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1 We Belong Together We Belong Together Cover Art

She has a lot of catchy songs and people seem to have voted for them in this list, but come on, We Belong Together is just such a powerful song. It should really be near the top if not 1

This Song Is So Beautiful It reminds Me when I was a 8 I first heard this so on a jeepney in The Philippines My mom Said MC's A Great singer and when she said the title of this song I searched and download it immediately when we got home every time, everyday I listened to this song but after years I forgot this song I seriously forgot it on my mind its like I already had a amnesia because I heard this song 2008 and now I'm 13 I also like watching american idol starting at season 7 when it said that MC Will be a judge on AI My Mum & Grandma Was Excited to watch It Me too. I always Watched It And When The Finale Has came I have watched the first 3 performers when I heard MC's song Vision Of Love I was Like! Then Make It Happen, my All and hero And After Hero I Heard this Song again I was like WHAT IS THIS SONG AGAIN?
And Then I Finally Heard This Song And This Song Came On My Life Again After 5 years now I'm 13 And I was like what happened to this songs now? -_-

Mariah Carey has always been my favorite artist, and I don think any other song speaks to me as much as this one. Emotions and Love Takes Time are great, but this song just brings me so much nostalgia that the other songs just cannot reach.

Call me a victim of my generation, I grew up in the 2000's and so, naturally by the laws of radio exposure, "We Belong Together" is my favorite song from the Queen of All Divas. And the fact that whenever it's playing on my headphones, in public, at school, and I'm lip syncing every syllable exactly and acting out all the emotions as I'm listening in front of everybody as they all look at me like I'm some kind of delusional Looney Tune without a care, tells you that I really love this song! Seriously, it's so comical, sometimes I'll even start pointing at someone randomly and they get this bizarre look like "Is this kid on crack? " and there I sit and just keep on swaying side to side with the music, like nobodsy's watching.

2 Hero Hero Cover Art

I think it's the best Mariah's song ever! It really deserves not only to be here, but also to win this Top-10!

This song makes me feel hope in both myself and in the world. It really is so beautiful it can bring tears to the eye. "We Belong Together" is a good song of course but it's just so overrated. You don't get as much emotion from it as you do from this song.

When this song released "Hero" became The "Hero" In many Charts, also all throughout the years "Hero" became Carey's signature song, this power-house ballad song should be in the top

Hero is by far, my MOST FAVORITE Mariah Carey song. Thank you, Mariah for bringing this song into all of our lives. There is not 1 person who when they hear the words to this song, cannot think of a moment or a person that best reflects the words in this song. Well Done!

3 Fantasy Fantasy Cover Art

This song will always be one of my all time favorite songs.

This song should be #1! One of my favorite songs of all time! Always smile when I listen to it.

Love this song, I sing it all of the time and I think it's one of the highlights in the album.

Best Mariah Carey song ever. No wonder it debuted at number one. Unbelievably original and unforgettable. Perfect use of the Tom Tom Club sample. Absolutely brilliant.

4 Without You Without You Cover Art

I don't think she has many good songs but I do believe she has the most beatiful voice I've ever heard. Listening to this song just gives me goose bumps.. What a range, what a tone and what a passion you feel when you hear her singing this song.

Too bad no one can sing like this these days.. And if they do on an album, they need autotune on a concert.

She has the most powerful voice on earth, this song is the best.. No one can beat her, more power to you. God bless.

Very very lovely... Love " em most

I don't care about this song's achievement, I don't care who is the writer of this song. I just think that this song is very catchy. Mariah's voice is more than incredible in this song. That's make me love this song.

5 My All My All Cover Art

Mariah was real sunshine in the 90's. I love many Carey's songs from that era but "My All" is my personal favorite

That song is really good, I'm cry while hear that's song and mariah carey voice..

My personal favorite Mariah's song to date. Great sound and lyrics. Very melodious track

Maria has all musical instruments in her throat. I love her sweet voice. No one can sing songs like that of Maria nowadays. Nowadays a singer can only get the full support of musical instruments and then hide his or her weakness. But Maria not like that. So it is clear that Maria is Maria.

