Bollywood to date, making Honey Singh the highest-paid musical artist in Bollywood.

He is simply amazing. He has a good sense of Music and raps very well. He has sung amazing songs like Brown Rang, breakup Party, This Party Gettin Hot, etc. His song This Party Gettin Hot Topped the chart Of most listened You tube Videos all over the world. Brown Rang too Topped the chart Of most listened Videos. His song High Heels got 5th Position

Punjabi rapper with attitude. Rap is not too good but his music sense is good.

He has charged Rs.7 million for a song in an upcoming film titled Mastaan starring Naseeruddin Shah. It is the biggest amount paid to a song artist in Bollywood to date, making Honey Singh the highest-paid musical artist in Bollywood.

The Punjabi rapper has an attitude. His rap skills may not be exceptional, but he has a good sense of music.

2 Raftaar

This guy is simply the definition of how desi hip-hop, aka Indian rap, ought to be. Just like his name, his flow is the fastest among his contemporaries, and he's acceptably the best lyricist as well. Raftaar is a very kind-hearted person who, in contrast to the typical rap mindset, composes his music on social and natural issues. He is the BEST rapper in India and the 2nd best flag-bearer of Desi hip-hop after Bohemia. Legend, all the best to him.

He is my favorite rapper ever. I've heard all his songs, and each one is the best in one way or another. After listening to his songs, I also thought of doing rap and have already started. He is just amazing with his flow. In many of the songs, he spoke about the truth. Songs like "Mother Nature," "Allah Veh," and so on. His swag is fabulous. I don't mind which rank he will be placed in. For me, he is always in 1st rank.

Just to say, Raftaar is to rap what Aamir Khan is to acting. And similarly, Badshah and Honey Singh are like Salman Khan. Come on guys, seriously. This man, Raftaar, should be at the top, not here at 4. Raftaar, Bohemia, and a few small-timers are what are called real rappers. These Honey Singh, Badshah, etc., are just "entertainers." They don't do hip-hop (neither does Raftaar, if 100% accurately). But only Raftaar can be on top because he is closest to that hip-hop culture and he's not just a mere entertainer.

If you don't know him, then go and listen to Swag Mera Desi Hai. His one song made him so popular that now he is considered one of the best rappers, and he is the only one who can be competitive with Honey Singh.

3 Bohemia

Bohemia should either be at No. 1 or not even on the list because he is not Indian. He is still the only lyrical rapper and old school of Desi Hip Hop. By the way, Yo Yo and Raftaar are commercial rappers purchased by Bollywood.

Why is Bohemia in 8th position? Last time he was in 2nd. But he deserves to be No. 1. He is the pioneer of Punjabi rapping. All his raps convey something meaningful. It's poetry that nobody else can achieve. But still, I can't believe it. That's why we have critics everywhere because common people don't know what's good and what's bad.

He is the creator of Punjabi rap. Awesome voice. Fantastic flow. Wonderful lyrics. And much more. Love you, sir.

Bohemia is the only artist among all the others on the list who expresses while others merely entertain. This makes him different. Bohemia is the main reason behind the success of all these so-called "rappers" because he invented this style of music. They may rap, but they can't do Desi hip-hop like him. The king will always remain the king.

4 Badshah

Take out any rap of Badshah. He is the best. He started his career in Mafia Mundeer with Yo Yo, but due to some reason, they collaborated. Badshah and Yo Yo were earlier buddies, but now he feels very disappointed as he wrote many songs for Yo Yo.

But as is said, God helps those who help themselves, he worked hard, and now almost all his songs have broken all the records. His DJ Wale Babu was ranked as the best song, and Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai is an evergreen hit. When played, nobody can resist the temptation to dance.

See all the rest of his songs like Lover Boy, Aaj Raat Ka Scene, Proper Patola. His flow and his rhyming are his identity and the only reason for his popularity. The choice is yours, but according to me, he is the real rapper of India.

He is simply amazing. He has a good sense of music and raps very well. He has sung amazing songs like Brown Rang, Breakup Party, This Party Gettin Hot, etc. His song This Party Gettin Hot topped the chart of most-listened YouTube videos all over the world. Brown Rang also topped the chart of most-listened videos. His song High Heels got 5th position.

No comments about Badshah. Through his name, he remains the king of rap singers in India. Yo Yo can't compete with him.

Best rapper in India. I am a Bengali kid but still can understand the raps of Badshah. His raps are sensible too, but the raps of Yo Yo, you can't understand easily, for example, Raat Jashan Di.

5 Brodha V

One of the finest talents in our country, he is the illest and chillest rapper in India! What more do you want? He's got speed, flow, and quality rap and is edgier than most in the game in our country. If he continues on the same path, he is destined to transcend our borders and will even surpass many of the best international rap artists. I'm supporting Brodha V to the fullest because he's committed to taking Indian Hip-Hop to the greatest heights!

He isn't about faking or projecting something totally bizarre. He keeps it real, stays true to old school, doesn't overdo the electronics, and then he does what rappers are supposed to do - throw out rhymes faster than you can write them. He's got to be the best I've seen from India, and he has the capability to make a name for himself internationally.

P.S. He talks about stuff that matters in his songs. It's not always about girls!

India's finest and fastest rapper. Those who voted for Bohemia should know that he is Pakistani, not Indian, and this post is about India's best rapper. Honey Singh isn't a rapper. He's a bathroom singer who is loved by the rural population of India because of illiteracy!

