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1 Surfing with the Alien

Surfing with the Alien was the one song that changed my whole view of what guitar playing is. Until then, I thought strumming a couple chords and playing an eight bar melody is good enough. My parents handed a Greatest of Joe Satriani CD, and this is the first one I heard. This song inspired me to create my own solos, and he is my role model. In short, fantastic song!

great masterpiece, is really his best song ever! the best part is in almost the ending, but all the song is awesome!
- rock2metal

Ultimately his most influential song

the best..

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2 Always with Me, Always with You

I envy this man! So much soul in this song. It is the best Satch song that I have ever heard

This is such an unreal song! He pretty much sings through his guitar in every song, but this is so beautiful! I love him! :D and by the way, how is If I Could Fly not on the list? It's a masterpiece

Majestic guitar interpretation... the beginning of lounge music... The sound of a decade.


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3 Summer Song

It's really a good song, from "The Extremist" album that it entire good! But this one had to be my favorite from him! Nice intro and riff, then solo... Just awesome!

Great high energy song perfectly captures the excitement of summer. Great guitar/bass exchanges too in the bridge, not common in Joe's music. If only he would play Speed of Light publicly...

After a number of surgeries, this song gets me moving, no matter how much pain! They should play this over the whole rehab area!

Songs awesome when I crank it to 100 on my bose

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4 Satch Boogie

I think that this should be on top tied with Surfing With the Alien. - freerunner770

Funful, rockful and a bit punk, it really rocks! - cankucuk17

Kind of cool even though I kind of HATE this guy. Its really fun to play on guitar hero. - moose4life19

It's just amazing how Joe combines country riffs and goes from amaazing riffs to blazing fast guitar play, with a whammybar dance. This guy really know how to treat that whammy.

5 If I Could Fly

I think this is one of those kinds which only Joe could have imagined and played. I don't think any one would ever had thought of this song and the melody is of "awesomeness" quality. Its wonderful to hear it any time and is a song to be heard by all the guitarists in the world.

The first 30 seconds of this song should get you hooked. The song with the most elegant melody, in my opinion.
A classic that certainly deserves more votes here.

As a guitarist as well as a listener, this has to be the best song to improvise to and in my opinion this beautiful song doesn't sound a lot like viva la vida. I love Joe Satriani's music and I'm absolutely no fan of cold play but I'm afraid I slightly disagree with Joe's accusations.

Hands down the best Satriani Song ever, enough said.

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6 Cryin'

This is one of the best and most emotional pieces of Satriani, can't believe it's not in the top ten.

Its just Damn good for to hear

The song just touches your heart. The intro keeps buzzing in your head. You literally feel like crying after you listen to this great piece by the maestro Satriani.


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7 A Door Into Summer

Relatively new, but what a cracker of a song! Definitely a top 10!

8 Crushing Day

This is one of his best songs. It's very intense. Listening to it at full blast is amazing.

That unending intensity that just flies all over the fret board from 1:54 to 3:50 is just Joe "going off" at his best. Sheer joy - energy - passion - wicked flow of notes just pouring out in creative melodic hypnotic fashion. #1 for me, even above SWTA and Satch Boogie.

In my opinion the coolest of all of his songs very fast paced, it gets my vote, because it should be way higher.

The very first Joe Satch song I ever heard

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9 Crystal Planet

It is a really nice compose and great playing, enjoy the enjoyment

Joe's unique note choice and gift for melody shines like a supernova on this track.

This is just out of this world.

People just listen to it.. don't go by the number of comments

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10 Flying in a Blue Dream

I can't believe none of you put this at the number 1 spot. This song is absolutely amazing.!

I feel like I'm flying in a blue dream just listening to this song

I was listening to Indian classical music for years and this appeared somewhat a rock rendition of Raag Shri. Whatever it is, its a great piece of music and that's what we want.

This is what awesome songs like. Great rips and covers a fantastic range.

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11 The Forgotten, Pt. Two

The best instrumental song ever written. A true masterpiece

Is there anything that comes close to the intensity of this song?
I have been hooked for more than 10 years. And I keep playing this song.

I thought picking one from Satch's collection would be difficult, but really, nothing matches the intensity and range of this one. Listening to it from beginning to end is an emptional rollercoaster. A true masterpiece

Really powerful full of emotion got me first time

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12 It´s So Good

My fave, this is the kind of song I wish I wrote, I am never proud of anything I do, but if I were to have written this song I would content that I left a good mark of myself in this world.

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13 Is There Love in Space?

It's a good song!
My first satch song.. So gonna be special to me always!

14 Ice 9

This and the Extremist are probably his best. Today at least. That'll probably change tomorrow.

Ice 9 is the best. It has killer riffs and solo is amazing.

15 Time

This song, written by Satriani, and in which ALL instruments are played by Satriani shows the true flare he can really display as a musician. Great song, constructive.

Incredible song, good intro riff 3:08 extra riff with 2 guitars

This song is more than just an audio experience for me.

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16 The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing

Too many of his casual fan favorites. Songs like Crowd Chant and I Just Wanna Rock don't compare to this classic. A song Satch admits is one of his technically most difficult. - Savoie11

There may be songs with better melodies and hooks, but this one features his best playing from a technical standpoint. Definitely my favorite Satch tune.

This song is top ten quality in my opinion.

Amazing song

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17 God is Crying

Great guitar solo..

18 Circles

Oh man I love this song. Don't get me wrong, I mostly agree with this list in terms of the popular opinion. But Circles gets my vote, mainly because it should go higher than 10. It's so catchy, you gotta love it!

I love this song more than flying in the blue dream but I can call it a tie

Flying in a blue dream is still alpha but this one rocks

So hard to play

19 Super Colossal

This song straight rocks like no other song I have ever heard in my entire existence. There are those other songs of Satch's (my personal FAVORITE guitarist ever) like Made of Tears or Alwaya with Me, Alwaya with You that are amazing, but this song rocks so freakin hard.

I used to listen to this at least 10 times a day when I was like 7 or 8. love it!

This song just takes you to another world... It's that good!

20 Clouds Race Across the Sky

Probably one of the most relaxing and yet technical songs Joe Statriani has ever done. Listen to it at least once a day.

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