Top 10 Best Disney Movies of All Time

Disney isn't just a brand - it's an enchanted kingdom that has sprinkled pixie dust on countless childhoods and still makes hearts soar across all ages. Who doesn't get a twinkle in their eye at the mere mention of Disney? This is the realm where enchanting stories, daring quests, and invaluable life lessons intertwine in the most spellbinding way.

From the moment Snow White sang her first note in 1937, Disney has been like a steadfast friend, guiding us through a tapestry of cinematic wonders for nearly a century. Think of it as your personal treasure chest, filled to the brim with timeless masterpieces and sparkling new classics.
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1 The Lion King

Disney has made a lot of memorable and masterful movies over the years, but there is something truly special about The Lion King. I think it's so relatable because the protagonist walks away and tries hard to forget his troubled past. He finds a new life until his old one comes back, and he falls in love with his childhood friend. He gains the confidence to go back and face his fears, save his family and friends, and take his rightful place as king.

This movie was my favorite as a kid. I think I watched it back-to-back for an entire day when I first got it on VHS.

2 Aladdin

Aladdin is a great animated feature. I still have the first lunchbox I ever received, and it's an Aladdin one with the picture and title still intact. The characters are realistic and believable, each striving for goals that seem unfathomable, yet miraculously achieved in the end. Evil exists, but Aladdin becomes wealthy, and Jasmine overcomes her complex to find true admiration. Together, they defeat that evil.

Relationships and intrigues evolve, changing how the characters behave and perhaps why they act in those ways. The presentation is rich, and I wish the best for the sagas and characters to succeed as they should. The castle, the carpet, the lamp, the genie, and the lookout point are all magical details that play important roles in this animated feature. Good characters, once again. The dynamic and fluid nature of the Arabic couple is amazing. Whether you pay close attention or just hang on to some of the scenes, you won't be disappointed by the end of it. Awesome stuff!

3 Toy Story

In my opinion, Toy Story should be ranked higher than first. The whole trilogy is just a series of great color and emotion. The characters are the most brave and kind-hearted Disney characters in all of movie history.

Although they are just toys, everything in this movie makes perfect sense. Just thinking about this awesome Disney movie makes my heart melt and my soul turn to jelly. This is the BEST Disney movie of all time!

This and Mulan are my all-time favorite Disney movies. It is about beautiful friendship, and the humor is hands down the best in the whole Disney universe. It is also a big part of my childhood and made me cry after the last movie, which none of the other Disney movies ever did.

4 Beauty and the Beast

"Tale as old as time..." Beauty and the Beast remains my favorite Disney animated feature for countless reasons. First, the animation, though not sophisticated by today's standards, is absolutely gorgeous. The dialogue and songs speak volumes, as does the spirited, spunky, intelligent, kind, and yes, beautiful book-loving heroine, Belle. She really is the epitome of a modern woman in 17th-century France. The Beast and his enchanted castle and subjects add the mythical elements sought by fantasy/adventure fans.

Second, the themes explored in this dynamic gem, including "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," resonate with all ages and validate the central themes of belonging, acceptance, and love. The idea that Belle can see beyond the surface is a praiseworthy feat. We all wish we could employ this perspective without question, as she does with such faith. This is driven by her love for her father, her love for freedom, her love for beautiful things, her love for ordinary things cloaked in beauty, and the boldness and courage of a pioneering spirit.

The Beast is transformed by her love, not simply because she cares or simply because he needs her. Instead, they connect on a deeper level. This connection is driven by the desire to be understood by those who refuse to see past their own prejudices.

I'm in love with this story. Like A Christmas Carol or various Austen adaptations, I am drawn to almost every version, but this is by far the most breathtaking. It also boasts the distinction of being the first animated feature to ever be nominated for an Oscar. Who can't help but be inspired by that?

Beauty and the Beast is a slice of pure perfection steeped in a very transferable format. It has an amazing proclivity to capture its audience with its perfectly simple message: Love possesses the power to transform. It's a feel-good, breathtaking gem that will never go out of style!

5 The Little Mermaid

This movie is really touching and emotional. It shows how sometimes you don't want what you have, and how there are better things out there. People say Ariel was ungrateful for what she had, but it's not her fault she wants more out of life.

