Top 10 Best Disney Movies

The Walt Disney Company is a company that most people should know. It has created some of the greatest movies in history, alongside those acquired from Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 20th Century Fox. Since its founding in 1923 by Walt Disney and the release of its first film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, Disney has been in business for a century. Here we will list the greatest Disney movies ever created.
The Top Ten
1 The Lion King

Here's how I think this list should have been made (in MY OWN opinion):
1. The Lion King, hands down. Nothing can dethrone this.

2. Aladdin, obviously. Amazing plot, amazing villain, amazing Robin Williams, and no it's not just about him. This movie overall is one of the best, regardless.

3. Oliver & Company. Surprised? Well, hear me out. When talking about my FAVORITE Disney movie, this one takes it. When talking about what I believe to be the BEST, it lands itself here in my book. Why? Because compared to most other Disney movies, it has much more of a realistic feel to it. It also has really great morals, such as how you can find love and hope anywhere no matter what situation you're put through. If you haven't watched this movie, you need to. You'll get what I mean once you do.

4. 101 Dalmatians. Seriously, how can this one be so low on here? I find the plot of this to be one of the most intense and epic story lines in Disney history.

5. I'd say a ...more

This movie is amazing but where is the Lion King 2: Simba's Pride. I'm not saying it should be number one because NOTHING can top The Lion King but seriously, Kovu and Kiara where perfect for each other in the Lion King 2, that crazy monkey was especially funny and I love that Kovu's beliefs were thrown out the window for Kiara. I love that Zira died because she just could not bring herself to accept help from Simba's daughter, it was the fact that she could not put aside her differences and be friends that led to her death. Yes, the whole Romeo and Juliet like story is not at all original but I wish it was somewhere on the list, or is it and I just haven't gone far down enough?

Disney has made a lot of memorable and masterful movies over the years, but there is something truly special about the lion king. I think because it can be so relatable, he walks always and tries hard to forget his troubled past and finds a new life until his old life comes back and he falls in love with his childhood friend. He gains confidence in himself to go back and face his fears, save his family and friends and take his place as king. This movie was my favorite as a kid, I think I watched it back to back for an entire day when I got it way back when on VHS when it came out.

Lion King, literally nothing else. Although I have 10 votes, I am only voting for this. Sure I'm biased, but it seems to me like the majority of people agree this is one outstanding film. Literally what else could you want in a movie. I'm not going to go into full detail since, I pretty much am going to say what thousands of others have already said. Great score and songs, spectacular animation, likeable and well-made characters, etc. I have seen a multitude of films and TV shows, and there are very few, and I mean VERY VERY FEW movies or TV shows that I would say have better quality than Lion King. This is the literal closest Disney has gotten to perfection and probably will ever get to.

2 Aladdin

Aladdin is a great animation feature, still have the first Lunch Box ever got to receive and it is an Aladdin one with the picture and the title still intact. The characters are real human and believable with each striving for things that would seem unfathomable and yet the miracle happens and are won a true fine finish. There is evil but the poor Aladdin becomes wealthy and Jasmine lowers the level complex and reach true admiration then together defeat that evil. Relationships and intrigues to follow through seems to change every time how they behave and maybe why they do so in those ways. Real rich presentation wish it the best for the sagas and the characters to succeed as they should. The castle, the carpet, the lamp, the genie, and the look out point are all magical details that play important roles in this feature animation as well. Good characters once again the dynamic and fluid nature of the Arabic couple are amazing. Interesting and smart to the sight or just hang to some of ...more

Yes! Aladdin, unlike The Lion King, actually deserves its spot on this list. I usually had bad things to say about this movie before, as when I was in preschool, we would watch Aladdin every, single, day! It just got boring. But after watching it again now, I realized how great a movie it was. I thought that it had an amazing performance by Robin Williams, and a great animation style, that makes it an unforgettable movie.

