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1 Teen Idle Teen Idle

"I want blood, guts, and angel cake,
I'm gonna puke it anyway"
Best and truest line ever.

This song is so true

Deserves to be #1. definitely the best song and the lyrics are simply perfect.

I really love this one, it’s so catchy, and so meaningful at the same time!

2 I Am Not a Robot I Am Not a Robot

Definitely this song makes me cry because it's so beautiful. And also is her best song because she sings this song like nobody could.

Love it!

I love this song! It inspired me to want to sing! It's so catchy, but it's impossible to get out of your head! I guarantee you will fall in love with this song just like I did!

This song is very emotional, but somehow has a catchy chorus as well (it's stuck in my head right now). Also, the lyrics are incredible. This one is definitely my favorite.

3 Primadonna Primadonna

This was the first song I listened by here, it's so good :v

I wanna be a door.

I love Marina. A lot. I think shes amazing. I love her and I know a lot of people that hate her. They hate her for her personality, but she intends to be like that. She wants to be like that. She's just fabulous. Shes my inspiration. Lonely but Fabulous. I think this song just describes her perfectly. Its literally just saying she wants to be egotastic and she knows she is. Its literally just saying that she wants everything. In my opinion this song is definitely the best. I've been a fan of her since the beggining. I got her album the first day it was released, not knowing any songs. And now look where I am. Marina merch, posters, deluxe edition albums. Love her and love this song! - its_lizxox

The first song I listened to from Marina and the Diamond and one of the best songs I ever listened to.

4 Oh No!

Super catchy, I always find myself dancing along!

Really amazing song, it's catchy and sounds great. I'd say this should be number one rather than Primadonna.

I love the melody of the chorus - so catchy and fun! I also like the meaning behind it. It makes you think without being preachy or patronising.

This and Teen Idle are such good songs, I can't decide which is better, but I have to go with oh no because this made me like marina

5 Buy the Stars

The feelings are pushed beyond everything

I found it in the form of a warrior cats MAP and I have to say this was one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard... Nothing beats it.

This song has so much meaning and thought. It shows how great Marina and the Diamonds is and in my opinion this ballad is better than most Billboard topping singles.

All her songs are AMAZING, but in my opinion this is the Best Song of Marina and the Diamonds. It is done perfectly in all aspects from writing to performance. - mood333

6 I'm a Ruin

This song is a masterpiece. The fact that Marina was able to create a song that is neither happy nor sad is just so amazing. I'm a Ruin has a very soft windy sad feel to it but the chorus just lights up the breeze. I hope she creates more songs like this one.

Unique in a sense for highlighting the heartbreak that comes with having to dump someone and get them out of your life. Powerful, well produced song with amazing lyrical content

A sonic masterpiece, with angelic vocals, heartfelt and amazing lyrics on a topic that is universal yet seldom (if ever) addressed in song, and sophisticated production

Froot is not only Marina's best work to date but it's essentially her "Ray of Light". The overall tone of the music sounds progressive yet genuine. Every song in it stands out but "I'm a Ruin" is undeniably the album's finest effort due to it's relatable and eloquent lyrics, powerful vocals and dreamy production.

7 Fear and Loathing

So SO good! Literally makes me feel like I'm floating.

This is my favorite Marina song and it is probably her "best" song at least in terms of lyrical content, closely tied with "I Am Not a Robot" and "Immortal" among her most poignant moments. Marina is seriously the whole package! She has the pipes of an angel (or a vixen) and the most striking lyrics I've come across since Annie Lennox and if you don't know Lennox's songs, trust me it's a major compliment! - theOpinionatedOne

CRAZY good. I love this song because of the emotion and mood that she so greatly puts into it. Listening to this on gloomy days is so great and can really put you into touch with your inner sadness. But is still enjoyable and simply beautiful.

This song is from a whole another world, amazing

8 Froot

I like this song

Why is this only ten? It should be in the top three


I didn't like this song at first but now I think it is amazing. The lyrics are wonderful and must have been a challenge for Marina and the beat will take you to a different era. I have always been obsessed with how Marina is able to completely change her sound per album but this song is just phenomenal.

