Best Metallica Songs

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1 One One Cover Art

My 3 favourite songs of all time are One, Inside the Fire by Disturbed and Surfacing by Slipknot, but One is the ultimately best song that has ever been created in my opinion. The song is so good I can almost feel the incapacitated soldiers pain that you hear from the first half and anger that you hear from the second half, such a good job they did with the lyrics. I love beautiful guitar play in the intro, the miserable sounding verses and choruses, the fast paced, angerfull singing (nearly screaming) and there are awesome solos in this song. Have listened to it many hundred times and will hear it again thousands of more.

One beats out Master by a small margin (sorry, Master, you still have a place in my heart from being the first really hard song I learned on guitar).

Where to begin. How about the actual beginning. The sterile clean chorus sound to me isn't lush and beautiful, but unnaturally clean, sterile, soulless. EMGs played 101% clean (with chorus! ). It has just such a clinical feel to it. I love it. The sterile soulless sound fits the theme of the song so well. The intro solo just has this technical style to it, and so epically opens the song, telling you that it's one of those songs that's going to be legendary and epic.

When the verse begins, it just has this soft, pain-filled vocals that along with the guitar tone, just screams hospital-stuck, in my opinion.

The chorus just shows the sudden outburst nature of going insane, before just giving up, because in life, there's no winning.

The bridge just tells you straight up to buckle your seatbelt. It wants you to ...more

This single piece pretty much defines all of Metallica. It has the soft, echo-y guitar, the reverb-y drums, the great lyrics, the distorted guitar and, of course, that memorable solo at the end that rivals Eric Johnson's and Slash's solos. Also, fun to play on guitar!

It's slow and mellow at first then the drummer goes crazy (don't know his name, please don't hate me) then Kirk plays one of the best solos of all time and James delivers one of the best vocal performances ever... Master of Puppets is really awesome but One the type of song that the average person would hear it then listen to it for days. The average person would probably hate Master of puppets cause it's so thrashy (which all true Metallica fans like me love) but if One had the national exposure enter sandman had, it would be top 5 best songs ever

2 Master of Puppets Master of Puppets Cover Art

Despite it being an 8 minute song, I could listen to this the whole way through all day. As a 13 year old kid, I seem to be the only one these days who doesn't listen to Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. Hard Rock and Metal 4 life!

I sometimes listen to them and other pop singers, but real music is not like that. Real music is Metallica (will be the legend of MUSIC forever), Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Eagles, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Nirvana etc.

The definition of a MASTERpiece. The more you listen to this song the more epic it becomes. At first listen it seems long, but after many listens it lasts like 2 minutes. FACT. Hands down their best song.

No doubt this is the best Metallica song EVER! I can only reiterate how great the vocals, riffs, bass, drums, and all that awesomeness is! But for me the best part of the song is that the lyrics are about drugs. Ahem, let me rephrase that. The lyrics are about the NEGATIVE EFFECTS of drugs. Next time you listen to it, listen closely to the lyrics or look them up and you'll see that they are describing how drugs mess you up completely. Not often that you'll find a heavy metal song that isn't glamorizing drugs, but putting them down. Sweetness of a song.

Yes! I was watching a theme song video, I believe the channel it was on is called Levi's Layer, and a part of this song was used as the theme for 079 ("Old A.I."). Huge thanks to the SCP fan world for getting me fully into Metallica! I must say, being a 14 year old girl listening to bands like Metallica, System Of A Down, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Black Sabbath, and Iron Maiden kind of sets me apart from others at school. Also, all rock fans should listen to the band Starset. I am a die hard fan of the guys, and you should start with the "Transmissions" album.

3 Fade to Black Fade to Black Cover Art

fade to black is the best song by metallolic and the best metal and thrash song overall. The reason is the unreal combination of acoustic guitar, abnormal melodic style in Thrash budba as such and so much progressivity. And yet it's still a much harder song than the previous Kill 'em all album, even though it's actually a ballad.

An incredible masterpiece. More meaningful than One or Master and it has one of the most incredible guitar solos ever. This song is incredibly deep and should be number 1. I have never heard a song so wonderfully composed to be soft and pleasant but still heavy and epic. The way it fades away at the end, it stays true to the title. The musicianship with Kirk's shredding, Cliff's epic bass skills, James' Singing and Lars' Drums, this song could not possibly be better. It takes the best of all music and combines it into one amazing song. Greatest song ever, in my opinion and Metallica should get more credit for this song than they do.

