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DSBM (Depressive/Suicidal Black Metal) is a Metal sub-genre and a type of Black Metal. The main themes of DSBM songs are hate, death, misery, pain, sorrow and loneliness of human life. Listing best bands of this genre.

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1 Xasthur Xasthur Xasthur is a black metal and acoustic project of American musician Scott Conner, formed in 1995. Xasthur was perhaps the most notable black metal group from America. In 2010, Conner announced the end of Xasthur, after 8 black metal albums. However, in 2015, Conner revived Xasthur as an acoustic project. more.

OK! Thank you everyone for voting your opinions which have taken Lifelover to the top of this list (I personally am a big fan of Lifelover). But if you are voting for a list to choose which one is THE BEST DSBM band, you gotta believe that without Xasthur there would be no existence of DSBM!


It is a shame that Malefic has decided to stop with his project, but to me he has left a mark in depressive black metal history. With all his past great albums, I see his greatest works with Xasthur.

I must say that DSBM does not have to be completely black metal. So that's why I choose xasthur because you'll never hear anything like this again. Nocturnal Depression is also my favorite.

Xasthur is the most unique DSBM band...the way he expresses his string emotions through the's awesome...
Hail Xasthur! - Ananya

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2 Lifelover

1. Mental Central Dialogue
2. Expandera
3. Cancertid
4. I Love (To Hurt) You
Listen to any of these songs and you automatically vote for Lifelover, here.

Epic! They only word to describe this band. Sad, they got disbanded after the death of B.
Rest In Peace B.

Unique. The songs "Mental central dialog", "Myspys" and "Twitch" are among the most desperate, depressive, painfull inspiring guitar riffs/vocal/lyrics match in this Earth...

Nitlott, 'enough said. - bobzilla-inator

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3 Nocturnal Depression

I remember the first time I've heard this type of songs, and the one who really catched me with that it was Nocturnal Depression. I don't even know how they aren't in the first place. I don't care 'bout the other band, but, If you're trying to listen for the first time DSBM, Nocturnal Depression is the band. Period.

This band is just.. More than awesome! I always listen to them when I come home. It's so relaxing and depressing.. It's just like Happy Days, it gives me chills.

My descent into the creative agonizing vortex of DSBM began with Nocturnal Depression. I heard "... And Fall The February Snow" and was blown away by its heart-breaking, obscure beauty. I was hooked immediately and now of course, I'm a huge fan of a myriad of other dsbm artists. ColdWorld, Thy Light, Sterbend, Drowning The light, From The Sunset, Forest & Grief- these are bands I am very fond of, but Nocturnal Depression will always occupy the central chamber in this "dsbm junkie's" heart!

It was the third band I listened's so relaxing, a beautiful form of me chills - Ananya

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4 Thy Light

"In decaying reality, I am just a crawling worm in a world of lies. "

Dsbm from Brazil. They are absolutely amazing. Powerful screams, Fantastic composer, they're music is impressive. They are everything.

The screams are just so powerful. Thy Light manages to capture the beauty of sadness and despair in their music.

Very beautiful and mesmerizing instruments and absolutely heartbreaking vocals are what this band is known for.

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5 Make A Change...Kill Yourself

No other band can capture what it feels like to be completely lost in anguish and pain.

Literally no band can compete. The true essence of pain.

Great band. Some really great material put out by these guys.

From Denmark. Check out his other projects. Angantyr is awesome!

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6 Silencer

Very depressing band, you can feel the sadness in the lyrics. Amazing raw sound

Depressive, scary, makes you wanna suicide. Nattramn's screams are really good and they have some really good songs like: Death - Pierce me, and Sterile Nails And Thunderbowels.

I listened to Death - Pierce Me, and I am not kidding when I say that was the scariest, and worst songs I've heard in my life. I was sort of getting into it at first, but the first scream completely startled me, and it turned me away from this band immediately. Let's not forget how mentally insane Nattramn supposedly is/was. This is how I imagine prison is mentally. - ryanrimmel

Classic band, classic album, practically flawless maybe except for the lyrics. - bobzilla-inator

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7 Trist

Depressive, Burzumish, bleak, suicidal. You might as well say, many bands are depressive, bleak, suicidal. Hell no! This is a marvelous piece of work.

This is black metal the way Varg Vikernes started it. Sorrowful and painful, without cheesy fag-gothic keyboards or female vocals. With a guitar, a bass and a drumkit, Trist manages to create a crushing atmosphere, with great inspiration and painful Burzum-like musicianship!

The singing sounds like the elephants from Street Fighter II

One of my favorites, Zrcadlení Melancholie is one of the most depressing albums I have ever heard

Oh my god...just perfection...
The guitar. The vocal s..t he amazing music.
You can try Sneni ( a song) by the m..y oull love it - Ananya

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8 Psychonaut 4

Psychonaut 4 is probably the best DSBM there is. They have such sad guitar riffs combined with some of the most depressing lyrics I've read

These guys are really talented. Both "Have a nice trip" and "Dipsomania" are genius! True emotions + sad guitar riffs = Psychonaut 4

Great dsbm band. Really shows the beauty of heavy instruments. If you want depressing this is what your looking for. Full of emotion... Great stuff.

