Top 10 Best SpongeBob SquarePants Songs

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1 Sweet Victory

This song is not from SpongeBob. It originates from David Glen Eisley's own discography and was only used for the marching band to play in the episode "Band Geeks". The writers were looking for a song to include in the episode, and they chose this song instead of a song in Nickelodeon's music library. I really like this song and glad it is on the top of the list, but it is technically not a SpongeBob song.

Compared to Goofy Goober Rock, this one is acutally some rock music! I also have to give credit for this one too even more than Goofy Goober Rock! The lyrics are the best out of all of the SpongeBob SquarePants songs I have ever heard. This song will always be the best out of all cartoon songs!

This is the only TV series where the best song is not related to and has nothing to do with the theme or the series, but isn't that what makes SpongeBob great?

The only reason this song is popular is because its in SpongeBob, but on its own it is awesome! It should got more recognition other than from SpongeBob

2 Goofy Goober Rock

I actually thought this was REAL rock when I was a little kid, but when I was 11 I found out it was just for silliness and this can give me a headstart on listening to REAL rock music. I give lots and lots and maybe infinity credit on this song for making me like rock music!

This is iconic! I remember being 10 years old and seeing the movie for the first time and seeing Spongebob do an epic guitar solo and being shocked at how good it was. It's crazy to see Spongebob still around even after all these years.

I LOVE this song. The reason why is one it's rhythm and the theme of the song is that you can make a big difference as a kid and you don't even have to be an adult to be "man" enough to do tough things.

Should be #1, since this is an actual spongebob song, man does band geeks have to be the best episode, I like band geeks, but Goober rock is the best of all music videos.

3 The Best Day Ever

This Song in my opinion captures everything Spongebob goes for. His charm, optimism and liveliness. A perfect Song for Spongebob. And doesn't help that it's an absolute ear-worm.

My favorite songs the best day ever, band geeks, krusty krab pizza, don't be a jerk it's Christmas, now that we're men, ripped pants song, F.U.N song the campfire song but the best day ever song should be number 1 it was the first song I liked from SpongeBob

This episode surprised me. The episode is decent, and the song us absolutely AWESOME! Not as good as Gary Come Home or Don't be a Jerk It's Christmas, but still great.

Sweet Victory and Goofy Goober Rock are good songs, but Best Day Ever is the song I remember most when I think about Spongebob.

4 Gary's Song

Honestly, I cannot believe how low this is. every time I listen to this song I get so emotional, but in a good way. The beat and rhythm in this song is so well done and the voice is just amazing. Should be no. 1.

Fantastic visual and audible execution, perfectly satisfying song length, and gives a powerful sense of the stakes in the episode. an outstanding song that I can easily listen to by itself.

This is the most emotional song I've ever heard and the best of SpongeBob. Even the first 7 times I've seen it...I actually cried and I was 8!

Lyrics and instrumentals are great, plus it shows how much SpongeBob cares about Gary, and how sad it is to lose a pet.

5 F.U.N. Song

Come on it should be number 1! This a classic song, people, and has good lyrics. This is the best Spongebob song besides the road song.

F is for fire that burns down the whole town
U is for uranium bombs
N is for no survivors down here in the deep blue sea!

The "F.U.N. Song" is a sponge bob classic! The " F.U.N song is so fun! I guess that's how it got it's name!

I love this song because it is positive and happy but it is very short.

6 The Campfire Song

Not only nostalgia, it's just a good song for some reason. And it's actually called the campfire song song. It seems like it would actually be a good campfire song then it goes crazy and like someone else said the part where squidward was supposed to sing but said nothing the. Sponge bob said "Good! " funny and beat song

All the songs on this list are great (Maybe excepting when worlds collide) but this one truly is the cherry topper on this absolute perfect episode.

Before I start roasting marshmallows outside I sing the campfire song with my brothers. EPIC! (P.S. - Goofy Goober Rock is child abuse. So is the movie.

I call this, the campfire song song, lets gather round' the campfire and sing this campfire song. Our C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E song but it'll help if you just sing along! Bum, bum, bum!