The best Disney movie made. I honestly think the Lion King owes a lot of its success to this film. Many individuals only opened up to seeing a Disney film in the theaters after seeing this masterpiece on video. It has a great combination of being a wonderful story with great, funny characters and great music. While there are a lot of great Disney movies, not many can fit into that category.

I loved this movie so much as a kid, that I cassette taped it and walked around listening to it on my Walkman. That pretty much says it all. But still I'll go on!

Beauty and the Beast next, then Lion King and Jungle Book. Personally I think Robin Hood should be higher, there would be space if the Fox and the Hound were bounced.

3 Toy Story

Toy story in my opinion should be more than first. The whole trilogy is just a series of great color and emotoin. The characters are the most brave and kind hearted disney characters in all of movie history. And they are just toys but everything in this movie makes perfect sense and just thinking about this awesome disney movie makes my heart melt and my soul turn to jelly. This is the BEST disney movie of all time!

This and Mulan is my all time favorite Disney movie. It is about beautiful friendship and the humour is hands down the best in the whole Disney universe. It is also a big part of my childhood and made me cry after the last movie which none of all Disney movies ever did.

I take back my vote for frozen. Although I love frozen I love love LOVE toy story. This is the best Disney movie ever. I really love the friendship that grows between buzz and woody. Plus the end was just flat out funny. The characters were all really funny.

What if toys really could come to life in reality? That would be so cool. And this movie is actually more lifelike than some may realize, when you look at it from a certain perspective...

4 Beauty and the Beast

"Tale as old as time..." Beauty and the Beast remains my favorite Disney animated feature of all time for countless reasons. First, the animation, though not sophisticated by today's standards, is absolutely gorgeous. The dialogue and songs speak volumes as does the spirited, spunky, intelligent, kind, and yes beautiful book- loving heroine Belle. She really is the epitome of a modern woman in 17th Century France. The Beast and his enchanted castle and subjects add the mythical elements sought by fantasy/adventure fans who like to explore parallel universes and thrive on adventure and action.
Second, the themes explored in this dynamic gem including "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" (totally intended cliche) resonate with all ages and validate the central theme of belonging, acceptance, and love.
The idea that Belle can see beyond the surface is a praiseworthy feat which we all wish we ourselves could employ without question as she does with such faith: driven by her love ...more

Beauty and the Beast is not only the best Disney film, but also the greatest animated film of all time. This is indisputable. Never before have the characters been so relatable and perfectly written before in a Disney film. The Renaissance that began with The Little Mermaid skyrocketed to unbelievable heights with this film. It was also just a hair away from beating "Silence of the Lambs" for Best Picture at the 1992 Oscars.

Beauty and the Beast has, is, and always will be my favorite Disney masterpiece. I'm not even going to make a long response telling why, because I simply can't. Words just simply aren't enough to fully describe the beauty and heartwarming feelings of Walt Disney's greatest masterpiece.

Beauty and the Beast is an absolute beautiful love story! Another amazing thing is that this movie is not confusing and easy to understand! The characters are also so awesome! One last thing is that their songs are amazing! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie and Disney Movie!

5 Big Hero 6

I cried at the end with Baymax! It's a great story, and there is a real plot line. Frozen is good, it's just a little bit cheesy, we focus more on Anna's love story more than the reunion and love between two sisters. Whereas in Big Hero 6, it focuses on Hiro getting revenge on the person who murdered his brother, living his life the way his brother would've wanted, and more importantly making him realize that killing someone else because they killed Tadashi isn't the right thing to do. It has good morals, and explores the trauma and growth of how a teenager goes on in life, after losing the last member of their biological family. (Aunt Cass is extended family)


I usually am not such a great fan of Disney movies because of the fact that at the end, everything eventually ends well. But this movie is so much different than the classic Disney stories, which makes it better. The storyline was composed in a more realistic and new way, that even the older audience was amused by the film. Anyway, if you want to watch a good movie made by Disney, then, I definitely suggest you to watch this one. It's something else.

