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Tupac Amaru Shakur, also known as 2Pac, was an American rapper and actor born on June 16, 1971 in East Harlem, New York. Tupac sold over 75 million records worldwide and has been referred to in multiple major publications such as Rolling Stone as one of the greatest music artists of all time. 2Pac was ...read more.


Tupac is the most gangster rapper in the history time he is the black jesus. Now if you have any doubts about pac then you are a fool. He is the martyr of gangsta rap. I mean 50 cent was never shot three times and to top that off tupac survived until his last incident. When pac was shot and killed gangsta rap was killed along with him and biggie. He had a lot of bark and to back it he had a lot of bite too unlike many rappers I know ahem (cough lil wayne). Any ways 2pac made hip hop real and true he told true stories of the war in the streets and poverty his music/influence uplifted people from all of that. It sure as hell did that to me. He may not have been a blood or a crip but he was a straight up baller. If Makaveli isn't #1 then I don't know who is.

The man was not a rapper, he was a poet. The energy he brought was incredible because it was REAL TALK. Name one rapper that 2PAC talked about, who came back and responded.. NOT ONE. They were afraid of him. He was not only a brilliant artist, but the most feared... By Mobb Deep, Biggie, Jay-Z, Diddy, just to name a few. They would never. They all fake, including Biggie. Wow he sold drugs, just like a million other people. I'm not impressed. Pac shot at two corrupt and racist police officers in Atlanta that were harassing another black man.. And didn't get in trouble. Pac had more heart than all the other ones on this list combined. I laugh at the ones who comment here about Biggie saying his flow was better. I don't care who flow, lyrics whatever are better, they are lies! Pac had to change his album around because all Biggie did was bite off his style. BIGGIE WAS FAKE, a Tupac wanna be. Nothing more.

Tupac is soul music if you ask me straight up. If you listen to the music of his you can learn a lot of things not just about the rap game or gangsta life but life itself. Props to tupac, we lost an icon yo, he did a lot conventions for the black community just trying to help out with the ghetto hopefully we can get another rapper that can spit as good and have respect for the community.

Tupac hands down! The best and my favorite of all time haha! I make people mad because that is all I rock to! But this list is wrong where is big pun? Na's Big L And Even though I'm a pac fan! BIG should be at number 2! Rap will never be the same pac made it a beautiful thing to pop in his cd and take a ride or just sit back and chill you will be missed RIP Pac! And much love to all the other pac fan's!

Tupac Shakur was the most recognized and probably the greatest rapper of all time. Whenever you mention the word "Shooting" "Rap" Or "Gangster" this man pops into your head

ADMIT IT, Tupac had a lot of Gangster Songs on his resume - roblist

Even when the money started piling up for him as he became more successful in his career, Tupac continued to create music to represent the lower class. He lived through the struggles he rapped about and had many fans based on people's ability to relate to his music. Greatest of all time hands down.

Tupac was a socially conscious original gangsta. Much love to you, Pac! May your enlightening lyrics, gangsta state of mind and life be forever remembered by true Hip Hop lovers!

We closer than the hands of time, deeper than the drive of mankind, I trust you dearly, I shoot blind. In time I clock figures, droppin niggaz as we rise, we all soldiers in God's eyes... the BEST that ever was, ever will be - Dania0671

This is not entirely true, Tupac is definitely the most influential rapper but not the biggest gangsta rapper, Tupac will altars be the greatest but I believe 1 place is screaming ice cubes name followed by eazy-e.

Tupac didn't just rap with his voice, he rapped with his heart. Rappers nowadays don't do that. They just rap about what they never experienced. Tupac rapped about what his life was like, and made people realize what life is like in the hood.

PAC is the best of all time. "how many brodas fell victims to the streets, rest in peace,..." He was one gangster who cared loads for his homies, He was a true gangster. He never promised he would change the world but he was sure to spark the minds that would definitely change the world. All other lyrically dope rappers, gangsters rappers etc, show him some respect. PAC for life

Tupac was Tupac you know. Still today, what happened twenty years ago. It still surpasses anything up today. Tupac was straight up the best, it's doubtful he'll ever lose his first place.

Is this even a question to ask tupac is was and will always be thE biggest gangster rapper. Most of his lyrics are based on the facts of his life and what situations he has been through and besides if you look at this list most of the ganster rappers come from the WEST and can someone please tell me what lil wayne is doing here?

Listen to Hit em up and 2 amerikaz most wanted then you know why he is the number 1 Gangsta rapper here. He is not just the best Gangsta rapper he is the best rapper of all time lyrically and just everything

How does Lil Wayne have any talent? He doesn't write his own songs, he has such a bad voice so he uses auto tune, and he's so ugly.

Gotta be. Very frank, direct and deep. He had depth in his lyrics and a unique gun-talk lyrical flow. Plus he was blessed with a soul-reaching and powerful voice.

Tupac was the best he made you feel him more then any other rapper in history. In a very short time in the game.R.I. P Pac... From the real Dangerous since 88

Of course he is he's the best rapper to ever live I thought he would live forever to promote me to sign with him but stupid asses killed him

Easily one of the best there is. Eazy-E and Dr. Dre didn't write their own lyrics. Eminem isn't a gangsta. The Game is good, but he doesn't come close to the real top, Biggie, Nas, DMX, Big L, Big Pun, Jay-Z, Ice Cube and, most important, 2Pac. He rapped about real stuff, street life, when you listen to him you can feel all the emotions. His lyrics are amazing and he did it for the people. Not to mention the impact he made.

Nothing compare how real Tupac is, he's the best gangsta in the game. Live by gun and die by gun, just that. Rest in peace pac

Tupac it the only king of gangster rap and Biggie smalls is the prince of gangster rap rip PAC Thug life till I die

I am telling you nobody is better then Tupac shakur. - xdogg

He is a real gangsta rapper and I confirmed it after his album "Live My Life"

Tupac is real gangsta rap artist and gangster rapper. This is the greatest history of all time.

He is a THUG ang a real G rapper so you better belive it THUG LIVE RUlES!