Top 10 Saddest Deaths in The Walking Dead

WARNING, MASSIVE SPOILER ALERTS. Also this is the show not the game or the books.
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1 Hershel Greene - Season 4 Hershel Greene is a fictional character in The Walking Dead whose role is depicted in the comic book, television series as portrayed by Scott Wilson and the game series.

To me, this wasn't the saddest, but one of the saddest moments. You thought that that Governor would spare him, that they would all become one, but no. Even though I saw Hershel's death coming near the start of the season (I kind of expected he would die during the flu outbreak and everyone else would live - that's just the type of person he was), it still didn't make it any easier. I screamed when his head got chopped off - poor maggie and beth had to witness it! And then he tried to get away but the governor finished him off. Even though I saw it coming, and thought it would have happened earlier, I didn't actually expect it to happen when it did. It was for the best though - with all the running they did after the prison, Hershel wouldn't have made it anyway because of his age and his leg. He would have died in the aftermath of the prison

Honestly, I would've expected Hershel's death to be a lot sadder. I feel that the Walking Dead has been able to drive us through how our emotions react. In season 1, I was really sad whenever someone died. But now, I feel as if the deaths are expected but not as sad. It's still a sad moment and we still FEEL something, but seeing Hershel get chopped at first wasn't as sad until I saw him struggling to get away. Seeing the poor guy trying to crawl away was pretty sad but not as sad as I was expecting. Still though, I'm pretty sure everyone loves Hershel and we'll all miss him.

There was nothing worse than seeing a character who youve come to love be put in a position where you know they're about to die, then you're given that false hope as the governor lowers the sword "maybe Hershel's gonna make it! " Sike, his heads chopped off. It was even harder watching maggie and Beth crying while desperation overtook Rick having to watch a father figure die right in front of him. Then we got the joy of watching the governor finish the job. RIP Hershel. You'll be missed

*Sigh*. I thought for a moment the governor was going to spare him. I bent down to pick up my cat, then looked again at the screen. I saw guns firing and Hershel's head rolling around! I was shocked but when you think about it, the guy was crazy. His humanity was long gone. It wasn't the saddest but most thoughtful, humanity, gut wrenching moments.

2 Beth Greene - Season 5 Beth Greene is a fictional character from the American horror drama television series, The Walking Dead, created by season two showrunner, Glen Mazzara, and portrayed by Emily Kinney.

This was the least expected, and worst feeling death by far. Second Hershel. The horrible ones like Glenn, Merle, Dale, and Lizzy, were all so rough, but by no means has the shock value. You could see them coming from a mile away, or at least in theory knew it was possible. I have only ever cried 3 times from this show. This death was the worst. Hershel, and when I thought Judith was eaten at the prison, and part of that was the already deep amount of bad feeling and emotional hell I had been put through as I watched the episode before and that one in one sitting. In all honest when Carl dies, I think it is the ONLY death that will out-do this one. I am already one episode away from calling it quits on this show. If they do kill Carl, as I expect they will, I will be done for good.

When Beth and Tyrese died. This was a double death two shocking deaths of two of the most popular characters, one episode after the other. Beth basically dies saving Noah but it's obvious he will die soon in the series. Beth was never a character I particularly like or disliked, I was indifferent at most times. However, she and Daryl had such a cute relationship and it's really sad that nothing ever more happened. Tyreese's death is particularly heart breaking as he hallucinates everyone he's ever felt he let down. Beth also sings a song "The Struggling Man" which basically explains that Tyreese no longer wanted to live after all he'd been through as it was too much. The only thing a little odd was in his hallucinations he didn't see Karen, his family or any of his friends who were still alive. Both Beth and Tyreese, along with Carol were the two people who played and protected Judith throughout the series. I think they should have made Judith's middle name Beth in remembrance.

The saddest part wasn't exactly when she died - that was more shocking because it was so sudden. It was the way Daryl and Maggie reacted. Daryl balled a couple of episodes later, I assumed it to be over beth because he had come to know her and develop a bond with her. But Maggie... She just lost her father. She was about to be reunited with her sister for the first time after her dad died - you could see the excitement on her face... And then she saw beth, and she fell to her knees! That was the saddest part. Maggie and Beth never got to properly mourn their father who everyone loved (which makes me so mad! ).