Out of this world,so different from other disney movies! The first time I watched it I thought it might be good or it might suck! But the movie was marvelous, out of this world good! And unusual film, It is kind of depressing, but that's only for a small part of the movie! If you want to see it, you'll have to get it on DVD or blue ray, but it is still good even if you don't see it in the theaters! I didn't see it in theaters. I still loved watching it in my own home!

This Disney movie is just awesome. The storyline is also great and the characters are also amazing. Their personalities is bery different, but great teamwork and smart kids. It's awesome that they can make their own weapons and technologies. Baymax is also very cute. The storyline is unique cause... (Spoiler! ) it's about a boy named Hiro who wanted to take his revenge to the person who killed his big brother. This movie is a must watch!

6 The Little Mermaid

This movie is really touching and emotional. It shows how sometimes you don't want what you have, and how there are better things out there. People say Ariel was ungrateful for what she had but it's not her fault she wants more out of life. And they say that she and Eric didn't have chemistry but they did after they bounded. And come on, how can you not love her song? (Part of Your World) It's such a beautiful song and it's so inspiring. Easily the best "I Want" song ever (along with If Only from Descendants).

This can be my most favorite Disney movie of all time! But there's also Pocahontas which people seem to dislike, but I love it! It has a special place in my heart and I have loved it when I was a child too(plus I had a crush on John Smith).Coming back to The Little Mermaid like the most of the Disney movies it has great songs and great songs. It also has one of my fave Disney characters(Sebastian) and one of my fave songs(Part of Your World)Also the animation is beautiful! And it also has my second favorite Disney ending of all time(first is Pocahontas)

Probably one of the most idealistic and unrealistic stories Disney has ever produced, but I really, really enjoyed it as a child. under the sea, part of your world, et cetera have become such classics, and this movie does a great job of teaching kids to ever give up because ANYTHING is possible.

I'm sorry, but The Little Mermaid definitely deserves to be higher than Toy Story. I mean, come on. The Little Mermaid is a classic about unrequited love, and Toy Story is about some eight year old's toys being lost and found.

7 Finding Nemo

Hands down. Finding Nemo and Lion King are just the best! Both were never done before and it was something completely new and fresh and I love it! Here's why:
Finding Nemo was unique because of the characters. I thought dory was brilliant! A character THAT likable, just wow mate. Even with her flaws, like her memory, were great and we're all part of her brilliant personality! Marlin. Oh man he was done great too. He I think is the character that the parents like and relate to. He had some great jokes in there and I saw all the parents laughing. And don't forget Nemo! I think all the kids liked this guy, or at least I did. His headstrong personality was matted over by his even sweeter traits making him very likable. And don't forget one of the most brilliant characters Disney has come up with... CRUSH! Yes, he only had a small part, but if define you was one of the best parts. I don't know if it's just me because I'm a typical Cali surfer, but this guy was great! Disney turned him ...more

Finding Nemo is a great film! There is also a animated film of finding Nemo which is Finding Dory! Finding Dory is a great film! To be honest I like Finding Dory better than Finding Nemo even though Nemo and Marlin are in Finding Dory and Dory Is in Finding Nemo! You should really check out Finding Dory out if you havn't watched It! Here are some of the characters In Finding Dory:
Thanks for reading my comment out these films and make sure to check out Finding Dory!

This movie was 10% of my childhood. I was 10 when it came out.

Thanks Pixar. This movie has amazing characters (Nemo and Squirt are my favorite), Brilliant Animation (please keep up the good work Pixar), and an adventurous, amazing plot.

It's a decent family movie but... the fact is when I was watching it with my family it was like I was watching a person who just brainstormed this movie but yeah I would recommend it.