I sometimes think that the people who vote for this are not true Metallica fans. They only know a few songs by them, like Enter Sandman, One, and Master of Puppets, then they vote for them because that's all they know. I've been listening to Metallica for years and Fade to Black is still my favorite song by them. Most of my top 10 contains songs from Kill 'em All and Ride the Lightning and there's barely any of that on this top 10 list. People are really missing out if they are only listening to the popular songs.

Fantastic solos! The ending solo is the best one that was ever and ever created in the whole music history! Good work, Kirk! I've been trying to learn to play this solo for almost one year and I find it VERY hard... Kirk's guitar skills are incredible! People that have never had guitar in their hands are unaware of how difficult playing is. Guitar means pain, sweat, blood and tears! Acoustic guitar sounds just beautifull in this song. James is a Master of Guitars;)
And lyrics are amazing. Sometimes when I listen to a song I feel as if it was about me
'I have lost the will to live'
'Getting lost within myself'
'I was me but now he's gone'
'Now I can't think, think why I should even try'
'Emptiness is filling me'
'There is nothing more for me'

4 For Whom the Bell Tolls For Whom the Bell Tolls Cover Art

For Whom the Bell Tolls should be #1, no argument. That song was what originally made me a Metallica fan. Enter Sandman was good, but unfortunately, I think that song has been overplayed to the point where I can't even bear to hear it anymore, so please remmember how this song was in the 80's, in my opinion it made metallica what they are in the 80's, and if any one cares about cliff talent this should be higher at least above sandman and nothing else maters but it seams that no one cares about cliff R.I. P

My god, what can I say about this gem. The legendary opening of the song, one that a live version simply hasn't been able to capture. The rest of the song feels powerful, and holds your attention. You don't realize it's about to end until it does, and then you're left wishing it was longer than the original five or so minutes. However I feel increasing the length of time would have been a detriment to the song.

Great instrumental at the beginning, Exploding into lyrics that will make your soulless piece of meat you call a heart skip a beat every 7 seconds. If you don't want to ride the lightning, next time wear rubber boots.

This song is one of the best songs of Metallica... The beginning of the song just raises a thunder inside which unleashes into the instruments and it is recommended to be a perfect concert song also. The lyrics of the song are just quite realistic and meaningful which is also very commendable! Well I found it better than "one" and "nothing else matters" and expected it to be at 3rd or 4th position...

5 Enter Sandman Enter Sandman Cover Art

Quite possibly being their worst song. People are like "This is the most headbanging riff." No! Listen to Blackened, Leper Messiah, or The Thing That Should Not Be. Those riffs headbang. If you say you listened to Metallica a whole lot and that you are their biggest fan then you would know how awful of a song this is. The solo is some of Kirks weakest material and the only thing that is redeemable about this song is the riff, which isn't the best either.

Overplayed, Yes. But that's not the song's fault, the fault lies with unimaginative DJ's. Forget all of that overplayed B.S., it's eaasily one of the top Rock songs of all times. If everyone can recognize it, and yes it's overplayed, yet you still like it a lot, it testifies to how great the song is to be able to overcome all of that baggage! Songs like this come along rarely! Don't minimize this song's greatness because it might not be your PERSONAL favorite, for whatever reason, but to deny this song's place in Rock history is just stupid! EASILY the best song ever from Mettalica, nothing comes close!

I find it funny that if you tell another Metallica fan this is your favorite song of theirs, they automatically assume you must be a casual who just doesn't truly know their true potential. I've listened to Metallica more than most artists, and I can in all honestly tell you this is my favorite, and there's nothing wrong with that, this song is a masterpiece and every bit deserves its popularity, unlike some (Nothing Else Matters, Hardwired, Seek and Destroy)

I don't particularly enjoy Metallica and I don't really like this song; Because I believe their whole song and music vision is pretty much a sell-out. I mean who calls a metal band Metallica? Listen to Venom and see why. Also quite a lot of their tunes have been plagiarised. Enter Sandman is a copy of 'Tapping Into The Emotional Void' by Excel and For Whom The Bells Toll is the outro of 'Fairies Wear Boots' by Black Sabbath.

