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1 One

This single piece pretty much defines all of Metallica. It has the soft, echo-y guitar, the reverb-y drums, the great lyrics, the distorted guitar and, of course, that memorable solo at the end that rivals Eric Johnson's and Slash's solos. Also, fun to play on guitar!

This song is amazing. I love how Metallica took one of the best books ever and made it into an amazing song. The conducting is amazing (thanks cliff, ) everything is amazing. A perfect song.

It's a mesmerizing song.. With great built up and vocals.. Should be among the all time TOP Ten greatest rock hits

This song does not adhere to one genre. Rather, it goes through all of Rock music. Most of the verses are soft rock, although sounding like it could be harder. Nirvana and Foo Fighters probably would not be known without this song, especially the chorus and the bridge into the machine gun part, which started grunge. After that, the machine gun riff may have invented groove metal, so we only know Panera from this song. The rest is just Thrash Metal, but it is a great example of shredding. - I80

Green River's debut came out before...And Justice for All. Machine gun was used before One - Alkadikce

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2 Master of Puppets

Despite it being an 8 minute song, I could listen to this the whole way through all day. As a 13 year old kid, I seem to be the only one these days who doesn't listen to Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. Hard Rock and Metal 4 life!

I sometimes listen to them and other pop singers, but real music is not like that. Real music is Metallica (will be the legend of MUSIC forever), Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Eagles, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Nirvana etc.

the best song of metallica and genarally the best of thrash metal songs. Amazing solos, riff, voices! there aren't any else to tell it's AWESOMEEEE!

Greatest Metallica song ever... Amazing vocals and guitar solo by james, perfect guitar riff by kirk, cliff's mind blowing bass and as in other Metallica songs standout drumming by lars

This song not only defines Metallica, but thrash metal, it has everything that you would want in a thrash metal tune. A fast chugging riff, angry but meaningful vocals and lyrics, a slow melodic section, a heavy build up, and an awesome solo. Truly a legendary song that will not and should not be forgotten.

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3 Fade to Black

One of the best solos in heavy metal history

Fade to Black is the perfect balance between sweet melody and epic guitar shredding by Kirk. A masterpiece!

Best Metallica song of the generation. Mix of both thrash metal and a different genre of its own. This should be places higher than Master of puppets or even one. METALLICA is undoubtedly the best rock band of all time...

Easily their best balance between a gorgeous acoustic riffs merged with aggressive metal riffs. Best song!

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4 For Whom the Bell Tolls

Great instrumental at the beginning, Exploding into lyrics that will make your soulless piece of meat you call a heart skip a beat every 7 seconds. If you don't want to ride the lightning, next time wear rubber boots.

From the beginning to the end, I get lost somewhere where I don't know. This song has magic. Simply the best ever song every by Metallica. Love it.

This song is incredibly epic for it's duration, it completely freezes your bones once you play it. It can't be described in words.

I first heard this song in the beginning of a movie where the instrumental in the beginning was playing with a bunch of soldiers in helicopters flying into a war zone and I fell in love with Metallica

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5 Enter Sandman

Great job with the guitar Kirk. My dad says he wants this song to be played in his funeral. At first it felt weird but really now it is really meaningful. Thanks. They just don't make music like this anymore.

Yet it has been overplayed over and over again, this is still their greatest song ever. Great job Kirk, for the first riff you ever made, it definitely made history.

I have been hearing this music since it came out in 1990 and the start still brings shivers!

Yes! My favorite Metallica song! - SaphireStorm

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6 Creeping Death

This is Metallica at their best. Anybody who thinks enter sandman is great just because its popular has no taste. 40 million views on youtube? So what. Mcdonalds sells billions of burgers but that doesn't make it the best restaurant in America, just the easiest...

Now it has 200,000,000 views on YouTube, but my favorite Metallica song is The Outlaw Torn. Creeping Death is amazing as well. - CostcoHotDogs

Been lovin' this song for years, exhilarating song from my favourite album. The lowly rating does not correlate to its greatness!

It's the song in which he participates in more intros concert.

This song is their "The Trooper". When you hear "The Trooper" live you get the same feeling and energy from the place that you do when Metallica plays Creeping Death. It's euphoric and is a must have on the setlist.