8 The Fox and the Hound

This movie is the most wonderful thing I've ever seen. It's beautiful, charming, has a great moral, and is absolutely heartwarming! It features great role models, heck even Amos Slade (the closest this movie has to a villain) still has a heart that's touched by his two dogs, and he finally lets Tod live in the end, proving he's not completely heartless. The rest of the movie is even better. When it's not focused being utterly heartwarming, it's something hilarious. I'll give you an example. There's a subplot that involves the two birds Dinky and Boomer trying to catch a caterpillar and they fail in typical cartoon fashion. It goes back to heartwarming though when the caterpillar turns into a butterfly and it goes with the theme of the movie that you should respect nature. This movie is so good it even rivals Pixar's best movies like Toy Story and Finding Nemo!

Warning: This movie contains lovable characters, a heartfelt plot, sweet songs, and excellent animation. Not meant for those who don't want to see a story full of emotion. Do not watch if you don't want to be moved by such a sweet story. Do not watch if you can't handle sad scenes or intense action.

Okay, now that that's over with, in case there was any confusion, all the things above were huge complements. Wonderful movie, no doubt about it. It is a rather tragic tale, but is absolutely enduring and enjoyable. A must-see for fans of animation and Disney.

Aladdin has great songs, and a nice story. But The Fox and the Hound? This is the most heartwarming, adorable, wonderful, beautiful, moving movie I have ever laid my eyes on. It's all about friendship despite differences, and it shows a friendship stronger and more powerful than death! Remember when Tod and Copper first meet? They play together all day, and become fast friends. Then Tod says that they'll be friends forever! It's such a touching scene! And then they play it again (as a voiceover) at the very end. Also if you listen closely, the final 30 seconds features a wistful, triumphant instrumental reprise of Goodbye May Seem Forever. Goodbye may seem forever, farewell is like the end, but in my heart's a memory, and there you'll always be. I cry every time I hear that! (both at the end and during the scene where it's first sung.) Bottom line this should be before Aladdin at #2, because only The Lion King can beat this.

This is my favorite film. This should really be #1. This is the best movie ever. You guys are insane. This deserves to be first or at least second. I mean I like Aladdin and all but it wasn't the absolute best. The Fox and the Hound has a great plot, lovable characters, and a whole lot of heart. From which, some of the things were a huge lack in Aladdin. No offense to Aladdin being a top one but if Aladdin is one of the most popular Disney movies then The Fox and the Hound is just underrated.

9 Mulan

I agree it goes Lion King Aladdin Mulan. Can you watch when Mulan is tossed to the ground exposed as a women after battling off the Huns. Life for a life. To go on as a humbled warrior and save her emperor. Speak volumes about a character. We should all learn from that kind of humbleness and honor

Mulan is number 3 on my list behind lion king and aladdin. I really hope the world can see the message of this movie. A girl girl willing to sacrifice her life for her family because her father cannot go to war for the family. She shows the strength women possess and if you cannot understand strength and that it does not come in beauty or muscle or whatever but...understanding. that is what makes Mulan an enigma to her own right. The characters that surround her only pop up one in can't describe the development that happens around her. The story draws everything one could feel to be right in there being when choices are to be made...felt so deeply I can only cry, I love this movie to my very depth and hope you all realize the same! love

The most progressive Disney film of all time. A sharp change from the previous standard, Mulan was the first Disney Princess who didn't need to wait on an man to lead her to happiness. It's classic song, "Reflection," encourages young viewers to look deep within oneself to find who they truly are, while the self-empowering, ironically titled, "Make a Man Out of You" teaches young girls that women have the power to achieve anything a man can, and even lead others to victory. This is definitely a top 10 Disney film.

This gets my vote for sure! Let's be honest here, the lesson/moral of this movie is absolutely amazing. There are actually a ton of life lessons that are important in this lovely movie. Such as stand up for what YOU believe in, be yourself, everything has its own time to happen/act, etc. PLUS, some parts of it actually happened for real. The main character is also a great role model. The plot is excellent and so is the animation. This NEEDS to be in the top 5 or even higher than that!

10 Up

Do you like emotional films because nothing could be more emotional than Ellie's death and loads of people cry. Then Russell comes along. Great film

This and all the other Pixar films are behind Frozen? I get why they are behind The Lion King, but other than technically not being native-Disney films, there is no reason they should be behind Frozen. Let's face it - Frozen is very overrated and has earned way too much appreciation that it's come to this.

