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F.R.I.E.N.D.S is my most favorite sitcom of all time. It is a great show, with some very lovable characters...
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1 Chandler Bing Chandler Muriel Bing is a fictional character from the NBC sitcom Friends, portrayed by Matthew Perry.

I've watched all the friends episodes a few times and it seems to me that Chandler is the only one among the six main characters that evolves normally. He is the only one that goes from immature/childish to mature, with a few ups and downs. He is also the only one that has common sense and strong principles and he is the best one to have as a friend, in my opinion.

As for Ross, I really liked him in the first seasons, but he gets a little weird and hard to follow after his divorce with Emily. Same thing with Phoebe, who was my favorite character at the beginning, but just gets annoying after the 5th season. Joey never grows and acts like a child throughout the series, which can be frustrating at times. Rachel's life changes a lot, which is fun to witness, but she doesn't quite evolve as a person, except at the very beginning. Monica, as Ross said, is the glue who holds the group together, and the series sure wouldn't work without her, but she is not my favorite ...more

Where can I even begin with Perry, he filled Chandler's shoes splendidly. Can you believe, a guy who laughed at a pen would develop into such a mature and perfect husband like character. Even his dressing sense got better by 9 season. I mean you can not compare the two Chandlers. Oft than not, he's the only guy who's not jealous and insane. He is good looking, is sentimental, a great friends and most of all a great husband and Father figure. I must say all the women to this day who think he's not attractive compared to Joey, are the ones who have selfsame brain as Joey's. I guess in the Friends Universe, Monica came off as the luckiest woman,

Chandler, for me, is the best character. He's so funny (obviously! ), but he also has such a caring nature, especially towards the end of the seasons when him and Monica are trying for a baby. He grew up so fast and so quickly. Who would have thought that 'Ms Chanandler Bong' would be (besides Ross - "The Divorce Force! ") the first character to get married on the show. And, with the risk of sounding like Janice, OH MY GOD his jokes! A couple of my favourites are his exchange with Monica when they're trying to work out why they got 'fake numbered' from a couple they met on honeymoon; - 'Was that another joke? '
- 'Was that another question? '
And, of course, 'It's an electric drill - you get me, you KILL me! '

Go Chandler!

His quick wittiness, vulnerability and loveable characteristics make him T.V. gold. His relationships with Joey, Janice and Monica were a laugh a minute. In one episode Ross comes in with a tan and Chandler says 'Oh dear God. Hold on there is something different'. Ross says ' I went to that tanning place that your wife suggested'. And Chandler quips 'Was that place THE SUN'. Hilarious! He is fab... Well done Chandler you smashed it.

2 Joey Tribbiani Joseph Francis "Joey" Tribbiani, Jr. is a character from the NBC sitcoms Friends and its spin-off Joey, portrayed by Matt LeBlanc.

I bet no one can be as selfless and caring as joey... He is the best.
He refused to watch ursula's port when they thought it was phoebe's.(while the others watched it).
He was concerned about chandler getting a job than winning a lottery, even when Monica was obsessed with the lottery.
He didn't want Rachel to move out. He was ready to stay away from women who had a problem with the baby. To be honest, joey and Rachel was a wonderful pair who would get along really well.
He asked Rachel to move in with Ross when he realized Ross was feeling left out on all the baby things.
He was ready even to pee on Monica during an emergency.
He offered to marry phoebe and Rachel when he came to know they were pregnant just because it would be difficult for single mother's.
He considered ross's feelings when Rachel confessed to him. He always wanted Ross and Rachel to be together despite his love for Rachel. He even made plans with phoebe for that.

He's simply the best in fact he should be number one. I do understand your reasons 4 giving the 1st place 2 chandler, but I think amongst the 6, joey is the only one who isn't trying hard 2 make people laugh, instead he naturally has the humor. He's struggling more than the others which is unfair on him, but he's always around 2 give comfort 2 the rest. Joey is always comfortable with who he is, he won't change himself 4 anybody else. He's simply classic I have no words 2 describe him. He indeed is the world's best actor!

