Best Behemoth Songs

The Top Ten Best Behemoth Songs

1 At The Left Hand Ov God

Strong Growling Vocals with a seriously angry bang-crash rhythm. Way to Go! - Xion

Best masterpiece by behemoth without any doubt, every time when I listen to this song it gives me goose-bumps and makes me high!
Hail Behemoth m/

My Favorite Behemoth song SO MUCH BETTER THAT (Lucifer) but lucifer still a kick ass song too

Behemoth's masterpiece and (in my opinion) better than lucifer

2 O Father O Satan O Sun!

This song has got to be one of the most powerful pieces I've ever heard from a metal band. You can hear it in his voice without even looking up the lyrics. He's begging for power because he's so afraid he wont make it himself. It's heavy but because of the raw emotion that Negral puts into it. The second part at the end just makes me sit back and be embraced by something I can't explain. This song deserves to be No. 1 because it's a true masterpiece of the band.

When I first listened to "O Father O Satan O Sun", I was walking down a street with "The Satanist" in my headphones. I got bumped into by someone, and as I turned around, I suddenly realized that I had stopped walking, enthralled as I was by what I was hearing.
More than a song, it is a manifesto, an occult prayer of immense, overwhelming power. From start to finish, it sends shivers down the spine, and it will leave you both exhausted and embued with a sense of dark, twisted serenity.
Purposeful, and absolutely crushing, this song as as close as music gets to a mystic experience.

Every vote counts towards getting this masterpiece in the top FIVE where it belongs, forget about the top ten. I thought after Lucifer that Behemoth would be hard pressed to compose a more epic closing song for an album, but they succeeded with this song. It's simply glorious and blasphemous at the same time and I love it.

Wow, I cannot believe this isn't in the top 10. This song defines Symphonic Black Metal, those choir voices in the background bring a chill to my spine. It harkens back to the epicness of classic black metal bands like Emperor, while still sounding fresh and original. Definitely the best song on The Satanist, and one of the best Behemoth songs.

3 Ov Fire and the Void

One of there best songs by far, just has this unexplained awesomeness to it a true masterpiece.

I do not want to tell you about what kind of feelings this song gives me every time, but there are the best drums I've ever heard.

Inferno God mode in this!

Best song certain vibe to it the background music is awesome truly mind blowing one listen it sticks with you like an obsessed passion

4 Slaves Shall Serve

This is their best maybe.. And also it is most brutal song a I ever listened.. This growling.. Pure blood. It is even scary. So it is could be number 1

The brutal vocals of Nergal in the beginning, the totally awesome guitar lead, and one of my favorite heavy riffs ever following the guitar lead. Such a good song!

This Song has like a cult mass following amongst Behemoth Fans. - Xion

This is so Amazing! Riffs, drums growling everything was so powerful and perfect - Ananya

5 Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer

One of the most brutally epic songs I've ever heard in my entire 15 years of life. - RiverVibeZ

The essence of Behemoth for me, the brutal, relentless rhythm and drum parts are like cosmic stampeding ravenous demon which the lead guitar part then snakes its way through this maelstrom like a wily and cunning serpent. The crushing breakdown gives way to the return of the verse which has somehow been engorged with even greater fury as the protagonist disembowels the cosmos.There's nothing like it that I've heard.

Brutal song. in my humble opinion the best of Behemoth. For me, it represents all the wildness of the human being.

For thine is the kingdom... And the power Amazing song in my humble opinion the best behemoth song even better than at the left hand ov god

6 Conquer All

The guitar is awesome! Great riffs, great drums, great lyrics. Could listen a million times.

I don't know why conquer all but I love the song the same as Lucifer, Ora... , Decade... , and the Satanist, and much more

Best song from behemoth and the first I have listened from them

The Music is breathtaking!

7 Lucifer

Excellent solos, mazing vocals, outstanding riffs... Its got all! Evil satanic song... Truly a masterpiece!

This Song is has got like a seriously amazing rhythm! The solos are epic too. You simply got to love this song if you like Behemoth! - Xion

This song is just amazing. What great way to end their best album Evangelion. It has one of the best riffs ever!

This song deserves this position. I think yop are gonna be a huge fan of Behemoth after listening this track... Amazing solos... Great piece by Behemoth

8 Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel

From a biblical perspective, the angel Gabriel blows his trumpet to signal the return of Christ. In this song, Nergal is saying "Blow your trumpets, let Jesus return" because the world is full of awful, and he's asking where god is. Saying, "Let him show up and do something" because he doesn't seem to be here. - hunsbct

Not only is this song great musically, but the meaning adds a lot to it. It's a character portrait of Satan, describing the biblical events he witnessed and creating a hell of a setting for the rest of the album. - hunsbct

This song should be at the top tens, I Love the video and especially the lyrics. Nergal's voice is powerful like thunder erupting from the deepest parts of hell

This song deserves to be somewhere in the Top 10, it's a masterpiece.

9 Chant for Ezkaton 2000 E.V.
10 Demigod

This is just a Masterpiece... Trumpets blowing in the first part of the song is just a miracle.. Amazing drumming patterns followed... I LOVE DEMIGOD!
Must hear this if you love Behemoth
Stay metal always m/

The song that made me love Behemoth. Incredible drumming.

