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1 Misery's Crown

The overall performance of the band on the track is absolutely brilliant. The vocals are impressive as always, the instrumentals aren't the most difficult or convoluted but meld beautifully to lend melody to a metal song... Not the kind of thing you hear everyday

Misery's Crown is an incredible song. Both Misery's Crown and In My Absence are my two favourites, they're absolutely legendary songs that keep up such brilliance throughout them. The melody is amazing.

If anyone ever claimed that extreme metal could not melodic, this would be the track you'd play them first to prove otherwise.

2 Terminus

Rock with it, lean with it, an amazing song with nice intro and deep growling voice.

Most melodious intro till date
One wont get bored even after hearing it a thousand times

3 Lost to Apathy

What a flawless song. Its brutal, unrelenting and has a beautiful solo. The vocals are very intimate and done with a lot of passion. The lyrics are beautiful and thought provoking. Its as if the singer is talking to you, criticizing your weakness and telling you to try to be stronger instead of just ignoring the problems hoping they will go away.

Filter the nonsense and laugh at what's left
Matters taken away

Look at the shell that is you
Empty, fragile, weak
Soon the battle is over, lost to apathy

4 In My Absence

This song evokes so many emotions of frustration and saddness, probably one of the saddest songs lyric-wise, but that doesn't mean it don't kick some alligator behind. I could name a bunch of other perfect D.T. songs, like Lethe, Lost to Apathy, the first 8 songs on Damage Done, even None Becoming on Construct. No band has every been as good for almost twenty years as this one. And I mean every album is at least an 8/10. Several are 10/10. Best metal band ever that consistently kills it on each album, should be more popular, but the vocal style is hard for most sheeple to even give a second thought. People don't know what they're missing in this genre...if they only knew.

5 Uniformity

This song is awesome.. It should be in top 5.. I just love the keyboards of this song it was done perfectly.. And mikeal stanne melodic vocals at chorus did a great mixture with his growling vocals in the verses..

6 What Only You Know

Just perfect. A real masterpiece in every way.

7 Lethe

Absolutely the best metal song that I've ever heard! The amazing vocal made my day actually The bass rhtyme actually kicks ass!

The. Best. Metal. Song. I've. Ever. Listened. DT is not my favorite band but this song is my favorite song.

This song is just simply Amazing I can't help it when I hear it!

8 Monochromatic Stains

This song is among the best death metal songs I've ever heard, perfect sound and theme!

The most melodic of all their songs with awesome melodic guitar work too... Try Out...

Listening to this I got stains all over my body...

9 Insanity's Crescendo
10 Icipher

Can't decide which one is better, Icipher and Misery's Crown, I like these two equally.
Icipher gets less votes, so I will vote for it.

That song really should be first.

Wow I think the gallery should be the first but icipher gotta be the second right away

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11 Focus Shift
12 Atoma

Absolutely love this song and Atoma in general. Melodeath combined with a contemporary and more accessible to make something truly unique

A more contemporary touch to melodic death metal music. Should be in the top 10 soon.

13 State of Trust
14 Therein

Laugh out loud, I thought that this song was at the top place, but it is at 17th place. This song does not deserve this poor place at all!

This is a unique piece of art that perectly blends clean and harsh, power and melody and much more.
Also, melancholic feeling and amazing lyrics. Best song from the best band

There in is a song no one can ever create... The clean vocals add a extreme sense of melody... And the echo is just awesome

15 The Mundane and the Magic

First song I've heard from them, so it will always hold a place in my heart. And it sounds amazing with the female vocals

Awesome... Simply awesome.. Stannes vocals give me shivers... His clean vocals add a nice effect to the song as do the girls

Nice female vocals and Stanne's voice is amazing.

16 Punish My Heaven

This one got me into the band in the first place, and it opens the band's best album.

Amazing song.
Better than lost to apathy and terminus. (and I
Love those two songs)

Powerful song. Melodic as hell and made me a fan

17 Iridium

One of the most melodic, beautiful and serene songs I've ever heard. Should be given more appreciation.

This achieves the ultimate goal of music. It makes you feel strong emotions.

Sounds amazingly beautiful! M/

18 My Negation

His best vocal performance. Inside the Particle Storm has his second best one.

19 Cathode Ray Sunshine

I heard this song first on Brutal Legend and I was automatically attracted to it by the excellent melodic beginning. Ever since then I started listening to more of this great band

Amazing melodic intro and beautiful song as a whole! It's awe inspiring and one of the reasons why I love Swedish bands

Very underrated, it deserves to be in the top 5.

20 The Gallery

The gallery are 10 times better that terminus simply rocks you out just by hearing the intro

21 Inside the Particle Storm

Slow, brutal, perfect intensity.

22 Final Resistance
23 The Treason Wall
24 The Lesser Faith

What? 30? This song is amazing, it has catchy verses and a wonderful chorus!

25 Shadow Duet
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