After I saw Beth died, I cried a little. But it made me want to cry more when I saw Daryl hold Beth's dead body and when Maggie fell to the ground and started to cry really hard and shouted "BETH! ", I started to cry really hard just like Maggie. I really liked her so much! She had a lot of haters, but her death was sad. She was my #1 character on the show. But I'm never going to see her again on the show, unless they bring her back and reveal it was only a nightmare, or at the end of The Walking Dead all the dead characters are bringed back to life, including the bad guys, like Shane, the Governor, Gareth, and Dawn, also including the annoying characters, like Andrea, and Lori. I also liked Lori more than Andrea, because Lori kept Beth away from deciding to commit suicide in Season 2. every time Beth cries, I cry. I'm such a crybaby, you know that.

3 Glenn Rhee - Season 6 Glenn Rhee is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Steven Yeun in the AMC television series of the same name.

Glenn's death was so sad as it could have not happened in that way. Fans of Glenn (like me) were happy that Negan did not pick him and that he did not get his comic book death. We were still recovering from Abe's death and then Glenn also met his fate. What makes it so sad is what his last words to Maggie were and that he was yet to meet Maggie's unborn baby. The picnic scene later on in the episode was so heartbreaking to see what it could have been like if they never met Negan. Glenn had been in the show from series 1 and had developed so much as a character and to see him go like that is so sad.

Well... Glenn was a good guy. A really good guy. His death was so unexpected and so sad. Just think, if Glenn wasn't even in the show, or he didn't do the things he did in episode one, Rick wouldn't even be here. He wouldn't have seen Lori or Carl, or even little baby Judith (even though she came seasons later) ever again!
Glenn was an important character that shouldn't have died the way he did. What's even sadder about his death, was the last words he said to Maggie. I mean, he didn't even get to experience the birth of his own baby. That's sad.

After seeing Glenn get his head bashed in was like everything in my life just fell apart. He was an amazing character who had a good heart. I actually didn't see his death coming. But we can all blame Daryl for interfering with Negan. He already gave one chance. The tears came when his last words to Maggie is "Maggie, I will find you" Just heartbreaking. I felt like I wanted revenge straight away. How will Maggie cope losing both father and sister and now Glenn. Really sad

Glenn was one of my favorite characters on the show, he was a caring guy who didn't deserve to die the way he did. His relationship with Maggie was so cute and now Maggie's all alone... R.I.P Glenn, I will always miss you and you were a great character on the show.

4 Dale Horvath - Season 2 Dale Horvath is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Jeffrey DeMunn in the American television series of the same name.

It's sad how after his death, most of the fans stopped talking about him, and Dale wasn't much mentioned in later seasons.
This might be an unpopular opinion, but I like Dale as a character more than Hershel. It might be because of his "stupid hat - Daryl Dixon."
Not to mention how he cares about his people. He always hoped the best for everyone.

I am on season three of the Walking Dead, and I believe he was the best character. The sad part about his death was that he was fighting to stay alive, he seemed like he wasn't ready to go. I also believe they could have tried harder to save him, (come on Herschel). I wish he could have stayed on a couple more seasons, because some of the less main characters lived and he didn't. If he could've traded with Herschel (sorry Herschel) I would've been a little sad about his death, but better than Dale.

Dale was my favorite character of all. All he wanted to do was help. He tried to reason with Shane instead of stopping him. He was just generally the nicest and selfless character of all. His death shook my whole house. I don't think it was carls fault. Dale went out alone, in the dark, without a knife.

When Dale died, it symbolized that the group will forever be lost, when it comes to their humanity. It also showed that the show needs to get it together. Dale survived so much longer in the comics (but not the whole sex and relationship with Andrea thing). Second favorite after Daryl. You will be missed Dale Horvath

5 Merle Dixon - Season 3 Merle Dixon is a fictional character from the horror drama television series The Walking Dead, which airs on AMC in the United States and is based on the comic book series of the same name.

The first time I saw Merle in the show I despised him for being a selfish, racist, dick. When he came back in the third season and as the season progressed, I began to see more of a good side to him. When he died, not only was I shocked, but I was sad to see a character I hated so much go like that. What really makes the scene emotional is the way Daryl just kicks him away when he sees him as a walker.

I found what Merle did right before his death hilarious. How he attracted all the walkers with the car. You could see he was about to become a promising character when he was going to shoot the Governor. The saddest part was when Daryl found him, and he tried to attack Daryl. When Daryl burst into tears. That was the sad part

No question, Merle's death was totally the saddest! His death was one of the only ones I cried on. Even though not many people liked him at first, he's always been my favorite character (besides Daryl), even back when he was a racist ass.

