How I discovered Metal music

IronSabbathPriest I decided to do this, because I'm an unoriginal t***.

Anyway, it all started in the year 2011. The year previously, Iron Maiden's latest album, The Final Frontier, was released. My Dad was a fan of the band, so we had the CD in the car a lot. I asked if I could borrow the CD, because there really was some amazing stuff on that album. (F*** you modern Iron Maiden haters).

Anyway, I wanted to learn more about Maiden. So I looked into the rest of their catalogue. Thankfully, my Dad already had most of their discography. So I knew where to look. I heard the Powerslave and Number of the Beast albums. And they were awesome too!

The only problem was, for the next two years, Maiden was the only thing I really listened to. I also liked the Foo Fighters, and I love their Wasting Light and Colour and Shape albums! But those were the only two bands really.

By christmas 2013, I decided to buy all remaining Iron Maiden albums, and that's what I did. However, I saw Maiden's Virtual XI album was on 2 for £10 offer. So I also bought Megadeth's Rust in Peace.

Rust in Peace... wow. Virtual XI is a great album but Rust in Peace was just wow! It remains my all time favourite album.

Inspired by Megadeth, I decided to look for stuff by Metallica. I looked for some of their albums online, which is actually how I found this site (Top Ten Metallica songs).

I listened to the first five albums + St. Anger and Death Magnetic. All are great. Well, the black album is OK. St. Anger sucks s***.

Anyway, at the same time as this, I was a visitor on thetoptens. I found Pantera and Judas Priest and Avenged Sevenfold. (The latter being one I could've done without).

I learned that the first metal band ever was Black Sabbath. I found that interesting, so I listened to Paranoid and the debut album. Sabbath have fantastic early stuff. And the Dio period was great too. I was also inspired to check out Ozzy and Dio's solo careers. Which I'm glad I did. Also, Randy Rhoads and Tony Iommi are two of the best guitarists of all time.

I became a member of thetoptens in late July 2014, and I got into some more amazing bands like Iced Earth and Dream Theater. Now, Dream Theater are one of those bands who are just musical geniuses. They're all world class musicians, John Petrucci has been invited on the G3 tour six times! More than any other guitarist!

I got into more progressive stuff such as Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Rush, Queen, The Beatles, King Crimson, etc.

I listened to death metal and black metal. Both super good and super underrated. Although I dissaprove of people killing in the name of black metal. I'm just talking about the bands. I discovered Opeth, another one of my favourites. I could honestly go on forever, but I'm boring you. So I'll name my top 30 bands:

30. Morbid Angel
29. Helloween
28. Testament
27. Sepultura
26. Darkthrone
25. Bathory
24. Iced Earth
23. Overkill
22. Mastodon
21. Anthrax
20. Pain of Salvation
19. King Crimson
18. Porcupine Tree
17. Symphony X
16. Blind Guardian
15. Metallica
14. Judas Priest
13. Megadeth
12. Black Sabbath
11. Death
10. Pantera
09. Alice in Chains
08. Motorhead
07. Dream Theater
06. The Beatles
05. Rush
04. Queen
03. Pink Floyd
02. Opeth
01. Iron Maiden


To be honest, I used to listen to metal a lot when I was little but stopped listening to it for some reason but now, Metal is back into my head as 2nd best genre after Electronic... I love myself. - visitor

I do have some respect for Electronic. Some of the songs are pretty catchy. - IronSabbathPriest

I honestly think metal and electronic have WAY more in common than metal and rap do. Nothing against rap. - visitor

SuperHyperdude. - IronSabbathPriest

I'm gonna be serious here. If I haven't found metal, I would be listening to country music to this day. - visitor

I’m surprised you placed Opeth so high up. Don’t get me wrong, I like them, but that surprises me. - visitor

Funny. My top 30 bands is REALLY outdated here. But Opeth is one of the few I'd still place high. I absolutely love them. - IronSabbathPriest

I’ve only recently started listening to them; Black Rose Immortal is my favorite so far. - visitor