Strawberry Fields Forever


One of their most experimental recordings but also one of their most melodic. Lennon's lyrics are surreal and make absolutely no sense while somehow making perfect sense at the same time. A highly understated yet expressive vocal performance from Lennon as well. The combination creates a vivid masterpiece of sound that hadn't been created before and hasn't been matches since. When you've been listening to the Beatles since age 3, it's almost futile to decide on their best song, but this one consistently stands out for me. Long live the Fab Four

How can be this on no 7. It is the greatest songs of all time. I thing in the lyrics he is talking about a person who want to get the girl he wanted but he cannot because she loves someone else he is sad and lennon understanding him that she was never made for you. So take it easy do not thing much about it because there is noting in our hand. Our life is a story that god telling to someone he loves

Best ever song that is is or will ever be created, this is song is absolutely perfect and embodies what a song should be and a song should do. This song has hits everyone right at home and strikes the core of your existence and makes you ponder on what it means to be human and alive. This has the best lyrics ever writeen by anyone, "living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see" this clearly shows that everyone on earth is all in their own worlds and we will forever only see things from our point of view and human beings are terrified of discovering a new out look on life as that would disrupt our whole existence and "routine", therefore we will always live in our own dreams spawned by our indenial brains

This song is beautiful in it's own way. The power of these simple lyrics which sound nothing special at first, take you to a different world later. It's like escaping not into a world of flashy fabricated dreams but a better and more beautiful reality. It's fresh, dreamy and soothing and songs like these, are what makes The Beatles so amazing and unique.

What the heck this is the best songs of all time. It was not the Beatles fault that they did not try to make it more rocking because music instrument was not so much developed. At present if john lennon was able to survive and sings this song with the Beatles then you will be able to know that it is the greatest of the greatest

This is so different from everything else I've ever heard. Absolutely mesmerising. I was pleasantly surprised by this song, which is impressive since it was written almost half a century, or 50 years ago. It is beautiful, and sums up why the Beatles were the most unique, creative, and incredible band to ever exist.

This is one of the best songs ever. It's all about that place you go to where reality seems to just disappear. This was an important song in the forming of the psychedelic rock genre. The song also provides one of the first glimpses into John Lennon's troubled past.

John Lennon's voice will hypnotize you into realizing that this is undoubtedly the best Beatles' song. Even if you do not like Beatles, you must love Strawberry Fields Forever. It is absolutely original and unique song.

It's hard to choose between Strawberry Fields Forever and A Day In The Life, but I've got to say Strawberry Fields as it just captures and summarises this whole era of peace and love.

The single greatest song of all time. It's so revolutionary. It had the first music video of all time. Its very amazing and is simply moving. The only one that contests it is A Day in the life.

At first listen, it's a very well put-together psychedelic tune, perfect for "Magical Mystery Tour". After listening more closely, the verses' structure coupled with the melodic choruses make this song an intriguing and amazing song. The lyrical value is top notch, and captivatingly compliments Lennon's avant-garde progression.

One of my all time favourite Beatles tracks, they were so ahead of their time. There will never be another group that will ever come near to what they achieved. God bless John and George,

Amazing song and the people who sing it are legends and everyone loves them and john lennon is a legend and paul mccartney legend and george harrison legend and ringo starr legend.

This song takes me to a whole different world when I hear it. There's something about it that makes me drift away from society a little when I listen to it. - kaitlynrad11

Easily a top 3 Beatles song. This is my favorite, since it not only recycles a unique and mesmerizing tune, but also delves into a meaningful mindset of Lennon himself.

This song contrasts adult introspection and seriousness to childhood purity and wonderment. It exudes sheer trippy genius. Nothing like it before or since!

It is a really good song and we have that song on a record at home but I think the end part is a little creepy...

Not only the best song by the Beatles, but the best song ever. It was revolutionary to the psychedelic era, using new technology, such as backmasking, to create an amazing sound which no-one had heard before, and sparked a whole new generation of music.

Simply stunning. Like so many Beatles songs it disturbs your equilibrium and remains unforgettable, embedding itself in your consciousness.

This song is just too beautiful. You don't need to understand the weird lyrics... if you listen closely you feel them under your skin. Strawberry

One of John's best works for The Beatles, RIP John and good job for you.

Just the best, it really shows the spirit of late Beatles songs. It's so deep and strange that you want to listen to it again and again.

Best song ever. Hey Jude and Let it be or Yesterday are very good songs but nothing to do with Strawberry Field. Not the same league.

Not only does this song just sound great and grows on you, but it also takes you on a psychedelic journey. - lachiemc

Here comes the sun, hey Jude and let it be are great songs but are a little too basic and strawberry fields forever needs to be #1