I bet no one can be as selfless and caring as Joey... He is the best.

He refused to watch Ursula's port when they thought it was Phoebe's.(while the others watched it).

He was more concerned about Chandler getting a job than winning a lottery, even when Monica was obsessed with the lottery.

He didn't want Rachel to move out. He was ready to stay away from women who had a problem with the baby. To be honest, Joey and Rachel was a wonderful pair who would get along really well.

He asked Rachel to move in with Ross when he realized Ross was feeling left out on all the baby things.

He was ready even to pee on Monica during an emergency.

He offered to marry Phoebe and Rachel when he came to know they were pregnant just because it would be difficult for single mothers.

He considered Ross's feelings when Rachel confessed to him. He always wanted Ross and Rachel to be together despite his love for Rachel. He even made plans with phoebe for ...more

I don't have much idea about acting, as I am not an actor like Joey... ^_~... But each and every word came out of his mouth was fun in itself... According to me, I see him as a world's best actor... Not to forget how innocent and kiddish he is, goes from hard time understanding things and his Maths sucks... :P... And always ready to do anything for his friends, the way he got over Ursula because of Phoebe... I have all the seasons, and I have loved his acting in each and every episode... No one in the world could play Joey Tribbiani better than Matt Leblanc...

3 Ross Geller

Ross needs to be number one seriously. This is the best show ever and he is the greatest thing about it. His tan, his roller skates, everything about him is hilarious. "I'm fine" " we were on a break" " Oh my God, you know what, I think you're right! I think, you know what, listen, listen... a pigeon... no, no, wait, an eagle flew in, landed on the stove, and caught fire! The baby, seeing this, jumps across the apartment to the mighty bird's aid! The eagle, however, misconstrues this as an act of aggression, and grabs the baby in it's talon! Meanwhile, the faucet fills the apartment with water! Baby and bird, still ablaze, are locked in a death-grip, swirling around the whirlpool that fills the apartment" sorry if I didn't mention your fave quote

You might not like Ross or even think he is funny, but if you look back he is clearly the best acted and most well developed character. Some people say there is no main character, but there is. Ross is the main character of this show. If you look at it the way they follow the story, Ross is the one that has the story. This is Ross's story. It's all about Ross and his friends. Ross's and Rachel's relationship goes on and on and on, and who do we follow thru this? Ross. He might not be the funniest or brightes. But if you think about it, he is the best character of the show.

There are four different times where Ross had me practically peeing my pants from laughing so hard :

1. When he went to the tanning Salon, counted Mississippily and became an 8!

2. When he took that trip with Chandler and he got cracked out on maple candy

3. When he decided he was going to make FAJITAS for Joey, Rachel and Charlie because he was fine!

4. When Ross and Rachel are drunk in their Vegas hotel room and Joey comes in to tell them how he found his hand twin. Then Ross tries to sit on the floor but falls instead &&after he gets back up he asks Joey, "Who hey man, are you okay? "

I don't know why everyone hates on Ross so much. He's a good friend and father. Everyone always judges him for being a terrible person. Well I just don't get all 6 of them are terrible people.

4 Phoebe Buffay Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan is a fictional character, portrayed by Lisa Kudrow, one of the six main characters from the American sitcom Friends.

1. Forever and always... Phoebe
2. Close second... Chandler
3. Even closer third... Joey
4. Still love her, just not as much... Monica
5. The more times I rewatch, the more I like her... Rachel
6. I like him, but get annoyed by his moping... Ross
Phoebe and Chandler are the funniest for me. Phoebe never fails to make me die laughing while Chandler produces a constant chuckle. Out of all of the six friends, I feel the most protective of Phoebe (even though she doesn't need it) and she never fails to bring a smile to my face. She is by far the most memorable and funniest character ever!