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7 Ride the Lightning

The good old cliff days. James hetfield's voice also sounds awesome!

Fantastic song. - ElSherlock

Most incredible orgasmic guitar solo, I've yet to hear better! The golden age of Metallica.

Easily Kirk's best solo - BlueSphere

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8 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Such great and meaningful lyrics "Moon is full never seem to change, just labeled mentally deranged", it may not sound meaningful, but if you have tried to be labeled crazy (which I have, I have Asperger's Syndrome)

Master of puppets is a great song but these lyrics are much more meaningful and powerful. The solo is awesome, and the way James says Sanitarium! Is mindblowingly awesome.

This song has some of the angriest lyrics Metallica ever had. "Dream the same thing every night/I see our freedom in my sight/No locked doors, No windows barred/No things to make my brain seem scarred/Sleep my friend and you will see/That dream is my reality/They keep me locked up in this cage/Can't they see it's why my brain says Rage/Sanitarium, leave me be/Sanitarium, just leave me alone! " I won't say these lyrics are meaningful because the only people that ever called me crazy were for OTHER reasons. But James seems to be really angry in this song telling people to leave him "Alone! "

While the lyrics aren't too bad, the riffs and solos are just really good. The riff at 4:51 was the main reason this is one of my favorite Metallica songs, and the solos before and after the 4:51 riffs were epic. The ending was nice, and the intro was one of Metallica's best.

The best part about the song is that there isn't really any Metallica song quite like it, ...more

Great song. Good theme. Excellent music. Obviously 'master of puppets' is the best, then 'one'. But I think this song deserves to be in the top tens.

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9 Nothing Else Matters

James Hetfield is awesome in this song... And his solo is soul stirring... Great piece of music...

This song is epic... In about 30 years this song continues to be epic... Enter Sandman and Nothing Else Matters are the most greatfull songs of Metallica (i'm sorry for my english)

The most known song of the Metallica

I disagree, first time I heard it was a couple of years ago, 2 to be exact - Fuziion

This is about the power of love. And it's one of their best

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10 Battery

The song "Battery" leads off THE best Metallica album of all time. It is what Metallica is all about. "Battery", "One", "Master of Puppets", "For Whom the Bell Tolls", and "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" now that's a top 5. - cjkinz18

Hypnotizing power
Crushing all that cower
Battery is here to stay!

This is the first song I heard from Metallica and its what motivated me to keep listening to them. Battery is just SICK, amazing acoustic guitar intro, kirks killer solo, and ending strong, this one should in the top of the list

Constant parts, great chorus, great everything, This should be top 3

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The Contenders

11 Seek & Destroy

Best guitar ever! My Son introduced me to Metallica thru playing the songs on guitar for me. Now when riding around, I listen to all the time and think of both my Sons.

What the hell is this--seek and destroy here?
We really live in sad times. My top 5 list for Metallica is:
1. Master Of Puppets 2. Seek And Destroy 3. Jump in The Fire 4. Battery 5. Fade To Black

The Kill em All version is 6:56 but the Ride the Lightning version is 6:41. One thing I noticed was the solo was sped up a bit, and I think the experimentation was really, really good. The only other version of this song was on St Anger. This song is one of the best on Kill Em All, but upon further evaluation, the song will be on the Ride The Lightning what if album.

Seek and Destroy will make the transfer from KEA to RTL.

Final Decision.

This song was confirmed for the Ride The Lightning what if album.

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12 The Unforgiven

This song touches your soul... Makes you stop.. Look back what you have done so far in your life and ask yourself, is this how you wanted your life to be be.. I listen to this song every day at least twice and has changed my life.. Love it... Should be the top song from Metallica (A.K. A GOD)

This song has a very deep message and killing melody which is something rare especially in nowadays music. Definitely one of Metallica's best songs and personally my favorite.

This song really has a deep message when I liĆ­ten to this song it feel like I want to do something for my country or family... I don't want to live a simple life

Best song from METALLICA...
It's one of the memorable song..
The Vocals are far better than other songs...