I'm still on season 4, so I'm not sure how valid my opinion is, but to me this was the saddest. It's, like, the only time Daryl has a soul and cries, and I don't even know, man, but it was just depressing.

6 Tyreese Williams - Season 5 Tyreese Williams is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Chad Coleman in the American television series of the same name.

Tyreese's death was a beautiful work of art. In my opinion it was so heart-wrenching, not only because a great character died, but also because other members of the group that were deceased were there (Micah, Lizzie, Bob, Beth) helping him pass, even If they may have only been his imagination. The Govenor and Clyde (think that's his name, not entirely sure) weee also there, critisizing him. The way the rest of the group also mourned him made it all the more melancholy.

This was the saddest death to me. Beth's sweet voice singing while he was dying did it for me. It was sad seeing all the people that had passed away, especially the sisters. It made me realise how long of a journey it had been for the survivors. His death resonates through my memory.

I felt as if the vibe from Beth's death the episode before was still there, and that's part of what made this sad. The music made it sad too, and how everyone carried him, trying to save him, how he looked out the window of the car as he died... At the same time as it was sad, it was also such a beautiful moment

It was one of the best executed deaths in TWD, he passed away peacefully, still fighting for his life even after he got bitten, in the aftermatch, him looking out of the window slowly passing away was really touching I'm still depressed over his death. While this is to me the saddest death I stil wish Tyreese could have live and few more seasons than he did.

7 Lori Grimes - Season 3 Lori Grimes is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and was portrayed by Sarah Wayne Callies in the American television series of the same name in the show's first three seasons.

I think I speak for everyone when I say Lori was the most useless character in the walking dead. But even so, her death was still emotional and sad. No 8 year old should have to kill his mother, it just shows that they're in a completely different world, with different rules.

Yes, even though we all hated Lori, I do especially, we all have to admit this was a really emotional scene. She let herself die so Judith could live, and Carl had to put a bullet in her head. Like I said, Lori was a terrible and annoying character, but this one was sad.

Yes, we have all learned something from EVERY character. Like Shane. Don't mess with Rick Grimes. Lori. Lori Lori Lori. From her we learned o be careful in a zombie appoclypse, and don't assume before you bloom. What did we learn from Merle though? Anyway, I'm kinda glad she died. I love the Dixon brothers by the way.

This death made me cry so hard in the show mainly because carl is my favorite character. Lori risks her life for Judith but Judith will probably end up dying anyway. Plus, in the show everyone was crying and it was just a sad, unexpected scene

8 Andrea - Season 3

For me, T.V. show Andrea sremedies like she would be the badass sniper that she became in the comic books, then when she gets captured by the Governor that potential dies. It comes back when she's using the pliers to free herself from the torture chair. The way she died was heartbreaking, especially for fans of the comic books, you see that she will never be Ricks new wife or one of the strongest most popular characters

After Milton got killed by the Governor he woke up but as a walker. He walked to Andrea as she tried to get the pliers but it was too late. Soon when Andrea's friend Michonne came she saw that Andrea was bit in the shoulder.

Andrea really wanted to go back to her friends, the whole of season 3 saw Andrea facing problems with the gov. and her friends, in the end she want her friends, and unfortunately has to kill herself in front of her friends.

This was sad. Although I really hated Andrea in the show cause I expected so much more from because I read the book first, I love Michonne and it was really sad to see her cry like that

9 Noah - Season 5

Noah's death was by far the most real, shocking, sudden, and brutal death in the series. But above all of this, it was also the scariest death, as in, watching his death occur and the moments leading up to it, made me feel a sensation of real fear towards these walkers we have become so desensitized to, especially after 5 seasons of them. I mean honestly, how many times before this have we seen our heroes swarmed by the undead and manage to slip their way past them to safety. (An example from each season, we got S1: Rick on the horse in Atlanta. S2: Rick, Shane, and Randall in "18 Miles Out". S3: Very first episode where Hershel gets leg cut off and, although not a hero, the Governor kills a whole horde by himself while chasing Andrea. S4: Again, first episode two episodes as Flu victims reanimate and, again, The Governor kills off a few with his bare hands while trapped in a pit. Before Noah death in S5: In the abandoned barn during the violent rain storm.) These are just a few of ...more

This had to be the saddest moment I will ever have for this series, Noah getting torn apart in such a terrible way the images lives on in my head. I cried like a little girl. After seeing so many narrow escapes with Noah he did not deserve to die that way. All he wanted was his family, but we get to see not everything has a good ending. This show has done some crazy and shocking stuff which people either hate or love. Seeing Glen witness that also was disturbing. Glen knowing he could not save him. This by far was the saddest death.