Up is the most heart-warming movie of all time this movie should be in first place.It's the best every family should see this. This movie is all about teamwork I'm going to say I like this movie more than my favorite princess movie Beauty and the Beast.

One of the best movies ever - adventure, humour, and romance. Not over complicated in the most awesome way. It's a heart warming movie. Brilliant and even genius actually.

The Contenders
11 Tangled

HOW IS IT #10?! This is a crime!

Tangled is by far the best Disney film, and I will die on that mountain. Literally everything about it is incredible and beautiful. Honestly love that they made a TV series over a sequel, because fleshing out Rapunzel's world and her overall characters made my love for this movie raise significantly.

Raps is beautiful, strong, and a great Disney Princess. Eugene is a sweet, charming, and funny Disney Prince (he is canonically an actual prince — don't believe me? Watch the series!), and both create an iconic dynamic and a perfect couple.

Deserves at the very least number two, since Lion King is also a great movie ❤️

Greatest movie ever! A lot of people say that Frozen is better, but I STRONGLY disagree! Frozen is (seen as) a girls movie, anyone can watch Tangled! Boys and anyone over the age of 7 wouldn't want to be caught dead watching Frozen because it's so sappy and babyish! Tangled was the first Disney Princess movie to be made a PG! It's also special to me because it's the first movie I watched at the cinema (I was 5 or 6). And for everyone saying "Well it doesn't actually promote feminism does it? " Neither does Frozen! In Frozen Anna decides to marry the first man she meets (even though she didn't go through with it, it's so damn messed up! ) In Tangled it takes Rapunzel days to even trust Flynn! And the songs in Tangled are incredible! They're not out of place (except for maybe I see the light, but it's still a great song! ) Every. Single. Song in Frozen is so damn sappy and gross!

Definitely my no. 1 Why? Because I could really feel the emotions between them. The characters were so real (and the animation is just insanely good.. way better than anything you might see before) and you really forget about the world and get completely absorbed by the film. I'm over 30 and I felt like a child watching this one - perfect mixture of good old Disney with some modern humor flavor, sweet and touching.. Thank you Disney, that was a real pleasure!

Oh my goodness. IT IS ONLY 9. But it is so good. It should be 3. Such a lively and a heartwarming reunion at the end. I wish she kept her hair though

12 Wreck-It Ralph

Absolutely my favorite Disney movie. Great plot, great message (we should always be happy with who we are and never change ourselves), great characters and cameos (I love the Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, and Pac Man references! ), and great humor. Instant classic and a great addition to Disney. Frozen, Toy Story, Big Hero 6, and The Incredibles were all great, but this one is my all time favorite.

This my favorite Disney movie ever. This was the time before Frozen came out. This movie had a important message. It was very creative in its own ways too. Everything was just perfect, and it had amazing animation too. Unlike the other movies, this really showed meaning to it. It doesn't matter if you are the "bad guy" or the "good guy," everyone can always share friendships together.

How is Frozen higher than this? This movie is seriously underrated. This is one of those films that nobody talks about thanks to frozen. Think about it. It was doing ok until frozen came out. Then everyone loved it and totally forgot about other good movies like this and UP and Cars2 Tangled Toy story 3 Monsters university Big Hero 6. Who talks about these movies anymore? That's right.. NOBODY. Thanks Frozen. You just conquered Pixar. And a few other films. Wreck it Ralph needs a sequel. Do not make a frozen 2. It will conquer all of Disney movies and the rest of the internet.

Things good about this film. Things bad about Frozen
Good plot. Annoying songs ( let it go)
Good characters Annoying characters ( Anna)
Theme is video games Ok story
Lack of action compared to this
Kinda Cheesy
Bland and boring at times

I over 100% want the sequel to be famous, 'because I know it will involve Mario! & he'll cast more lines than usual! I also hope that a Wreck-It-Ralph 3 will be famous & if it was, it'd have Mario in it! & besides, it is a very grand thing they put Aiai from Super Monkey Ball & Pac-Man (though I wanted his Pac-Man Party design) in the original (& only film so far) Wreck-It-Ralph!