How is this not top 5? - jpdutoit0905

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13 ...And Justice for All

Since Metallica is my favorite band, choosing my favorite song is like a father choosing his favorite child. All things considered, I decided on "... And Justice for All" because it incorporates everything I love about Metallica: brutal riffs (1:20, 2:00), a killer solo (5:05-5:55), complicated rhythms (syncopation, tempo changes, and yes... GREAT drumming) (:50-1:00, 6:10-6:22, 8:40, etc. ), epic-ness (it is a nearly 10 minute song), and a great message (the corruption of government and humanity's battle and hoplessness against it) And so with not too little grief, I cast my vote. God help me I love all their songs... - thethrasher

This song is really underrated. It is EPIC it's GORGEOUS, it's pure insanity. The whole and justice for all album kick ass, but this song (side to side with frayed ends of sanity) just kill any other you might think it is the best Metallica song. It has a complex instrumental structure, a rising atmosphere that evolves you until the end, the concept and idea in the song are masterfully worked, the solos are great, and the breakdown after the solo is just orgasmic.

It sounds hollow, just like doris, it is a perfect example that thrash metal can be complex and elegant, and not just speedy rough crap.

My favorite Metallica song and album. They made a huge political statement with this one which is why I think that it should be at #1. A lyrical masterpiece of epic proportion never to be outdone by any other band in their genre. Pure musical genius that could only come from Metallica.

Lyrically, one of the best and relevant songs these guys have ever recorded. Awesome.

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14 Disposable Heroes

Hugely underrated Metallica song... It certainly does not deserve to be down this low on the list.

This is so good - ElSherlock

The best song the album. Why didn't anyone mention about the solo? - Userguy44


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15 The Four Horsemen

Amazing solos and my personal favourite. Catchy riffs and incredible vocals. This should be in the top 3.

Should be higher.

My personal favorite, ahead of a few other really good songs.

Funny to watch guys that are thinking, they are really voting for a Metallica Song. This is Mustaines Song listen to the first album of Megadeth and you will hear this song. It is only faster played on Megadeth album because he doesn't want to let it sound like Metallicas song, all who voted here without even telling this is Dave's kick ass song should read more about the history of Metallica and should say Dave did a g good job at Metallica and say unfortunately he got kicked out or maybe fortunately...

Fortunately! Or we may never have had Tornado of Souls & Holy Wars. Damn Rust in Peace was an amazing album. - Sidanger

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16 The Day that Never Comes

The first half of the song is one of my favorite ballad type beginnings to any song ever written but as the song progresses the intensity, anxiety, speed, and complexity of the band takes over thus making it one of the most memorable songs Metallica has written.

Best song.. That's what I think... Should have been on number 1.. Superb music and yeah good theme and the length is truly worth it..

Amazing intro, extremely good melody and awesome ending...
Just can't get it out of my head...
Keeps playing over and over again in my house

Awesome guitar work!

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17 Blackened

Cool reverse guitar intro at start, wicked yelling, intensity never lets up.

Extraordinary song - love the fluctuating time structure and the backwards guitar intro

Just beautiful. You sometimes wonder how James does his riffing to his songs. Additionally, you wonder why they don't play the whole solo live. Shame. It's really just a killer solo. Nice Job Metallica!

Best song, truly underrated, great tempo changes and the dark horse of AJFA

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18 Sad but True

Can't get it out of my head for the rest of the day

Is this song groove metal? Some expert please reply. - Alkadikce

Not an expert, but I think this song is groove metal, especially considering it's mid-tempo speed and groove emphasized rhythm. Check out the band Pantera if you want to dig into more groove metal stuff. - Joeljohns249

18? Top 7 in my opinion - Joshuaisdotdotdot

The best song I ever hear before - I sing always the full song everyday... I am fan of seek and destroy too... But... I'm your dream -Make you real... I can't say no...

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19 Orion

The best instrumental metal/rock song of all time! No questions asked, no lies told, it's just the best one!

In my opinion it is Metallica's best song, and one of the best Instrumental songs ever!

THE best. Just listen to it. Still not convinced? Listen again.

I love the guitar and bass in this. I get sad whenever I listen to this because it reminds me of cliff burton.

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20 Damage, Inc.

39... this just isnt my day...
the opening riff after that soft suspese build up! just incredible - 678rob754

Damage inc, and leper messiah are my top two. But they are never played live, because I guess people like seek and destroy, which is an mediocre song at best.

