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1 Zarbon Transformed

Zarbon's demonic reptilian transformation is the one most surprising as it is simultaneously an intense shift that is swift and deadly; quickly disposes of Vegeta without allowing a chance to fight back.

By far the most brutal and savage fight in the series; much more devastating and powerful than an entire saga of fighting. Zarbon dominates this battle most of all; it's the only time we see a villain completely butcher a hero without allowing the protagonist to have a chance.

The most brutal and nonstop action in one single episode. Zarbon transforms into a monster and pounds the daylights out of Vegeta with multiple roundhouses, pinwheel kicks, a relentless headbutt combo and a savage piledriver. Vegeta doesn't even have a chance to fight back as Zarbon annihilates him to the brink of death.

This episode was amazing! Vegeta got decked and it was great because he had it coming for a long time and Zarbon got to show his true power which was also great!

2 Spirit Bomb Triumphant

Its you know the sort of final episode of dbz when the fight ends. personally I think that goku should have defeated him with ssj 3

Ssj3 couldn't have beaten kid Buu.

The final episode which Goku beat Kid Buu thanks to Vegetas plan, drama, fight, and all happy in the end with suspens - Vegeta123

3 Transformed at Last

Power level increases to 150 million - KMalik993

Episode 80 First time goku is a super saiyan

That was the best episode I ever watched...

How is this so low? This is the best!

4 Save the World

When gohan was badass

The final kamehameha battle which will decide the fate of the entire universe - Vegeta123

Because this was the the most intense episode in history of dbz! Still best!

It's the best ep by far

5 A Whole New Gohan

Gohan has appeared and his power is amazing that he beats Super Buu without even breaking a sweat - Vegeta123

Super impressive

6 Upgrade to Super Saiyan

The episode which Vegeta is finally ascented to the super saiyan level, and starts the fight against the androids - Vegeta123

7 Videl is Crushed

One of the more brutal and unenjoyable episodes... - RevolverOcelot

All matter of perspective - Brutal means highly enjoyable. Every time a villain kicks the crap out of a hero - it is highly enjoyable. - PrinceZarbon

8 Recoome Unleashed

Recooome Eraser Gunnn!

9 Final Atonement

The most epic moment of the series

This is where DBZ should have ended... By not doing so Toriyama did great injustice to the price... This is where DBZ should have ended...

Greatest moment in dragon ballz history

That was a sign that this would become a great and classic cartoon that could compete with x-men spider-man and our icon superman when will our hero superman meet Goku it can be a perfect moment in cartoon histery and maybe spark the battle who would win Goku superman batman or the hulk if you look at intelligence winning batman hands down if you look at strength I think it's hulkand g only becouse the madder you make him the stronger he gets so his strength is unlimmeted then there is Goku and superman that is a hard one but I think superman has the advantage simply because when it comes down to murdwer superman would do it Goku won't

10 Minute of Desperation

The saiyan prince is triying his best to byu some time to Goku, episode with fight, pride, and laugh - Vegeta123

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11 The Long Awaited Fight

Majin Vegeta and ss2 Goku are having their own incredible showdown for the victor perfect episode! - Vegeta123

Not to mention the dbz verse were waiting for this moment unknowingly.
When the showdown began it was awesome as hell. Both Goku and of course Vegeta,they were both great. We got to see all of vegetas pain,depression, sadness,anger,humiliation in one shot.

12 The Awakening

The birth of SSJ2 teen Gohan. My favorite episode

Cell finally pushes gohan to the limit and he explodes into SSJ2. Amazing.

13 Nimbus Speed

Where piccolo saved gohan by sacrificing himself to death

14 Vegeta Attacks
15 Goku vs Cell

A fight which those two where expecting to fight each other in the entire Cell saga - Vegeta123

16 Goku vs Vegeta

It was awesome

The first fight between Goku and Vegeta very nice episode like the others - Vegeta123

The first and the Best fight ever...

Best fight of all

17 Super Saiyan 3

so hot

Do I need to explain?

18 He's Here

Piccolo and Android 17 are giving everuthink they got to beat each other, excellent fight between this two warriors - Vegeta123

19 Secrets Revealed
20 Touchdown on Namek
21 Vegito Downsized

Super Buu uses every last technique he can to beat Vegito, but in the end failled in every single one of them - Vegeta123

22 Vegeta's Pride

"You're better than me, Kakarot. You are the best." That line makes me cry every time.

23 The End of Vegeta

It contains the moment that touched me the most in DBZ: When Vegeta is killed by Frieza and he tears up while telling Goku how Frieza made him into who he was.

24 Another Super Saiyan?

As Frieza and King Cold prepare to strike, a mysterious purple haired boy armed with a sword comes out of nowhere and challenges them to fight. - jimmy12lee

Battle Point Unlimited bgm adds onto Future Trunks badassery!

25 Cell's Mighty Breakdown
26 Pendulum Room Peril

This is Yamcha at his best.Tien,Krillin and chaos have much better episodes and we barely see Goku in this one.

27 Bow to the Prince

Vegeta is fighting Cell after he becomes Super Vegeta nice episodes - Vegeta123

28 Free the Future

Future Trunks' timeline is saved and is at peace, and it ends with Gregory and Bubbles chasing Goku, much like how Goku chased them in his training. Everything comes full circle. Very touching.

29 Welcome Back Goku

The Z Fighters finally arrive to face Frieza only to see the mysterious swordsman becoming a Super Saiyan and defeating Frieza and King Cold with ease. - jimmy12lee

30 The Cell Juniors Attack!

The greatest episode. 16's speech, along with the music is the greatest dragon ball moment of all time.

Which music are you talkig bout? The OG or Funimation? I hope it's the OG and if not than Kai, its by far the best English dub even the cast will say so

31 Namek's Explosion, Goku's end?
32 Goku's Alive
33 Gotenks Is Born

The episode where both failed Gotenks fusions are shown. Ha ha they were funny. - SelfDestruct

34 Goku's Arrival

, "It's over 8,000! "

35 Granddaughter Pan
36 Black Mist of Terror
37 Battle in Kami Lookout
38 Fight with Piccolo
39 Goku's Ordeal

Proving that filler isn't always bad.

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