7 The Krusty Krab Pizza

Come on! This one is the best! Confess! Songs that we're pretty sad (The one from Welcome To The Chum Bucket, Gary Come Home, the one from Texas and the one from Chimps Ahoy) I don't like. I don't like when I cry to the song a lot (Welcome To The Chum Bucket one). However, this one was funny not sad and it was great. And Sweet Victory shouldn't count because it's not a Spongebob song. And it's personally not in my top 10.

This is the most catchy and hilarious song in SpongeBob history! Whenever I ask someone to sing a SpongeBob song besides the theme, it's almost always this one! THIS IS AWESOME!

I love this song! My favorite part in the episode is at the end when the costumer yells at SpongeBob because he didn't get a kelp Soda.

AWESOME song, this is even my sisters favourite and she's two years older than me!

8 This Grill Is Not a Home

This song is super underrated, not just because its catchy, but also because it actually has a deeper meaning besides just simple humor. It actually shows how much modern SpongeBob has ruined the characters, Mr. Krabs in particular.
Pre-Movie Krabs, "I would trade it all away! If you'd come back to stay!
Post-Movie Krabs, "Well, you see, I've been doing' some calculatin' and, you know, crunching the old numbers. And it turns out that I'll save a whole nickel if I cut your salary. Completely."

Spongebob: A stove is a stove, no matter where you go.
Mr. Krabs: A patty is a patty, that's what I say.
Spongebob: A grill, is a grill, this is surely so.
Mr. Krabs: And fries should be fries either way.
Spongebob: But this grill is not a home, this is not the stove I know.
Mr. Krabs: I'll trade it all away, if you come back to stay.
Both: This kitchen's not the same, without you.
Mr. Krabs: It's just a grill.
Spongebob: It's just a greasy spoon.
Both: Without you.

It was a tie between this and hey all you people but I picked this song because it shoulder Mr. Krabs when he was nice and a never ending bond from him and spongebob.

Mr Krabs is actually one of the most likable characters on this, because he actually shows love and compassion, not greed and stinginess.

9 Sing a Song of Patrick

This song is legend. The song is so funny and awesome. Even though Patrick is dumb the song is very cool. I was watching the show and I came up to my mum and sang it and she said it's so funny, when I told her Patrick made it she laughed so hard. If you listen to this song hopefully you will vote for it and I could come number 1

It is a great funny song. It is in a nice episode too. But the one thing is that they need to make it funnier. After you watch it you realize that there is plenty of room for humor improvement. But if they made a sequel, I would totally watch it right away. I thing it needs to be further on the list. (P.S. the song is called I Wrote This, not sing a song of Patrick, that's the name of the episode.)

Come on, this should be number 1. I could listen to this song so many times. The lyrics to this song are so hilarious and I love the episode. This song is the best.

Twinkle twinkle Patrick Star, I made myself a sandwich,
it smells like beans and bacon
my mommy named it Fred. Writing stuff's hard so I use my pointy pencil,
pointy pointy pointy, pointy pointy point.
P.U what's that horrible smell? Drumsolo!
I have a head, that ends in a point,
pointy pointy pointy, pointy pointy point.
This song is over, except for this line,
you win this round, BROCCOLI!

(Town explodes)

10 The Very First Christmas

It's shaping up to be a wonderful holiday.
Not your normal average everyday.
Sounds like someone felled my old coral tree.
SpongeBob, Patrick, why'd ya do this to me?

I love the song "The Very First Christmas" because it's fun and UT shows us how exited Sponge bob is for the new holiday!

Every millisecond of this song is nostalgic. Sweet victory was just obnoxious to me.

Umm... On my top ten worst list this would be... number 1! This song is really crazy! Boring! Fooded! Wait... What?

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11 Ripped Pants

This song should be #1 it's so beautiful and is the only song to have a moral. The episode itself describes how tough it is trying to get the attention of the girl you admire. The most important part about ranking a spongebob song is really looking into the episode that built up to the song, this one did it perfectly

So much emotion and power, and meaning packed into one song, and at the same time, it manages to keep the humorous beat of the show. This song is miraculous, and the "Bohemian Rhapsody" of SpongeBob SquarePants.

This song sweet victory and goofy folders are the best songs because they have good music and good lyrics.