This is absurd! How could this song be so low? Damage has the fastest instrumentals of all time. James says, "GO! " and it erupts into some of the best stuff ever created. I'm disappointed Metallica fans that so many of you have overlooked this gem. - cws480

Thrash masterpiece. - Userguy44

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21 Dyers Eve

Lars at his best

You can say all you want about master of puppets and the black album stuff, I agree that they are good songs but if you haven't heard this song before you are an idiot. This was one of the last metallica songs that I heard but as soon as I heard it I was literally knocked down to the ground it was that good. And I have listened to it 400 times in 5 months on my ipod... That's how good it is! So if you ever see me I'll be singing dear mother dear father! You clipped my wings before I learnt to fly unspoiled unspoken I've outgrown that lullaby same thing I've always heard from you do as I say NOT AS I DO!

Actually just because someone's never heard this song does not make them an idiot. That has to with intelligence, Not the fact that you have or have not heard a certain song before. - MegadethFan07

The prime example of perfect drumming. Best vocals from Hetfield too, overall a perfect outro for a great metal classic!

I really don't know why all the megadeth and slayer fans think Metallica isn't thrash, sure they do have 3 slower albums but the rest are hardcore. And you only have to listen to this song to understand what I am saying. I have listened to this song 330 times on my ipod and the reason why is because of the hardcore riff, bone crunching lyrics and a skull cracking solo mixed in with a very fast tempo throughout the whole song... THRASH 4 LIFE!

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22 Wherever I May Roam

Definitely should of been in top ten, easily one of there best songs

This song deserves to be in the top tens... One of the best songs I've ever heard... Metallica live forever... The lyrics make me think about myself in another aspect... Truly deserves to be in the top ten

Best track on The Black Album. Maybe their best ever!
"The Road becomes my bride. I'm stripped for all but pride. "

Great intro, killer lyrics...should be in the top 5... One of their best!

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23 The Call of Ktulu

Probably one of my favourite instrumentals of all time it has such a eerie vibe a great way to end the album I find myself listening to this all the time 10/10 song

THE. VERY. BEST. RIFF. ON. EARTH. PERIOD. This was one of Metallicas greatest ventures as a band and I swear there is nothing id rather hear on the album

God bless Cliff Burton. This song gets better with every listen - Userguy44

Best Metallica song for me. No doubt. - johnnydoe82

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24 Whiplash

Thrash metal all day, my man! If you don't headbang while listening to this masterpiece, you have no taste in music. DESERVES TO BE IN TOP TEN!

Favourite Kurt Cobain metallica's song. - EzP2

This song is a fast starter. At the very beginning I'm banging my head to it. Its bad ass to say the least.

This is my weekly headbang exercise

Great work - CygnusX99

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25 Harvester of Sorrow

My fave Metallica song by some margin - that relentless guitar riff is legendary

In my opinion, the intro riff is one of the most driving, darkest, and melodic riffs ever written. It was stuck 3 days straight in my my head the first tie I listened to it. In my opinion, it belongs up with the legends like Fade to Black and Master of Puppets. Right now, it's tied with Master for "favorite heavy song, " while Fade to Black wins for best ballad.

Here are my favorite Metallica Songs

1) Fade to Black
2) Harvester of Sorrow/Master of Puppets
3) To Live is to Die
4) For Whom the Bell Tolls
5) Disposable Heroes
6) Nothing Else Matters
7) The Unforgiven
8) Blackened

Awesome song, surprised that it's not in the top 10... one of the best intros ever!!

1. MOP
2. One
4. Harvester of Sorrow
5. Seek and Destroy

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26 Fight Fire with Fire

this song is that fast that it melts me from existance ever time I listen to it the fastest guitar and drums I've ever heard and I've heard fast guitar and drums all from METALLICA RIP CLIFF BURTON

Hands down my favorite metalica song enter sandman is good but pales in comparison to this riff like why is it at 26 should be number 1

This is my favorite song of all time!

Too underrated

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27 To Live is to Die

Metallica's Shine On You Crazy Diamond - JoLeKosovo

So many Nu Metallica fans don't know what they are missing. I wish it was mandatory to study old Metallica before you are allowed to like them.