Any person that says Metallica are sell-outs without giving actual proof automatically loses all credibility. Also, no way are Metallica plagiarists. Besides maybe Seek & Destroy sounding a lot like Princess of the Night by Saxon, the examples that you show are more so inspirations or friendly mocking. I'm not saying you have to like Metallica, but there are much better reasons than this.

6 Creeping Death Creeping Death Cover Art

The best song on Ride The Lightning and while I don't think it is their "greatest song," in a way, I think it might be their most astonishing musical achievement. It's a perfectly constructed song and nearly every aspect of it is perfect; every riff is incredible, James's vocals are the best in any song he's done, the guitar tone is full and crunchy but not compressed and limited at all, it just roars; the lyrics are fantastic; and the guitar solo is the best guitar solo Kirk Hammett ever did in my opinion. His solo in One doesn't even really compare I think, it's definitely flashy and fast as hell but it carries no emotional interest or powerful musical moments.

It's songs like Creeping Death that give me the unpopular opinion that Ride The Lightning is better than Master Of Puppets.

This is Metallica at their best. Anybody who thinks enter sandman is great just because its popular has no taste. 40 million views on youtube? So what. Mcdonalds sells billions of burgers but that doesn't make it the best restaurant in America, just the easiest...

Now it has 200,000,000 views on YouTube, but my favorite Metallica song is The Outlaw Torn. Creeping Death is amazing as well.

This is Metallica's best song of Ride The Lightning album in my opinion, far better compared to Enter Sandman and all the black album's songs, also one of early Metallica's best songs together with Master Of Puppets, Blackened. It has one of the best solos ever made in metal history and even though kirk sometimes over-using wah, is still perfect.

7 Nothing Else Matters Nothing Else Matters Cover Art

This song is the meaning of music, the Hearts art. Angels sing this work of art to the sinners in hell, one Single time, letting the sound of Silence Echo in their souls. Far from the heart. When this piece of sky hits the Eardrum the trust you seek is found for a concise moment.
A passing moment. This song is a lamentation, the funeral and the birth of the trust in Proximity. Longing. Music is beyond time. The sound Touches me and I never care, and I know. We are forever. I found a different view. A different way of looking at people, at Distance, at the world, at life, at the spirit. And that is when I realize that nothing else matters.
No nothing else matters

Metallica's Nothing Else Matters has about 700 million views on YouTube.
Justin Bieber's Sorry has over 3 billion views.

Seriously? It's like we are in an infinite multiverse. Play more real music!

700 billion is a hella lot, and nobody has bothered to buy Justin Bieber's albums, while Metallica is widely listened from albums

No Such Thing as Good Metallica Song. The Lyrics are always so Stupid and James can only sing like he is on the Can. They are Brutal!

James Hetfield is awesome in this song... And his solo is soul stirring... Great piece of music...

8 Ride the Lightning Ride the Lightning Cover Art

Wow. 11th? How on earth? There is not a thing wrong with this song. The opening is absolutely legendary. The riffs are solid the whole way through. Excellent solo. Terrifying lyrics which would horrify the toughest men on Earth. The name itself makes you want to jump on for a ride on the lightning. Not to mention the fact it appeared on one of their top 2 albums. This should be at least in the top 5 or even 3. I CAN FEEL THE FLAME!

This should be in top 5 at least. It has the best intro ever, very heavy and moving riffs, amazing lyrics, most metal vocals you can ever hear from James, a very well written and executed guitar solo by Kirk, solid drumming by Lars, legendary bass by Cliff which you can hear throughout the song. Seriously this is Metallica at it's PEAK!

How is this not first and second? This is a hard but obvious choice. Either MOP and Ride the lightning. Probably their most famous songs, yet this one isn't(as I make this vote) in top 10 even, never mind top 2! I even grew up listening to this song probably more than just about any other song.

The intro is like the pumping of a heart! It stays with you for years after you listen to this song. The consciousness it brings, the stinging in the brain, life burning out (literally) before one's eyes. Definitely top 5 all-time Metallica!