I sang this song in my class one day and they all loved it. I feel like it should be higher on the list because its original sweet victory is already a song and goofy goober rock is a parody of I wanna rock by the twisted sisters.

12 Now that We're Men

Now that we're men...
I changed my underwear!
This was the 2nd best song in the movie so anyone who doesn't vote for this song is crazy!
1. Sweet Victory
2. Goofy Goober Rock
3. Now That We're Men

Now that we're men! We need a place to stay!

Now that we're men! We've got bills to pay!

Now that we're men! We need to find a job!

And we'll pray that we could be kids again!

Now that were men, we go to Shell City, we're tough enough, we got the stuff, to save the day!

Now that we're men, we can do anything Now that we're man, we are invincible.

13 Don't Be a Jerk (It's Christmas)

I like the song "Don't Be a Jerk" because it teaches the lesson to not be a jerk! It also shows how everyone should act especially around the holiday season!

Even though this song was around way before the episode, it's still one of those late SpongeBob songs that the writers took their time with.

The best message of any song on the list. Who doesn't want people to be kind at Christmas time, or any time for that matter?

Santa bought nearly every gift
On your list
Why wine about the one that he missed
Don't be a jerk
Its Christmas!

14 Striped Sweater

The best time to wear a striped sweater, is all the time. One with a collar, turtleneck, that's the kind. Cause when you're wearing, that special sweater.

This song is seriously overrated, it's just meant to be a stupid 30 second tune which would be funny if people never took it seriously.

This song is the shortest song of them all it only go's for 31 seconds but I still love it.

I would be freaked out if I was the guy he was singing this to.

15 A Day Like This

I like the song "A Day Like This" because I like how it's sung, with the muffled radio kinda sound!

Truth Or Square was terrible, but this song is the only good thing that came from it.

The song is really catchy! I just had to learn it off by heart straight away!

At the beginning of Truth or Square. Remember?

16 Never Give Up

From "Hello Bikini Bottom", which is one of the best modern SpongeBob episodes this song is my favorite Modern SpongeBob songs!

The song "Never Give Up" is a deep, but beautiful song! It shows us how much Sponge bob cares for Squid ward, and it's so catchy!

Obviously the greatest spongebob song ever!

I really liked the lyrics, but the scenes that showed during the song were so creepy and disgusting for me (Squidward's foot and heart in trauma)

17 SpongeBob SquarePants Theme Song

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Come on guys! This is a legend!

This is the original

18 Hey All You People

Hey all you people,
Hey all you people,
Hey all you people won't you listen to meee?

I just discovered a SpongeBob song,
It's no ordinary SpongeBob song,
But one called "Hey All You People...

Scoobidy doo a bob a diddy bow diddy bow, yeah!

If jellyfish jelly is so popular, then why should Spongebob have to do all the work?

This is hands down my favorite.

Who's singing this?

19 Musical Doodle

I like the song "Musical Doodle because it gets stuck in your head really easily! Isn't that what they episode is about!?

This should be so much higher! Come on, now.

Greatest song ever!

It's really catchy!

20 Loop de Loop

I like the song "Loop deep Loop" because it's really catchy! Even though it's not the right way to tie your shoes, I still love this song!

Like bunny ears or a Christmas bow
Pull 'em tight and you're ready to go!

You do the loop de loop and pull
And your shoes are looking good

This actually helped me tie them shoelaces. Thanks Gary!

Does anybody know that Ween preformed this song?

21 Squidward's Tiki Land

Best song ever. It's melodic use of a lowered sixth combined with a major feel and multiple harmonic parts makes this song worth while to listen to and to enjoy.

I think squidwards tiki land is good because its relaxing and I love the singing tikis.

This was fire

22 Who Am I?

The instruments play perfect, SpongeBob sings amazingly...
Everything you can feel from perfection, but better.

The newer episodes are increasing in quality, and this song proves it.

This si the only Spongebob song I can call perfect.

Should be at least no #2.

23 Clarinet Wizard

He's a clarinet wizard, there has to be a twist. A clarinet wizards got such a supple finger.

I love this song, it's a parody of one my all time favorite songs of all time, Pinball Wizard by The Who

24 Stadium Rave

This song is cool.

25 Patrick Star (Patrick)
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