Although I have to add that it is also boring to hear for the 100th time that "Metallica sold out, they aren't Metallica anymore". - Alkadikce

Best Metallica song by far awesome solo cannot the kingdom of salvation
Take me home

I had to choose between this song and Dyers Eve - and AJFA is my 5th favorite Metallica album. It is a great instrumental including a short speech tributing Cliff Burton. The last Metallica song with writing of Cliff. It is diverse and exciting.

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28 All Nightmare Long

This song makes you hyper energetic from start to finish. It should be the top 10 at least if not in top five.

It deserves to be in the top 10...
really awesome rift
the lyrics are breath-taking...
Metallica's new album is really good


Nightmare is underrated compared to Spit out the Bone (which isn't even that good). It's Metallica's best song since 1988. - shadomatrix

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29 Fuel

I use this song to get pumped for a work out or running a mile should be top 6

38? 8th in my opinion - Joshuaisdotdotdot

Great track to listen to while driving. This song is very energetic and features some of Lars' most interesting drumming. The one that really stands out on a not-so-good album. - jarunia17

I like the version the do on the cunning stunts dvd. Turn on I'm dynamo. Into the wild I go no other place I know.

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30 The Memory Remains

Good, something not overrated - YeeMan

To be honest, there is probably about 5 others I prefer to this song, but seeing that how low it is and how badass it is, I just had to give it my vioe. And seeing that only 0.3% of people have voted, I have no regrets

To be honest, I can name only a handful of Metallica songs that beat out this one, and this should definitely be WAY higher on this list! Part of the reason this song is so low is because it's on ReLoad, which was a majorly underrated album just because it wasn't thrash metal, but there were some great songs on there, like this one!

The video may be a little weird, but the lyrics to this song all makes sense to the video, but its bad ass!

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31 Whiskey in the Jar

Not very heavy, but still better than Enter Sandman.

Grammy award winning song for best hard rock performance 2000!
WHY is it at number 20?! Should be in top 10!

This is one of the best covers of a song that I've heared in my life, I don't know why it's in this poop position.

Alongside Johnny Cash's Hurt, Guns N' Roses' Knockin on Heavens Door and Jimi Hendrix's All Along The Watchtower, this is the greatest cover of all time.

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32 Trapped Under Ice

Really great song with cool lyrics!

To me this is sinful that we are at 33rd. this is their best thrash song, I will give hit the lights 2nd, but great song more people please vote, if your not sure, listen to it on you tube, the sample don't give what it needs to.

James sounds sooo good on this - V4noM

Great song... It seems different because it is of album ride the lightning which was released on 188x... I don't know proper time but this album is my favourite... And this song is very good...

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33 The Thing that Should Not Be

This is the most powerful and intense track on the album. As the "creep" track on it, I would say that it never fails to give me and my friends the creeps. Funny that it isn't in the top 10., while it obviously should be.
And I think that it would be a lot batter if Metallica named their tour for Master, "THE TOUR THAT SHOULD NOT BE"!
Just a suggestion ok.

This song is overli underrated. come on people, just take a listen. it really gives me the creeps especially on the first listen. Very intense, very dark. This song overpowers the entire atmosphere when played. I would say that this is the second best song on the master of puppets album, and an easy top ten for me. Vote this, trust me it's the best. this song has got the heaviness, darkness and intensety that we're looking for in every metallca song.
An underrated masterpeace. it's quite big in the philippines though

35 really. The Thing that Should Not Be

This deserves to be in the top 10. It is an extremely powerful song full of badass riffs. Leper Messiah should have some credit too. No doubt Master of Puppets has the most badass songs ever!

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34 Spit Out the Bone Spit Out the Bone

Every band that's been around the block a few times comes up with a modern day classic at some point, a song that manages to capture the lightning in a bottle from their glory days one last time. For Metallica, this is theirs.

