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1 My Sweet Lord

This song is so calming. - RW700

For me, this is the perfect hymn

Obvious number 1. Beautiful, yet so simple song.

I understand why this is number one, but, “when we was fab was” was better, in my opinion.

2 While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Of course one of the best songs of all time.
George's voice is inpecable.
I love the lyrics.
The solo of Eric Clapton is increcible.

10/10 - Nerdfightsdolly

3 Got My Mind Set on You

I love it but is actualy a cover.

Best George Harrison song ever. This should be number 1.

4 Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)

Arguably one of the most peaceful songs I've ever heard!

Beautiful and very sophisticated slide guitar playing by George. The song contains one of the outstanding bottleneck slide guitar solos of the entire rock era.

5 What is Life?

Absolutely perfect wall of sound song should have been a number one. Just makes me feel great every time I hear it. Don’t let me wait too long is almost as uplifting and underrated.

Can easily be in second place. Amazing song. One of those songs that make you feel happy.


So good!

6 Something
7 All Those Years Ago

Beautiful song and beautiful tribute to a friend.

8 Blow Away
9 All Things Must Pass


WHAT?!?!? Number 14? This song is better than any other on this list and most of the songs by the Beatles themselves!

Great song, far more melodic than some of George’s other pieces

10 Isn't It a Pity

Hauntingly Beautiful, by far his most underrated, arguably his best.

Amazing song! Should be in the top ten!

Definitely the best George Harrison song and criminally underrated

It’s crazy this song is #17. Definitely the best George Harrison song in my opinion

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11 Wah-Wah


The best, most upbeat and driving song!

Upbeat..brilliant swag..favorite song ever!


12 Crackerbox Palace

Brillant song about being in a lunatic asylum!

13 Here Comes the Sun
14 What Is Love
15 Taxman
16 Dark Horse
17 When We Was Fab

Absolutely perfect, sad some way

18 Beware of Darkness

For all you people who voted while my guitar gently weeps as a great George Harrison solo, I have news for you. Eric Clapton played the solo on that song. George invited him to play on that session

The best-ever rendition of this was the duet by George and Leon Russell at The Concert for Bangladesh.
Historic does not cover it.

19 Awaiting On You All

By far my favorite of his songs, but piece is using the wrong album! The Concert for Bangladesh version is nice I guess, but no live version of this song could possibly stand up to the incredible studio production implemented on the original album version.

20 Old Brown Shoe
21 Within You Without You

One of Harrison’s best for sure. Just an absolutely beautiful song if you really listen to it

22 Art of Dying

Last line of that song "Do you believe me? " I do

23 Love Comes to Everyone
24 This Song
25 Bangla Desh

Our sincere gratitude to Mr. Harrison. May his soul rest in peace in heaven. A Proud Bangladeshi.

26 Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)
27 Only a Northern Song
28 This is Love
29 Long, Long, Long

I’m crying and laughing at the same time when I hear this song. So beautiful, filled with so many emotions

30 Cheer Down
31 Stuck Inside a Cloud
32 Horse to the Water
33 Let It Down
34 Behind That Locked Door
35 Handle With Care
36 Brainwashed
37 Flying Hour
38 Any Road

This song is really awesome. I love the ukulele

39 That's What It Takes
40 If Not for You
41 If I Needed Someone
42 Faster
43 Roll Over Beethoven
44 Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby
45 I Need You
46 Think for Yourself
47 The Inner Light
48 I Want to Tell You
49 Piggies
50 Savoy Truffle
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1. My Sweet Lord
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1. My Sweet Lord
2. Got My Mind Set on You
3. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)
1. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
2. Taxman
3. Old Brown Shoe

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