9 Lies

This by far my favorite Marina song. Her voice is chillingly beautiful here. I was so shocked to see it in tenth place. Number one for me!

Homewrecker and Lies take a pretty close tie. She really knows how to make the lyrics speak. Impacts the core.

My favorite marina songs are oh no! Primadonna, how to be a heartbreaker, starring role, and this song. But this one is my favorite, simply because it's so powerful and the best one to sing along with. The lyrics are also very relatable.

I love the Su-Barbie-A archetype. It's so melacholic and, at the same time, so strong. I think Marina should compose a song called that way, even the video is so good (and a bit creepy), but the songs about this character (Lies and Starring Rola) are just priceless.

10 Obsessions

It's just so SO beautiful and creates this tragic aura around you... I could listen to this song on repeat for hours straight

This is just magical.

The song is practically the feeling that we have when every is pretty bad and we know that we have to move, it's amazing, really, by far, one of the best songs, It should be on top 3, at least top 5

I love it so much! It tells such a great story like most of her songs do, but this HANDS DOWN is my favourite song of hers!


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11 Valley of the Dolls

I can really relate to this song in not knowing identity and worrying it's going to be too late to figure things out. Phenomenal song.

This song is so powerful- it's my favorite of hers. I feel like it illustrates so many concepts so easily, and it really paints a picture in my mind. Give it a listen- you won't regret it.

I hated this song at first. Then I listened to it again, then again and now I can't get the chorus out of my head! I love it!

This song is gorgeous

12 Bubblegum Bitch

Super catchy whoa

"I'm miss sugar pink liquor, liquor lips
I'm gonna be your bubblegum bitch"

Really fun and upbeat, makes me wanna dancee#marina is so perfect

This song is amazing and so catchy

This song is so fun, catchy and makes you want to dance!

13 Savages

The song is lyrically her best song

This song is so thought provoking and it really makes me feel something. It's finally something that isn't about love, happiness, sorrow or 'the club'. It's outlining the flaws of humanity, which is brave of Marina. Not only is the meaning wonderful, but it is also wonderful both lyrically and musically.

I like this song a lot! It's got good and catchy lyrics that are deep and meaningful.

This song is just amazing and really thought provoking.

14 Starring Role

Best Marina song ever

All of Marina's songs are pure art but actually this is my favorite, I mean! the lyrics+the rithym+Marina's voice make probably one of their best songs.
Also I can relate with song, and it's so wonderful.
It's like my aesthetic.
13? What? Deserves 1.

This song has such an intense sound, hands down my favorite song from the Electra Heart album.

Actually really underrated - PugsfromMoon

15 How to Be a Heartbreaker

This song is my life! Her voice is heavenly on so many levels and it’s perfect! My first song that I heard from MARINA and just got me totally hooked. I ♥ MARINA!

I love Marina a lot! Since I first heard Primadonna, I was really addicted to her style of music. And that's the voice I always wanted to listen all day! How to be a Heartbreaker is really catchy and make you confident. I really hope Marina makes awesome music again

The beat is just so fast and gets you pumped. The lyrics also make you listen harder, and they are quite funny. My sister likes it too (which is weird because she's into super indie/hipster music)

First heard Primadonna and I loved it so much I had to listen to her other songs and when I came across How To Be A Heartbreaker I fell in love with her all over again! In my opinion this is the best song and it should be #1

16 Mowgli's Road

The video is strange but so cool! I like the song a lot.

This song is just WOW
I remember seeing the video and being like "dude why I'm scared now"
but I kept listening to it.
It became better and better, and to this day, this is my favorite song.
I can't believe it was so low on the list.

The lyrics depict my life. Being chased down by silver spoons, getting lost in a fork in the road. The music is so catchy and fun as well.

I love the lyrics so much! Forks, spoons and knifes... It's also just a great song in general! Got it stuck in my head for weeks..