And they say that she and Eric didn't have chemistry, but they did after they bonded. And come on, how can you not love her song, "Part of Your World"? It's such a beautiful song and it's so inspiring. Easily the best "I Want" song ever, along with "If Only" from Descendants.

This could be my favorite Disney movie of all time! But there's also Pocahontas, which people seem to dislike, but I love it. It has a special place in my heart, and I loved it when I was a child too (plus, I had a crush on John Smith).

Coming back to The Little Mermaid, like most Disney movies, it has great songs. It also has one of my favorite Disney characters, Sebastian, and one of my favorite songs, Part of Your World. The animation is beautiful, and it also has my second favorite Disney ending of all time (the first is Pocahontas).

6 Big Hero 6

I cried at the end with Baymax! It's a great story, and there is a real plotline. Frozen is good but just a little bit cheesy. We focus more on Anna's love story than the reunion and love between two sisters.

Whereas in Big Hero 6, it focuses on Hiro getting revenge on the person who murdered his brother, living his life the way his brother would have wanted, and more importantly, making him realize that killing someone else because they killed Tadashi isn't the right thing to do. It has good morals and explores the trauma and growth of how a teenager goes on in life after losing the last member of their biological family. (Aunt Cass is extended family.)


7 Mulan

Mulan is number three on my list, behind The Lion King and Aladdin. I really hope the world can see the message of this movie. A girl is willing to sacrifice her life for her family because her father cannot go to war for the family. She shows the strength women possess.

And if you cannot understand that strength does not come in beauty or muscle or whatever but in understanding, then that is what makes Mulan an enigma in her own right. The characters that surround her only pop up once in a million. You can't describe the development that happens around her.

The story draws in everything one could feel to be right in their being when choices are to be made. I felt it so deeply I can only cry. I love this movie to my very depth and hope you all realize the same! Love.

8 Tangled

Greatest movie ever! A lot of people say that Frozen is better, but I strongly disagree. Frozen is often seen as a girls' movie, while anyone can watch Tangled. Boys and anyone over the age of seven wouldn't want to be caught dead watching Frozen because it's so sappy and babyish.

Tangled was the first Disney Princess movie to be rated PG. It's also special to me because it's the first movie I watched at the cinema. I was five or six at the time. And for everyone saying, "Well, it doesn't actually promote feminism, does it?" Neither does Frozen! In Frozen, Anna decides to marry the first man she meets - even though she doesn't go through with it, it's still messed up.

In Tangled, it takes Rapunzel days to even trust Flynn. And the songs in Tangled are incredible! They're not out of place, except for maybe "I See the Light," but it's still a great song. Every single song in Frozen is so sappy and gross!

9 Finding Nemo

Hands down, Finding Nemo and The Lion King are just the best! Both were never done before, and they offered something completely new and fresh, which I love! Here's why:

Finding Nemo was unique because of its characters. I thought Dory was brilliant! A character that likable is just wow. Even her flaws, like her memory issues, were great and were all part of her brilliant personality.

Marlin is another character done exceptionally well. I think he's the character that parents can relate to. He had some great jokes, and I saw all the parents laughing.

Don't forget Nemo! I think all the kids liked him, or at least I did. His headstrong personality was balanced by even sweeter traits, making him very likable.

And one of the most brilliant characters Disney has come up with is Crush! Yes, he only had a small part, but it definitely was one of the best. I don't know if it's just me because I'm a typical Cali surfer, but this guy was great. Disney turned him into the typical surfer dude and did a brilliant job with it.

Overall, Disney really outdid themselves with this one.

10 The Fox and the Hound

This movie is the most wonderful thing I've ever seen. It's beautiful, charming, and has a great moral. It's absolutely heartwarming. It features great role models. Even Amos Slade, the closest this movie has to a villain, still has a heart that's touched by his two dogs. He finally lets Tod live in the end, proving he's not completely heartless.

The rest of the movie is even better. When it's not focused on being utterly heartwarming, it's hilarious. For example, there's a subplot that involves the two birds, Dinky and Boomer, trying to catch a caterpillar. They fail in typical cartoon fashion. However, it goes back to being heartwarming when the caterpillar turns into a butterfly. This aligns with the theme of the movie: that you should respect nature. This movie is so good it even rivals Pixar's best movies, like Toy Story and Finding Nemo!