13 The Incredibles

You know what, I really love the graphics and the super power effects that they put into this movie to make it stand out from the rest! I mean if I ever had to rate this movie, I would give it a 10, times 10, times 10...You get my point right!?

This Movie is impressive I can watch it every day and I would love to see a second part of it. I really think that it is appropriate to give to a child to watch, it make its view of the world different

I think you have not even seen the film mate, I mean Mulan is not even close to the potential of The Incredibles and even this classic not above Big Hero 6. I think it's a disgrace...

Great movie. Really captured the kid friendly super hero movie but also made it enjoyable for adults. The characters are interesting, and the story is new and compelling. 9/10

14 Toy Story 3

Lotso is a real baddy. It is great how Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Slinky, Rex and all of those stay for toystory 3. I can not describe my like for this film in words

Most of people like this one the most in the toy story franchise and I can see why. It is my second favorite. And I like it a lot.The humor is as always great but it has emotional moment to. It makes you laugh and cry at the same time. It was an epic ending to a beloved franchise and I just don't understand why they made Toy Story 4(I cried at the end but I felt like that it should have ended with TS3)

It's a good movie.

But if you are like me who grew up with Toy Story 1. You are going to find yourself crying like a baby over this one. (Even if you are a Male like me so beware. )

Rather dark, upsetting scenes and lots of Abandonment...

<:, (

That incinerator scene... that was just theatrical art. This was hands down the best Pixar film ever produced. I have high expectations for Toy Story 4.

15 Inside Out

I consider Inside out the best Disney movie of all time. Every where you look there is a creative new idea. The characters don't feel overly done even though they are an extreme emotion. HOW DO YOU EVEN DO THAT? This movie had me at the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. *Spoiler* When the main character was running away from home I felt like nothing could defeat that feeling to run free. The ending told us every emotion is needed. I felt the emotions riley was going through and that alone made me cry. I am waiting for a sequel to be honest.

I love how Joy has to find out how important Sadness was for Riley's feelings. When I saw this film in the list I pressed vote immediately

An imaginative, hilarious movie with a great main character, who actually has flaws and makes mistakes that she has to learn from, somehow a rarity for disney. It's also a brutally honest depiction of adolescent struggle and the stupidity of forcing yourself to feel a certain emotion.

This is the most creative, emotional, moving, original, shocking (in a good way), and absolute BEST movie Disney has ever done. I know there are a TON of older Disney masterpieces like "Beauty and the Beast", "Fantasia", "Mary Poppins", "The Lion King", "Aladdin", etc. But this was made in 2015. Do you know what this means? This means that Disney isn't getting worse, it's getting BETTER. We're getting amazing movies nowadays like "UP", "Wreck-It Ralph", "Big Hero 6", and I heard "Zootopia" was good. This is easily, the BEST Disney movie of al time! 😊

16 Pinocchio

The best Disney was when Walt Disney was in charge! This list was voted on by children based only on what they had seen growing up - nostalgia only. The real artistry was with WALT!

Disney, you made an awesome second movie Bro. I am very happy to watch it when given the time. This Amazing Disney Timeless Second Classic should be much higher then 17.

Amazing Walt Disney's second attempt to create an extremely satisfying movie after Snow White.

Walt Disney is a star and a legend.

Its quite good, but I still can't watch this without that giant fox scaring the living daylights out of me.

17 The Aristocats

The Aristocats is a movie that fun and charming. It has great characters, songs, and story. My only downside is that Oliver & Company is the better of Disney's two cat movies. Other than that, this movie is excellent. It deserves it's spot at #7.

AMAZING this film is funny, charming and very agreeable. It has fantastic songs and characters as soon as I set my eyes on the first scene I knew this was (in my opinion) the best film ever!