He was such a good guy all he wanted was his family. We saw so much on his personality that it's hard for me to let him go. His death seen in mind was insane the worst death I have ever seen in anything. I cried oh my god I cried so much. His death was so brutal and he suffered the entire time. I watched Everybody Hates Chris as a kid and seeing him die like that had me telling myself it was not real and that Tyler James Williams was alrgiht.

This was the most messed death I have ever seen. I almost CRIED MY EYES OUT he died. The saddest part is when he said "don't let go". He wasn't saying to Glenn "don't let go of me" he was saying "don't let go in your faith in humanity". Farewell Noah, your legacy will live on...

10 Sophia Peletier - Season 2

After about tons of episodes in the search for Sophia, Once Shane got crazy he opened the barn. After many shots were fired last Sophia came out, as a walker as everyone sat in a puddle of tears.

Sofia is gone it was sad. They should have keep her like the governor keep his daughter penny in season 3. It would have been smart.

The music was sad. When you saw her shoes it was sad. When Carol ran up and was crying was sad. And she was only 12.

So unexpected who new that would happen poor carol Sophia was all she had left and was her hope!

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11 Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas - Season 3 Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas is a fictional character from the horror drama television series The Walking Dead, which airs on AMC in the United States and is based on the comic book series of the same name.

Poor guy didn't get enough development or even lines. At least they established him as a man with a true heart of gold before they killed him off, and he received a hero's death, but still, his character deserved to get a lot more before his death.

He was a nice character he just wanted to survive I wish amc had gave t-dog character development because he was the quiet one in the group he was just a random surviver to me in season 2; he cut his arm he helped digging graves, he helped kill walkers from the barn too. I just wish that I knew him better

Most heroic character got his shoulder bitten off by a walker. He jumped later in a pile of walkers to save other part of the gang's life.

I cried so hard when T-Dog died. I had to choose whether T-Dog's death or dale's death was sadder. Both broke my heart.

12 Shane Walsh - Season 2

Shane was really off and on between a good and a bad guy. I think it was inhumane for Hershel to have a barn full of Walkers and to endanger himself and his daughters, so I support Shane on wanting to kill all of the Walkers. I also support Shane for wanting to kill Randall. Randall knew where the farm was located and he also went to school with Maggie, so him and his group posed a prominent threat to Ricks group. Shane was a better leader then Rick, and was a better father to Carl. It was sad to see Shane go, and especially to a monster like Rick.

Regardless of the insane, Lori-obsessed monster he developed into, the fact that two men who were once the absolute best of friends change and lead down to this was a tearjerker.

Seeing Rick be forced to kill his former best friend was simply heartbreaking, shouting at him that Shane forced him into doing it. It's especially heartbreaking when you look back at the very first episode of the series.

Although trying to murder Rick, seeing him have to put down his best friend really brought me down and helped me realize how great the duo were.

Absolute best character of the series. So sad to see him go.

13 Abraham Ford - Season 6 Sgt. Abraham Ford is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Michael Cudlitz in the American television series of the same name.

His death was sad and he was an awesome character, but it figures he was the one (other than Glenn) that got beat to death because you could see it in his eyes that he wasn't going to give in to Negan like everyone else did. Negan obviously saw Abraham as a threat. Still, he shouldn't have died.

Abraham's death was very sad as it was unexpected. He shouldn't have been blunged to death, it should have been Sasha because of the things she did in Season 4

14 Carl Grimes - Season 8 Carl Grimes is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Chandler Riggs in the American television series of the same name, which airs on AMC in the United States.

Would've voted for Merle if I hadn't seen Carl so low on the list. Nothing more shocking than seeing what we thought was the future of Alexandria dying because he tried saving some random stranger. Also, he was the reason the war stopped

Literally so sad I bald my eyes out he should be number one in my opinion.

Ok, this was so unexpected...

Right next to Glenn.

15 Jim - Season 1

Although Jim is only in the show a for a few episodes, his death was extremely emotional. There have been many more deaths, especially in season 8, that have nearly brought me to tears. Jim's death did not make me cry, but it was still one of the most emotional deaths, largely because it was still the first season and I hadn't seen many others die yet.

He said he wanted to be with his family. Even in heaven or literally as a walker.

Probably still the most tragic figure ever on the show.

