Movie Review - Smallfoot

MegaSoulhero Smallfoot is the fifth movie by Warner Animation Group. The other films they made were the Lego Movie, Storks, Lego Batman, and Lego Ninjago. Notice that three of those movies are Lego movies. So this is basically their second non-Lego animated movie. Considering how good Storks was, I was kinda looking forward to this movie. So now I shall tell you my thoughts.

Smallfoot is about a yeti who sets out to prove to the rest of the yetis that humans exist. Or as they call them, “smallfoots”. He manages to find a human who wants to prove to others that yetis exist and aren’t just broken animatronics being covered by strobe lights at Disney theme parks and brings him back to the yeti village, but then the main character learns that the Stonekeeper has been keeping a secret from them for many years. Something I thought was pretty neat was that when we see the yetis in their village, they look normal size to us, but when they’re around humans, it’s shown that they’re actually huge. I just thought that was a nice detail. One element that I did NOT like was the fact that this movie is a musical. Yeah, there are songs in it. I’m very okay with putting songs in animated kids movies, but it would be a lot better if the songs actually had purpose. These songs don’t have any purpose. They don’t move the plot forward at all. Actually, the only one that has some purpose to it is the Stonekeeper’s song because at least it gives us some helpful detail. Also, it has a nice beat. The other songs are very forgettable. This movie wasn’t even advertised as a musical. They legit kept it a secret. Which makes it a lot worse.

It doesn’t help that the story is overly cliché. The main character sees something and no one else believes him because he doesn’t have proof. Yeah, it starts out as the Boy Who Cried Wolf. The only one who believes him is Meechee. In case you don’t know, she’s played by Zendaya. There’s a song about it. I actually like Meechee. She’s basically the smartest character in the movie. However, she’s one of those characters who has a belief that she sets out to prove along with the main character, his name is Migo by the way, and we pretty much know how this will turn out. This movie doesn’t really do anything original. Even the jokes I’ve seen a lot of other movies do. There are no surprises. Aside from Meechee and maybe Stonekeeper, I didn’t care that much for the characters. I just found them to be bland for the most part. But the one character I absolutely DESPISE is Percy! First of all, I never want to hear James Corden sing again, also, Percy is just a jerk who only cares about getting views on the internet. Credit where it’s due, he does represent most of the real life YouTubers. Well, at least he gets arrested at the end. Only to be released a couple of scenes later. And then managing to convince the other humans that the yetis are nice and they trust him almost immediately despite him tricking them not too long before. And yes, I just spoiled the ending. Because I don’t care. Sure, the message is nice, but the story is so lazy. It’s pretty much like Trollhunters in which they take an interesting concept and turn it into a cliché and predictable snore fest with bland characters.

Smallfoot is the most disappointing animated movie of the year for me. Not the worst, but I expected more from the studio that made the Lego Movie, Lego Batman, and Storks. Yeah, Lego Ninjago was kinda bad, but at least that movie had more effort put into it. I still prefer Smallfoot over Teen Titans Go to the Movies though. It’s sad that the only good animated movie that has come out this year so far is Incredibles 2. Hopefully Into the Spider-Verse will be good. However, I will state the obvious. Smallfoot is still a better musical than The Greatest Showman.

Score: 4/10


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