6 Emotions Emotions Cover Art

As much as I love Fantasy, Vision of Love, I Want to Know What Love Is, Hero, and even WE BELONG TOGETHER, Emotions is just my personal favorite. It means so much to me really because it's the first Mariah Carey song I really got to know. I'm a millenium baby (2000) so I grew up in the Emancipation of MiMi era. I always knew Always be My Baby and All I Want for Christmas is You, but Emotions... I just don't know how to describe the connection with this song. I guess when I first heard Oh Santa! I just then realized that Mariah Carey had an outstanding range with the whistle register and so I looked up her whistle register live. Emotions. This was the song where she showed it the most in my opinion. I'm not even kidding when I say that I want to start to cry every time I hear her whistle registers. Mariah Carey is my biggest musical influence and I want to be a legendary icon with her range and maybe achieve the whistle register. The whistle register is rare and special so if I could ...more

That E7 note says it all...

Extremely difficult song to sing, only Mariah can do it right!

The mtv live version of this song is the best performance of any artist of anytime. Beautiful, young, talented beyond words and happy to sing. The backing group were spot on.

7 Vision of Love Vision of Love Cover Art

Vision of is the most beautiful song I'd ever heard. :) A dedication for god. That's why I love this so much

Her vocals on this track are insane! She showcases her entire capability. Amazing range, whistle register, advanced runs, everything. Perfect song to introduce us to this legend!

By far her best song... such a beautiful and different message. amazing composition and BEAUTIFUL VOCALS

This song is love by everyone in my family, so as a result of this I believe Vision of Love is my number song

8 One Sweet Day One Sweet Day Cover Art

It's simply peacful, harmonised and amazing

This song should be number 1 because it is the longest running nuber 1 hit of all time and the most poplar song of a decade according to billboard and in the top 40 of all time

Her most successful song and THE most successful song of all time case closed

Why the hell is this down here?! This is the most beautiful song ever! So sad!

9 Honey Honey Cover Art

Oh baby I've got a dependency...always strung out for another taste of your honey...

This song is awesome and really shows how unique Mariah is. Also the video is amazing and Mimi is stunning!

Best song of Mariah, glad it's at least #10. Should be higher though

3 weeks atop billboard hot 100

10 All I Want for Christmas is You All I Want for Christmas is You Cover Art

Can't believe it just became a #1! So proud of Mariah, and this song literally defines Christmas. This time shouldn't be about presents and money, it should be about your love ones and friends. This song defines that and more, and that's why I love it.

Her highest selling single of all time... Also one of the top ten highest selling female singles of all time... This is truly one of her greatest hits yet... And has been for 17 years because every Christmas this song is always number 1

I love Christmas and this music is my vision of Christmas.

Great Christmas song! Highly recommended (if you've been living under a rock for 22 years and haven't heard it! ) I love this song.

The Contenders

11 Always Be My Baby

In my opinion, the Greatest song my MC. It's so fun and addictive! Can't believe this one isn't in the top 10!

This is my favorite songs, it's makes me happy everyday, I wish I can share this to all of my friends but I can't

Why this isn’t under We Belong Together, I will never know. This and the latter are her best songs ever, but Hero is a close third!

Great song! Love the lyrics and the beat. Why this one isn't in the top ten greatly confuses me!

12 Heartbreaker Heartbreaker Cover Art

I LOVE this song I should of known right from the start you will heart

My favorite Mariah Carey song!

Second verse = LIFE

1. Heartbreaker
2. Fantasy
3. One Sweet Day
4. We Belong Together
5. Dreamlover

13 Dreamlover Dreamlover Cover Art

Listening to this on a summer day is the best thing in the Whole world! This song made me become a lamb and is truly my favorite along With Crybaby, To be around you, Irresistible and Yours

Summertime magic, with lyrics that glitter with nostalgia.

This one really takes me into somewhere so nostalgic, yet I never ever been in that somewhere before.

My favorite but picked emotions due to the iconic high note!