It is one of the best Disney movies of all times, because it has very good songs, characters and messages to the world. I think the movie is exellent just as all of the other Disney movies! (But this one is one of the absolute best ones)

I love this movie so much and could watch it practically everyday. The characters are great and I love the songs, Everybody wants to be a cat!

18 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

While I can clearly see why it isn't number one as it is quite a bit of an acquired taste, I can't help but see this movie as my favorite. The story is interesting, the characters are some the most complex made by Disney, the songs are pretty much all on the scale of the big songs from other Disney movies (Circle of Life, Part of your World, A Whole New World, etc. ), the animation is some of the most refined the studio has ever created, and the voice acting is some of the most passion-filled I've ever heard (Just listen to the Quasimodo section of Out There and then try to tell me I'm wrong).

This is by far the darkest animated Disney film, which is why I love it so much. The characters are so complex, with beautiful animation. The only problem in my opinion, is that when you are given a movie like this, but you throw in childish elements like the gargoyles in the mix, it doesn't really work as these elements don't fit in a movie like this. And yes I know it is for children, but still, the gargoyles didn't work at all in a movie like this, with complex themes, and dark elements. But beyond that, this easily takes second place in my list.

This is my favorite, beauty and the beast after. though true, its an odd film, however contains some form of history (judgement etc) its passionate, and strong, gladly not as dark as very first written by victor Hugo. the voice acting is perfect, and it gives a good message, kind of the same as the beauty and the beast. I love the complicated and complex design of the characters, Esmeralda being a little cocky but also gentle and kind, and Quasimodo who snaps quickly if his emotions go crazy. I love this film, it under rated.

This movie MADE ME CRY! The way how Quasimodo thought he was a monster to Esmeralda's BEAUTIFUL ballad!
This movie was definitely not on the top of the list...though it should have (and we all know why)...
This movie is priceless...because of how REAL it was!
How gypsies were and are still those with malformations think of themselves because of the evil around so many other things!
I would recommend this movie to EVERYONE because it is truly a GEM OF A MOVIE!

19 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This is a great movie. It is the very first one which makes it a timeless classic and sure Snow White was waiting around for Prince Charming to come and rescue her but she still put up with her step mother who hated her, tried to find the best in everyone and was kind and sweet and caring. This film also has one of the best scenes which is when she is running through the forest and the trees come to life. This used to scare the crap out of me when I was younger and I couldn't watch it but I watched it about a year or two ago and I was able to really see how detailed and amazing they made this scene. The dwarfs are also extremely funny, cute and loving characters. I love how this movie really shows a bond between a family because that is what Snow White and the dwarfs are. This film doesn't just focus on the prince and the Snow White, it has more focus on Snow Whites new bond and friendship with the dwarfs and how friends can come in all shapes and sizes

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Snowhite and she is also the kindest. She helps the Dwarves and gets poisoned and gets a magic kiss. Which is boring solution but fair enough

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a beautiful movie. Aside from the fact that it was the first Disney movie and the first-ever feature film, it's very well-written and animated. Honestly, I can't physically understand how anyone could NOT love Snow White. From the first moment we see her she's wonderful. And the dwarfs are hilarious! Their relationship with her is something special. This movie deserves more respect than it gets nowadays - it's truly classic.

It's animation, music, characters, backgrounds, songs, Horoscope, and villain alone should make it into the top 10. While some people prefer The Lion King, I prefer Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

20 Wall-E

It's a pity so many people haven't watched Wall-E. I keep on recommending it to people and once they watch it, they love it just the same as I do! Nevertheless, I also didn't watch it for quite a long time, as I wasn't attracted by robots at all, so I understand that people didn't watch it. However, the subject of the destruction of the Earth is very important nowadays and interestingly portrayed here, and emotions are so well executed with so little dialogue. An underrated masterpiece.

Wall-e has without a doubt the best storytelling in any disney/pixar movie, providing stunning animation, impeccable direction, and sweet characters that you can get incredibly invested in without them saying more than a dozen words or so. Truly, this movie is a masterpiece, not sure what else to say.

