Best Books In the Ender Series

Remeber this classic 1985 novel about a war in space controlled by children? You may not remember the 12+ novels and short stories that follow the original, however. These include more information about your favorite characters, such as Ender, Bean, Peter, and Mazer.

The Top Ten

1 Ender's Game

Amazing book definitely recomended

2 Speaker for the Dead

The direct sequel to Ender's Game.

3 Ender's Shadow

I think that Card did an absolutely marvelous job of creating Bean as a character by showing how deep he is.

Bean is the real hero of the enderverse

A parallel novel to Ender's Game, this follows Bean from the streets, to Battle School, to Command School, ultimately discovering his past in te proccess.

4 Xenocide

Continues where Speaker of the Dead left off.

5 A War of Gifts

Looks closer at the daily lives of Battle School children through the eyes of Dink Meeker, Zeck Morgan, and Ender Wiggin. Discusses the place of humaneness, identity, and religion in a school of war. One of my personal favorites.

6 Children of the Mind

The fourth and final novel in the direct series of Ender's Game.

7 Shadow of the Hegemon

The sequel to Ender's Shadow; continues the story of Bean.

8 Ender in Exile

A parallel novel to the Shadow Saga. Follows Ender Wiggin.

9 Shadow Puppets

The third novel in the Shadow Saga.

10 Shadow of the Giant

The fourth novel of the Shadow Saga, this book begins to talk about Bean's children.

The Contenders

11 Earth Unaware
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