9 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Cover Art

This song has some of the angriest lyrics Metallica ever had. "Dream the same thing every night/I see our freedom in my sight/No locked doors, No windows barred/No things to make my brain seem scarred/Sleep my friend and you will see/That dream is my reality/They keep me locked up in this cage/Can't they see it's why my brain says Rage/Sanitarium, leave me be/Sanitarium, just leave me alone! " I won't say these lyrics are meaningful because the only people that ever called me crazy were for OTHER reasons. But James seems to be really angry in this song telling people to leave him "Alone! "

While the lyrics aren't too bad, the riffs and solos are just really good. The riff at 4:51 was the main reason this is one of my favorite Metallica songs, and the solos before and after the 4:51 riffs were epic. The ending was nice, and the intro was one of Metallica's best.

The best part about the song is that there isn't really any Metallica song quite like it, unlike Damage Inc. ...more

I don't like Metallica that much, and if I have to listen to heavy metal or trash metal, I prefer Judas Priest. BUT GOD, THIS SONG IS PERFECT. If I were to live near the years 1800 or 1900, well, probably I would stay in a house for mad people (or maybe not, who knows). I heard people calling me "Mad" or stuff like this just because I have a major depression and so much anxiety. When I listen to this song I think about my freedom, the freedom for my depression. This is my favorite song by Metallica.

Am I the only one who thinks that Metallica's best work is with their ballads? Fade To Black, One, The Unforgiven and most notably Welcome Home (Sanitarium) are amazing. The verse chord progression on this song is so beautiful and haunting at the same time, love the use of the 10/4 time signature. Lyrics are amazing too, this is real music about harsh realities faced by many in this unfortunate world we live in. Wish more metal bands made haunting ballads this great.

One of the best songs on their best album. Awesome intro, and kickass riffs. I'm sorry to all you who don't agree with this, but to have a ripper like this below songs like the day that never comes and unforgiven 2 is disgusting. Those songs aren't even metal, so vote songs like this up, and send a message to Metallica wherever they are, so that maybe they'll start writing heavy metal again.

10 Battery Battery Cover Art

Probably the best opening track on a metal album. The acoustic guitar opens the song nicely just to forcefully kick you back in your seat with the overdriven guitar taking the place of that sweet acoustic bit. Then the song just gets better from there. The vocals are some of the best delivered by Hetfield and the guitar never gets boring or annoying. And just as this song is my favorite by Metallica, Battery has my favorite guitar solo of any Metallica song.

This IS Metallica, and to me sets the tone for Master of Puppets with much more power, brute force and heart-stopping power. It grabs you by the throat and pulls you in, it's deceptive intro turning into all-out killer thrash that reminds us Metallica can be just as brutal as Slayer, Kreator and other thrash greats.

This is the first song I heard from Metallica and its what motivated me to keep listening to them. Battery is just SICK, amazing acoustic guitar intro, kirks killer solo, and ending strong, this one should in the top of the list

The song "Battery" leads off THE best Metallica album of all time. It is what Metallica is all about. "Battery", "One", "Master of Puppets", "For Whom the Bell Tolls", and "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" now that's a top 5.

The Contenders

11 Seek & Destroy Seek & Destroy Cover Art

The Kill em All version is 6:56 but the Ride the Lightning version is 6:41. One thing I noticed was the solo was sped up a bit, and I think the experimentation was really, really good. The only other version of this song was on St Anger. This song is one of the best on Kill Em All, but upon further evaluation, the song will be on the Ride The Lightning what if album.

Seek and Destroy will make the transfer from KEA to RTL.

Final Decision.

Seek and destroy 15th? This list should look something like 1. Master, 2. Fade to black, 3. One, 4. SEEK AND DESTROY, 5. The unforgiven... I'm sorry but this riff is legendary, the solos are amazing and the vocals are raw and filled with anger, that's what thrash metal is all about, isn't it? This was one of their earliest songs, if this song had never existed, there would be no Metallica

Kill Em All is probably the most underrated Metallica album EVER. Not only is it the most underrated, it is also the best Metallica album. Hatfield's vocals are amazing and everyone plays with more energy. Seek and Destroy is probably the best song on the album, but the whole album is great!