17 Numb

love it

This song is an amazing close to the "The Family Jewels" era, and I say this because it is the last song on the album, and leaves you with the sense of an ending. It is also a very beautiful song.

It has a nice creepy tone to it, and sort of reminds me of a carnival of some sort. It doesn't have as deep a meaning as maybe Sex Yeah, Teen Idle, or Savages, but the lyrics are amazing and well thought out.

I actually found this on YouTube and I automatically downloaded it and it's the best marina song is my opinion

18 Happy

This song got me through an extremely tough time in my life, now whenever I hear it I start crying uncontrollably, not cause it's sad but because I honestly never thought I would be happy with myself, and somehow, now I am. Thank you, Marina.

Happy is just a song you can relate to. Her voice is haunting and beautiful! This song lets us see whats going on in Marina's life and realize how she feels and how she has struggled to find her happiness.

This song should be in the top 10. It's just so beautiful. The lyrics are simple but she expresses a lot. Also a great way to open the album.

This is my favourite song of Marina. The music and the lyrics are so good!

19 Hollywood

I love this song! I mean come on this song is fabulous, and Marina is such an inspiration. She is a beautiful, and talented singer, and once you hear this song, you get a taste of what Marina can do.

Love the song! Hollywood infected your brain you want kissing in the rain :3

"Actually, my name's Marina! "

The best...inspirational xxx

20 Power & Control

This song has such a great chorus! Also, the lyrics are very clever. "Yeah you may be good looking, but you're not a piece of art."

Favorite Marina and the Diamonds song ever


21 Living Dead

How is this song not more popular? The Lyrics, like all Marina's songs are just superb and so fitting with the Electra Heart album, but not just that her voice in this song is incredible. so much so that the first few time I heard it I didn't realise just how little of the great heavy beat music was involved, she carries so much in her voice alone... even if its manipulated electronically to layer it... still. listen to the audio track without her singing and you'll realise.

I find this song really relatable, and though it makes me kind of sad, it also makes me feel strong.

22 The Outsider

This song basically describes my life so well
"Sitting on the outside, observing the fun" & "Inside the outsider" The lyrics are so smart and clever, throughout the song she describes the life of someone who is always in the background and never noticed. Completely GENIUS

So haunting & clever! The lyrics and absolutely brilliant!

I relate to this one the best!

23 Radioactive

Why isn't this in the top 10? This song makes me go on a drive with the roof down in the Summer. It is honestly so catchy! I love it so much!

Every time I listen to this song, I feel hypnotised by its beat.

Really catchy, my favorite song by Marina besides Bubblegum Bitch!

24 Can't Pin Me Down

I love this song, it's probably one of the best off of Froot and it's a lot better than songs such as How to be a Heartbreaker and all of her earlier music.

WOW this is the best why is it 77?

I agree, best track off FROOT! This song immediately stuck with me and for some reason it reminds me a bit of Electra Heart.

Such an amazing song. Extremely catchy and makes you feel badass when you listen to it. Best track off of Froot!

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25 Immortal

Big sonic variety and original melody, great lyrics and an amazing social commentary.

This is possibly one of her best songs! This should be in the top 5!

Nice melody, Lyrics meaningful

My favorite music no doubt

26 Blue

This is a great song when you are feeling down. If you don't wanna feel blue anymore then Marina has a track for you! GO CHECK IT OUT!

I love it when she says," Gimme love, gimme dreams, gimme a good self-esteem."

How could this song be all the way down here?! It's like one of her best hits! It's my bop. So fun and catchy.

Best song EVER like why all the way down here

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27 Homewrecker

I really like the way this song is sung-spoke, it's one of the most fun songs on the album, this and Lies are my two favourite songs on her Electra Heart album and in general.

Really good

her best

28 Gold

This is probably my favorite Marina song. every time I hear it I just can't help but smile for ear to ear.