The Contenders
11 Up

Up is the most heartwarming movie of all time. This movie should be in first place. It's the best. Every family should see this.

This movie is all about teamwork. I'm going to say I like this movie more than my favorite princess movie, Beauty and the Beast.

One of the best movies ever - adventure, humor, and romance. Not overly complicated, in the most awesome way. It's a heartwarming movie. Brilliant, and even genius, actually.

Do you like emotional films? Because nothing could be more emotional than Ellie's death, and loads of people cry. Then Russell comes along. Great film.

12 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

While I can clearly see why it isn't number one, as it's quite a bit of an acquired taste, I can't help but see this movie as my favorite. The story is interesting, and the characters are some of the most complex made by Disney.

The songs are pretty much on the scale of the big songs from other Disney movies, such as Circle of Life, Part of Your World, and A Whole New World. The animation is some of the most refined the studio has ever created, and the voice acting is some of the most passion-filled I've ever heard.

Just listen to the Quasimodo section of Out There and then try to tell me I'm wrong.

13 The Incredibles

You know what, I really love the graphics and the superpower effects that they put into this movie to make it stand out from the rest! I mean, if I ever had to rate this movie, I would give it a 10, times 10, times 10. You get my point, right?

This movie is impressive. I can watch it every day, and I would love to see a second part of it. I really think that it is appropriate to give to a child to watch. It makes their view of the world different.

I think you have not even seen the film, mate. I mean, Mulan is not even close to the potential of The Incredibles, and even this classic is not above Big Hero 6. I think it's a disgrace.

14 Wreck-It Ralph

Absolutely my favorite Disney movie. Great plot, great message - we should always be happy with who we are and never change ourselves. Great characters and cameos - I love the Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, and Pac-Man references!

Great humor. It's an instant classic and a great addition to Disney. Frozen, Toy Story, Big Hero 6, and The Incredibles were all great, but this one is my all-time favorite.

This is my favorite Disney movie ever. This was the time before Frozen came out. This movie had an important message.

It was very creative in its own ways too. Everything was just perfect, and it had amazing animation as well. Unlike other movies, this one really showed meaning. It doesn't matter if you are the "bad guy" or the "good guy". Everyone can always share friendships together.

15 Pinocchio

The best Disney era was when Walt Disney was in charge! This list was voted on by children based only on what they had seen growing up - nostalgia only. The real artistry was with Walt!

Amazing! Walt Disney's second attempt to create an extremely satisfying movie was after Snow White. Walt Disney is a star and a legend.

It's quite good, but I still can't watch this without that giant fox scaring the living daylights out of me.

16 Inside Out

I consider Inside Out the best Disney movie of all time. Everywhere you look, there is a creative new idea. The characters don't feel overly done, even though they represent an extreme emotion. How do you even do that?

This movie had me on the edge of my seat, wondering what would happen next. [Spoiler] When the main character was running away from home, I felt like nothing could defeat that feeling to run free. The ending told us every emotion is needed. I felt the emotions Riley was going through, and that alone made me cry. I am waiting for a sequel, to be honest.

17 The Aristocats

The Aristocats is a movie that's fun and charming. It has great characters, songs, and story. My only downside is that Oliver & Company is the better of Disney's two cat movies. Other than that, this movie is excellent. It deserves its spot at #7.

AMAZING. This film is funny, charming, and very agreeable. It has fantastic songs and characters. As soon as I set my eyes on the first scene, I knew this was, in my opinion, the best film ever!

It is one of the best Disney movies of all time because it has very good songs, characters, and messages to the world. I think the movie is excellent, just like all the other Disney movies! (But this one is one of the absolute best ones.)

18 Toy Story 3

Most people like this one the most in the Toy Story franchise, and I can see why. It is my second favorite. The humor is, as always, great, but it also has emotional moments. It makes you laugh and cry at the same time.

It was an epic ending to a beloved franchise, and I just don't understand why they made Toy Story 4. I cried at the end, but I felt like it should have ended with Toy Story 3.

It's a good movie.

But if you're like me, who grew up with Toy Story 1, you're going to find yourself crying like a baby over this one. Even if you are male, like me, so beware.