"Spit Out the Bone" proves that Metallica is still more than capable of producing absolute gold when it comes to metal music, even after over 30+ years of history behind the band. The track serves as both an excellent throwback to tracks seen on the likes of Master of Puppets and...And Justice For All, whilst finding new ways to sound fresh and modern, giving the track its own distinct sound. The guitar and bass work from the likes of Kirk, James, and Robert is key and on point, all three of which finding their strides and making it work, whilst Lars gives his best drumming performance in YEARS, proving that when the commitment is there, he does have his rare shining moments. The hook is unbelievably catchy, dragging you in throughout the song and never letting go until the end, and serves as an absolute killer way to end the album off on. Without question this is Metallica's best work since...And Justice for All, and definitely stands up there with the likes of their classic hits. - BloodyThunderX

What? This is one of the best metallica songs of all time... How is it down here?
People have like a syndrome of the 80s/90s, there a lot of god songs in both death magnetic and hardwired
1- master of puppets
2- one
3- for whom the bell tolls
4- fade to black
5- spit out the bone
6- creeping death
7- hit the lights
8- the day that never comes
9- battery
10- enter sandman

Their best song since justice...
My personal top 10
1- master
2- for whom the bell tolls
3- one
4- fade to black
5- spit out the bone
6- hit the lights
7- and justice for all
8- battery
9- enter sandman
10- the unforgiven

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35 Hit the Lights

This must higher this is speed power this album was the first from metallica when the time I was young. but the say you never old to rock

Really great version of thrash metal. For me it should in the top 10. The killer solos and the opening riff was superb. It compares to some of the best thrash metal songs of ALL TIME!

This song is just like sanitarium in a crazy version, it just makes you jump around, hit the air and scream with it

I was searching for this song in the top 2 somewhere..! This doesn't belong here..! Get it up! :D Hit the Lighits!

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36 Am I Evil?

Best cover of all time! way better than original. - EzP2

Come onn! 78th? Really? This is where Metallica pay tribute to their roots and do it in a way that doesn't just rip off the source material but actually improves it. I love the Diamond Head original, but this is all that with bells on.

Great cover of an awesome song. - Metarock

Fuzz! Should be higher

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37 Until It Sleeps

I searched foe the list, only to vote for this song. Amazing music, awesome lyrics, awesome vocals.

Easily one of my favorite Metallica songs. Yes master of puppets is great (and SO OVERRATED ) and wherever I may roam has the best opening ever created, but people should seriously give this song more credit.

Best song from load in my opinion.

This is the best Metallica song ever! You have to take a look behind the lyrics and get into the music to enjoy it as much as I do.

Possibly one of the greatest lyrics and video ever! There's just so much behind it all!

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38 No Leaf Clover

This song is great. From start to end. People get the wrong feeling listening only the intro.


I hate how much this song gets overlooked

Incredulous! This song should be WAY higher... At least in the top 20. This song is one of 'em that a metal fan should never overlook. Amazing lyrics with an outstanding afterglow on life. "When it comes to being the soothing light at the end of your tunnel... Was just a freight train coming your way! " The best oxymoron you can get in my opinion. Flat out fantastic song

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39 The Frayed Ends of Sanity

This is the kick ass song. Great drums by Lars Ulrich. I love the voice of James in that song. Its really one of the best heavy metal songs.

Absurdly good song. Should be above all of the black album and onward. And is one of the justice songs I like most.

The riff that comes before the solo its one of the best things I have ever heard. James is a genius! - Dibildox

Great track. Brilliantly structured and produced Metal song. Great guitar drums, lyrics. Great Live. definitely in their top ten not this low.

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40 Cyanide

VERY under-rated. One of the BEST from the new 'Death Magnetic' album.

This song is absolutely godly, breath taking riffs, brilliant chorus... Metallica at its very best!
Not to mention highly UNDERRATED

CYANIDE is the best piece of thrash metal anyone would ever listen to, but alas, many do not get such a luxury

This song is like illegally underrated. Same as all nightmare long. I way way too underrated. The band itself deserves way better.

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41 Bleeding Me

This one goes to the category of Metallica's masterpieces alongside with Puppets, One, Fade To Black and the Outlaw Torn. One of the most emotional songs from the band, give me chills every single time I listen to it. Very underrated song from an underrated album.

This should be so much higher.

My favorite off of Load! Why 44? Bleeding Me should be in my opinion the top 10's! This song is so awesome. I love singing to it. The solo is epic in this song! The S&M version is cool as well! Vote! - johnpaularguelles

Masterpiece! Great riffs, solos, lyrics, fantastic background guitar work. And just love how the song develops!

