What I Think: The New Iron Maiden Album Will Sound Like

IronSabbathPriest Welcome to an all new series! Where I'll basically predict what certain things will be like before I've seen them.

The new Iron Maiden album entitled "The Book of Souls" is set to be released on September 4th. Lets have a look at the cover. Oh wait, we can't. Because you can't do that on TheTopTens. So I'll try and describe it to you. Although I also have it as my current profile pic.

Imagine Judas Priest's Nostradamus album cover. And replace the fictional pope with a classic Mummy Eddie. And that's it.

So the cover may seem a little simplistic, but it's not bad at all. Plus, the album has over two months to be released, so this could be more of a promotional poster.

This album also includes the longest Iron Maiden song since 1984's Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Rime of the Ancient Mariner clocks in at 13 and a half minutes AND is my joint Iron Maiden song of all time. (With Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. Yes I prefer epics to singles).

Whilst this song exceeds 18 minutes, is penned entirely by Bruce Dickinson, and is entitled "The Empire of the Clouds." (I know I should have started with that. But oh well).

There is a total of 11 songs on this album. Three of which exceed the ten minute mark, the whole album is over 90 minutes in length, making this Iron Maiden's longest album so far.

I believe this album will be really progressive. I mean come on. It's a double album with three songs exceeding ten minutes, plus they have three guitar players. (Dave, Adrian & Janick)

Every Maiden album since Brave New World has been pretty progressive. Brave New World is actually my second favourite album of their's. Seventh Son once again, being first. But in any case, I can hear what certains songs will sound like before I've even listened to this album. For evxample, when I think of "Empire of the Clouds" I think of Dream Theater's "Illumination Theory." It just springs to mind.

Iron Maiden unfortunately won't be touring this year, with Bruce's tongue cancer and all. I was actually lucky enough to see Maiden live back in August 2013. On the Maiden England tour. That was an epic show, I plan to see them many more times in the future. But enough boasting/time wasting, let's get this wrapped up.

Overall, I am really looking forward to the release of this album. I can see it winning album of the year for me. My two current favourite albums of this year is Blind Guardian's "Beyond the Red Mirror" and Steven Wilson's "Hand. Cannot. Erase." But maybe, this album will tower over both albums when it comes out.

Are you excited for this album? What do you think it will sound like? Expect a review by me of this album when it comes out. Probably a few days after it comes out.
-ISP out.


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