The film has rather dark, upsetting scenes and deals with lots of abandonment.

19 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This is a great movie. It is the very first one, which makes it a timeless classic. Sure, Snow White was waiting around for Prince Charming to come and rescue her, but she still put up with her stepmother, who hated her. She tried to find the best in everyone and was kind, sweet, and caring.

This film also has one of the best scenes, which is when she is running through the forest and the trees come to life. This used to scare me when I was younger, and I couldn't watch it. But I watched it about a year or two ago and was really able to see how detailed and amazing they made this scene.

The dwarfs are also extremely funny, cute, and loving characters. I love how this movie really shows a bond between a family, because that is what Snow White and the dwarfs are. This film doesn't just focus on the prince and Snow White. It has more focus on Snow White's new bond and friendship with the dwarfs, and how friends can come in all shapes and sizes.

20 Wall-E

It's a pity so many people haven't watched Wall-E. I keep recommending it to people, and once they watch it, they love it just as much as I do! Nevertheless, I also didn't watch it for quite a long time, as I wasn't attracted by robots at all, so I understand why people haven't watched it.

However, the subject of the Earth's destruction is very important nowadays and is interestingly portrayed here. Emotions are so well-executed with so little dialogue. It's an underrated masterpiece.

Wall-E has, without a doubt, the best storytelling in any Disney/Pixar movie. It provides stunning animation, impeccable direction, and sweet characters that you can get incredibly invested in without them saying more than a dozen words or so. Truly, this movie is a masterpiece. I'm not sure what else to say.

21 Monsters, Inc.

This is the second-best film by Disney. The first is The Lion King. These films are a part of myself.

This should be at least in the top 10. It's an amazing film!

Monsters Inc should be higher. It's awesome!

22 The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book is probably one of my favorite movies ever. It's just so interesting, and I love it! I am not a fan of the live-action movie, though. Don't get me wrong. It was a great film, but I feel like they could have done more.

I love the cartoon one because I have a bit of a soft spot for animated films, and this is such a great movie!

Jungle Book is amazing! I grew up watching and loving this film. I just saw the new Jungle Book, and I think that the new one might even be better than this one. The Jungle Book is my favorite Disney movie, ever.

23 Bambi

Really. Just... Really? Walt Disney's most beautiful beloved classic with top-notch animation is 42? (laugh out loud, the movie was made in 1942) But anyway. It's under Frozen? Really?! It's under Up and Toy Story, which are Pixar films?! And it's under *pukes in mouth* The Princess Diaries, Brave, Teen Beach Movie, and Hannah Montana? I agree with the comment on Aladdin by Disney1959. This list is garbage.

Bambi is the most beautiful movie ever made. It should be #2 after Dumbo. It teaches us the importance of nature and what happens when people don't put out fires. It was the first environmental movie ever made. Even Walt Disney himself considered this the best movie he ever made.

24 Toy Story 2

I've never understood why Toy Story 2 doesn't get the respect it deserves. People often think of it as "average" and inferior to 1 and 3. I completely disagree. I think it's much better than 3 and easily on par with 1.

Toy Story 2 is a movie with great comedy and character drama in equal measure. It comes together into an amazing introspective journey that still manages to be fun at the end of the day.

My favorite of the franchise! I don't know why, but I like this one the best. It's probably my favorite Pixar movie too. I like movies where I can cry and laugh, and this is one of them. Okay, maybe it's not as sad as TS3, but it still makes me cry.

I also think Stinky Pete is a good villain. Like in TS3 and TS4, I felt bad for the villain.

25 Frozen

Frozen is a movie that has many values, from self-control to true and pure love. This movie teaches us to be who we are and let no one interfere with ourselves, as long as we don't hurt anybody around us. It also tells us to control our emotions and govern our entire self, so we cannot hurt ourselves and others.

We also learn from here that all of us can turn our flaws into brilliant stones that can shine within our hearts. Like Elsa, we can turn our negativities into something that can make other people happy. Frozen also proves that true love does not mean that it comes from romance, but within our own families instead.

Like Anna, we must be courageous to face every storm of our life because, in the end, we can achieve a warm summer of happiness. With this, we know that we have a high value in our world. That is how Frozen became a real teacher to the changing and modern environment around us.

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