Brodha V deserves first place! When it comes to Raftaar, he can rap, but Brodha V can give you chills and maintains an Indian vibe through the best selection. Honey Singh is a singer thanks to autotune and vocal mixers. Anyone who calls Honey Singh a rapper, please slap yourself twice and ask your parents why they gave birth to such an illiterate person.

6 Divine

DIVINE is the best. There is a different energy in his performance that energizes you. When I listen to him, his wording and the delivery of his words enlighten me.

Divine is the best rapper who represents India in his rap songs. He shows how India is. He also expresses his life too. Just amazing and the best rapper I know.

Straight Outta Bombay (Mumbai) 59.

Divine is the Kohinoor of Indian Hip Hop. His lyrics speak out the truth. His rough and tough voice makes him better than the soft-spoken rappers.

He is absolutely the biggest - the BIGGEST in the scene right now. Game Changer, Gully Gang Boy, Jungli Sher. This man is a pioneer. He deserves the Number 1 spot on this list.

DIVINE is the platform that is going to bring Desi Hip-hop to a level rivaling our population.

7 Prabh Deep
8 Naezy

My boy Naezy is the TRUTH. He keeps it raw. He keeps it real. Sick flow, sick beats, and some pretty real lyrics. I'd peg him as an Indian version of Bohemia in terms of keeping it real.

He took underground rapping to a huge level and brought the local Mumbai language into the raps. He deserves credit for the current rap scene in India.

Only a few people actually deserve to be called rappers. Naezy, Divine, and their cohort are these guys! Honey Singh is a joke!

Best Mumbai-style rapper. This list is flawed if Naezy the Baa is not in the top 5.

9 Hard Kaur Taran Kaur Dhillon, known by her stage name Hard Kaur, is a British Indian rapper and hip hop singer; as well as playback singer and actress in Bollywood.

Man, she is among the best rappers in India. She brought a revolution in the girls' community when it comes to rapping. No female rappers could match her. Honey and all came after her.

She is the only girl who is really a true rapper.

I don't like Hard Kaur.

Very good song, yo.

10 Pardhaan

Best Hindi rapper ever. Listen to his songs, and you'll get to know who is the best. No one can beat him.

The best rapper, according to me. I hope to see more cool songs from him.

He is a good rapper, and I like him.

Pardhaan is a real desi boy. He's the only rapper in Hindi. The one and only rapper, Pardhaan from Haryana. I love you, Pardhaan.

The Contenders
11 A-Bazz

Best singer I've ever heard!
The star of YouTube.
Not even a single day passes without listening to him, man.
Honey, Badshah, and Raftaar are all messed up in front of him.

King of love songs, remakes, and mashups.
Keep it up, dude.

This A-bazz always drives me crazy with his songs. He never got an opportunity to get trained in music. But still, he is an awesome musician, rapper, and a great singer.

He is just awesome. He has a story, he has music, he has love, and a dream which he is chasing. You can feel the love in his songs.

He is truly the best, man!
Honey Singh, Bohemia, and all are nothing in front of him.

12 Hervin aka Alien

He has a very nice accent and offers different kinds of lyrics for different songs and styles. He turned out to be my favorite rapper. He is the best rapper, and I was very lucky to see him perform live and meet him after the show. He is so humble, with no ego or attitude. I wish everyone recognizes his music.
Keep making music.
Much love,

He is a million-dollar investment for India. If a label signs him, they could make a significant amount of money with this guy. I wish I owned a label.

This guy is with Hip Hop Hooligans. He's got the swag. His flow is very unique. In his struggles, he delivers next-level lyrics. Every hip-hop head should listen to him.

I just heard you on a Hooligans song. You are a real star. I dug deeper and found a crazy amount of tracks. Keep going.

13 Shah Rule
14 Ikka

I'm your big fan, sir. Your rap is wow, amazing.

He is one of the best rappers in India. He takes 5th place in India.

Like in Ikka, he is a good rapper.

He is simply amazing.

15 Akshay Kumar Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia, better known by his stage name 'Akshay Kumar', is a Canadian actor, producer and martial artist who has appeared in over a hundred Hindi films.

He is a stuntman in Bollywood, but he raps well too.

Akshay, you are great.

He is the best stuntman in Bollywood and a very good rapper.

He acts as well as raps.

16 Nasty Mhatre

The real Hindi rapper.

Awesome rapper, like you.

Better than Yo Yo.

I love it. It sounds sexy.

17 D’Evil
18 Addy Nagar

My favorite rapper is Addy Bhai. His new song Snow White is very good, and the video is awesome!

He is simply amazing. His aggressive style of rapping touches the heart.

Addy Nagar is the best rapper ever. I think he should be on the top.

He is the best. His aggressive style of rapping touches the heart.

19 J-Star

Best rappers in India.

Best song: Na Na Na.

J Star is a superstar.

I love your songs.

20 Dopeadlicz

The young, super-duper rappers.

21 Badmash

Hindi Rap Guru. No fake publicity like Funny Singh. He is the best as himself. For me, he is the best Hindi rapper.

He is way better than others and everyone should learn how to rap from the Hindi Rap Guru.

YOU are My favorite rapper... awesome...

Best rapper… downs everyone. #Badmash

22 Billy X

He is the best rapper I've ever seen. He is the fastest and represents the new generation of hip-hop.

He is a better rapper than Bohemia and Honey Singh. They are childish in front of him!

He is the best rapper, you know.

He is the best rapper.

23 Dr. Zeus

Better than Honey Singh!

24 Meco Nace

Best English rapper in India. He will reach great heights.

He should be at the top. So young, so talented.

25 Smokey

Smokey, his single 'What's Happening to the Human Race' is enough to nail everybody.

Deserves to be up there.

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