What to say about her, her performance says everything. I can bet she is the best female comedian ever seen on television.
Smelly cat... Superb
Ross how can you compare you with Gunther... I mean of course he is very sexy in most obvious way... Rachel will find someone in Paris... It's a city full of Gunthers...
In season 1,
Phoebe do you want to help
Oh! I wish I could but I don't want to...
Monica (consoling Rachel):- Phoebe help me out here,
Phoebe:- Okay listen... I don't like this question...
She did such comic things in such a smooth way...

In my opinion I find phobe buffay by far the greatest character in the show. Phobe has such an odd personality which I believe what makes her special. She has a certain vibe in her that makes me just want to be her best friend. Phobe has a rather interesting backround out of all the characters in friends, about her mother killing herself, her sister that she barely gets along with, her step father going to jail and her real dad running away from her family when she was only a baby. I love her immatureness in the show and her weird stories about her mother who killed herself. One of her most memorable moments in the show was when instead of changing her last name to Phobe Hannigan she changed it to Princess Consuela. And also one of the reasons I love her so much is because she made one of the most iconic songs which is smelly cat. Phobe Buffay is really one of telivison's most legendary characters.

Phoebe is the most underrated character from Friends. My favorite "Pheebs" moments are "That is brand new information," seeing Monica and Chandler doing it through the window (and any moment in The One Where Everybody Finds Out), and any of her songs (Smelly Cat, Crazy Underwear, and Two of Them Kissed Last Night, are my favorites). She is the only character of the six with street smarts.

5 Monica Geller Monica E. Geller is a fictional character, one of the six main characters who appear in the American sitcom Friends.

Although Monica is not my favourite character (early Chandler and late Ross take that spot), I still think she is the kindest out of all six. She is flawed, but that's what makes her a realistic character. I loved how she let Rachel live with her, after not speaking to her for years. I loved how she cooked a Thanksgiving dinner for everybody in Series 1, and it all got burned, and they admitted that this was no-one's first choice for Thanksgiving. Monica was right to get upset! I think the other five frequently take advantage of Monica. She put up with everyone coming in and out of her flat, even when she wasn't there (but I think she loved being the hostess). I loved her relationship with her parents, too. Whenever I watched the show, she was always selfless and kind. She was the glue that held the entire group together.
- Ross: brother
-Chandler: Neighbour/husband
-Joey: Neighbour
-Rachel: Best friend in High School
-Phoebe: Ex-roommate
I adored Monica and ...more

I love Monica. I think she was under rated. She was exremely stunning but she was not JUST a beautiful face.She was the best character of the three girls. And one of the strongest female characters of all times. She was selfless and lets Rachel live with her though they had grown apart and Rachel hadn't even invited her to her wedding. She is caring and mature and wise. She is competitive and a cleanliness freak, yeah, but that adds more points to women power. Unlike Rachel, who was pampered, spoilt and selfish and Phoebe who was kind of mean, Monica is independent, confident and realistic. She was a hard worker and was up for an any challenge. All girls need tips from her on how to lose weight ( because, hello? ) and how to accomplish your goals and follow your dreams even if your parents prefer your brother to you and how to make excellent excellent food.(Chandler is SO lucky). And she is a great girlfriend. Unlike Rachel and Phoebe, she has never broken up with Chandler during the ...more

Com'on people. Monica ls the best. There will be no friends without her. She took care of them for 10 years! She was the only one who was so close with all of them. She gave Rachel a place to live. Remember in season one she made there types of food for her friends. She was not mean like phoebe or selfish like Rachel. She was indipendant. She even gave the name "Emma" to Rachel's baby girl,eventhough she dreamed to name her daughter "Emma" since she was 14.Love you Monica!

I'm not a fan of monica, but seriously guys. There is no way that Rachel is higher than her. It because Rachel is so selfish, she even tried to kick out monica from her own apartment when monica told her that she wanted to move in with chandler. So Monica is just way better than her

6 Rachel Green Rachel Karen Green is a fictional character, one of the six main characters who appeared in the American sitcom Friends.