Where is blackened in this list? It's, in my opinion, one of the best songs. The black album is way to commercial, not bad though but you can't compare it with the previous albums. It's far overrated and starts to get bored after 5 times listening.

12 The Unforgiven The Unforgiven Cover Art

This song just makes any day better.
It always makes me feel good, no matter if I'm angry.
I just blast this song and everything becomes better.
How many single hits in this album? Five?
How many other artists or "artists" if you can call some
Of them that way, ever done that accomplishment?
I don't think it's possible anymore.
Metallica are simply the best. I thank my best bud 10 thousand times to have introduced me to this band.
They're just... Speechless, stunning how mere man can compose such amazing work!
No more the time when artists were composing with their hearts and soul. Now it's just repetitive crap with auto-tune. You can just take the soundtrack of one of their songs and take the lyrics from another song and put them together, you won't know the difference.
I got a friend that keeps saying that all they do is scream & noise and that rock/metal is dead.
Then he says: "RAP is more popular because look at the views on YouTube. " SIGH!

His song touches your soul... Makes you stop.. Look back what you have done so far in your life and ask yourself, is this how you wanted your life to be be.. I listen to this song every day at least twice and has changed my life.. Love it... Should be the top song from Metallica. This song has a very deep message and killing melody which is something rare especially in nowadays music. Definitely one of Metallica's best songs and personally my favorite.

This song touches your soul... Makes you stop.. Look back what you have done so far in your life and ask yourself, is this how you wanted your life to be be.. I listen to this song every day at least twice and has changed my life.. Love it... Should be the top song from Metallica (A.K. A GOD)

These songs have just about everything. Some of the best riffs in thrash metal, some of the best vocals ever heard coming from James, and I guess we can all admit that Hammett's solos are simply divine. There's just so much emotion and thought and symbolism going into those lyrics that you just can't help but shiver. True masterpieces, all three of them.

13 ...And Justice for All ...And Justice for All Cover Art

This really is Metallica's best song. The intro riff gives me goosebumps every time I hear it, the main riff is brutal and dramatic, James' vocals are growly and on the point, Kirk's solo is astonishingly amazing, and Lars best drum work is incorporated. Even in the fan remasters, the bass is excellent and I still can't forgive Lars for what he did to Jason. This song screams Metallica from start to finish and deserves to be number 1, without a doubt!

This song is really underrated. It is EPIC it's GORGEOUS, it's pure insanity. The whole and justice for all album kick ass, but this song (side to side with frayed ends of sanity) just kill any other you might think it is the best Metallica song. It has a complex instrumental structure, a rising atmosphere that evolves you until the end, the concept and idea in the song are masterfully worked, the solos are great, and the breakdown after the solo is just orgasmic.

It sounds hollow, just like doris, it is a perfect example that thrash metal can be complex and elegant, and not just speedy rough crap.

Since Metallica is my favorite band, choosing my favorite song is like a father choosing his favorite child. All things considered, I decided on "... And Justice for All" because it incorporates everything I love about Metallica: brutal riffs (1:20, 2:00), a killer solo (5:05-5:55), complicated rhythms (syncopation, tempo changes, and yes... GREAT drumming) (:50-1:00, 6:10-6:22, 8:40, etc. ), epic-ness (it is a nearly 10 minute song), and a great message (the corruption of government and humanity's battle and hoplessness against it) And so with not too little grief, I cast my vote. God help me I love all their songs...

This is such neglected, and an appallingly disregarded masterpiece of music, this is a highly complex, technical song that makes a very true and valid statement regarding the corruption, selfishness, and greed of our political and justice system and how we are oppressed and indoctrinated. I'm disappointed by how rarely this song is played and now little of a reaction it receives when it begins and I believe that the complexity and the meaningful lyrics of this song are very underrated.

14 Disposable Heroes Disposable Heroes Cover Art

Great picking pattern that is guaranteed to make you rock. Proof that James Hetfield did not work out in the gym but played songs like this. Try not to dislocate your shoulder or arm while you practice it. Do not attempt at home. 2 years and many dead arms later I can manage it for 1 verse. James Hetfield is a very talented alien.

