Twist and Shout


is good this song, is my favorite song of the beatles because have a lot of rock and roll things and this is bery cool because I like it, one of my favorits band is the beatles, others songs if I like is hello good bye, let it be and others

This song is marvelous and will never ever be forgotten because of it's amazing beat. The Beatles should be incredibly proud of this masterpiece! If only there were more songs like this today

Twist and shout is the best song the Beatles made that why I voted for it I think before twist and shout should be strawberry fields forever the Beatles were and are the best band to ever live... RIP John Lennon

Best song ever! It should be number one! I don't think I have met anyone who can resist dancing to this song! It is my go to song in any given event, happy or sad!

This song will never get old never be forgotten one of the best beetles songs one of the best old songs and one of the best songs for all time

this songmakes u get up and want to dance...great song and the beatles were so cute in these days!

The Beatles turned a so-so song by the Isley Brothers into a Beatles masterpiece. John Lennon's voice is like no other.

This is the best beatles song ever made and the best song ever made long liv the beatles
Paul Ringo John george

This is the best for me, a song that is easy to play on guitar, and even though John Lennon has cold he sang it very good.

This was real, genuine music. One of the best songs, not only of the Beatles, but of all time.R.I. P John and George

With Twist And Shout, John Lennon actually rips his vocal chords... you can even hear him ripping it!!! - Exodus666

It was originally performed by the Isley brothers

Twist and shout is an amazing up beat happy song it will always be in my mind

Such an amazing song! Everybody should know the Beatles is the best! I feel myself like I'm in 80s

Not even their own this is awkward

Ferris Bueller's Day off... Enough said

This is a song that really makes you want to get up and dance!

That's best song I ever hear! The song wil never be forgotten!

Awesome. Lennon's voice here is extraordinary I can't believe it. I love this song.

Can't avoid to dance, when you listen to this hit! it just makes you joyful!

Twist and Shout is a classic twisting and dancing song that will get you movin' and groovin'! Also I love at the end when the Beatles each sing a long note, climbing the scale. It's also sang in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Twist and shout is amazing it is so lively

Just love it! It swings, and the lyrics is so sexy for that time!

Fabulous song and the cover by the Orchestra is genius! - RiffandMagenta

This is the most sick song ever recorded by the Beatles