Have you even read the lyrics to Eyes of A Homeless Dog? - Souleater318

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9 ColdWorld

ColdWorld first introduced me to DSBM with the song Dead Star, and I must say that it was the most beautiful and melancholic songs my ears have ever had the privilege of listening to. Its such a well orchestrated piece from the music to the vocals themselves. I have never felt such raw emotion as I have with that song, and that's what I think music should do in the first place. It was art in its purist form. So for that ColdWorld gets my vote.

I first discovered ColdWorld a long time ago, and it didn't really click with me at first. At The time, this was prior to my love for black metal, and I wasn't used to such raw sounding music. But the more I listened to black metal, it just grew on me. I came back to this artist and listened again and again. Melancholie² soon became one of my favorite albums of all time, and I listen to it very often. TheStarsAreDeadNow is a great piece of work as well. I only wish he'd come out with a new album. ColdWorld creates such a unique atmosphere that I can't describe. My favorite song has to be either Cancer, or Hymn To Eternal Frost. I strongly recommend ColdWorld to anyone getting into DSBM.

I'm a one huge dsbm fan and ColdWorld is in the top of my favourite bands list. Such a unique and beautiful music and vocals. Simply ART. I can feel it through my body. It helped me in the hard times like a friend. For me it's on the top.

One of the best bands ever...the melancholically beautiful's so amazing.. - Ananya

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10 Woods Of Desolation

Just the best combinations of sounds. Guitar tone, vocals, lyrical theme, riffs, beautiful melodies and heavy depressive riffs that simultaneously bring you up while exploring the absurdity of life. Love it and cannot get enough.

They get to the bone

A combination of really raw, passionate and sorrowful elements, though WoD can be both crushingly heavy and gently melodic. My favourite DSBM band by a long stretch.

Torn beyond reason... enough said - Ananya

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The Contenders

11 Shining

Suicide is not just killing yourself, but killing the world and the people outside.

So bleak and atmospheric and depressing, Shining has to be the best DSBM artist out there. They use samples very effectively, and are just perfect. Admittedly, they have some not so good songs, but seriously, when they write a good song, they write a good song.

No other band has the same misanthropic hatred of humanity as Shining does. A band that truthful hates the world and I took to them as a perfect outlet to embrace the hatred we all have for human scum. All Hail Shining.

They aren't really Black Metal anymore, but they still are amazing! Niklas is a whackjob, but also a total genius!

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12 Happy Days

Why is Happy days on the 10th place?! It should be at least on the top 5, I can't rate this bands in order, but if I would make a top 10 list of dsbm bands it would have contain these following bands; Hypothermia, Lifelover, Apati, Psychonaut 4, Happy days, Gris, Nocturnal depression, Totalselfhatred, forgotten tomb and Austere. And not Xasthur, Xasthur is a very overrated band.

They're one of the best bands I've ever listened to! Not that much howling sounds is what I like about them unlike a lot of the dsbm bands I keep finding but I'm not dissing the other! No one can replace Happy Days! Happy Days truly expresses sadness and depression more than any other band. :D

Cold, raw atmosphere.. Amazing band. I like the very raw aspects of the old albums, where you can feel all the hatred, sorrow in the vocals.

I think he is underrated. Very talented

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13 I'm In a Coffin

As much as I like other DSBM bands, I'm In A Coffin are something really special. Just pure crushing despair, in the best way possible.

Corpses in living masks, enough said.

The first DSBM band I heard on, they�'ll always be one of my favourites

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14 Drowning The Light

Drowning The Light plays a form of simple nihilist black metal that takes me to a dimension beyond the reality... This is because of the sound of the guitars, and the guitar melodies are dominating the music of this band. It's just that they are quite inventive in their riffs, with some more elements of doom metal to it.

Whenever you hear a DSBM band the main thing that attracts you to the music is its atmosphere. And in this case no other band can match this one!

An awesome band with some greatest works of depressive metal scene.
I like their intro's for almost every songs by them.

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15 Dhishti

True Sri lanka Atmospheric Depressive Black Metal

Miles ahead of any other band in the list. Showing that truly unique black metal can be created outside of what we think of as "the black metal world".

One of the best creative sounds that I've heard...

Black people playing this... Why not?

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16 Wedard

This should be number 1, I mean everything he released is pure awesomeness

Einsamer Winterweg is the best album I have ever heard since 1993

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17 Life is Pain

I was listening to this during my first, serious overdose.

This is the music of the damned, depressed and dying.

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18 Austere

Underrated. I would like to see Austere at top ten because this band is a very talented group and makes sorrow and painful black metal better than most of the bands over it.

But Leviathan? Its not a DSBM band at all.

I really am disappointed that this band is lower than I wanted it to be, I would've put these guys right above Woods of Desolation; But songs like Just For A Moment, This Dreadful Emptiness And Memories... It easily to see that these guys are extremely underrated.

DSBM Forever.

New Zealand is the last place I would expect to find truly miserable, authentic DSBM and yet here it is. I think they deserve a good ranking mostly off the back of "To Lay Like old Ashes"

Beautiful beautiful beautiful...I can say that again and again...their beautiful songs, mind blowing guitars the powerful vocals!
m/ - Ananya

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19 Nyktalgia

Nyktalgia are one of the best SDBM bands ever. Like other German black metal band they also keep their roots solid and great musicianship I must add.
A decade of suicide and depression...

Exitus letalis or misere nobis are very impressive, two of the most beautiful songs in the whole world of the black metal! Nyktalgia rule!

20 Blutklinge
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