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21 The Outsider

This song basically describes my life so well
"Sitting on the outside, observing the fun" & "Inside the outsider" The lyrics are so smart and clever, throughout the song she describes the life of someone who is always in the background and never noticed. Completely GENIUS

So haunting & clever! The lyrics and absolutely brilliant!

I relate to this one the best!

22 Radioactive

Why isn't this in the top 10? This song makes me go on a drive with the roof down in the Summer. It is honestly so catchy! I love it so much!

Every time I listen to this song, I feel hypnotised by its beat.

Really catchy, my favorite song by Marina besides Bubblegum Bitch!

23 Power & Control

This song has such a great chorus! Also, the lyrics are very clever. "Yeah you may be good looking, but you're not a piece of art."

Favorite Marina and the Diamonds song ever

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24 Living Dead

How is this song not more popular? The Lyrics, like all Marina's songs are just superb and so fitting with the Electra Heart album, but not just that her voice in this song is incredible. so much so that the first few time I heard it I didn't realise just how little of the great heavy beat music was involved, she carries so much in her voice alone... even if its manipulated electronically to layer it... still. listen to the audio track without her singing and you'll realise.

I find this song really relatable, and though it makes me kind of sad, it also makes me feel strong.

25 Immortal

Big sonic variety and original melody, great lyrics and an amazing social commentary.

This is possibly one of her best songs! This should be in the top 5!

Nice melody, Lyrics meaningful

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26 Are You Satisfied?

This song is one of the saddest songs I've ever listened to in my opinion. I only listen to it when I'm crying already ok with crying even more. It jut so well conveys the essence of wanting more out of life, wanting to find one's place in the world and make the world a better place at the same time, but being trapped in the flawed world we live in. Both the tune and lyrics speak to me so much.

Everything she does is art but I particularly love this one

I find this super catchy!

This song is so amazing. deserves way more love

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27 Gold
28 Blue

This is a great song when you are feeling down. If you don't wanna feel blue anymore then Marina has a track for you! GO CHECK IT OUT!

I love it when she says," Gimme love, gimme dreams, gimme a good self-esteem."

How could this song be all the way down here?! It's like one of her best hits! It's my bop. So fun and catchy.

Best song EVER like why all the way down here

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29 Shampain

I love this song and the video is SO cool, it's like marinas version of "thriller"! This should be number one!

Should be in the top ten

Fun to dance around to

Such a classic 80s sounding song but the lyrics are so dark! So clever

30 Electra Heart
31 Better Than That

Her voice sounds AMAZING in this song!

Kind of upbeat from Froot, powerful lyrics, one of the best off Froot

32 The State of Dreaming

My favourite song of marinas, the best part is when she sings "if only you knew my dear, how I live my life in fear. If only you knew my dear, how I know my time is near." Love love love this song

This song represent the state of what do you want to live and she sings it in very different tones is so emotional... I can't stop listening to it

This song describes perfectly my whole life :(

Beautiful and princess-like. As it should be

33 Hermit the Frog

For me, Hermit The Frog is a tour-de-force of what made The Family Jewels so great. Marina' s vocals are really at their best and it features some very quirky moments such as the layered whispering on "I wanna tell you a secret" or the change of lyrics in the final chorus...

It's just pure magic and one of the best songs on my iPod!

Clever lyrics and a fun sound.

Love listening to this song!

Love this song

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34 Sex Yeah

We totally need more songs like this, when I first read the title I thought "Geez, here's another song about sex" but no, the meaning goes deeper than sex. It shares her opinion on feminism and sexism and I love it!

Easily her best song. Super catchy with a great hook but has a brilliant message. One of her best along with Living Dead, Heartbreaker, and Primadonna.

Super powerful message in this song. We need more songs like this.

35 Solitaire

This song really fits Marina's voice

Solitaire & Immortal are the best songs on Froot. This deserves to be in the top ten!

36 Seventeen

It's so good and has a great melody and catchy lyrics that make you wanna burst out singing!

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37 Hypocrates

Oh come on! 23? Seriously? It should be in the top 3! Great lyrics and amazing feel in the song. go listen to it on YouTube... it's great, I promise.

My favorite song by her so far - carltonwillingham

Hypocrates is the best

38 Forget

Don't know the story behind this one but I don't care, this one is already great by itself

This song has a good message and it sounds really great.

Flows nicely and I love the tone!

39 Lonely Hearts Club

How is this one not on the list? It's catchy and will be stuck in your head for days!

WHenever this comes on, I just dance. I don't know why, but I do...I LOVE IT

This song makes me dance and it's so upbeat!

This song is amazing! Don't quite understand how it is not on the list, but it is an awesome song neither the less. Wish I could get it for my phone, but sadly it isn't available to U.S. citizens :(
YouTube it is!

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40 E.V.O.L

Took me way too long to figure EVOL = EVIL out..

E.V.O. L is cetchy and I love every line

I got a tattoo kf this skng? Cmk. Should me at least top10

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