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Kate Bush is a musical genius! What are your favorite songs from her career?
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1 Wuthering Heights

Her finest song, in my opinion, but that is not to say that her other songs were not brilliant. It's just that this particular song showed off her voice and demonstrated how she could portray real meaning in a love story.

Love Wuthering Heights as a book, and I think she really effectively shows the quiet tragedy of the story as well as the romantic aspect. Also, her voice is awesome.

It's a work of genius. It seems decades or perhaps centuries ahead of its time. It's also her best-selling single to date.

2 Running Up that Hill

This isn't only the best song by Kate Bush but also the best song of all time. Whenever I listen to it, it does something to me that I can't describe. It just speaks to your soul, and you feel it in your bones.

So truly beautiful, and after it took the world by storm in Stranger Things 4, it's become one of the greatest songs of all genres.

This song is a work of art. One of the best songs ever written from one of the best albums I have ever heard. Absolutely adore Kate's voice.

3 This Woman's Work

A well-written, touching song that brings goosebumps to the skin. A beautiful example of Kate Bush's lyrical skill and writing abilities. Possibly one of the most emotional and beautiful songs from a British singer-songwriter you will ever hear. Just gorgeous.

This song is so moving it brings me to tears every time I hear it, but I would never wish not to be able to hear it. Moving and thought-evoking masterpiece. I adore it.

A wonderful piece of work that is still played today in many films and television shows.

4 Cloudbusting

One of the few songs that can make me laugh, cry, and dance simultaneously. I love the gradual build-up of the strings. The choir at the end is just sublime. Brought to my attention via The Handmaid's Tale S3, it has given the song an entirely new meaning. Quite simply breathtaking.

Such an inspired song. Kate's voice is just amazing, as well as meaningful lyrics and beautiful violin! It really takes me up high to the clouds.

The whole of Hounds of Love is a masterpiece, and this song is just a perfect example of why. I don't think the album would be the same without it.

5 Hounds of Love

Her voice is absolutely stunning in this, and she explores human emotion beautifully. This has absolutely got to be in the top ten!

6 Babooshka

It's hard to choose between any song from her career so far, as each song has a poetic greatness about it. I believe the fantastically quirky and beautiful Kate Bush to be one of the best lyricists in the business ever, and she has such an awesome voice! Love her, she makes me tingle!

Catchy and cool. Kate Bush at her best.

7 Breathing

Kate herself has said this is probably her favorite work to date, her "little symphony" as she calls it. I couldn't agree more that it is her best, all-out full-package deal.

As I can't vote on The Ninth Wave in its entirety, I think this is Kate's most complete song, musically and emotionally.

8 Hello Earth

Gives me the shivers every time!

9 Sat In Your Lap

This song is so quirky and catchy, comes at you 100 mph. Another bit of Kate Bush genius, the video leaves you breathless.

10 The Man with the Child in His Eyes

So lovely and moving, with her voice both warm and otherworldly. A vastly underappreciated talent in America.

I always enjoy listening and singing along with this beautiful song. This song successfully takes me to a place where Kate has been before and allows me to explore. Her singing style is so purely sweet and delicate that I can identify with the mystical experience of my own expression that comes to life.

~Linda Meserve

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11 Under the Ivy
12 And Dream of Sheep

A lullaby that draws you into a bad dream. Kate doesn't pander. She demands that you bring your own imagination to her music. One of the best story-songs ever written.

I've never cried to this song, but it makes me mellow. Not because it's depressing but because it's just so beautiful. A song that forces you to listen whether you know it or not.

13 King of the Mountain

A great comeback track, using the obsession with Elvis Presley as the basis of the song. We waited twelve years and were not disappointed.

14 Suspended in Gaffa

Love the melody, lyrics, and vocals. Very interesting single. Personally the best from The Dreaming album.

15 Don't Give Up
16 Moments of Pleasure

This is, for me, a truly moving masterpiece of music and lyrics, written at a time of great emotional turmoil and sadness in Kate's life, and this is reflected in the song. The repeating piano refrain underpins the song with other instruments (wonderful Michael Kamen strings) and her singing weaving around it, along with the words which are so emotionally charged.

It is a work of perfection with all elements playing their part and fitting together in her unique way. She allows the listener into her private world of personal memories and important experiences, as she does so wonderfully well.

17 The Big Sky
18 Waking the Witch
19 The Sensual World

Amazing. Inspired by Molly Bloom's soliloquy in the James Joyce novel Ulysses, Kate Bush takes us on a journey into The Sensual World.

20 Night of the Swallow

Wonderful storytelling and brilliant vocals and music. Also, this is a duet sung by Kate alone. The entire Dreaming album deserves to be in the top ten Kate Bush songs.

21 Get Out of My House

One of my two favorite Kate Bush songs (the other being Running Up that Hill). This is so intense and really replicates the tone of The Shining well.

22 Wow

Difficult choice between Wow and Wuthering Heights, but I voted for Wow to keep it in the top ten.

23 Mother Stands for Comfort
24 Army Dreamers

One of the most beautiful and poignant anti-war songs ever written. It should be compulsory listening for all those who think war is a game.

The first time I heard the piece, I was in total shock over its beauty. Easily her best song, at least for me.

25 James and the Cold Gun
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