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42 Turn the Page


So what you're saying is that people who voted for the Thrash Songs have bad taste? I'm guessing Turn The Page is the only song you know and like by them. - Mumbizz01

This song for me is the cover song ever made. James Hetfield have such a great voice... This version is much better than Bob Seger!

The more I listen to this song, the more I fell in love with it, its like every time I find something new in the song. this is my favorite song after unforgiven 2.

This song really rocks.. It so god damn cool.. I just love it

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43 Motorbreath

Megadeth - FFF
Slayer - Show No Mercy
Havok - Prepare for the Attack

have the same riff - Alkadikce

Umm... Why is this song AT NUMBER 70? Has no one listened to Metallica's classic debut, Kill 'Em All? People need to get their ears cleaned and their ears sharpened! This is THE best Metallica song and there is no doubt about it!

Awesome thrash song! My favorite from Kill'em All.

Kill Em' All is there greatest album and you cannot beat it. This is probably the best from that album. They should of made this longer, but it's 3 minutes of awesomeness. And if we are talking about thrash. Listen to this Song AND this Album! Kill Em All All the way! - Drummerlevi12

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44 Leper Messiah

Gr8 song, and the lyrics send chills down my spine every time i hear it

This is my favourite song of Metallica. You guys all voted for the wrong ones, circus comes to town YOU play the lead clown

Why is this song so low on the list?! It should be in the top 30. That solo... Is one of the best solos by Metallica in my opinion, even though it's pretty short! The whole song in general is awesome from beginning to end! Please vote.

It's the squared off hook and the menacing riff. Great song from one of the best metal albums of all time

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45 Eye of the Beholder

Very underrated but it has the grooviest and coolest sound of any Metallica song. the dark lyrics mixed with a heavy beat definitely make this one the best.

I love how this song fades in, ever so slowly and then that awesome riff kicks in and then the lyrics hit you like a hammer. "Freedom of choice / is made for you my friend". I'd be hard-pressed to find one song in "Justice" that I don't like, but Eye of the Beholder is one of the highlights for me.

58...58?! This is one of their best songs. Their most popular? Not even close. But its a damn fine song and should at least crack the top 20. Anyone who votes the day that never comes over this needs to have their ears checked.

Incredibly underrated. This song perfectly captures the essence of Metallica. Good intro, awesome rhythm, overall kick ass song

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46 Moth Into Flame Moth Into Flame

Even lady gaga likes it!

How is this not in the Top 10?! We've never banged to hard to a Metallica song ever, this is lit aff - Enmanu16

Best Song Ever!

Is it bad that this is my favorite Metallica song?

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47 My Friend of Misery


. . . man this song is so under-rated. . . start listening people. . . good song - metallicman0012

Agreed, very underrated Metallica song. Lyrically it is for certain their best song. Also has some great guitar riffs. The lyrics... Are just amazing

Masterpiece, top 10!

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48 Suicide & Redemption

Perfect, no words needed. A true song, amazing and powerful. Love it!

Really? 46? Come on folks this one's bleeding symphony! This song so efficiently represents the musical intellect Metallica has to offer. Beautifully constructed and love the way it builds up. All the instrumentals should be in the top 20 in my opinion.

Awesome instrumental

10 minutes of thrash metal.. best of Metallica's riffs, and the solo is heavenly. for me it's in top 10s

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49 The Unforgiven II

One of my favorites. Metallica has some defining songs, but this has to be their best. Also agree with the others who have commented. This has perhaps one of the best intros, solo and instrumental by Metallica.

Such a great song and the video is just awesome... Definitely one of their best ever!

Definitely one of Metallica's best... No... Their best, definitely!... Lyrics are awesome... Music detail is great and James Hetfield has a superb voice... Should be on the top

This is the first song I upload onto any new music player. The song that introduced me to Metallica, their best and for me also one of the absolute tops in heavy metal. The guitar, the lyrics and Hetfield's growling delivery... Heck of a hard hitting combination.

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50 No Remorse

I love it becouse its one of the best live songs from metallica. Other good live songs in my opinion are fight fire with fire, trapped under ice, seek and destroy, four horsemen and battery. When I was at a metallica consert in helsinki no remorse was easily the best moment of the gig :P

Great song off "Kill 'Em All

Should be in top 20

I like this song!

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