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1 This is What It Feels Like

I don't know why this song is in the first. This is really not like the trance that the old armin used to do. Who knows armin better knows that he have at least 30 musics better than this

Oh! Amazing trance with its starting,
" If I don't even know how I survive". Very touching words, deserve grammy... And 1st in top 10 list.

The Best Armin Van Buuren track I ever Heard... Make your mind cool and calm... Makes you forget all the sorrow... Just Beautiful... Love It

Original mix and radio edit is romantic.
But Audien mix is attacking which will make everybody dance all the way.

2 In and Out of Love

This song stands out of all tge rest. Even though it has repetitive lyrics, this does not hamper the serenity of the song a bit. It is quite strange that the song has virtually no distinct but has a greater undercurrent of meaning.

Dance seldomly involves such beautiful piano and buildup to THE beat. I use thuis song to test speakers, iT really touches whole frequency range. With gold speakers you discover how rich THE song is...

Beautiful vocals, and beautful trance mix into this track making it the best trance track of all time. Noting will ever match this, and nothing ever can.

This song is mellifluous. The music will flow through your body. It is an outworldly experience to listen to this with undivided attention.

3 Waiting for the Night

The song is less trance... But the music will take your mind... This should be in top 10...

I was expecting in top ten... Common guys.. This songs deserve something better then where it is now

This song is amazing...its ridiculous that its sitting this low!

This should be the first one!

4 Save My Night

This song is just worth listening... If its not enough, It will surely make your body exited as the tune is just far far beyond comparison... The best song for any DJ can't beat the tune of Save My night.. It really saves you from getting bored. Wont be old even if you hear it 10001 times.. This song's place is At the top 1!

Vote it up fellas supersonic beats... Totally takes you on a joy ride!

Brilliant song. Has a very catchy tune and is Amazing!

The latest armin song and certainly the best!

5 Intense

Intense is the song that first made me notice Armin, and by far that has been my most favorite of his collections... No matter how many times I hear his other best songs

Wow! This is what makes me go crazy
Must listen song
Sure you'll dance along the beats

So powerful! Such nostalgia and yet so danceable... I love it!

Because it is masterpiece.
So much emotions in one track!

6 We are Here to Make Some Noise

Great song. In my opinion, it would make an awesome soundtrack for an NFL game. Are there any football fans out there who like trance/techno music? Maybe once in a lifetime, Armin van Buuren would make a great halftime show during the Super Bowl. Could it take place in a +70,000 seated stadium where your favorite teams duke it out to score touchdowns? Which teams will dance to Armin van Buuren's songs while the game is on? Who could it be? Miami Dolphins vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers? New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams? Cleveland Browns vs Seattle Seahawks? Dallas Cowboys vs Baltimore Ravens?

Super Bowl 54 playlist:
1. We are here to make some noise
2. Communication
3. Blah blah blah

Much better than just this!

7 Face to Face

The best song of Armin Van Buuren.

Inspires me a lot!

8 Pulsar

Yes, It Should have been much 5 no question...It is definitely one of the songs that got me into Trance

Why this song is so down in the list, this song definitely deserves top place...perfect build up...Great song

Found two weeks ago and my iTunes tells me I've already listened to it 45 times.

How can this not be #1?

9 Full Focus

Should be a lot higher

10 Youtopia

! I love this song, armin van buuren is the best dj of the world, and I love the adam young voice!

This song is the perfect combination of all sounds and vocals! This should be #1!

Better than best!
Great beats, great voice, great feeling!
Just love this song!

I still remember the first time I heard this song... What a moment.

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11 Not Giving Up On Love

Really awesome song people! Please listen to it... !

You'll fall in love with this one!

I want to down load how

12 Beautiful Life

What a trance played at different pitches, this should definitely be in top 5 instead of top 10..

It simply makes me high. gives my life a meaning. amazing vocals and music.
Armin van Buuren hands down!

Takes me to another world when I close my eyes!

Great song! Can make anyone high!

13 I Surrender

This is one of the best AVB songs up to now! It should be in the top ten. You should listen to it.

14 Imagine

Never bored from listening it. Absolutely fantastic. Beautiful!

Never make you tired...
Always new & lovely

Never makes you tired...

One of the bests

15 Mirage

Very few people can incorporate trance, classical and rock music together in one track, Mirage blends the three perfectly and is a musical masterpiece! #1

I cannot believe this song is not just on the top of the list!

Best song by armin and one of my top favorite of all time!

Best, great progression atmosphere mood. Making it his best in my opinion

16 This Light Between Us

Overlooked, but in my opinion top 5 worthy for the breathtaking, dramatic, uplifting euphoria that you get from this trance/vocal combo!

Transports you to another world..

17 Burned With Desire

A classic softer anthem for those traditional dance fans, this is a feeling song!

This song is simply beautiful. It will take you away in a different world.

18 Love Never Came

This I am surprised to find so low down.

19 Forever Is Ours

I can't believe this! This song is super cool! But why is it so poorly rated? Should be in the top 5

It's the best song of Armin..

This is so amazing...

20 Communication

I seriously have no idea why this is what it feels like is at 1 and this is low... No sign of status excessu d either...

Whoever thought it was Elton John who played the piano to that song?

Classic, which will never be forgotten.

This should always be number one.

21 I Don't Own You

So melodic just great!

Listen to it 2 times!

22 Sound of Goodbye
23 Alone

I've never listened to a song for a month straight without getting bored of it. But it has been 3 months that I downloaded this song and I have been listening to it since then and so far it is the best song I have ever downloaded (I download 10 songs every day)

This song has magical and comforting presence when played live. I can't believe its all the way down here at 26.

Everyone's connected but no one is connecting... Seriously listening it more than 10 times a day!

Don't understand why it is #25. It is an amazing song and a great voice!

24 Tuvan

Love Armin but let's get real some of his best stuff is under the Gaia moniker. Intense was alright but Who's Afraid was the best track and that doesn't even start to touch the likes of Tuvan or Empire of Hearts. Let's get the real trance perfection closer to the top yeah? Waiting for the Night? Not bad, but not epic like this.

I have no idea what other people are thinking, but this is by far Armin's best track, with Communication close behind. If you believe that songs from his 'intense' album deserve top spot, just die.

It's sad that he's giving up on the actual progressive sound in favour of the modern "EPM" (electronic pop music). I think everyone would want his classic sound & feel back. 9,8/10

Agree... People who like his Intense album are more Pop listeners! I still think the number 1 track is Communication!

25 Humming the Lights

This is one of those tracks that will go down in the history books of progressive music.

Way too underrated. One of his best songs. The end is certainly purely adrenaline.

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