Best Songs From 30 Seconds To Mars' A Beautiful Lie

Vote for your favourite songs from 30 Seconds To Mars' 2nd album, the "dark" Hard Rock album A Beautiful Lie, the album that has sold over 4 million copies and has propelled 30 Seconds To Mars' into big guns in the Rock industry.
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1 A Beautiful Lie

Great song with wonderful sense! Jared's vois is amazing! And what a beautiful melody... Oh, it's one of the most important and influential songs that exist! Listening to this song is breathtaking! It's wonderful! Without it is impossible to imagine the music in general (: Unbelievable.

This song features the best consistent guitar riff Jared Leto has ever written. The intro is epic, the lyrics are memorable, the chorus is genius and the whispers near the end of the song blow your mind away. Did I mention the riff? Oh yea, I did. WATCH THE VIDEO!

This it's something ridiculous, in the list of best songs from the album this is rated at #1, but in the list of hesto songs from 30 Seconds to Mars is rated #5, and in my opinion "a beautiful lie"is the best of 30 Seconds to Mars songs

2 From Yesterday


3 The Kill

BEST SONG EVER! Jared Leto's voice is amazing, I'm in love with them.

No.2 how!
This is the best 30 Seconds to Mars song ever!

4 Attack

It was the perfect intro to the album

Definitely their best song.

This Is The Best Song In The Album, Amazing Vocal,Great Guitar,Cool Drums
This Is By Far My Favorite 30Sec To Mars' Song

5 The Story

The most underrated song on the album, this song has the best lyrics they ever wrote and it never gets old.

6 The Fantasy
7 R-Evolve

Should be in the top 5 after the kill, attack,a beautiful lie and from yesterday

8 Savior
9 Was It a Dream?
10 Battle of One

Most hardcore Mars song ever and always will be, so powerful and epic, the last 30 seconds is explosive.

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11 A Modern Myth
12 Hunter
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