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1 Season 5

Season five of The Walking Dead may actually be the best season of television that has ever been created. I'm not joking about this. Only for one reason: (Demon Rick)

The best season in order for me they go:

1. Season 5 - Starts off brilliant, then never holds up.
2. Season 1 - The start, but what really made it brilliant was the government man near the end. I think that still has a story to tell yet.
3. Season 3 - Brilliant. I did not think they could get a bad guy quite like Shane, but the Governor was that bad guy!
4. Season 6 - Steady all the way, maybe one or two slow episodes, but it was good and solid throughout. We had the Morgan backstory, which is in the top three best episodes ever.
5. Season 4 - Quite a slow season, but it gets really good near the end, and some in the middle episodes are great.
6. Season 2 - Found it really slow. It was still good, but the middle episodes were slightly boring.
7. Season 7 so far - I wish they would bring the story forward now. This is the first season I see it dragging out with another bad guy to kill. It is about time they found out why the dead are even here in the first place and a cure.

2 Season 4

This is by far the best season, with great episodes like Too Far Gone and A.

3 Season 3

Clearly the best season, most interesting characters, and best locations. Also, the storyline is pretty interesting.

I liked everything except the finale. Killing Andrea is still one of the dumbest decisions made by Mazzara.

Season 3 was the last good season of The Walking Dead. It jumped the shark in Season 4, Episode 10.

4 Season 6

This season is my personal favorite of all-time due to the fact that 10 episodes from this season are nearly perfect, or they are!

I love every season of The Walking Dead, but I like the episodes in Season 6 best. I like "Thank You," "No Way Out," and of course, "Last Day on Earth." It gets slow and depressing after this season.

Seriously? I know there were a ton of cliffhangers, but this season is just awesome!

5 Season 1

Best start to a show I've ever seen.

6 Season 2
7 Season 9

The Calm Before was the episode that made the show relevant again. It's the episode that changed everything for the better. It was simply the most amazing and haunting episode of all time. You can't deny that. The episode was so disturbing but so beautiful. It kept me stunned the entire time.

"The Calm Before" has the best scene from The Walking Dead of all time! Not even a joke. The best scene in the entire history of the show. So glad that the show is being revived. I did not think it was possible, but Angela Kang managed it and turned the mess of Gimple's Season 8 into an incredible and fantastically fresh breath of air season 9. Tied with 5 as the best season in my opinion.

8 Season 7

Wait until it's finished. Hope it will be better than seasons 5, 6, 2, and 1, and all of it.

9 Season 8

Seems good so far, with gunfights and cliffhangers. Hopefully, it will stay this way.

10 Season 10
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11 Season 11
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