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41 Pimp C

Have you guys forgot about the pimp himself? True Trilla

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42 Machine Gun Kelly Machine Gun Kelly Colson Baker, better known by his stage names MGK and Machine Gun Kelly, is an American rapper and actor, from Cleveland, Ohio.

On the east till I die Cleveland baby

I say he tops Lil Wayne and Ice Cube, Tupac? Hell nah but he deserves to be higher up

I feel it lace up

Haha white man thinking he a gangster,already got eminem at number 5,all I'm saying is I see this guy on the streets he be singin yee hah,and talking about life straight off the streets of louisiana lol#cracker

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43 Lil Boosie Lil Boosie Torrence Hatch, born November 14, 1982, is an American rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He released his first independent album 'Youngest of the Camp' in 2000, followed by "For My Thugs" in 2002. He released two collaboration albums with Webbie, Ghetto Stories in 2003 and Gangsta Musik in 2004. In more.

Boosie is small but he has heart though. He came from nothing to something. He went out on his on at age 16 brought him is on place off of dope money. He runs Baton Rouge. King of the dope and rap game.

Lil boosie the realist out!

This guy was in jail but still hi rap hards what is more gangste then that

Boosie Super badazz should be number 1 now. like obama said it time for a change man let make that happen.

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44 Kool G Rap Kool G Rap Nathaniel Thomas Wilson, better known by his stage name Kool G Rap is an American rapper from the Corona neighborhood of Queens, New York City.

That fake blood Lil Wayne is about as gangsta as my 91 year old grandmother. Kool G Rap is the founder of gangster rap before the west coast did it. Kool G Rap should be 1 for that and he is better than anyone on this list as far as I can tell.

It know a little about Rap then you would know that this dude is the truth when it comes to gangsta Hip Hop...

Four words... "Live and Let Die". That whole album was a crime film put to wax.

45 Chief Keef Chief Keef Keith Cozart, better known by his stage name Chief Keef, is an American rapper and record producer from Chicago, Illinois.

Although He Young You can't Deny He's making Money and making Songs To Build his Legacy

Chief keef best rapper alive right now he doing his thing ain't tripping.

Chief keef should be #1 what he will shoot up everyone


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46 Bun B Bun B Bernard Freeman, known by his stage name Bun B, is an American rapper and was one half of the southern rap duo UGK.

Bun B spits some of the sickest rhymes ever. Listen to Bun B and Pimp C on their track Murder. Sicccckk

One of the best in the industry!

47 T.I. T.I. Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr., better known by his stage names T.I. and Tip, is an American hip hop recording artist and actor from Atlanta, Georgia.

T.I. is the greatest gangsta rapper ever! He spits sick lyrics, has lots of street credit and can murder anyone in a rap battle. King of the South!

TIP raps about life! Anyone can relate and understand his flow. White collar, blue collar, illiterate and educated, old/young, male/female!

This dude is awesome listen to his songs


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48 Sagopa Kajmer
49 Young Jeezy Young Jeezy

Jeezy is copied by all of these rappers from 2006-present day

What df jeezy the most hood outta damn near everyone on this list he should be top 5 all day

#1 in my book!

50 Brotha Lynch Hung

Brotha Lynch at 35?! What he should be at least top ten! Best underground rapper next to Wu-Tang

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51 Ol Dirty Bastard

He isn't the best rapper from the wu-tang clan but he is way to good for a fake blood like Lil Wayne to be ahead of him - ChrisHenry

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52 Kendrick Lamar Kendrick Lamar

He grew up in one of the worst cities and the world and was part of the bloods

Should be top 10 to be honest

Yea should be 20 at least


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53 Norm Ender Norm Ender



54 Wiz Khalifa Wiz Khalifa Cameron Jibril Thomaz, better known by his stage name Wiz Khalifa, is an American rapper, songwriter, and actor.

This guy is very thug, Rate him in first

Idol! Can you make me a nickname for a gangster?

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55 Z-Ro Z-Ro Joseph Wayne McVey IV, better known by his stage names Z-Ro and The Mo City Don, is an American rapper from Houston, Texas.

Realest rapper in the whole state of texas

Badass af

56 Trae Tha Truth

Idk how lil wayne got there or eminem... Trae songs go harder than any of anyones songs up there... Look him up, look up REAL TALK by trae

57 Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey needs to be in top 20 at least we str8 crippin

58 Ceza Ceza
59 C-Murder C-Murder

C murder should be in the top 5. People that don't like his music can't relate to what he's says all these new raps care more about the money not the street. Most of these new rappers came from the streets as they say in their songs but you see them in hollywood eating on fine china. I hate these new rappers all they wanna rap about is how much money they got and what they drive they talk in their rap about they will shoot a person and rob and steal but you don't hear about there doing it the real gangster rappers are either dead or locked up or in jail for rapping about shooting somebody and did it and now serving life. In other words be about it don't rap about it and don't do it or rap about something you ain't done. But I'm a ride or die kind of person

He's been in and out of prison and the streets he knows the meaning of being a Gangsta, he lived the life of one growing up from a B.G. to an O.G... Mad respect to Cory Miller...

C-Murder is great! Miss his music! TRU for life!

Human trash, a waste to society and a worthless pig

60 Joey Badass Joey Badass Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott, better known by his stage name Joey Badass, is an American hip hop recording artist and actor.

Very good for a young rapper, not the best but he deserves respect, if you have time look up "unorthodox" its a pretty lyrical song

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