Rachel is definitely number 6. She might have evolved from a runaway bride to a successful business women. And I definitely support her boldness for breaking up with Ross on cheating her on the pretext of a "technicality". But other than that she's too irritating and never once I remember her giving any serious comedy. She is pretty of course but Jennifer's acting wasn't really up to the mark. The Ross-Rachel love story lagged on for too long while it should have ended at least when she became pregnant. She is the one who won't let off Ross and ruins his marriage,at least blows up six of his dates and in the end comes back only when Ross desperately pleads to her. But its still sad that Jennifer was the most successful of the friends cast after the show's end although much greater talent was found in Kudrow,Perry and even Courtney.

Out of all the characters in the show, Rachel is the only one who grows in a 100% positive direction. Ross forgets how to be an actual adult instead of a spoiled mommy/daddy's boy. Monica becomes excessively anal. Chandler seems to lose his fun spark. Joey somehow loses IQ points, and Pheobe loses the whimsy that she had in the early seasons. Rachel is -to me- by far, the best character in Friends.

Rachel is my favourite character because she really develops over the course of the show. She starts out as a spoiled and somewhat vain little girl, and becomes a considerate, strong and intelligent woman by the end of the show.

Rachel, should have been 1 in the best charector. Her charector has evolved in the years more than any of the other charectors. Sure at the beiggining she was spoiled but at the end her she was a kind down to earth person. She also always cared about her friends and tried to do what was best for them. All and all she is a great charector.

7 Gunther

I love it when he found out that Rachel and Ross are together so he went in what I assume is the cafe's kitchen and destroyed everything in it out of anger causing a commotion. And when he comes back he says: I dropped a cup...

I love his crush on rachel!

Never gonna get Rachel...

The heartbroken one

8 Mike Hannigan

Love Paul Rudd and I love Mike's relationship with Phoebe!

The perfect man for Phoebe.

The perfect man

9 Janice Litman Garelnick

Love her personality and random appearances are great especially when she misinterprets Monica and Chandler and thinks they think of her as family. Just love to hate her.

People find her annoying, but she doesn't mean to be. She is sweet and caring, and she always tries her best. She's actually very complex for a supporting role.

She is a husband stealer who stole
Gary Litman the mattress king.

Life would be so boring without Janice. Plus, I think she did love Chandler a lot

10 Jack Geller

Jack and his wife are so funny and cute. Jack Geller always makes me crack up to be honest.

Jack geller! Buried in the sea.. huh! He's such a fun loving character and I love how he and his wife interacts. sooo sweet!

Chandler: woah it snowing out there?
Jack: NO!

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11 Amy Green

Rachel's self-centred and very unreasonable sister. Though she appeared only for two shows, her performance was superb.

The girl Rachel would be if she hadn't made such strong choices. Love how she thinks phoebe is Emma hilarious.

Like Janice, I would had slapped her.

12 Ugly Naked Guy

Oh look! Cute naked guy is gaining weight.

Hey look! The ugly naked Guy has gained weight.

Funnier then Ross geller

13 The Monkey

"The Monkey" has a name!

Screw the monkey

Marcel is the bomb

14 Mr. Heckles

I could have been number 1!

His randomness cracks me up!

You owe me first place

I could be number 2 too

15 Emma Geller-Green

I only adore her because she is the spawn of Rachel (da best thing that ever happened to friends)

16 Tag

He was adorable, I loved he and Rachel's relationship. It was sad to see him go

17 Richard Burke

Richard was delicious! No wonder Monica had a hard time getting over him!

Richard was awesome!

18 Ben

I don't know him very well but the reason am voting is because he grow up and plays on Riverdale... which is my favorite show and his character in the show is the reason am watching it

19 David

Underrated character, great actor and very funny! I can't believe he is below marcel the monkey!

20 Nina Bookbinder
21 Frank Jr.
22 Richard Crosby
23 Susie Moss
24 Carol Willick

She is so sweet! Ross and her still cares about each other after the divorce and they're so sweet

Carol is kind of an empowering lesbian role model.

She is a sweet character

25 Eddie Menuek

One of the funniest character ever on the show.

Eddie was hilarious

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