Best Marillion Songs

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1 Kayleigh

The whole album is amazing, great story. One of my all time favorite. If you don't know that band, just listen to Misplaced Childhood, true genius!

Best Marillion love - broken hearted song

2 Lavender
3 He Knows You Know

Why the hell is this #15? - Xinferno-awaitsX

4 Grendel

Love fish love this is an epic song great band very underrated

5 Script For a Jester's Tear
6 Pseudo Silk Kimono
7 Jigsaw
8 Torch Song
9 Punch & Judy
10 Forgotten Sons

Just love this one!

The Newcomers

? When I Meet God

I was very surprised not to see this amazing song on this list. Had to add it!

The Contenders

11 Lavender Blue
12 Beautiful
13 Freaks
14 Sugar Mice
15 Heart of Lothian: Wide Boy / Curtain Call
16 The Invisible Man

If there was one song that just CAN'T be recreated live, this is one.

17 Neverland

Does go on a bit, but it would be an incredibly popular song if it were't for its unreasonable length

This is quite possibly Hogarth era's greatest song

No 26? Shou ld be number 1.

18 Chelsea Monday

Moving. - RalphSaad

19 Incubus
20 Afraid of Sunlight

This is the best song ever. As long as I've heard Marillion, this one has always been my favorite. It's not just my favorite underrated song, it's my favorite song of all time. The vocals go great with the music, and its lyrics are tremendous! Please vote or listen to this song, it is amazing.


21 Ocean Cloud

So great I can't even explain it. guitar and keyboards are fab

Epic song up there with Grendel

22 Fugazi
23 Blind Curve

One of their best

The best I think!

33?! But it's the best song of the best alvum of the band! The Climax as 6:30 is the best the band ever got.

24 Warm Wet Circles
25 That Time of the Night (The Short Straw)
26 The Web

Awesome solo, in fact I would even go so far as to say the best in rock history. Such a skillful man that Rothery.

27 The Last Straw
28 Whatever is Wrong with You
29 Runaway
30 Interior Lulu

Another segmented song of 15 minutes, and the best one ever. Got to admit that the live versions do sound better though.

31 Easter

It's a beautiful song. Great instrumentation, chorus, simply pretty

This solo is so geniusly crafted it stands as one of the best ones I have ever heard.

32 White Russian

Great lyrics, great story, great song, it all brings a chill to your spine for sure and doesn't let go untill its put to bed

33 This Strange Engine

One of my least favorite albums of Marillion, but one of the best songs. Epic

34 Waterhole
35 Bitter Suite
36 Lords of the Backstage
37 Childhood's End
38 White Feather
39 The Space...
40 Gaza
41 Incommunicado
42 The Fruit of the Wild Rose
43 Separated Out
44 Garden Party
45 Don't Hurt Yourself
46 King of Sunset Town

This song is so awesome. The day I heard it, I immediately became a Marillion fan. - PlanetDeadwing

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1. Kayleigh
2. He Knows You Know
3. Lavender


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