Disposable Heroes is amazing. The bass in this song is un-matched. No other song has nearly as good bass in it. Everything else just enhances it. The bass is amazing, and everything else just makes the song more powerful and hardcore. Brilliant song. I will never get tierd of it.

I don't get why this song gets so little respect. I'd see only Orion or One or Master the Puppets being higher (out of those I like Orion because it was played at Cliff Burton's funeral), but really, Disposable Heroes at #25

A legendary song, with legendary gallop riffs to boot. I'm convinced this is their best song off of Master of Puppets. I feel it is a much better song that the title track. This and battery are just pure thrash metal.

15 The Four Horsemen The Four Horsemen Cover Art

Their second best song ever I think, and off their first album. Simply epic. James's screamy vocals are pretty nuts, the AW YEAH YEAH is so cool, the guitar tone is raw and rips through the production, and Cliff's bass is perfectly produced so that it cuts through the rest of the production without being overpowering in volume, just as good bass production should be. The lyrics are sweet and the riffs are all epic and it's just so well constructed, and is a clear precursor to Metallica's later epics to come like the titles tracks for Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets and...And Justice For All.

Funny to watch guys that are thinking, they are really voting for a Metallica Song. This is Mustaines Song listen to the first album of Megadeth and you will hear this song. It is only faster played on Megadeth album because he doesn't want to let it sound like Metallicas song, all who voted here without even telling this is Dave's kick ass song should read more about the history of Metallica and should say Dave did a g good job at Metallica and say unfortunately he got kicked out or maybe fortunately...

Fortunately! Or we may never have had Tornado of Souls & Holy Wars. Damn Rust in Peace was an amazing album.

Their new stuff is down right awful
My Top 10
1) The Four Horsemen
2) No Remorse
3) Motorbreath
4) Trapped Under Ice
5) Disposable Heroes
6) Leper Messiah
7) For Whom The Bell Tolls
8) Master Of Puppets
9) Hit The Lights
10) Whiplash

Kill Em All is their best hands down, their first 3 albums are the only thing worth listening to, I guess... And Justice For All is pretty good too.

When anyone wants to hear thrashy Metal, introduce them to this song. By far this is Metallica’s thrashiest, speediest and most full out heavy, just to simplify how great it is. A few friends and I covered a few Thrash Metal songs, and we unanimously agreed that this one is our favorite.

16 The Day that Never Comes The Day that Never Comes Cover Art

I think everyone can agree that in general, the best Metallica songs are either from the first 4 albums or the black album (even this list suggests the same). The fact that this one is not in any of them, and the fact that it is at least on par with their best songs on their entire discography, proves that this song deserves to be in at least top 10.

The first half of the song is one of my favorite ballad type beginnings to any song ever written but as the song progresses the intensity, anxiety, speed, and complexity of the band takes over thus making it one of the most memorable songs Metallica has written.

Being 16 year Old in 2012,90% of my peer group hears Justin Bieber, Lady gaga, katy perry and others. Thus I did not listen to Metallica untill recently when one of my friends made me listen This song! And my world opened to Metallica, therefore this still remains my favourite Metallica song. Others I loved too were, Fade to Black, Master of Puppets and One.

this song is the best since the songs of the Black Album, o.k. it's close to One (e.g. that dual guitar harmony, the uptempo part, drums... )... some might say the song sounds a little like Fade to Black too - all in all I think it's a great hard rock song, sounding really rough... good work metallica and rick rubin and Kirk I do love this solo and the pre-solo riff where james plays on the lower e-string and then kirk the same pattern on the high e-string - something like 0-5-8 and 0-5-7

17 Sad but True Sad but True Cover Art

My favorite Metallica song. They have SO many great songs in there catalog but this one does it for me. The riff, the lyrics and the solo all make this song perfect m/

I think this is the ultimate heavy metal song... If you are new to the heavy metal genre this is a great song to start with. What I like about Metallica is that they are heavy metal but they still have rhythm.

Sad but True has looks deep inside us all. It materializes the strugle with the inner side of mankind, in a way that it seems two complete different people, revealing in the end to actually being two sides of the same coin...

Awesome Riff, it is DEFINITELY underrated. How is it not placed above The Unforgiven? It's a good song, but still, Sad But True is probably better, it has such a killer riff.

