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1 Zombie

Best song ever zombies are very underrated band they must be given higher status in singing world

It's hard to decide which of their songs is the best, I love the Cranberries. I decided to vote for Zombie because besides being the their most succesful song, it's also one of the best rock songs ever and through the years it's still in my mind and it never bores me.

Best song and it is the story that makes it even better

I love this song

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2 Linger

Listening to this song takes me to another dimension, to another place, another time. Haunting. Beautifully told story of love

Brings me back in time and even in the future.

I was 15 years old when I heard this song, I feel it was an inspiration for being an English Teacher now.

Definitely my favorite, I love everything about it

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3 Dreams

I love Zombie, but this song is very dear to me I wanted my first slow dance to be to this song but I wasted that chance. - happyhappyjoyjoy

Touching... Great lyrics... Great instrumentals... What else does a song need?

The best song from The Cranberries, that will take you into New dimension.

Best song by the Cranberries. Ever.

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4 Ode to My Family

My eyes fill up with tears when I listen this song!

Sometimes your dreams are not your family's dreams, nevertheless you still love them

Just untold memory about this song

This my favourite but I really love the Cranberries!

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5 When You're Gone

How can this not be higher!
This song gives me the feels every time I hear it; its like a little time machine for a couple minutes you just get lost in the trance.

When your gone is the one

Definitely deserves much a higher place...

Zombie definitely feels more iconic, but honestly I find myself getting this song stuck in my head far more often, it's a really catchy song.

Plus, The Feels!

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6 Just My Imagination

I like very much your song fantastic great...more power guys anne from phil.

Love this song so muuccch...

One of my top favorite after linger
i have seen the video of this like 10 times in a row...

7 Animal Instinct

An all time Favourite...!

This should be no. 1, and zombie is too much overrated

Best cranberries song

No linger and just my imagination are the best ever

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8 Salvation

Nice message of lyrics..

Salvation definitely in my top 3

My top 3

9 Stars

Though a recent release the song is really beautiful. Perfectly composed and written. Should be at least in the top three.

I love this song, need to be higher
Maybe no.2 is enought below zombie..
Hehehehe - muhammadfajri

10 Ridiculous Thoughts

I saw them in concert and this was the best performance

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11 Promises

One of the better songs from The Cranberries, should be top 3

It's their First song that I heard. Love it since then. One of the best

One of the best

Brilliant track with proper lyrics x

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12 Empty
13 Tomorrow

Zombie is a Good Song..! But I love this song the most..
A silent and Amazing Song! Great Lyrics!

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14 I Can't Be with You
15 Free to Decide

Whacked! Should be on top 5 eh?!

16 You and Me

Her accent her voice. The magic.

17 Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Like her special pronouncing of "coffee")

So hard to narrow it down to just one song!

18 Analyse

I think the song is very good. It my favourite song after ode to my family. The music is easy to listen. It must be top 5 at least.

Aanalyze and Promises are my two favorites easily! Dalores' vocals are amazing in these two songs... They both need to move up! - SociallyxxDistorted

19 Hollywood
20 How

Heard this song first in the movie empire records... It's a great song!... It doesn't have that many viewson YouTube nor does it have a video, but I recommend this song to all those who havnt heard it... It's my favourite song from this band along with zombie

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