29 Are You Satisfied?

This is amazing OwO

Can I ask how is this so low on the list? all of Marina's songs are amazing but for me this is one of my favorites! it should be way higher. - cassiabez

This song is one of the saddest songs I've ever listened to in my opinion. I only listen to it when I'm crying already ok with crying even more. It jut so well conveys the essence of wanting more out of life, wanting to find one's place in the world and make the world a better place at the same time, but being trapped in the flawed world we live in. Both the tune and lyrics speak to me so much.

Everything she does is art but I particularly love this one

30 Horror Pop
31 Hermit the Frog

This song is just so great, and hard not to relate to, cause it can mean so many things for different people!

This song is pure brillance!

For me, Hermit The Frog is a tour-de-force of what made The Family Jewels so great. Marina' s vocals are really at their best and it features some very quirky moments such as the layered whispering on "I wanna tell you a secret" or the change of lyrics in the final chorus...

It's just pure magic and one of the best songs on my iPod!

Clever lyrics and a fun sound.

32 Guilty

I can't believe tgis wasn't on the list, simply beautiful

33 Hypocrates

Oh come on! 23? Seriously? It should be in the top 3! Great lyrics and amazing feel in the song. go listen to it on YouTube... it's great, I promise.

My favorite song by her so far - carltonwillingham

Hypocrates is the best

34 Shampain

This song is so underrated. One of Marina's best.

I love this song and the video is SO cool, it's like marinas version of "thriller"! This should be number one!

Should be in the top ten

Fun to dance around to

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35 Electra Heart
36 Better Than That

Her voice sounds AMAZING in this song!

Kind of upbeat from Froot, powerful lyrics, one of the best off Froot

37 Pancake Karma
38 Solitaire

She hits so many high tones in this song! sounds amazing

This song really fits Marina's voice

Solitaire & Immortal are the best songs on Froot. This deserves to be in the top ten!

39 Handmade Heaven
40 Plastic Rainbow
41 Forget

Don't know the story behind this one but I don't care, this one is already great by itself

This song has a good message and it sounds really great.

Flows nicely and I love the tone!

42 Lonely Hearts Club

How is this one not on the list? It's catchy and will be stuck in your head for days!

WHenever this comes on, I just dance. I don't know why, but I do...I LOVE IT

This song makes me dance and it's so upbeat!

Love will never be forever
Feelings are just like the weather

43 Seventeen

I've loved this song ever since I have heard it. The meaning is purposefully ambiguous, and it's super deep. Absolutely beautiful

It's so good and has a great melody and catchy lyrics that make you wanna burst out singing!

Why is this so low?

44 E.V.O.L

Took me way too long to figure EVOL = EVIL out..

E.V.O. L is cetchy and I love every line

I got a tattoo kf this skng? Cmk. Should me at least top10

45 Troubled Mind

Even though this song is among the uncommon Marina And The Diamonds songs, it still has a hilarious, witty and sarcastic lyric choice to it. The meaning is somewhat disturbing, yet enjoyable. It really is an enjoyable song that everyone should listen to.

46 Soft to Be Strong
47 Girls


I am curious as to how this is so low on the list. It speaks about the status of females in society and how people expect them to be and act. It is extremely catchy and her emphasis while singing is amazing. It deserves to be in the Top 10 at least.

This song is one of my favorite songs by Marina. it is such a great catchy song. I think most girls can relate to this song.

It's pretty true I see a lot of girl have the same opinion on other girls and it's really catchy.

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48 The State of Dreaming

My favourite song of marinas, the best part is when she sings "if only you knew my dear, how I live my life in fear. If only you knew my dear, how I know my time is near." Love love love this song

This song represent the state of what do you want to live and she sings it in very different tones is so emotional... I can't stop listening to it

This song describes perfectly my whole life :(

Beautiful and princess-like. As it should be

49 Believe in Love
50 Weeds

Weeds cannot be the last song. It's definitely not her best, but it's still GREAT and shouldn't be this low! This is disappointing.

How is this the last one? It's awesome and tells (like all songs) a deep story.. I love singing along with it

A very honest song. I love the comparison to weeds as well.

How is weeds last?!?! It's my favorite song off Froot and is really good

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