Disney showed kids what are world was turning into, this movie was one of a kind nobody had tried to show kids what our future is like if we keep going on and wasting resources. I hope this has an impact on how we value our earth this should be higher up but not in top 10.

I love science fiction movies, except every time I see the disk, I just have very good memories of the movie and then I need to watch it. I can understand why people wouldn't like it, except I think it deserves a better spot than 21 on this list!

21 Monsters, Inc.

This is the 2nd best film by Disney. The 1st is The Lion King. These films are part of myself.

This should be at least in the top 10 it's an amazing film!

Monsters inc should be higher. It's awesome!

Favorite movie of all time this should be in the top 3!

22 The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book is probably one of my favorite movies ever. It's just so interesting and I love it! I am not a fan of the live action movie though... Don't get me wrong, it was a great film but I feel like they could have done more. I love the cartoon one because I have a bit of a soft spot for animated films and this is such a great movie!

Jungle Book is amazing! I grew up watching and loving this film. I just saw the new Jungle Book, and I think that the new one might even be better than this one. The Jungle Book is my favorite Disney movie. Ever.

Why is The Jungle Book so low? It's the best Disney movie ever? With funny characters, great songs, inspiring dialogues and memorable moments. It should be at least in the top 10!

The Jungle Book is both beautiful and fun. It's songs, characters, and story are more memorable than any movie made since The Lion King. This should be #3 behind Bambi and Dumbo.

23 Toy Story 2

I've never understood why Toy Story 2 doesn't get the respect it deserves. People often think of it as "average" and inferior to 1 & 3. I completely disagree. I think it's much better than 3, and easily on par with 1.

Toy story 2 is a movie with great comedy and character drama in equal measure, and comes together into an amazing introspective journey that still manages to be fun at the end of the day.

My favorite of the franchise! I don't know why but I like this one the best. Probably my favorite Pixar movie too. I like movies where I can cry and laugh and this is one of them. OK, maybe this not as sad as TS3 but it still makes me cry.

I also think Stinky Pete is a good villain and like in TS3 and TS4 I felt bad for the villain.

This was the first Toy Story I watched, so it holds more emotional ties to me.

24 Bambi

Really. Just... Really? Walt Disney's most beautiful beloved classic with top notch animation is 42? (laugh out loud the movie was made in 1942) but anyways. It's under Frozen? Really?! It's under Up and Toy Story which are Pixar films?! And it's under *pukes in mouth* The Princess Diaries, Brave, Teen Beach Movie? And Hannah Montana? I agree with the comment on Aladdin by Disney1959, this list is garbage.

Bambi is the most beautiful movie ever made. It should be #2 after Dumbo. It teaches us the importance of nature and what happens when people don't put out fires. It was the first environmental movie ever made. Even Walt Disney himself considered this the best movie he ever made.

I really love this movie so much , I really love all of the music and it has great songs like my favorite April showers ! Bambi is a wonderful must watch because it filled with humor and making new friends and it has challenges to face like the forest fire , and man ! This is my all time favorite movie

Bambi is one of the most touching and beautiful Disney movies I ever watched. This movie is 10 times more better than Frozen, Zootopia etc. Bambi deserves to be at the Top 10's. It's such a shame that Bambi is not in the Top 10's. The Disney movies that were made before Walt Disney died are classics and modern Disney movies are bullcrap

25 The Emperor's New Groove

Awesome , wonderful, family friendly , great for sleepovers , this movie is so amazing filled with awesome sense of humor and the best villain in this movie is Ysma . I rally love this movie and it has my favorite song from Sting my funny friend and me .

I love this movie! I watched it a few years ago and it was really god. It was one of the most funny Disney movies ever.
My favorite charter is yzma.

Absolutely should be in the top tens. Too underrated. Everything about this movie is just lovable.

Much better interpretation of indigenous peoples than Pocahontas and Peter Pan combined.

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