14 Breakdown Breakdown Cover Art

With "Breakdown," Mariah was able to combine Contemporary R&B and Hip-Hop into something so sexy, sultry, and intimate yet classy, elegant, and sophisticated at the same time. Mariah took a break from her usual "vocal gymnastics," yet she was able to shine even without it. Her delivery had this subtle and muted quality to it, which gave the song an aura of mystery. In contrast, the lyrics are intricately detailed and extremely honest. If you paid attention to the lyrics, you would feel yourself getting transported to the song and you'd be able to see yourself in that situation. You wouldn't just feel every emotion and relate to it, you would live it. That's how vivid the song is when it comes to evoking visual imagery among its listeners. All in all, this is a superb song about heartbreak that doesn't rely on generalized cliches and all that trite stuff. It's sad that this song wasn't given the support it deserved by Columbia, which consequently made the song unknown to the general ...more

What an incredible song, surely among the finest of her artistry, deserving a place on any list, anytime... If you're searching for flawless interception between an amazing song and an incredible interpretation, can't put this one away. Why is she one of the very best? Answered.

Mariah and the bones are simply magic... My favourite from butterfly... Great video too...

Years ahead of her time with this amazing track. Proving her influence has become what is now too ubiquitous, this innovative collaboration with B, T&H is still as dazzling & heartbreaking as it was 16 years ago.

15 I Want to Know What Love Is I Want to Know What Love Is Cover Art

Best ever vocals shift

This song makes me fill love

Just an amazing song. Makes me want to cry. Her voice brings the words to life

I'm in love with this song so romentic

16 Love Takes Time Love Takes Time Cover Art

This is a great sing and must be listed on the Top 10. Mariah really showed what she can do in this song. And it's very pleasant to ears.

Her second number one single, the song that made me love mariah

This song is very beautiful.

The whistle gives me life

17 When You Believe When You Believe Cover Art

This song should be number 1 in the list. Very inspirational, meaningful, gives you faith. It really touches your heart.

Makes me believe that if we believe in something, a miracle could happen to it.

She and Whitney produced heaven with that song, should have had a bigger impact

I think this song should be the first of this list and Whitney's list, so beautiful, so instructive and it gives faith and strengh when we're sad

18 Can't Let Go Can't Let Go Cover Art

Has this become forgotten? It has one of the most beautiful melodies of any Mariah song, and anyone can agree the production and the performance are subtle and gentle and not so over the top singing and whistling as some of her other -later- hits. It's a joy.

How can this not even rate? Surely a true fan of Mariah will know that this song is among her absolute finest work. That note she hits at the end of the track...

This track is flawless and should defiantly be in top 10's. You can feel the emotion throughout this whole track. Masterpiece.

If ever there is a song that surpasses all songs, its this one. The lyrics, the melody, the performance, the whistle! Maybe its because it didn't get to number 1 because they removed it from the charts back then. But be that as it may, this should be either 1st or worst 2nd. It will always be 1st in my books.

19 Butterfly Butterfly Cover Art

I love many of Mariah's songs, but this one has to be my favorite. It is so emotional. It is almost like an emotional experience. This is song is based on Mariah's divorce to Tommy Mottola. A song is an experience, and this is a perfect example of it.

Her voice in this song is everything! And the lyrics is the best in her career, just like I read the poem when I go through the lyrics

The song emotionally has very deep lyrics. It really can represent my feeling which is hard to say with someone

20 Through the Rain Through the Rain Cover Art

Her best song ever! I really don't have an idea why this song is number 44! It Must number 1-5! ! !

Her tone through the quiet parts is irresistible and the climax of the song with the runs and all is amazing.

My second favorite of hers after "My All".

Should stay in top 3!

21 Sweetheart Sweetheart Cover Art
22 Obsessed Obsessed Cover Art

The most mind blowing song of Mariah Carey and I like the voice and sounds of this songs very much, moreover its and sexy and top song

This song is just the best song ever. Shows off Mariah's more dirty/pop/sexy/funky side and I love it!

The most and amazing song ever of Mariah, love her, her voice and everything very much

This is how I started to liking Mariah..

23 I Still Believe I Still Believe Cover Art

I'm like all music of mariah carey

24 Someday Someday Cover Art

I Really Love This Song One Of The The Best Of Mariah Carey's Songs

Really? 35th on the list?

Best song for sure

Dis song is really really dope

25 Forever Forever Cover Art

This Should Be On The Top 1 Because Its So Wonderful As Ever

A gorgeous song that is super underrated

Such a lovely song

This is great - it deserved to be her 12th U.S number 1

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