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AKB48 is composed of Qiuyuankang as producer of Japanese large female music group, was founded in December 8, 2005. AKB48 consists of 59 official members, and were divided into 4 groups (Team A, Team K, TeamB and Team4), each group has 16 members (Team4 currently only 11 people, not by the graduate subs). In Akihabara has named AKB48 theater dedicated theatre, every member of the Team alternately performed almost daily. In 2010, has been certified by Guinness world records as the "world's most members of the pop group".
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1 Heavy Rotation

AKB's best song is obviously Heavy Rotation! I mean they have a lot of good songs in various themes like sakura songs, summer songs, janken, cool themed songs, and for election one... But whenever you feel sad, angry, in bad mood, or happy, this song totally rocks! It gives you good vibe even when you listen this for the first time. Heavy Rotation rocks! :D

Such an airy, happy song. It is a mood-lifter!. As of now (Feb 8, 2014) it has 99+ million views on YouTube. The song's center, Yuko Oshima, will be graduating in March... sob, sob.

A catchy, light pop song that's also a good love song. Shows there's something pretty great about AKB48.

This is a great song! I loved it from the bottom of my heart!

2 Koi Suru Fortune Cookie

This song is making very positive, active and good health for balance.

It's relaxing and heartwarming. Very suitable for everyone.

Easy listening and easily accepted by general public. Liked by everyone

Very cute! Officially my alarm clock song!

3 Beginner

I would listen to this song everyday. Whatever I'm on my mood, either its bored or happy this song always accompany me. Best Asian Song ever.

Love this song. I like the lyrics. Its very cool and dance version as well/ I saw the live and it's cool

This song isn't about love, I love it. And this song is rapping. I love rap songs.

Very nice meaning behind it! And just a nice tune. That's why I like River too!

4 Manatsu no Sounds Good

Awesome, can't stop listening.

A beautiful song...
I love it

5 Aitakatta

This song is awesome, fun, cool I really love it!

This song is the best.

Akb class song

6 River

The start was just so boring where you don't know where the song will go but when you keep listening to it there will be a bang that will make you smile realizing that it was a really cool song...

I always loved this song. The song in general was strong and great, and the lyrics were inspiring. And I honestly love Takamina so, yeah, this song was epic.

Best song ever! Number 1 song of my live. Even I could do the dance too. The center is Takamina, make I more love this song. The lyrics are making me ganbate.

Every time I listen to RIVER I'm about to cry, but also jump with happiness.

7 So Long

Did you watch the drama? They made me cry so much.. Also beautiful song.

Cool! I love this song!

8 Sakura no Hanabiratachi

It's the type of song that you unconsciously sing in your shower. Beautiful!

This song is where all of it began... It's so beautiful.

I love this Song!

Definitely top 3

9 Flying Get

It reminds me of the Hana Kimi Times, when Acchan was still there. There's no way any other song can take it's place.

This song's melody is very powerful&strong. I love it.

It has a nice tune to it. I love Flying Get!

One of the greatest song of akb48.. Love it

10 Uza

So cool, for people who say AKB would never work in America because its too cute, listen to this song, if it was translated it would been in the top 50 at least!

Their best song! Pure fire! I hope they get more concepts like this. Also in this song there are the members I like the most!

Definitely my favorite AKB song, you wouldn't even imagine this is an AKB song of you didn't know, the dance & song is 'energy' in one word.

Their best. This song is catchy and powerful. This song is everything!

The Contenders
11 Sayonara Crawl

Hey why is this not found in the top 20, along with Zero Sum Taiyou..Those 2 songs are the best for me..

Oh boy! If your a girl, this beach/pool party (sort of) would be a dream world

12 Kondo Koso Ecstasy
13 Gingham Check

Love the song, love the line up of girls on this song, love the video, love it!

Peaceful song, would make your day keep in fun. Should at least top ten.

This song has it all.

Great hook Great Dance sequence catchy cute , 2 of my most favorites centers

14 Kaze wa Fuiteiru

Such a sweet melody. & it was for Tsunami victims.. They're live was really cool, I recommend it!

It gives you hope to go throgh everything, expressed their feelings very well.

This song is so touching.. Gives me strength.

It's a song for tsunami victims and when I listen to it I think 'I feel sorry for those people'

15 Kimi No Koto Ga Suki Dakara

One of the cutest in any pop songs I've ever heard...

16 Oogoe Diamond

I just love this song! It's full of energy and spirit.

Makes me feel energized every time I listen to it!

Why is this only 24th?

Stream or I die

17 Yume No Kawa
18 Eien Pressure

Very catchy. Although I don't understand Japanese, it still sounds so good, the chorus is especially great

19 Give Me Five!

I love the drama version too, amazing song!

I know what you feel AKB48.

I loved seeing members play instruments, one of my favorite songs

20 Shonichi

I don't know why but I can relate with this song! Just so touching..

Definitely one of the best songs of AKB48!
But surprisingly it is just not so popular

Underrated song. This one is one of the best

Why didn't anyone vote this song
Its very touching if you know the meaning

21 Yuuhi Wo Miteiruka

This song has always been underrated, but it is one of the most beautiful. Definitely my favourite.

I don't know why, so falling in love with this one. So classic and easy listen. I miss the old AKB48.

Love this song so much...
The meaning is so good...

The music and the lyric is awesome!

22 Hashire! Penguin
23 Show Fight
24 Uegaramariko
25 Iiwake Maybe

This song is probably one of the songs where you have to listen to it again. It's one of my favorites besides Heavy Rotation and Everyday.

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