18 Orion Orion Cover Art

I used to skip over this song when I first listened to Master of Puppets, just because the intro was so long. I wish I could go back and slap myself, because I was missing out. Orion is an absolute masterpiece, probably the most well composed music Metallica have ever done. Awesome bass from Cliff, ridiculously heavy riffs and a beautiful winding bridge.

Why is this masterpiece, showcasing the entire band's talent, and being one of the signature songs of the late Cliff Burton not even in the top 15!?!? I understand that top 3 or even top 5 or 7 could be reaching due to the sheer number of great Metallica songs, but this definitely deserves more recognition than #16!

Not just one of the best instrumentals of all time but maybe the most soothing sound in the history of music, I used to babysit my youngest brother as a baby was hard to put to sleep at first until I (14 years old at the time) would just put this one...before the second bar would start he would ALWAYS be pasted out. #BabySitting101

This is not only my favorite Metallica song. It may well be, in my opinion, the greatest rock/metal song EVER. It's definitely in my top 5 of all time. More than once over the last 25 plus years I've introduced friends to Metallica with this song and they can't help but admit that it totally kicks ass!

19 Blackened Blackened Cover Art

As much as I love songs like suicide & redemption, fade to black, that was just your life, and a classic SPITE OUT THE BONE. This song is what made me love the gods of metal METALLICA, Blackened is just a master piece, and love em or hate em they are the real reason why metal became so popular as well of the likes of Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Judas Priest, and so many more this is an instant classic!

That intro...that pace... those riffs... the meaningfull and cheeseless lyrics... and probably the best display of Urlich's drumming EVER (it's hard to believe that the guy that plays in this album is the same that played in the following). It's a pitty the bass is almost mute but you can search enhanced versions at youtube. It was a hard pick between this one and Orion and One. But there's something in this juggernaut that moves me in a unique way. Superb.

Huge fan of Ride The Lightning, big fan of Master Of Puppets, in my gorgeous opinion, Justice was their best album, progressing metal from thrash to a unique place in-between Thrash - Heavy Metal - Prog Neo-Classical Metal - nearly-Death but not quite.
Full of the right riffs (unlike Death Magnetic, full of the wrong riffs. )
The definition of 'Metal' is Justice For All...

The rapid and extroadinary intro has to be one of Metallicas greatest. I think there are few songs which are in front on this list that I think aren't as good as blackened like nothing else matters and hard wired. The solo in this song is brilliant and I think that the whole song all around is a complete masterpiece it definitely should be higher up on this list

20 Dyers Eve Dyers Eve Cover Art

I really don't know why all the megadeth and slayer fans think Metallica isn't thrash, sure they do have 3 slower albums but the rest are hardcore. And you only have to listen to this song to understand what I am saying. I have listened to this song 330 times on my ipod and the reason why is because of the hardcore riff, bone crunching lyrics and a skull cracking solo mixed in with a very fast tempo throughout the whole song... THRASH 4 LIFE!

People obviously don't know Metallica very well. This is their most underrated and amazing song ever. It's pure anger. Every time I listen to this song, I feel like going on a killing spree. I love every single song in the top ten, but this should for sure be up there at the one spot. I'm not sure why, but this song is too damn low.

One of the most awesome songs from '...And Justice For All'. The super fast drumming, the awesome vocal delivery... What's NOT to like about this song?
This should definitely be on my Top 10 Metallica songs. LONG LIVE METAL!

By far one of the most thrashing and complex songs they ever did, should be Top Ten and for some people #1! The whole band goes full tilt the whole song long, definitely a thrash classic.

21 Damage, Inc. Damage, Inc. Cover Art

The guitars, bass, and drums are all excellent on this track and on this album, My top 10
1. Damage Incorporated (Should be in the top 2 or 3)
2. Jump in the Fire
3. motor breath or four horseman/mechanix
4. no remorse
5. Frayed ends of sanity
6. shortest straw
7. Master Of Puppets
8. Ride the Lightning
9. For Whom the bell Tolls or Anesthesia (The Bass rips on these tracks)
10. Holier than Thou (Best song on the black album)

Tough to choose between Dyers Eve, Disposable Heroes, Fade To Black and this. The intro makes me think of Cliff rising to heaven wit angel wings, wearing his denim and Misfits shirt, smoking a cigarette and giving everyone the finger. Of course, he didn't die until after this song, but still.