Inhuman musicianship and vocals; most brutal song ever.

Ok I confess the first time I heard this song it sucked but then after 3-5 of hearing it became one of the most amazing songs ever

The Contenders

11 Decade of Therion

Clearly their most memorable song (before The Satanist).

This song has some fantastic musicianship. Great, wicked fast guitars, fantastic drumming as always, and fearsome vocal delivery. Best of all, it's quick and to the point. A great song to rock out to. ^_^


12 The Satanist

Hard to decide for just 1 song... they have a lot of good songs... but this and Slaves Shall Serve infected me as the most.

This should have better place on this list

Very underrated

Impossible not to love the dark atmosphere,the amazing combo between guitar and bass and the groove That makes.

13 Daimonos

I really don't understand why behemoth don't play this song live!

It requires a 7 string guitar, they use 6 string guitars live

This is best from evangelion

14 Messe Noire

The last verse on this song is terrific lyrically. "Who shall crucify the last prophets/And have them wilt on splintered stems/Who shall churn hells across the earth/And reascend to seat himself at the left hand of Satan/Be gaoler over the living and of the dead as it was in the beginning". Some of the darkest most hateful he's written. I love it. - hunsbct

This needs to be number one

Truly a masterpiece

15 Shemhamforash
16 Spellcraft & Heathendom
17 Inner Sanctum

Probably the most unique song I've heard from them. It's very different from the rest but it is my number one favorite song and definitely deserves to be in the top!

The melody and the vocals are just absolutely incredible!

This song is beautiful and unique on a global scale. I've never heard anything like this in metal.

Every measure of this masterpiece is ideal.

18 Ceremony of Shiva

Amazing drumming on part of inferno. Badass vocals and theme too!

19 As Above So Below

The intro riff is killer. This is the epitome of Behemoth 'a transition to full blown death metal. - MetalFoREVer1228

Awesome track!


Killer song

20 Ben Sahar

A different song from a black metal band

This song is awesome

very good

21 Chant for Eschaton

I find myself constantly going back to listen to this song and with good reason; it's one of Behemoth's signature and best songs and deserves to be much farther up the list than this. The re-recorded version is good for what it is, but nothing beats the sound of the original, which considering how relatively young Behemoth was as a band at the time makes it even more astounding how much of a masterpiece it is. It truly sounds like the gates of Hell opening and that's always a good thing.

Just... Amazing
This is the song that got me listening to Behemoth

22 Alas, Lord is Upon Me

You gotta be kidding me! Must be on top ten

This is the song that led to me Behemoth. Without this song I wouldn't have discovered this phenomenal band.
This song has made my life better.

I can’t believe it’s not even at the top ten. Seriously, the riff is so evil yet very good. - joshsanz

23 Hidden In a Fog
24 With Spell of Inferno
25 In the Absence Ov Light

Maybe the only way to describe this song is, it makes me want to beat people to death with my bare hands, stop in amazement and bask in the accomplishment of the surrounding corpses, then beat the dead bodies until there's nothing left, but a bloody pulp. Yea, it feels just like that.

26 Antichrist Phenomenon

I can't believe this one is in the 18th place

27 Sculpting the Throne Ov Seth

The most brutal Behemoth song in my opinion

Best album intro ever

28 Horns Ov Baphomet
29 The Nephilim Rising

The best behemoth song. It blends Eastern riff acoustic outro crushing drums and vocals
And mitghty and intoxicating lyrics

30 Christians to the Lions

When I hear this song, I can literally feel my testosterone levels rise!

Should be further up. Simply Brutal

Nero's theme song right here!

I really don't understand why this song is rated so low? It should be at least at position 5! First of all it comes from one of the best Behemoth albums - yeap Thelema.6 is one of them :) and more of that it has amazing drums, guitar riffs and lyrics. EOT.

31 Furor Divinus
32 The Reign Ov Shemsu Hor
33 No Sympathy for Fools
34 Be Without Fear

Awesome riffs in here, great composition overall. Give it a listen, it's excellent. Great track off of the album "The Apostasy"

How can this be so law? Probably best song on The Apostasy..

35 From the Pagan Vastlands
36 Amen
37 23 (The Youth Manifesto)
38 The Dark Forest (Cast Me Your Spell)

Awesome black metal track! So sad that all top songs are from new behemoth. Only album I have (I must admit I prefer their black metal more)

Seriously? 61? Top 10 easily, I'm a hardocre Death Metal fan but this is so much better than those Death metal sonngs you have voted in top tens. - GREYBOYY

39 Prometherion
40 Entering the Pylon Ov Light

The best sound I ever get from Behemoth.

41 Modern Iconoclasts

Awesome drums, best song off zos kia cultus

42 Dragon's Lair

Amazing song and amazing acoustic guitar solo and a badass intro with a bunch of really good sound effect

Super underrated song, should be number 1

43 I'm Not Jesus
44 Moonspell Rites

One of the best black metal songs and behemoth song

Very underrated

45 Wish

Great Nine Inch Nails cover.

Better than Linkin Turd's cover.

46 Qadosh
47 Before Aeons Came
48 Lasy Pomorza
49 He Who Breeds Pestilence
50 The Alchemist's Dream

I really like this one. Perfect song structure.

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