Best The Jam Songs

I've been waiting for this list for quite a while so I thought I'd make my own.

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1 Going Underground

This is such a great song

The best of a fantastic bunch

I don't here the song yet.. I don't know what I'm talking ABOUT and I'm only listen to Avenged Sevenfold for my entire life..

2 Town Called Malice

This is the Jam's most famous song. Appeared in so many films! Its so good. For me, its definitely in the top spot. Every instrument in the song is key! LOVE WELLER'S VOICE!

Don't get me wrong, I love the jam and their style, but I like this so much because it is different. The gift has a totally different style and this is the best on it. Great lyrics, such an upbeat dancy song.

The jam at their best

Best Jam song EVER!

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3 Down in the Tube Station at Midnight

Brilliant commentary. Brilliant music. "Atheist nutter."

Because they took the keys and she'll think its me...

A true masterpiece! One of The Jam's and England's most brilliant song. Needs to be in the number one spot!
'And I'm down in the tube station at midnight oh whoa oh ohh ohh! ' <--- iconic land famous lyrics in England.
Its our country's national anthem!

I copied the lyrics to this song for some English homework at school back in 1979. I then finished the homework with my own words. Teachers comments were " a stunning beginning and middle section but failed miserably towards the end" Sorry Mr Jones (teacher)

Fred Cannock

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4 That's Entertainment

England's best song along with Bittersweet Symphony. Should easily be placed at no. 1! This song represents all that The Jam were about.

Best Jam track of all time in my opinion

One of the coolest songs ever... !

My favourite Jam song!

5 The Eton Rifles

Almost as good as the clash

6 Start

Kind of stunned this is not in the top ten. It's got the catchy Beatles Taxman riff and some good lines "If we communicate for just two minutes only that would be A...Start! "

One of the first singles I owned, with 'Lisa Radley' on the B side

7 Beat Surrender

Best ever x

8 The Modern World
9 The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had to Swallow)
10 Strange Town

Fantastic song from the best band ever

The Contenders

11 When You're Young

Absolutely love this song. Lyrics are fantastic and guitar tops it off. Still get goose bumps listening to it

Awesome song- its what I play to feel better.

The greatest in a great run of singles from Tue Station to Going Underground. Pure pop genius.

12 Absolute Beginners
13 The Butterfly Collector

Sneery lyrics... haunting tempo changes... a masterpiece

14 In the City

Great song. Fast, melodic, a great blend of their earlier punk and later pop sound

Is the best song of The Jam even better than Town called Malice

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15 Ghosts

Good that it is in the top ten but, it EASILY HAS TO BE IN THE TOP THREE! This song is a mix of their slow singing and melodic guitar, making it one of their best. VOTE UP!

Wonderful thought provoking tune. Loved it as a 15 yr old as I do today.

16 Funeral Pyre
17 English Rose

My favourite song of all time! So slow and peaceful. The singing is angelic. On of the world's best songs. Has to be in the top three of any list. It makes me cry! Such a piece of art.

A truly beautiful song from The Jam.

18 Man In the Corner Shop

Classic suburban song!

I think this is a amazingly catchy song - one of my favourites - so why is it #16?

19 Just Who is the 5 O'Clock Hero?
20 Private Hell

Incredibly powerful lyrics. Intense energy. Quite simply, in my humble opinion, the best Jam song ever

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1. Going Underground
2. Town Called Malice
3. Start
1. Going Underground
2. Down in the Tube Station at Midnight
3. That's Entertainment



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