Such a beautiful moment, with the tree and the music.

16 Lizzie Samuels - Season 4 Lizzie is a fictional character from the fourth and fifth season of the AMC television series The Walking Dead portrayed by Brighton Sharbino.

This was sadder than Mika's death, especially because she'd become a daughter figure to carol. It was sad how carol told her to look at the flowers, how both were balling. How Lizzie thought carol was just mad at her, how she kept apologising. At that moment I also knew that Carol would tell Tyresse what really happened to Karen as well. It was still overall sad

Saddest mostly in respect to the shooter, Carol.

Having no choice but to execute a young girl that she took in as her own daughter, several months after her own daughter, Sophia was found dead... Or undead. Melissa McBride's performance was outstanding!

Okay. Let's get this straight guys. You keep walkers alive. You try to kill a baby. You kill your sister. That's okay? No, but for some reason I could just feel her pain. She was a perfect example of what a zombie apocalypse does to the world. *sigh*

Look at the flowers

She was going crazy, but she still had feelings. She thought Carol was mad at her. It was sad because Carol told her that she loved her and Mika and she told her to look at the flowers and that she loved her.

17 Mika Samuels - Season 4

Mike actually could still be alive if Lizzie hadn't have stabbed her Lizzie was gonna die we all knew that but Mika we kinda thought a little too I guess but Mika could still be alive.

Mika was killed by her sister, Lizzy, because Lizzy wanted her to become a walker... Umm... That's really messed up.

She didn't have a fighting chance her sister was stronger she didn't deserve to die.

Oh Mika. Why! Why did you trust your insane sister! I admit you were a wimp. Stil! She was only like ten.

18 Shiva - Season 8

That makes me sad and angry that the tiger had to die. She was so cool and helped Ezekiel and the group on more than one occasion.

Animals death is sure more sad than any other human dying. Especially when it's a bad ass strong heroic tiger that sacrifices itself for its owner

She and Blue the Velociraptor would have gotten along very well. I can't believe she got killed off.

19 Axel - Season 3

I do love Axel cause he's funny but his dead kinda shock me.. not that sad but just shock a moment

20 Sasha Williams - Season 7 Sasha Williams is a fictional character from The Walking Dead, an AMC television horror drama series.

Loved her. Don't think her death was that sad because I think that she was completely ready to go after losing every one she loved. She was probably one of the kindest character, being there for Maggie and not letting Rosita go in and kill her self. Will definitely miss her and hope that they will properly mourn her in season 8 after she sacrificed herself. So sad to see her go and it's so sad the look on Maggies face when she sees her Sasha walking in the woods. One of the best walking dead characters to date.

! How is her death not number one. She gave up herself for everyone else and she was like Maggies only family left. She was going to go soon though, I mean she had lost everything, even her future family with Abraham.

Such a great death. I think this is the only death in walking dead history when the character was completely ready to go and give themselves up for the greater good.

I think that I cried for 10 hours straight. She had suffered so much but was still able to come to a point of complete selflessness and heroism.

21 Bob Stookey - Season 5 Bob Stookey is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and the television series of the same name, where he is portrayed by Lawrence Gilliard, Jr.

I didn't so much find this death sad - I knew he would die when his leg got chopped off - it was more funny when you realised he was bit, because he'd been that way for hours and everyone had just eaten him! It was a bit sad when he died though, particularly when tyresse had to put the knife in his head

My mom cried so much

22 Amy - Season 1

Amy died season one. She was easily my favorite (besides Darryl). But she died on her birthday. Poor Andrea. Forced to shoot her own sister.

Her face wasn't funny and that's mean you jerk.

That was sad she was Andreas sister she was the saddest death of the 1st season

23 Eastman - Season 6

I don't know why thre is almost 0 votes here damn he's so kind he deserve to be alive damn it if morgan didn't have panic attacks? I can't expl it (its his illness) eastman could hve been alive

Okay. So let's put ourselves in his prospective. Your family gets killed my an insane criminal. You starve that criminal. A zombie apocalypse happens. Feel the pain? I thought so.

RIP the coolest character who was in 1 episode.

Wow he was in I one show

24 Tabitha - Season 6

I miss that poor goat..

I cared more about this goat living or dying than I have since Judith was born

25 Oscar - Season 3

Yeah. He and Axel were really wasted characters. Oscar had that awesome moment where he saved Rick from Andrew and they killed him like he was nothing. I could have seen them lasting up to season 5.

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