This is absurd! How could this song be so low? Damage has the fastest instrumentals of all time. James says, "GO! " and it erupts into some of the best stuff ever created. I'm disappointed Metallica fans that so many of you have overlooked this gem.

Out of all the Metallica Songs played live this is the only song that they introduce as a nice and slow song. An epic surprise for anyone who hasn't heard it also one of Jason Newsted's favorites

22 Wherever I May Roam Wherever I May Roam Cover Art

This is the combination of great lyrics with great music. "Wherever I may roam" probably is the most universal lyrics Metallica ever produced, even people living 1000 years ago could connect with the message behind it. No matter what we think every one of us struggles for independence. These great lyrics (truly a masterpiece) come wrapped on a very stimulating and exiting music.

Definitely in 1 to 3 of Metallica, for those fans who have not listened this song-please sit and seriously listen this songs. This is what Metallica is. Song will take you in different world. James' Vocal is outstanding, listen to its riff man, kirk did it best. Lyrics is good too.

"The outro to Wherever I may roam exemplifies Kirk Hammett as a virtuoso rather than the teen icon he is presumed to be. This and the solo in Creeping Death are the paragons in his illustrious career. People who think Master or One is better simply lack taste! "

This song deserves to be in the top tens... One of the best songs I've ever heard... Metallica live forever... The lyrics make me think about myself in another aspect... Truly deserves to be in the top ten

23 Whiplash Whiplash Cover Art

Basically the Metallica anthem for me. Fast, catchy awesome solos and it's about headbanging. Got a REAL whiplash headbanging from it once

Songs like this made them able to progress and build a following throughout the early years, then you get wee modern punks who think they know it all and call the early stuff crap.,

This is one of Metallica's heaviest and fastest songs, it definitely should be on top 10. Riffs are very good, yet simple and Dave's (yes, Dave's) solo is awesome

Whiplash is definitely the fastest song ever! The hard riff turns into brilliant thrash metal, hammets solo couldn't be better, why isn't it in the top ten

24 The Call of Ktulu The Call of Ktulu Cover Art

Their first instrumental song in their second album (the first two for me are pure metal) that inspires orion and his new song suicide and redemtion and also they won a grammy for this song with the S. F. orchesta.
I bought my ticket for their concert here in Guadalajara I whish they play it jaja

Its actually Dave Mustaine's song. (if you listen to Hangar 18-Megadeth, you see riffs are alike. ) But Dave kicked out from Metalica, and that's why the never play it live. By the way songs name is The Call of Ktulu because Cliff loves "The Call of Cthulhu".

Another song with better lyrics than the music industry of today, but this song has a virus which infects the electronics, causing them to self-destruct, even weapons blow themselves up.

Probably the best instrumental song in the heavy metal history of music. No doubts that should be played during every concert of them. Gold for the Call, silver goes to Orion.

25 Harvester of Sorrow Harvester of Sorrow Cover Art

In my opinion, the intro riff is one of the most driving, darkest, and melodic riffs ever written. It was stuck 3 days straight in my my head the first tie I listened to it. In my opinion, it belongs up with the legends like Fade to Black and Master of Puppets. Right now, it's tied with Master for "favorite heavy song, " while Fade to Black wins for best ballad.

Here are my favorite Metallica Songs

1) Fade to Black
2) Harvester of Sorrow/Master of Puppets
3) To Live is to Die
4) For Whom the Bell Tolls
5) Disposable Heroes
6) Nothing Else Matters
7) The Unforgiven
8) Blackened

Metallica's Breaking the Habit, I.e. a song that old fans who hate the new stuff can get over even though it sounds exactly like the band's later work

34? Really? This is literally one of the best Metallica songs there is. The beginning is awesome, vocals are amazing and the guitar is arguably one of the best, even if simple. I really do find it hard to believe that the day that never comes bested this. True Metallica fans wouldn't have this list remotely like it is... All nightmare long is better than The Day That Never Comes!

Great song. The lyrics are probably some of the best lyrics in Metallica's calatogue, and paired with the spine-crushing riffs, makes one of the best Metallica songs ever!

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